Graduation Day

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After four years of hard work and, to be fair, hard partying, it was all finished. We’d all passed our BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies at Edinburgh University with varying degrees of success, but the main thing was that we had all passed! Over the four years we had formed a pretty tight group – nine of us in all, a spread of blokes and girls. Some of us were in relationships, others not. There had been some who had paired off in the group, some of which had worked out others had not, but everyone had remained friends. All good, and graduation day was here.

We were all dressed up to the nines for the event: the girls all had smart skirt suits on and the guys were all in full kilt attire (traditional for an event like this in Scotland). After all the pomp and fanfare of graduation day, we had arranged to go out for a meal, along with various family members who had joined us for the celebrations. There were 25 of us in total, including Gill, Derek and Mike – the three mates I was tightest with. The meal was a fairly boozy affair with the wine flowing freely – as our parents were picking up the tab, we weren’t holding back! After two or three hours, the extended family members all headed off either to their hotels and a couple of them went for a quiet drink elsewhere, leaving the rest of us to party properly. It was going to be a long night!! After a few pubs, we ended up in the student union – I’m sure this was the smartest attire the surroundings had seen since this time last year!

We had managed to commandeer a group of tables not too far from the bar, but it was like having our own private area. Gill was sitting across from me, with her legs crossed. Her skirt was ridding up to show a good amount of her perfect thighs, covered in very sheer black tights. She’d taken her jacket off, leaving her dark red silk blouse clinging to her full breasts – Gill had quite a slight frame, so her 32DD tits looked huge on her, but at the same time very pert. They always caught my eye! Damn shame she had a boyfriend, albeit an absentee one. I needed a drink!

“My round”, I announced. “Who wants what?” Having collected a sizeable order, I headed to a crowded bar. Whilst leaning on the bar, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist.

“Thought you might need a hand” said Gill.

“Cheers dear! Having fun then?” I asked.

“Brilliant night so far, just don’t want it to end” she grinned.

“I’m sure we’ll manage to keep going for a while longer! Why don’t we all head back to my flat after the bar closes and we can carry on partying? I’ve got some beers and some vodka in the flat, and I’m sure Dek might have some other indulgences!” I suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” she replied.

The barmaid had finally spotted me, and came over and took my order. Gill placed her arm round my waist. “So Mike, are we a true Scotsman tonight then?” Have to say, the question caught me by surprise a little, but when you’re out in pubs in a kilt that kind of question does come up, and I came back with my standard response.

“That’s for me to know Gill, and for…” before I could finish my line, she put her hand up the bottom of my kilt, slowly bringing it higher.

“…and for me to find out?” she queried. In a flash, her hand had gone right up my kilt and grabbed a handful of my cock. I’m not of monster proportions, but bigger than average I would say.

“Ooh, you are. Very impressive” she smiled as she pulled her hand out.

“Jesus Gill, I wasn’t expecting that. You’ve given me an instant hard on”.

“Really? Didn’t know I would have that quick an effect on you” she said. Her hand moved across my waist and down the front of my kilt, grabbing my cock through the material. I was rock hard by now.

“Much more fun the first way” I suggested. Gill moved her hand slowly to the bottom of my kilt, and started to run her hand up my thighs. She slowly teased me getting closer and closer, then instead of grabbing my cock like before, she took both of my balls in her hand and started massaging them.

“Hmm, nice and full” she said, smirking.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been by now, and I think Gill sensed this. She moved her hand across and started stroking very slowly. I could feel some pre-cum starting to gather, allowing Gill to moisten the head.

“Somebody really is horny!” she said as she slowly kept stroking away. Gill rose up on her toes and nibbled at my ear

“That’s enough for you, down boy!” She turned to the bar and picked up a couple of our drinks. “Hope you find someone to take advantage of that” she grinned, winked and walked off to the crowd.

Half of me was fit to burst having had a very sensual and horny five minutes, the other half was frustrated that she had left me in such a state and not finished anything. The one bonus was that the sporran of the kilt did allow me to hide what would otherwise have been a very obvious erection that I was now sporting! The barmaid came back with the final drinks and my change, giving me a very knowing smile. I had been oblivious bostancı escort bayan to the fact that the whole time this had been going on with Gill, the barmaid had been delivering drinks to us, and probably had a very good view.

I made my way back to the tables with a tray of drinks. Gill was sitting in the corner just grinning away at me. I smiled back, and decided that one way or another I was definitely going to have some more fun at some stage tonight. The rest of the night passed without any other real incidents. We all had a blast and were ready to keep on going for at least another couple of hours so, as promised, I invited everyone back to the flat. There were about ten of us initially, but after an hour or two it had thinned out to just myself, Dek, Mike and Gill. Most of the beer I had in the fridge was gone now, and we were on to the last of the vodka. Gill and I were sitting on the couch picking different tunes on the iPod, Dek and Mike were sitting at the table rolling some interesting looking cigarettes!!

A few drinks later, and a few smokes, we were all feeling pretty chilled – some more than others! Dek and Mike had pretty much passed out on the floor and armchair respectively. “God my feet are killing me” said Gill as she pulled her feet up and slipped her high heels off.

“OK, one time offer. How about a foot rub” I suggested, with my mind thinking two steps ahead. All women love a foot rub. Fact!

“Ooh, would you. That would be amazing” Gill replied.

“Lie back then”. Gill stretched out on the couch with her head at the opposite end from me, resting both of her feet on my lap. Her skirt rode up further, allowing me a good view of her thighs, and I was sure I would be able to get a better view as things progressed.

I started to massage around her ankle, slowly moving down her nylon-covered foot towards her toes. I spent some time rubbing each of her toes individually.

“That’s sublime!” Gill murmured, obviously very relaxed by now, with her eyes closed. As I moved on to the ball of her foot, I pushed back slightly causing her knee to lift up and at the same time have the desired effect of her skirt riding up even further. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not only was her skirt now well past mid-thigh, but as I could also see that she wasn’t wearing tights. Just past the level of her skirt, I could see a thick band of lace, and it also looked as if they were full stockings being pulled tight by some suspender straps. I couldn’t quite see, but was sure I would find out.

I kept working on the ball of her foot, moving down to her heel, again causing her leg to lift further. Now I could see the suspender straps coming down the back of her leg clasped on to the lace of the stocking. Gill groaned with pleasure this time, and by now I was getting hard as well.

I shifted in my seat so that I was facing her a little more, and moved on to the left foot. Her right foot was sitting on my thigh inches from my hard on, with my kilt starting to ride up a bit as well. I went through the same routine on her right foot, but this time as her leg raised I could see right up her skirt to see her underwear – a matching suspender belt and thong, black and red lace and very sheer. Completely shaved, an absolute delight. I moved my hands up to start massaging her calf, her legs now quite open and her skirt hitched even higher.

“Nice stockings luv, very sexy” I complimented her.

Gill opened her eyes and just smiled up at me.

“Thought you might like the view from there. So, do stockings get you going?” she asked. In doing so, her right foot slipped up my kilt and found my cock. “Hmmm, seems they do. Or have you been that hard all night?”

She was rubbing her stocking-covered foot up and down my hard cock: the sensation was incredible. Gill’s skirt was now hitched up almost to her waist, her legs slightly apart. She was obviously starting to get quite excited herself as the wet patch on her thong revealed.

“Very sexy undies Gill. I presume the bra is matching?” I queried.

“Presume that means you would like to see…” she replied. In doing so, she started to unbutton her blouse, slowly, revealing more flesh with each button. Her bra completed the set, and was sheer enough to show off her large, and by now semi-erect, nipples – easily an inch across. Her shirt was completely unbuttoned now; her hand moved up and started to caress her right breast, her nipple becoming visibly harder. Her foot continued to work my cock, which was now as hard as ever and leaking pre cum.

“Pull your tits out from your bra,” I demanded. Gill was becoming lost in the moment now, her right hand slid inside her bra and scooped out her large and full left breast, allowing it to hang over the material of her bra. She repeated the action on the other side leaving both here tits magnificently exposed. Her hands started mauling at her own tits, pinching hard at her nipples, her bright red nails digging in to her fleshy mounds. They looked perfect, full and firm, with just ümraniye escort enough movement to ensure that they were 100% her own! I turned to face her completely now, my legs open. I pulled myself closer, and grabbed her left calf and pulled her foot towards my cock, which became encased in her stocking clad feet, one each side now moving in a good rhythm. I grabbed her ankles to help her keep the pace, her legs feeling sensuous in the stockings.

Her left hand kept massaging her right breast, but her right hand moved down and slipped inside her sheer thong, and straight inside her, causing her to let out an instant gasp of pleasure. Her lips were visibly swollen, the moisture smearing all over her shaven mound. Within less than a minute, she started to rub her clit furiously – someone else was obviously very horny as well. It didn’t take her long before she was letting out a muffled groan, her body tensing in pleasure, her red nails digging in to her breast.

By now, I was in need of some release myself. I kept working her feet up and down my length, I knew at this pace I would be shooting all over her feet within seconds. Realising this, Gill moved towards me, my legs straddling either side of her as she edged up closer to me. Her hand grabbed my hard cock, the red nails wrapped round it. She moved closer and kissed me passionately.

“Let me take care of this for you, think I must be due you!” she said. With that, her head moved down and in one movement she engulfed me completely. I could feel my tip hitting the back of her throat. I knew that this would not take long. Looking down, I could see her wonderful ass in the air, her skirt bunched up round her waist, the straps from her suspender belt running down her ass pulling the lace stockings tight. I reached round and grabbed her tits, firm and full. They were absolutely perfect, her nipples hard and enticing. She groaned instinctively, which was enough to push me over the edge. My first load shot to the back of her throat, catching her by surprise. Her head started to move up, but was stopped as my hand came up to the back of her head as my second spurt filled her mouth. Gill gagged a little, but swallowed the lot just in time as another load emptied in to her mouth. It was little more than she deserved I figured after her teasing earlier in the night!

Gill continued to work away until she had swallowed the last drop. Honestly one of the best BJs I’d ever had. Gill pulled herself up and kissed me again as I continued to play with her tits. “Fancy continuing this in your room?” she asked. I was suddenly aware that we had done all of this with two of our mates lying in the room albeit asleep/unconscious. We had been utterly consumed in each other and completely unaware of the other two.

“Absolutely!” I answered without hesitation. Gill climbed off me, ignoring her state of undress. She led me through to the bedroom; skirt still hitched up with stockings on show, her tits bouncing away for all to see as her blouse hung from her shoulders. As we walked through, I threw a quick look to Mike lying on the other couch. He gave me a broad smile and a wink. I’m sure he’d probably had a wank, and more than enjoyed the show.

The door slammed shut and we immediately started to undress each other. The skirt and blouse were on the floor in seconds, leaving Gill standing there in her incredibly sexy lingerie, her tits bouncing over the top of her bra – she looked amazing: what a body! I should have appreciated this far more over the years. I quickly removed her bra, and her tits tumbled free. Just a hint of drop to show that they were real, but still very firm, and her nipples were rock hard. My hands start to maul away at them, bringing one of her nipples to my mouth as she pulled away at my kilt. The rest of my clothes were shed in a matter of seconds. Gill started to pull down her suspender belt, but I put an end to that idea.

“No way, you’re keeping those on. You look far too hot in that get up to take them off.” She complied without any hint of objection.

We fell on to the bed, our hands exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. Although I admit her tits were getting the lion’s share of my attention, something she didn’t see to object to judging by the noises. I had come just 5 or 10 minutes earlier, but already I could feel myself starting to recover. Gill reached down and started to stroke gently away at me. Again, she moved down, slowly, biting at my nipples as she inched her way towards my cock. This time, she kept stroking whilst her tongue worked its way around my shaft and down to my balls, taking them one at a time in her mouth. By now my recovery was complete.

Then she took me by complete surprise. Her hand continued to work my cock, while her tongue moved down underneath my balls, licking away. Then she moved lower, and started to probe my ass with her tongue, something I had never experienced before. The sensation was strange to start with, but quickly became enjoyable. She began to interchange this with the index finger of her kartal escort other hand, searching for my g-spot. The mixture of pain and pleasure was something else. She kept the pace up, her other had with a vice like grip around my cock, which was ready to perform, her tongue working away. After 5 minutes or so, I decided that if needed something to play with as well!! I sat up and reached down to grab her right leg. I manhandled her, swinging her legs round and turning her in to the 69 position – apart from a slight gasp of surprise, she hardly stopped and now moved her full attention to my cock, slurping down my length.

I now had her gorgeous shaven pussy just an inch from my face, my hands ran up the side of her stockings, over the lace and grabbing on to the suspender belts pulling her closer to me. I lightly kissed round the top of her thighs just above the lace. As I moved from side to side, my mouth got closer and closer to her lips, she could feel my touch getting nearer. My tongue slowly moved towards the edge of her lips, running up and down, teasing her more and more. I could feel her trying to push down on to me, but I pulled her back up with the grip I had on her suspender belts. I decided by now I had probably got my revenge in terms of teasing. I pulled Gill down towards me and ran my tongue the length of her slit, just enough for her to gasp. My tongue worked away, opening her up slowly, her juices now flowing over my face. Gill was obviously very excited by now, her hips grinding against me. I pulled her down towards me, my tongue now deep inside, my fingers moving round to open her up further. As my tongue moved forward, I found her clit and started to flick away. Gill’s actions were now somewhat compromised, her concentration completely shot.

As I continued to flick away, my fingers started to fuck her and reach for her G-spot at the same time. I could feel her tits bouncing off me as she continued to try and suck away on my cock, which just drove me wild. I increased my pace, determined to get a full scream out of her. And I wasn’t to be disappointed. As I focused on her clit, I started to suck and flick as hard as I could. Within a matter of seconds she released her grip on my cock, her muscles and body clenching all over.

“Fuck me” she screamed, as her legs started to shake. Gill held her position for a few seconds before collapsing on top of me.

I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her, sharing her juices, which were all over my face by now. My hands went straight to those fantastic tits, her nipples were bullet hard and hyper sensitive judging by the gasp as I brought the right one up to my mouth and started to suck and bite away at it. “Jesus Mike” she panted. “This night just got a whole lot better”

“And far from finished yet” I replied, leaving her nipple for just a second.

“You really do love my tits don’t you?” asked Gill, as she sat up pulling her nipple away from my mouth. I could feel her moist lips running over my cock as she straddled me, her hands coming up to start caressing her own breasts.

“Abso-fuckin-lutely babe. They really are impressive, wish I’d spent a bit more time with them in the last four years!”

“Well, you’ll just have to make up for that tonight then!” Her red nails started to dig in to her fleshy and firm tits, which were definitely more than a handful for her. “You know I have super sensitive tits, I can actually make myself cum playing with them alone – want to have a try?” she asked.

I didn’t need a second invitation. With one breast in each hand, she leaned forward and fed her right nipple to me again. As I ravenously sucked away, I watched as she pulled away at her left nipple in anticipation. After a minute or so, she pulled away and fed me her other nipple – there was something about the action that was incredibly horny. Gill’s free hand mauled away at her free breast, her nails leaving marks all over them. I pulled her hand away and started to play as I sucked away on her other nipple. I started slowly, but she soon grabbed my hand and forced the level up a notch. Pulling and tweaking at her nipple harder and harder, I could hear her breathing starting to get shorter. Her hips were starting to grind against me; her hand moved to the back of my head and pushed my mouth hard on to her left breast. I sucked and bit as hard as I dare, never getting any kind of resistance whilst my hands kept working as well.

“Harder” she cried. I obliged, and as I dug my fingers in to her tits, she let out a short shriek and stopped grinding for a while, holding my head in to her tits. “Jesus, that was great” she purred. I said nothing, just looked up at her from my joyous position.

I continued my feast, as Gill started to grind against my cock – it wouldn’t take much for me to slip inside, something I had been dying to do for at least half an hour now. My hands moved down to her legs and ran up her stockings over the lace tops and grabbed suspender belt, slowly helping her to pick up the pace. It only took a small adjustment, but with one movement I managed to pull her down and then slipped my cock inside her dripping pussy. With my mouth still clamped round her left nipple, I rammed her down on to my cock, my full length deep inside her. There was going to be no slow gentle fucking going on here.

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