Gillian Ch. 04

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It was completely by accident that I found my mother’s old diary in our home’s attic. I had gotten permission from my mother to search her old trunks for some special jewelry to wear that evening at the dinner party my parents were giving for my newest suitor, his widower father, and my best friend Madeline. I wish I had Derek all to myself tonight, but since he was a friend of Madeline’s brother she had to formally introduce Derek to me in polite society. After all, just because we were introduced to dance together at last week’s ball, at which I reserved three whole dances for him, it didn’t mean that he was allowed to talk with me on the street as if he knew me! Oh no, that is reserved only for acquaintances introduced properly… a dance is one thing, but a dinner or tea or chance street meeting- well, it just isn’t acceptable!

Anyway, I stumbled on the old, leather-bound book looking through the trunk my mother had taken with her on her honeymoon with my father. When I opened it, the inscription read “This journal belongs to Gillian Newcombe” in my mother’s beautiful calligraphy. I had often asked my mother for advice on what a wife should do on her honeymoon, but she always merely smiled mysteriously and then said that there was no one else like my father. Then she would wander off, leaving my questions unanswered. I thought to myself that I would read this diary after the dinner party and see if I might perhaps get a few puzzles solved. So I pocketed the book, and after a little while more of searching trunks, I finally found the perfect accessory to complement my outfit and returned downstairs to bathe and dress for the evening.

Several hours later, after a very successful dinner (during which I completely trumped poor Madeline in both grace and manners and gathered Derek’s interest more securely toward myself than I had before) I pulled Mother’s diary from my day dress’ pocket and lit the reading lamp by my bedside. I opened and began to read…


August 19th-

It’s such an odd time to start a honeymoon… But it *is* what my husband desires, and I do so wish to please him, especially since he’s already been so happy with both myself and Jennie so far. I can hardly wait for tonight… He’s going to wake around sunset, he said, and he’s finally going to take my virginity! I’m excited, and I find my pantaloons damp in the middle just thinking about it. I wonder if it will feel as good as when he put himself into my anus and made love to me. I do hope so… He has booked us a private car- an entire car!- on the train, and we can lock off all the entrances if we want, almanbahis şikayet and unlock them when we ring for service.

Jennie and I intend to take full advantage of the privacy. As I write, she’s locking the car completely and getting undressed… I can hardly wait! My husband has purchased several thick candles and a variety of lotions for us so we can keep each other amused while he sleeps. I think I’m going to take the largest one and push it into Jennie’s pretty little cunny… (Isn’t that a naughty word? I love it!) I think I’m going to lick her nipples while I do it… she does have such sensitive nipples. I hope she puts her fist in my anus again, as well. She hasn’t done it since the first time, and I absolutely adored it! Oh, here she comes…. I’ll write more later!


I sat in shock as I read my mother’s words. She- and Jennie, the maid- these two women…. They made love to each other? I didn’t know women did that! It just- it wasn’t allowed! What a scandal! How dare my mother write down such shameful words! What would happen to our family if anyone other than we knew this secret? And yet I couldn’t help but feel dampness in my nether-regions, and I couldn’t stop the desire in myself to read more.


August 20th-

He finally took my virginity! He made Jennie hold my head in her lap and squeeze my breasts while he slammed his shaft through my hymen. When I screamed he flicked my nubbin until I had an orgasm and then said, “I’m going to fuck you now, my beauty.” He did, he did! It was so wonderful! And I did get to push the thick candle up inside Jennie’s ass while he pounded my vagina… Words can hardly describe it!

It feels so different in my little cunny- it’s slicker and there’s a spot inside that makes me shudder and get wetter than I’ve ever been! I had enough juices to lubricate my husband’s member pumping in and out of my box and to make the candle slick enough to get it inside Jennie’s bum! She looked very desirable with the candle as wide as my fist sticking out of her ass and her juices dripping onto the pillow beneath her. I had to lick her sex, and I pulled her onto my face as my husband let loose his first load into me.

He raised my hips and slid his still-hard shaft up my rear and pounded it like there was no tomorrow coming. I moaned into Jennie’s dripping honey pot and rubbed my nubbin as I was penetrated in my forbidden hole by my husband’s hard member. Jennie kept coming all over my face- I thought I would drown in her juices, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to die than being almanbahis canlı casino penetrated up the rear while having sex with another woman. My husband came again, his seed spilling into my ass.

He pulled Jennie away from my tongue and made her help him tie me up. Then he spread my love juice all over my breasts, stomach, and legs and had Jennie lick me all over until I was clean while he fingered her. I passed out from pleasure- I’m not sure if she got me clean or not… The last thing I remember was waking briefly to Jennie rubbing her clitoris on my nipple and kissing my husband passionately while she fingered my cunny with one hand and stroked his dick with the other. What a wonderful night!


I had unconsciously untied my night robe and started to rub my own nipples as I read the steamy entry in my mother’s journal. When I realized what I was doing, I felt myself blush. I could feel the heat in my face build as I became aware that not only were my nipples hard like small pebbles, but the space between my legs was slick and warm. I darted my hand down and felt myself, coming away with a small string of my own juices. I wanted to feel what my mother had, I discovered with a shock. I wanted to know what being naughty was like! I slipped my hand back down into my cunny and rubbed my clitoris, just like my mother had done while she had sex with our maid and my father at the same time.

I read the passage over and over, rubbing myself furiously. Just as I was about to climax, I heard a knock at my door. Before I had a chance to cover myself, my mother walked in! I turned bright red in shame and grabbed for the covers- but too late. My mother had seen me touching myself. And she saw the book that fell from the bed when the linens were yanked. She crossed the room silently, picked her old journal up, read what I had… I was so embarrassed; I thought that she would be angry. Instead, she ruffled my hair and pulled the blankets from my grasp.

“Darling”, she said… “Darling, beautiful, precocious little girl… If you wanted to know about things like this, you should have asked…” She spoke these words gently and without rebuke, then leaned in and kissed me. Not the motherly kiss she had given me for my entire life, though. No, this kiss was the kiss of a passionate woman, and it took me by surprise. I had no choice but to submit to my own mother as her lips pillaged mine. I was breathless when she finally pulled back. “Noelle, love… Would you like to learn?” I nodded mutely; I could do nothing else but agree.

She left me for a while. Just as I was about almanbahis casino to recover my senses, Mother and Father both entered my room. My father shut and locked my door, and then he and my mother stripped completely. As they came to my bed, I was frozen in shock and desire. I felt my juices drip down my buttocks to join the growing puddle collecting on my sheets. My father forced me back and tied my wrists and ankles, then bound them to each other behind my back so that every part of me was exposed. I moaned in terror and also great pleasure. I’m not sure why the idea of my parents taking me like this made me excited, but suddenly I couldn’t wait to feel their hands on me, all over, in places no one else had touched since I was old enough to care for myself.

My father spread my legs like a butterfly spreads its wings and gazed approvingly at my secret places. He leaned down and licked at my box, flicking his tongue lightly over my slit and then sucking hard upon my button. I came instantly and convulsed so that the ropes cut into me, but even that pain felt as sublime pleasure to me. “You’re ready, Noelle,” he whispered to me, and took my juices to lubricate his shaft as he grew hard for me. He raised my hips using pillows and climbed between my legs. Using more of my own juices, he made his hardened member slippery. It glistened in the lamplight for a moment before he sunk it deep into my tight, virgin backdoor. I cried out and came again, my juices coming with such force they squirted onto my father’s abdomen.

With his loins pressed firmly against my buttocks, my father told my mother to mount my face. She did, and for a moment I was confused. I thought back to the diary and to what my father had done to me so far, then gingerly licked at my mother’s cunny. She shuddered and then leaned over me. She mirrored my tongue’s movements against her love box exactly onto my own set of lower lips. I realized if I wanted to feel good, I would have to tell my mother what I wanted with my lingual skills. I began to munch her beautiful vagina in earnest, and my mother reciprocated the pleasure I gave her.

Satisfied I was enjoying myself, my father began to move in my bum. I cried out against my mother’s wet lips and dropped my head back onto the pillow as my father pillaged my anus with his hard dick. I could feel every move of his penis. I couldn’t help but come over and over between my mother’s ministrations with her tongue in my love tunnel and my father pounding into my rear. I was writhing against my ropes and I couldn’t keep track of the times I enjoyed sweet orgasmic bliss.

Eventually my parents released me and let me masturbate while I watched them enjoy each other. We all fell asleep naked and lying in each other’s arms as the warm light of the lamp eventually sputtered and went out. My parents are such wonderful teachers for me. I can’t wait to find out what I learn next!

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