Girlfriend, What Girlfriend?

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I had been completely head over heels with James since the first time I set eyes on him. It was one of those ‘butterflies in your stomach, mind blanking out when you see him’ kind of things. To be honest, my infatuation had, at times, turned to obsession. I waited for something to happen with us, and I had no time for any other guy as long as he was around.

Exactly a year later, I moved on. I found a boyfriend and he even found a girlfriend. We had a huge argument and stopped talking for several months until he called me and asked me over to his house one night. I decided it was time for our argument to end and we met up later that night. We drank, talked about ‘the old days’ and laughed about how stupid we were to stop talking.

It was like we had never stopped talking. We were as close as ever, and I realised how much I still wanted him. I tried to keep my boyfriend in mind, but everything about James excited me. His smells, his facial expressions, his movements, everything.

We drank everything in the house that night and he began to fall asleep. I put my arm around him and ran my fingers through his hair. I kissed the top of his head and told him I should ankara escort get going. He sat up and looked at his watch “Wow 5:20am, time really does fly when you’re having fun”

“Yeah, it does. I oughta call a cab, it’s kinda late to walk home”

“Y’know, you’re welcome to stay here. I’m awake now I promise, we can talk for another while and then I’ll make up the spare room for you”

“Um, I dunno. I mean it’s really late”

“Yeah, try getting a cab at this time. C’mon I’m not gonna let you walk home now, the spare room is right there. Let’s not have another argument over this!”

I laughed and agreed. We talked for another while and decided it was time to hit the hay.

“I just gotta put some blankets on the bed ok, gimme a sec”

I made my way into the room and waited for him to return. I wanted him more than ever, but I tried desperately to control myself.

He came back, made up the bed and I gave him a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek before closing the door. He turned to leave and then turned back. With his hands on my hips, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me deeply. I thought my heart was going to explode escort ankara through my chest, I threw my arms around him and he lifted me over to the bed.

“Wait.” I gasped “What the…? You have a girlfriend…… I have a boyfriend…… We can’t. This is……”

But he didn’t stop. He climbed on top of me on the bed. “What girlfriend?” I had wanted this for so long, and when he kissed me again, I shut my eyes and kissed him like I had never kissed anyone before.

I opened the first few buttons on his shirt but I couldn’t get it off fast enough so I ripped the rest and pulled it off. I felt his hand run up my back under my shirt and open my bra. My black thong was instantly soaked. He looked at me while lifting my shirt over my head. He was out of breath with anticipation. His hand ran up my leg “You have no idea how much I want you” his breath against my neck gave me goosebumps.

His hand ran up my skirt and I felt him move my thong to the side, I could have cum at that alone. I’d never been so wet. His finger slipped around my clit and I let out a moan. He kissed my neck, down my chest and over to my nipple. His tongue flicked over it, both stood out ankara escort bayan as he sucked and massaged my clit at the same time. I reached to his trousers and pulled his belt open, I opened the button and zip and kicked his trousers off with my feet. His hard horn burst out and hit my leg.

He moved down from my nipple, over my tummy until he got between my legs. He slowly removed my skirt, spread my legs and buried his head between them. The feeling of his tongue in me and rubbing my clit forced a small scream out of me. I squirmed with pleasure and he inserted 2 fingers deep inside me. “Ahhh. Take your boxers off. Take them off” With one finger still flicking , he pulled his boxers off. I pushed him onto his back and ran my tongue from his chest down to his pulsating cock. I slid my tongue over his 7 inch thick shaft. I sucked and licked until he came. His warm cum filled my mouth and I swallowed his load. Kissing my way back up his chest, I looked at him “I hope you’re not out of energy just yet” He smirked and moved me to my back, I felt him enter me, still soaking and moaned loudly. Moving slowly first, I couldn’t get enough. “Go faster James” He picked up speed and I screamed his name. “I’m gonna cum, cum with me” he went faster and then moaned “Now, I’m gonna cum now” and we both exploded. Cum squirted out of me. He flopped down beside me, looked over and said “Your turn to go on top this time”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32