Glynydrydd R.F.C Pt. 02

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I’m down on all fours and I lift my head up, the team captain has ordered his team to fuck us both in the ass, we are both anal virgins and we are both in a state of panic as the drunken rugby team cheer and laugh at our predicament.

We are in the doggy position facing each other. Wedged in the aisle of the bus and held firmly in position by some of the rugby team as the bus slowly makes its way down the motorway. As I look toward Becca, she raises a wry smile at me as I feel a wet finger starting to push against my virgin tight ass. Becca reaches out and grabs my hand and squeezes like we are passengers in a damaged plane waiting for the plane to hit the ground.

Slowly, my asshole gives way a tiny bit as a fingertip probes me, I try to relax but the pain is sharp and makes me yelp like a puppy. I squeeze my hole tight to try to prevent him penetrating me, but my untouched tunnel slowly starts to give way under the pressure. I look up at the handsome rugby captain who is standing directly behind Becca with his fat cock standing proudly to attention. He must be at least eight solid inches long. I feel pity for Becca as he eyes her ass with evil intent pulling on his cock.

He kneels down and positions himself between her legs, her bum raised, waiting to be taken up her bum for the first time, he holds his cock and aims directly at her asshole and with one slow motion, he expertly opens her up with his weapon of anal destruction, the rugby captain pulling on her shoulders to ensure he can drive his weapon of pain firmly home. Becca squeezes my hand really tightly as she lets out a deep groan with her eyes squeezed firmly shut. Slowly he drives his manhood into her, the pain of her first cock in her ass takes over her tiny body. I feel her shudder like it’s too much for her as she lowers her head in defeat. The captain withdraws slightly then he drives his impressive meat all the way into poor Becca’s bum. Becca drops her body to the floor as cheers ring out from the onlookers.

I know it’s my turn next as I feel the man behind me pull his probing finger out of my anus. I feel my sphincter tighten quickly in relief. My cunt feels closed tight, but I know creamy love juice is starting to pour out over my soft lips again. I beg the boys to stop as Becca screams in pain as tears roll down her beautiful face. Each long stroke, making casino oyna her writhe in agony and ecstasy.

Cheers go up again to encourage the captain to fuck her ass hard and he obliges the onlookers with vigorous strokes to poor Becca’s tight bum.

I feel someone’s cock land on my bare cheeks as another hand grabs my firm tits.

“My turn now!” says a deep voice from behind me as my asshole is prepared with spit from the rough sounding welshman. “Are you ready love?” he says as I feel pressure being applied to my arsehole again. I try to push away but I can’t move, hands are holding me tightly as my tight untouched ass starts to give into the deep voiced man’s cock. I’m starting to feel him open me up when a pain like lightning strike shoots through my body and I try to get away but it’s too late. My ass gives way and I feel the end of his cock force its way into my petite hole. I scream as the boys cheer my intruder on, encouraging him to take me in my poor untouched asshole. I feel him slide slightly inside me slowly, inch by inch. My ass feels really tight and warm as he tears me apart. I squeeze Becca’s hand as more pressure allows him to slowly drill into me. the Pain tearing me to bits as he finally pushes his horrible thick veiny shaft all the way into my poor little ass.

I feel the force of Becca being thrusted hard as I reach out to her and pull her head toward mine, our lips meeting in sheer pain as we seek solace in each other. We kiss with urgency as the pain in my body comes and goes in waves. Becca nibbles on my full lips in pure joy as we respond to each other’s female touch. Both of us in raptures of ecstasy as we are fucked in the ass for the first time. The pain taking us too new levels of lust. The excitement of my first ass fucking and kissing Becca starts the waves of ecstasy in my soaking wet pussy as I start to cum from deep within.

As I moan, I feel the rugby player start to work me harder and I know he’s already heading toward filling my ass with his man juice. I feel the warm jet of cum start to squirt into my ass as he pumps me harder. The pain is almost unbearable, I feel him softly slip out of my leaking ass. Cum runs out of my bum hole and over my beautiful well fucked cunt, it drips onto the dirty bus carpet. I hear the boys cheer in victory once more.

I feel relief as my first cock slot oyna finally leaves my sore ass. But within seconds, my newly fucked hole is filled with yet more prime cock. Becca too, is being filled by a different rugby player as we both watch each other being ass fucked over and over. The pain still with us and we are fucked by every member of the rugby team. We kiss again and Becca reaches out toward my chest and she squeezes my well-formed breast as I’m pumped hard from behind.

After what seems like an eternity, we both collapse in to the floor. Our asses well fucked and filled by nearly the whole team. I’m pulled back into the doggy position. Too weak to show any disapproval, I raise my well fucked and very sore ass up in in the air in submission as the last man standing leans toward me and whispers in my ear “Remember me love? It’s Marky, let’s see if you enjoy my massive cock as much this time!” his words reverberating around my head. I’m scared and excited but I don’t think I’m going to take all his cock this time.

Becca looks past me as her eyes widen in fright. Her eyes focussing on 12 inches of oversized man cock. “oh my god, its fucking massive!” says Becca, as she sees his very impressive manhood for the first time and just astonished that the cock is not attached to a horse. Exhausted, I moan in defeat as I feel Marky’s massive thick hard cock push against my well fucked ass. I’m so aroused now, I push against it but my ass refuses to let it in without a fight. I reach out to Becca and grab her hand once more as I feel his king-size woman hurter stretch my asshole to its very limit. I give out another yelp as his horse cock finally penetrates my ass, sliding into me helped by the lubrication of cum. Still my tunnel refuses full entry as he pushes on, eager to teach me a lesson as he ruins me perfect asshole forever.

Cheers around the bus once again ring out to the sound of “Marky!” as he begins his long strokes of punishment. Strangely, I feel that his cock belongs inside me as I relax a little as I meet his thrusts with excitement. I push hard to encourage him on. Making his balls bang hard against my cheeks. I feel his cock reach its limit inside me and I know he will soon shoot his load in me.

As his long fast strokes start to make me come, he expertly withdraws his impressive cock, this time he pushes my cunt canlı casino siteleri lips apart and I groan as he quickly slides it into my pussy again. I feel him shudder as he shoots his cum into me and fills my pussy up with warm fluid. But Marky doesn’t stop. He keeps pumping my love hole as his cum runs out of me making a mess below me. I feel his magnificent cock stiffen again as he pumps me even harder. I feel waves of pain running through my body and I meet each stroke with my hips grinding against him. I come loudly as Becca kisses me hard, her lips sucking on my tongue as Marky takes me apart.

I feel Marky’s cock leave my pussy and slide into my ass for one more time as he fucks me harder than I have ever been fucked. The brutality of each stroke taking my breath away as he finally reaches orgasm for an impressive second time, empting his love cream into my poor well fucked body. Becca smiles at me as she knows I have enjoyed his massive thick cock in my ass. We kiss some more as the air brakes on the bus grinds us to a halt. More cheers and applause erupts as we are helped to our feet.

I try to grab my clothes and turn around to see which one of the boys Marky was. Standing behind me is one of the grey haired old men who was sitting at the front of the bus, I gasp in shock as my eyes falls down and I notice his huge twelve inch filthy cock that has ravaged both my dripping holes. I look up to Marky’s face and he has a glint in his eyes as he gives me a cheeky wink. I smile back because I’ll never forget his massive member.

Before we can catch our breath, two of the boys who fucked us really hard grab us both and leads us up the bus to the exit. Fully naked, we are thrown off the bus on a quiet country lane. Our clothes and backpacks thrown off behind us. The door of the bus closes and we scramble to collect our belongings before anyone sees us.

The big red bus pulls off and we can hear all the boys’ cheers loudly. As the bus disappears into the darkness, I look at a road sign, it reads Glastonbury one mile. Fair play. The dirty bastards have taken us all the way to the festival. I quickly slip my clothes back on, but I can’t find my knickers. I smile as imagine my little pink lace panties hanging over a golden cup in the trophy cabinet in their clubhouse, a souvenir for those dirty fuckers to remind them of their tour.

I’m aching all over and filled with Welsh cum. I can’t wait to set up tent at the festival and sleep with my spunk filled best friend as we talk about our incredible experience over and over again.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32