Gently Used

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Mara tearfully looked through ads on the Menage-a-Dom website. She knew she’d lose Adam if she didn’t do something, and while this wasn’t what she wanted, she thought it might appease him. He’d been pulling away lately; she suspected he was losing interest in her and looking for greener pastures.

Mara confessed her fears to Beth, a work friend, over lunch. Beth had heard several of her friend’s concerns about Adam over the years and knew that he was no good for Mara. Mara deserved better and would have no trouble finding a new man — she was a petite brunette with an athletic build and large breasts. Beth was a bit envious, if she were being honest with herself. She’d long ago given up trying to convince Mara that she was too good for Adam, though. Her attempts to make Mara see the glaring red flags fell on deaf ears, or worse, caused Mara to become defensive and justify Adam’s cruelty to her.

During another weepy lunch, Mara expressed concern that she was losing Adam. He was becoming more insistent on inviting other people into their bedroom and was sending her menage a trois videos and of couples visiting glory holes together. He talked about how hot it would be to watch her blow a stranger. He persisted in trying to wear down her reservations and implied that she was too vanilla. When that didn’t work, he drunkenly threatened to post nudes of her to online porn sites. He said it would turn him on to read the comments from strangers admiring her body. Her protests and tears at his threats only invigorated him; he demanded more salacious pictures to keep him from posting. She knew she was caught in a trap — giving him further damning photos only empowered him more and gave him additional ammunition to hold against her later.

Horrified at what her friend was telling her, Beth knew that she had to tread carefully. Any negative words against Adam would cause Mara to dig in her heels and defend him. Mara was an enigma to Beth: capable and confident in most aspects of her life, but weak and submissive when it came to Adam. Beth couldn’t understand the hold Adam had on Mara. He had nothing to offer her and was rather submissive himself when forced into social situations.

Maybe that was the key to making Mara see Adam in a different light. If Mara was considering his request, or rather, ultimatum — to be more sexually adventurous, maybe Beth could point Mara toward a truly Dominant male. Surely, seeing Adam beside a real Dom, would highlight his flaws. Would it be enough to lessen his grasp on her, though? She told Mara about a website that catered to threesomes with dominant males and suggested that Mara surprise Adam with a stranger that she found on that site.

Blurry-eyed, Mara was having a hard time reading the profiles of the men on the site Beth had suggested. The pictures were shocking — leather, whips, ball gags, and the positions the women were tied in…could she do this? She really didn’t want to invite a stranger into her bedroom, but she feared losing Adam. Was this the only way to keep him interested in her? Would it be enough to sate him? What if it was only a teaser, and leads him to want even more? She closed her computer and went to make dinner for herself and Adam.

During dinner, Mara noticed that Adam seemed distracted. His phone kept vibrating. He didn’t look at it, but Mara sensed that he wanted to. When dinner was through, he excused himself and went outside with his phone. Mara busied herself cleaning up the kitchen and tried not to think about who was messaging Adam. When he finally came back inside, she couldn’t stop herself from asking who he was texting. He snapped that it was not her concern and stormed off to the bedroom. She looked at her closed computer and resolved that tomorrow she’d find someone to surprise Adam with a threesome — she wouldn’t lose him.

Feeling a little bolder, Mara ventured into the bedroom to seduce and improve Adam’s mood. She found him lying on the bed with his cock out, stroking himself while watching porn on his phone. She was a little disappointed that he started without her, but she was determined to get his attention. She closed the door a little louder than usual and began removing her clothes. She kept her back to him as she took off her shirt, dropping it into the hamper. Her shorts came off next; she slowly slid them down her long legs as she bent fully at the waist, keeping her legs straight. When she turned around, she saw that she had his attention. She reached behind to unsnap her bra and tossed it to him on the bed. He growled and demanded that she keep her lacy black panties on and join him on the bed. She went to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled toward him — her DD breasts brushing against his legs as she made her way toward him. He put his hand out and stopped her. With his cock in hand, he told her to put her mouth to better use than asking stupid questions. She was taken a little aback but determined to please him anyway.

She took his cock in her hand and began softly kissing her way up the shaft from base to tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then licked eryaman escortlar the full length and around his dick. She wanted to tease him before taking him fully into her mouth, and softly stroked him while she focused her tongue on his balls. She took each into her mouth, gently sucking on them as she sped up her strokes.

Impatiently, Adam grabbed her hair and pulled her up slightly, shoving his cock into her mouth. He proceeded to fuck her mouth forcefully. Mara’s eyes were watering, and her throat was hurting from his deep thrusts into her unready mouth. Adam finished quickly, spewing his cum into her mouth without warning and let her go. Then, he picked up his phone and resumed watching his video. Mara went to the bathroom to clean herself up a little, wipe her eyes, and get ready for bed. She rolled away from him and quietly cried herself to sleep.

Mara steeled herself and opened her computer. She had no experience with online dating nor in soliciting strangers for a threesome. She didn’t know what to expect and was a little apprehensive. She just kept telling herself it was for Adam.

As she looked through the profiles of the men on the site, she became more concerned. What was Beth thinking when she suggested this site? Men who derive their pleasure from inflicting physical pain and emotional control? Contracts, safe words, whips, and chains. This isn’t what she had in mind, and she really hoped it wasn’t what Adam wanted. Just when Mara was about to give up, a profile caught her eye. Gently Used. The profile belonged to a kind looking man named Nick. There were no whips or chains in his pictures. In fact, he looked safe. He was attractive, too. Tall, dark, and handsome. Mara decided to message him.

Nick was quick to respond. He was as friendly as he looked and asked questions to ascertain what Mara was looking for and to be clear on the boundaries. He set her mind at ease, asking questions about her relationship with Adam. Mara surprised herself in her candor. She shared with Nick her fears about losing Adam and explained their recent troubles. Nick asked questions about their sex life. Mara shamefully told him that it was dwindling, and she hoped this threesome would reinvigorate their passion. Nick assured her that she came to the right guy, and they set their date.

The night of Adam’s surprise, Mara was all nerves. She took a shot of tequila to try and calm herself down. Nick arrived early and was quickly shown to the bedroom to set up and then hide. Mara went downstairs to wait for Adam to get home.

Fortunately, Adam was in a good mood when he arrived home, and it was easy for Mara to lead him to the bedroom. Nick was waiting behind the door. When the door closed, he stepped out and demanded that Adam have a seat in the chair at the foot of the bed. Adam was shocked to find a tall, imposing man in his bedroom and assumed he was there to rob them. Having no weapon nearby, he decided to do what the man said and quickly sat down. Nick took out some zip ties and confined Adam to the chair, then turned to Mara and asked her to undress slowly. Mara was nervous, but also a little excited to see Adam obey Nick without question. She enjoyed the fear she saw in his eyes and was surprised to note that it turned her on to see him not in control.

Mara turned her back to Adam and began removing her clothes. She watched Nick’s face as he watched her. It invigorated her to see the lust in his eyes as he studied her. When she was fully naked before him, he demanded she walk to him. She complied and delighted as his eyes roamed her body as she moved toward him. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a long, deep kiss. She’d forgotten that Adam was there, until he protested and demanded that Nick let her go. Nick broke the kiss and said he’d stop if Mara wanted him to. Mara hesitated for a moment, but then leaned in to kiss Nick again. Nick laughed and told her to lay on the bed. He then walked over to Adam and leaned in to whisper that he was invited there by Mara to show her what a real man can do. He explained that he wanted to see what effect a real man would have on Adam too, pulled out a knife, and cut away Adam’s pants and boxers. Adam glared at Nick but remained quiet.

Nick removed his clothes as he confidently strode to the bed. He grabbed Mara’s legs and pulled her to the foot of the bed and knelt down. He leaned forward and took in a deep breath, enjoying her musky scent. Mara gasped as he began licking her folds. He was enthusiastic and thorough: sucking on her clit, licking her crack to clit and back, tonguing her pussy. Mara arched her back, pressed her mound closer to his mouth, and vocalized her pleasure. Nick paused to ask her when was the last time Adam made her feel this good? Mara blushed, but couldn’t remember the last time Adam had tasted her. Nick looked over his shoulder at Adam and noted that he was enjoying the view — his cock was fully erect, but untouched. Nick winked at him and said that he might let Mara help him with that after he’s had a little more fun with her.

Nick turned his attention ankara escort bayan back to Mara and attacked her clit with his mouth. He suckled on her clit while fingering her pussy. Two fingers was a tight fit. He noted how wet she was and listened to her gasping moans. She was enjoying his attentions, and he assumed she hadn’t had a proper orgasm in a long time. He decided he’d ensure that she had several that night.

Adam was fuming. He didn’t want to be turned on watching another man take Mara. He was pissed that she was enjoying it. Did she really invite this man into their home? But he couldn’t look away. Mara was so wet, and he loved how she was arching her back and writhing on the bed. His cock was throbbing, and he wanted desperately to stroke it.

Nick felt Mara’s pussy tighten and knew she was going to cum. He coaxed her to relax and let it go. She screamed as he sucked hard on her clit and pumped three fingers inside her. As she came down from her orgasm, he lay beside her and stroked her hair. When her breathing returned to normal, he suggested she go to the bathroom to clean up.

Then, Nick went to Adam’s side. Whispering, he asked how Adam could neglect such a beautiful, vibrant woman? Taunting, he asked if he wasn’t man enough to please her? Why would she need to invite another man into their bed? As he taunted Adam, he reached down and idly stroked Adam’s dick. Adam tensed — he didn’t want a man touching him. Nick was persistent though and continued his stroking and taunting. Adam was shaking, furious at Nick’s words but enjoying the touch. He was still turned on from watching Mara orgasm and wanted to stroke himself. Or have Mara suck his cock. He didn’t want Nick touching him. Nick didn’t seem like he was going to stop though. Adam felt the pressure growing in his balls, and his breathing became more ragged. Nick knew Adam was close and removed his hand. He grabbed a small crop from the table behind the chair and snapped it against Adam’s inner thigh. Adam jumped and screamed. Nick laughed and returned to the bed to wait for Mara to return.

Mara hesitantly returned to the bedroom from the bathroom, feeling a little nervous. Adam looked angry, but also helpless. Knowing that he was powerless gave her a bit of a thrill and emboldened her. She didn’t want to think about it but knew that she’d have to explore that feeling later.

Nick noticed the way Mara stood a little taller when she looked over at Adam. He was pleased to see that his plan was working. He was infuriated when she had told him how Adam had been treating her. The gaslighting to make her doubt her suspicions, the veiled insults disguised as compliments to make her feel unworthy of him, the neglection of her needs — he couldn’t believe that Mara was fighting so hard to keep someone like that. He was disgusted by Adam’s treatment of her, but also recognized that Mara was blind to it. She thought she deserved it and accepted the few scraps of “love” he sent her way. He’d seen it before and wanted to break Adam’s hold on her.

Nick went to his bag and took out a chastity cage to further bind Adam. He handed it to Mara and showed her how to attach it to Adam’s cock, explaining that it would prevent him from cumming before he was allowed. He then suggested that she tease him a bit by pleasuring his balls with her mouth, while he couldn’t move or stroke his dick. She started to kneel in front of Adam, but Nick stopped her and told her to just bend at the waist.

Mara placed her hands on Adam’s thighs to balance herself and leaned down to lick his balls. They were heavy, she thought with need, and she enjoyed teasing him. She licked them all over, enjoying how they dropped onto the chair after she lifted them slightly with her tongue to wet them. Adam was stiff, but his breathing changed slightly. She could tell he was enjoying her attention, especially when she sucked on his balls one at a time.

Nick positioned himself behind Mara, enjoying the view. He’d already lubricated the small butt plug he’d removed from his bag and pressed it to Mara’s rosebud. Very slowly, he added pressure. Mara gasped; Nick told her to relax and focus on teasing Adam. He spread her legs a little wider and reached around and under her to rub her clit. She moaned her pleasure and continued to suck on Adam’s sack, a little more vigorously. Nick pressed harder and was pleased to see Mara’s ass spread as the plug entered her hole. He continued rubbing her clit as he gave a final push to nest the plug fully inside her. He admired the blue gem gleaming from her asshole, looking forward replacing the plug with his own cock later.

Nick continued stroking Mara’s clit; with his other hand, he felt between her folds. He loved how wet she was. He moved his hand to Adam’s mouth and ordered him to taste Mara’s juices, bragging about how wet he’d made her. Adam complied, glaring at Nick all the while. Nick just laughed and positioned his cock between her pussy lips and entered Mara’s wet passage. He rocked into her slowly at first. Seeing his cock sliding into her while she was bent over Adam’s lap elvankent escort bayan sucking on his balls excited him. He loved this view. Nick quickened his pace, pushing Mara into Adam.

She struggled to keep Adam’s balls in her mouth as she was pushed forward repeatedly, and reluctantly released his balls, focusing instead on lathering them with her tongue. His balls were tight, and his breathing slow — she could tell he was enjoying himself. Her thoughts shifted to the 8 inch cock that was filling her now. Nick’s deep strokes felt amazing. She hadn’t felt a dick inside her in so long, she wanted it to last. She squeezed her pelvic muscles, wanting to feel more of Nick’s cock inside her. She could tell he liked it, as his pace quickened. His breathing became harsher as he moaned that he was going to cum. She pressed back into him, squeezing her pelvic floor even harder. He stopped his thrusting, tightened, and shot his load inside her. When he pulled out, she started to stand up, but he encouraged her to continue playing with Adam’s balls. She shifted a little and began softly kissing his thighs, alternating between Adam’s legs and stomach.

Nick walked over to Adam, showcasing his wet cock. He demanded that Adam clean it for him. Adam protested, but Nick just forced it into his mouth when he gasped in response to Mara’s grabbing his balls with her hands. He could taste Mara on Nick’s cock, which turned him on, but he was disgusted to have Nick’s penis in his mouth. Nick, remembering Mara’s description of her last sexual encounter with Adam, forcefully fucked Adam’s mouth — making his eyes water and repeatedly triggering his gag reflex. Unaware of what was happening above her, Mara continued to play with Adam’s balls — enjoying their tight, heavy feel.

When Nick was hard again, he pulled away from Adam and returned to his position behind Mara. He grabbed the blue gem that was peeking out from between her cheeks and drizzled more lube between her crack as he twisted the plug around. Gripping it a little firmer, he gently pulled on it. Mara moaned and leaned back, and he pulled a little harder. He loved the pop of removing it fully, and especially enjoyed the temporary expansion of her hole when it was freshly removed. He poured more lube on her hole and used his finger to push the lube inside her. Mara pressed back, encouraging him to continue. He added a second finger and gently fingered her ass as he stretched it to accommodate his girth. He poured even more lube onto her hole and added a third finger to fully lubricate her insides. Mara gasped, but didn’t protest. Nick couldn’t wait any longer; he removed his fingers and pressed his cock to her hole. He slowly pressed into her; he knew he needed to be gentle, but he wanted to fuck her ass hard. He had to make himself go slow. That is until Mara pressed back into him. Feeling her push into him encouraged him to press harder. Her tight ass was going to make him cum fast, but he wanted to savor this. He reached forward to play with her clit, to distract and slow her down. It worked. She moaned and resumed her sucking on Adam’s balls. Adam tightened in his seat. Nick knew Adam was turned on and wanted desperately to cum but was unable to ease his frustration.

Between the view, and tight ass clenching his cock, Nick couldn’t contain himself any longer and allowed himself to fuck Mara’s ass properly. Long full strokes, in and out, quicker on each forward stroke, slower on each backward stroke. Mara’s breathing was ragged, and he knew she was going to cum with him. Nick sped up and released his seed deep in her ass. When he finally pulled out of her ass, Mara started to collapse to her knees. Nick helped her to the bed. He then went over to Adam, so Adam could clean his cock again. Adam closed his mouth and shook his head. Nick pinched Adam’s nose, so he had to open his mouth for air — at which point Nick plunged into his mouth again. Adam was disgusted, and could taste Mara’s musky ass in addition to Nick’s cum. Fortunately, it didn’t last long. Nick had other plans for Adam, and only wanted to humiliate him a little first.

Nick pulled his cock out of Adam’s mouth and told him he had a better idea. He explained that he knew that Adam wasn’t properly satisfying Mara and was going to give him a chance to prove that he could. He explained that he wouldn’t be allowed his own release until he fully satisfied Mara. Adam nodded his understanding. Nick cut the zip ties binding Adam to the chair and told him that he needed to clean Mara’s ass and pussy.

Adam warily went over to the bed where Mara was lying. She was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. He moved between her legs and spread them wide. He could see Nick’s cream dripping out of both her holes. He was disgusted by the thought of tasting Nick’s semen. But, his cock was rock hard inside the cage, and he desperately wanted to cum. Seeing Mara fucked so thoroughly had turned him on more than he expected it could. Tentatively, he leaned forward to lick her. He was surprised that the taste wasn’t off-putting. In fact, mostly, he tasted Mara. He licked around her pussy, in between the folds, and sucked on her clit. She moaned a little, which encouraged him to continue. He tongued her pussy, sucking on her lips, cleaning up as much he could. Mara writhed beneath him, moaning. Nick reminded him that her ass needed cleaning too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32