GF invites Me to try a BBC Blacken

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GF invites Me to try a BBC Blacken
It was break time at work one day. Some of the ladies were standing outside the building. I walked over to see what they were talking about. It was Ellen telling the others some story about her weekend. Ellen is the company whore. She will fuck almost anyone but rumor was she really liked black guy’s .

“His cock was this big,” she said.

Ellen held her hands apart. It must have been nine inches in length.

“How about you Tracey, have you ever had a black man before?”

I shook my head no. I was getting embarrassed just listening to Ellen talk. I turned around and went back inside. A little later Ellen walked over to me.

“If you ever want to try black cock you need to come with me to the club.”

She told me the club she goes to. There were plenty of black men looking for white women. She said to meet her at this place at nine pm on Friday night, if I was interested in getting layed . After I got home I began thinking about what Ellen had told me. I hadn’t had any sex in months with a real cock only my trusted vibrator. I thought about the size of the black cock that Ellen had described that size cock can’t be real we all heard stories of black stereotypes . I touched my pussy and I was getting very wet. What wonder if it was true and would a black cock feel like? As I reached for my vibrator.

Friday night arrived and I got dressed up and shaved everywhere just in case I got lucky. I put on a short skirt and just a pair of panties beneath. I just had to find out. I drove to the club that Ellen had mentioned. When I walked in, sure enough there were several black men standing around. I went and got a drink and found a table to sit down at. I wasn’t there but a couple of minutes before this black man sat down at my small table.

He said his name was Adam. He said he never saw me here before. I said it was my first time here. I did mention Ellen’s name.

“Ellen? Yeah, I know who she is.”

That got me wondering how many of these black guys Ellen had bedded down with. We talked for a few minutes and I could already feel my pussy getting wet. Then Adam said he was stepping outside for some air. Would I like to come along for some company. Here goes as I gathered up my purse and we went outside. The parking lot at this place is huge. His car was almost at the back of the lot. Once we got to his car, Adam came onto me. He said he always liked hot, white women.

Just like that, bahis firmaları he placed his hands on my hips puling me closer I could feel his cock press up against me than reached up to my blouse and he ripped it apart. I stood there in shock. I ended up dropping my purse to the ground. Adam spun me around and pushed me against the hood of his car. I was scared right then. He hiked up my skirt and then pulled my panties down. His fingers went to my wet pussy.

“Damn, girl you’re all excited right now.” as his fingers probed my dripping pussy.

He was right. I was wet and excited. No man had ever done this to me before. Adam pushed me against the hood of the car. I heard him unzip his pants. I looked back to see him pulling out his huge black dick. It was the size of what Ellen described. He had to be close to nine inches in length. Adam began rubbing his thick black cock rod up and down my crack getting it wet with my juices. I was getting goose bumps up and down my body.

Adam slowly inserted his head at my folds and then he pushed into me. I didn’t think I could take his cock inside me as he stretched my pussy. He felt immense. Adam put his hands on my shoulders and then pushed all the way in. I know I cried out as he filled me with black cock. I think he got most of his huge cock inside my pussy because I felt his balls hitting my asscheeks.

Adam went hard deep in my pussy. It felt like a snake had entered me. I can truthfully say that no man ever took me like this before. My pussy felt stretched beyond belief. It seemed like we were out there for a long time. It probably wasn’t anymore than twenty minutes or so. Adam moved his hands from my shoulders to my bra. He unsnapped it and my tits came spilling out.

His big hands went to my nipples and he pinched them hard. My body could not handle it and He was now giving me a series of tremendous orgasms. I didn’t think I could take much more. That was when Adam’s body tensed up. His cock seemed to grow inside me and he gave me his hot cum. It seemed like Adam squirted his seed inside me for many minutes. My muscles clamped tight around him and I milked his huge black cock dry.

We were both panting as Adam finished me off. My pussy was going into convulsions as Adam held his cock in place. He finally began to go soft. Adam pulled free and his cum came pouring out my gaping pussy.

“You better clean up,” he told me.

I quickly got my panties kaçak iddaa out of the way. I tried to push his as much of his cum out onto the pavement. Adam watched me for a few minutes and then kissed my mouth.

“I’m going back inside,” he told me.

There I was standing there practically naked and all fucked out. I gathered up my purse and got some tissues out. I wiped up the best I could. I put my bra back on and got my panties and skirt back in place. I d****d my torn blouse around me and I made my way back to my car. I got inside and just sat there. My pussy felt so raw and I could still feel his cum leaking out of my well fucked pussy. I composed myself and then drove back home.

Thank God it was late and dark out. I let myself into my apartment and then I collapsed onto my bed. I was spent from the fucking I had taken. Then next thing I remember was waking up the next morning. There was a small pool of cum on the sheets. I made it to the shower and got cleaned up. All I could think of that day was Adam’s big black cock.

Ellen had been right. I had never felt anything like that before. The weird part was, I was still horny. Yes, my pussy ached but I could have taken more cock. Black cock, that is. I rested up but I did finger myself later that night. I never thought I would feel this way. I wanted another black cock inside me I needed another big black cock .

When I went to work on Monday, Ellen cornered me.

“I heard about you and Adam,” she said to me.

“How did you hear that?” I asked.

Word travels fast around the club. She said most of the women who show up there have had Adam’s cock before. She smiled like we were sisters who had shared a lover. I didn’t want her blabbing her big mouth about me. If I returned I would make sure Ellen was nowhere around. I did decide to go again on Wednesday night. Hopefully it wouldn’t be so crowded. It wasn’t as full as in the weekend.

Adam wasn’t there but there were plenty of other black men about. One guy did hit on me. His name was Jake. He asked me if I wanted to head over to his place. I said I would follow him. It was in a seedy part of town but I didn’t care. When we got inside we went directly to the bedroom. We both undressed and Jake didn’t waste any time.

He told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as he told me. I looked back to see his black cock dangling between his legs. He wasn’t as long as Adam but he was thick as my kaçak bahis wrist. Jake got a pillow for my head. He held me down as he rubbed the fat part of his cock across my slit. He was making me crazy. I wanted to feel him so badly. He soon fitted his fat cock head into place and he pushed into me.

Jake started out slow. He worked his cock in and out of me lubing it up with my pussy juice. His mushroom was right at my opening when he slid in the whole way. OMG I screamed my fool head off as my pussy was on fire. I took a big pounding from Jake that night. He used and bruised my pussy completely. I could feel him stirring his meat around and stretching my pussy walls. driving me to several orgasms.

“You like black cock, don’t you Tracey?”

“Yes, I love it!” I cried out.

It was true. I had fallen in love with having a black man use my pussy. I never had felt this way before. I knew I would have Jake or some other black man again. Jake finally flipped me over. He got my legs up and pushed them forward. He then gave me the fucking my pussy deserved. I could feel his big dick deep in my belly. I know sometime that night I was begging him to fuck me deeper and to pound my pussy raw.

“I’m going to seed you alright,” he told me.

I was his plaything there in bed. He went a long time driving me to several orgasms . It finally came to a point where Jake grunted a few times and then gave me his hot cum. There was a lot of it. I could feel his cum running down my asscrack. I just kept milking his cock with my pussy until he was finally spent.

“Damn, you are one hot white fuck,” he told me.

Jake leaned down and sucked in my nipples giving me some mini orgasms aftershocks. We kissed each other as well. When Jake pulled out he made me clean off his cock with my mouth. I could only take a few inches down but that was enough. He shot a few more streams down my throat. I got up from the bed and got cleaned up. Tomorrow was another work day so I had to leave. We did exchange phone numbers. I said I wanted see him and his cock again.

I have been with Jake in bed these past weeks. He spent the weekend in my bed. We have started an affair of sorts. Jake says he likes to be with one woman. I said I would be his lover for as long as he liked. I have even grown accustomed to having a big cock in my bed all the time. Jake always seems to have endless amounts of cum to give me.

What can I say? I am addicted to black men’s cum. I can’t get enough of it. I have managed to keep Ellen in the dark. It’s none of her business knowing about my love life. I haven’t even told Jake this. It’s better to keep quiet and keep taking black cock on a regular basis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32