Gay for an Evening

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This is a story about being 95% gay. It’s that 5%… Everyone’s 18, don’t read if you’re not allowed.


Nanc was sitting across from me at her place. She’s about 5’10” and a runner. Thin as a rail. She keeps her hair cut short, sheared on one side, a bit longer on the right. Not much.

“So you go to gay bars, right Ted?”

I nodded. I’m 95% gay.

“Do you just find guys and have sex?”

“Sometimes,” I said. “Sometimes it’s just friends, like the corner bar. Sometimes there’s sex-on-the-sly, but the bars are kind of strict here”.

“Strict? How so?”

“Some cities and states don’t seem to care if you have full-on sex in the middle of the bar. Blow jobs. Fucking. Or even discreet fondling. Around here, if you’re discrete, you can pull something off. Otherwise, they might lose their liquor license, or worse.”

“Oh,” she said, thinking about this. The wine was starting to cloud up her mind. Her blouse was half-open, but it probably didn’t matter. She has no real tits. Two nipples. I have more tit than she does, but most of it’s muscle. She usually didn’t care about how she looked, oddly enough. She was good looking if some what butch. No hour glass figure here. Just a punk runner’s bod. No nail polish because has a pretty physical job and breaks nails a lot. She does have outstanding leg muscles. She even had the start of abs when I looked over, but not a six or eight pack. Female abs. Her dark brown, almost black hair would be curly if she let it grow out. The black glasses gave her a geeky look.

“Gay guys are supposed to be really promiscuous, right?” I thought about it and shrugged again. The wine was getting to me, too. “Do you go to those bathhouse things? The ones where they just wear towels and everybody has sex?”

I didn’t answer for a while. “Yeah, sometimes. I like strange cock. It’s umm, who I am. Some gay guys are really monogamous. I’m not.”

“Oh oh don’t get defensive!” she answered. “It’s always intrigued me, the idea of a place where you don’t know someone’s name but you get fucked by them, or suck them off or whatever.”

She was getting a little flushed. I watched as she emptied the wine bottle into her glass and quickly popped the cork on the second one. Her blouse was now fully open. No tits. She didn’t care, as usual.

That’s when a dim light bulb went off in my head.

“Nanc, you ought to see the inside of one of the local bathhouses. Imagine all of those cocks looking for action.” She cocked an eye at me. “I’m betting you could get in and get some cock, and no one would know.”

“Really?” she said, trying not to sound eager.

She shifted in the love seat. “I thought women weren’t allowed at ALL,” she said.

“I’ve never seen one there. But don’t take this personally- if you kept a towel around your waist, no one would know. No one.”

She nodded unconsciously. “Yep, no boobers. No tatas. No titties. I’m flat as a board. But I have no body hair at all. They’d surely know.”

I smiled.

“A lot of guys shave themselves baby smooth before they go in. Being a little fem is ok- they even let trans, cross-dressers, and varieties inside, no questions asked.”

“Really?” I nodded. Half the next bottle was gone. She had a silly smile on her face.

“What if I get outed?” she asked.

“Maybe they kick you out. That’s the worst that could happen. The best that could happen is you get to see what’s like, and maybe get some cock on your own. Remember how much you got turned on when you caught Jeff and me back in college? I think you nearly creamed your panties, dear.”

Her eyes got that far away look as she remembered it. I saw her shudder a bit.

Then she stuck her hands inside her loose shorts and jammed some fingers into her puss. Twenty seconds later, she came, shamelessly, in front of me. She’s done that before. I don’t jerk off in front of her, but I could, I suppose. She might smile. I know she likes big dicks. No, not this time. She knows I’m bashful around women. Imagine that.

She grabbed the wine glass and downed it. She could be like that. It’s part of what used to turn me on about her. She was good for many spontaneous fucks. But most of our history was pretty old now.

“Fuck.” she said. “You’re right. The idea makes me cream. Really cream. Fuck. I bet I could pull it off.”

She was done for the night, but the idea remained. Five minutes later, she was dozing. She’s a lightweight when it comes to booze. I let myself out. Again.

* * * *

Fast forward to three weeks ago. She sends me a text saying she wants to do this. And she wants to watch me have sex with guys. Sends me a text of her vibrator jammed against her clit. I get the idea. We used to fuck fairly frequently before I went 95% guys. She’s shameless. When she wants it, she gets it, and it worked on me in my overly horny college days. Often, she wanted it fast and rough and she was nice enough to wait for me to cream inside her after she screamed it out, or in her casino siteleri case, squeaked it out a several times.

“OK,” I texted her back. “My rules. You follow them to the MAX. Agreed?”

Her reply came in seconds. “When and where…”

She called me the afternoon before. I told her to wear a normal baggy plain T and baggy jeans. Scruff up a bit. Meet me there, and I’ll explain you’re a friend. The attendant will just nod us in, but he’s not in on the joke, right?

I went on with my rules: Don’t take your towel off. Oral only. If they see your pussy you could get thrown out in a heartbeat. Any sex is your responsibility. Be safe and don’t be stupid. And you can watch me all you want but don’t gawk. I asked if she agreed. She did so immediately. We set the time.

* * * *

Getting her in wasn’t a problem. The line was long. Cash is cash. They didn’t even glance at her ID to see her actual gender. She has enough of a hipster pierced punk about her to make no one give her a second glance. Random ink. Yeah, there was her ass, but it was hidden in the baggy jeans.

It was crowded. Maybe 100 or more guys, and as I smiled to myself, and one woman who tried very very hard to not let on that she was on fire. I know she was. Topless, she looked like any other younger, maybe sorta hipster dude. Not big nipples, although well-formed. Maybe androgynous. Her ass is killer for a woman or a guy, very muscled and it lifts a bit, not quite a bubble butt. It jiggles, too, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The locker room was empty as she quickly wrapped the towel around herself. The jock I ordered was on and fit her like a glove. She handed me a flask. Bourbon. Two quick swigs. She took two more then quickly hid it in her small backpack. She took a long look at my naked and mostly erect cock. Then she smiled. She showed me her jock, slightly stuffed with what was probably a small sock. My guess is there was a vibrator in that sock. Just sayin’. She waved her “package” at me lewdly. Then lovingly squeeeezed my ass. I heard a very faint giggle.

We walked quietly around the place. Steam room, sauna, hot tub, pool, darkroom/maze and the porn room. She tried not to gawk. Just act like you’ve been here before, I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy.

The steam room was busy. I left my towel on the hooks by the door. Two guys were getting blow jobs. One was tall and pretty fit, and the other guy was a bear with a big cockring. Two older guys were servicing them. I recognized one of the older servicing guys, who’s really a good fuck. I thought about testing him. Then I thought: Well, she wanted to watch.

My older guy friend is good looking, and likes to switch. I think his name is Barry, but I’m not sure. I bent behind him and fingered his butt. He looked up at me quickly, smiled and went back down on the cock he was servicing. I spent some quality time eating his fine ass. I occasionally looked over at Nanc, who was plainly hypnotized by it all. Then I stood up and probed his ass with my long cock. He pushed back and in seconds, I was all-inches deep in his hot hole. Nanc was wide-eyed.

Still another older guy had come in and plopped down right next to Nanc. She played it cool. His cock was maybe five inches, but standing straight up and obviously hard as stone. Pretty fit. His darker skin and light beard gave him an Arab appearance, a weakness of Nanc’s. He occasionally pulled on it as he watched us fuck and suck. Me? I was having a great time, feeling more like an exhibitionist than ever. Now she knew.

And then she shocked me by putting her hand on the Arab guy’s erection as she watched us. His thick foreskin rolled up and down as she did it, not looking much at him, more at me fucking in long strokes. My dick got really hard. I was enjoying this, if in a strange way.

I didn’t what to shoot a load yet, so eventually I had to pull out, much to the sadness of my bearish friend. I sat down near her as another load of steam hit the room, making things almost invisible. The Arab guy stood up and without preliminaries, spat on his hand, lubed his cock with it, and speared the same hole I’d been in just a brief moment ago. I heard him more than could see him fuck this guy, but it was noisy. Then he roared, loudly, adding a few noisy grunts to it. Through the haze, I watched him walk away. I pulled on my own cock, walking over to that hole and finding it, yep, loaded with cum. I pushed in and felt it coat my cock. It’s one of my fetishes- sloppy seconds, and the sloppier the better. I fucked for several minutes, but had to stop. Not ready to cum yet. When I looked over, Nanc was gone.

I left and hit the showers to wash my cock and balls. Nanc was nowhere to be found. I saw her lock was still on her locker. She was headed to be kicked out if she wasn’t careful. Oh well.

Finally, I found her in the porn room, giving head to a youngish guy with dark caramel skin and plenty of freckles. I think we’d played before. Top. Has a deep voice and a long slot oyna thin cock. Huge cummer. Ask me how I know…

And Nanc had it in her throat. I sat, watched the porn, stroked, and watched them. I don’t think he was ready to pop but he did like the deep throat. Her towel was working its way down her butt. Uh oh. Hmmmm. How to signal her?

I got down on my knees behind her. The guy smiled. She saw it was me out of the corner of her eye. I ran my finger down and touched her butt and she jumped. Then she shook it lightly. Left right, up down. Fuck.

She lifted her ass and her towel was nearly off. You couldn’t see the goods… yet. I dipped my face down there and grabbed her towel. I started licking her little pink butthole as though this was spontaneous. Ok, it was. She fucking moaned and nearly choked. She lifted immediately off the cock in front of her and whispered loud and low: Yes!! Down went the jock strap just a little bit, so her pink hole was all exposed, but not the other goods.I took a deep breath and licked her butthole deeeeeeply. Probed it a bit. I remember it well. I got it good and wet. Put my cock right up there and when I was about to push, she hands me a condom from somewhere. Fuck.

Rapid condom installation and yeah, up Nanc’s hole, smooth as silk, all my inches in one slow long glide until my balls banged her. Oh, right sopping wet puss. Wow! I could smell it, too. The unmistakable scent of a woman in heat. Fuck. So I did her ass for about a minute, then I pulled out for a second. She reached underneath her and pulled the condom off, then pulled my cock back to her ass. I got the message. The pussy scent was getting very very strong, and so I had to help her make an exit, so I pulled out and did my best to look like a good doobie and wrapped her towel around her, nice and tight. I really didn’t want to leave her butt.

The guy never noticed. He was fixated on his poppers and the blowjob. I stood up. The guy motions me over. He tells me: I like the taste of ass. My eyebrows went up, but I pulled up to him and watched him inhale my cock down to the balls as Nanc sucked him steadily and sloppily. She pulled up for a second and smiled at me and him. Then he exploded, all over her face and hair and she gobbled it down her throat to try and catch some as he grunted on my cock. It was a huge load and it was everywhere. Finally he stopped shooting large wads of cum and rested back on the large chair, groaning. Thanks, man, he told her. She smiled. I smiled. He got up shakily- I had to grab his arm- and walked off.

I looked down at her. I wanted to laugh but suppressed it, because she was covered. I watched her get up and she followed me to the showers. They have glass blocks, these showers. She hung her towel and just walked in, back to everyone and washed the jizz out of her hair and face and neck and shoulders and more. The jock was soaked. She turned to me and rubbed her butthole, winking at me.

I was a kind of lookout, handing her the towel nonchalantly as she turned slightly. She took it and fastened it tightly. I was right- there was a bullet vibrator in the center of an athletic sock. Tough to notice, even dripping wet. I washed her down there to reduce the strong foreign scent wafting to my nose. Now she was almost squeaky clean… and really aroused.

She whispered to me: That was fun! I told her she was going to get us busted. She smiled. I washed my own self clean. She watched. She walked over and ran her fingers up my butt trench, and then took time washing my asshole. I liked it. But I snapped out of it, grabbed my towel, and made for the back and the maze and dark spaces. She followed.

The rewards were a bunch of cocks that needed sucking at the gloryholes. I took one and she took one. Mine blew in seconds, disappointing, but another appeared, a thick challenge of a cock- a huge head on a long shaft. I got it into my throat but it took a while. I worked it. Damn fine dick. As I’m working it, I hear Nanc gulping suddenly, her eyes closed and her hand working the shaft of the cock in her mouth. She got the last drops and it pulled away. She looked over and grinned widely to find another cock taking its place, a smaller one. I’m still working this cock, trying to make this guy give up his load. I feel her reach around to my butt and she fingers my hole, still wet and a bit soapy from the shower. Mmmmm. Nice. The big cock I’m sucking on suddenly pulls away. Gone. Dammit. Oh well.

She continues to finger me. A couple of fingers. To my incredible surprise, Nanc gets behind me and starts to rim my hole. She never did THAT before. She stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me into the darkest part of the maze.

Lots of guys there. Lots of hard dicks. Lots of sex sounds. I stroke a few cocks. Some stroke me. One guy puts his hand on my cock and I feel another hand- it’s Nanc. She’s yanking my cock and his cock. She flips me 180 and grabs the cock behind me and pulls it to my butthole. I swear she’s pushing the guy, and I feel him stumble canlı casino siteleri towards my ass. Her aim is perfect and I feel his cock slip in a little. Then a lot. It’s not a huge cock. and it goes in at just the right angle. The guy reaches around and starts pulling on my nipples. Yeah. I like that.

My towel went somewhere. I’d find it later. I feel him lightly plow me, long strokes on a bone hard cock. Then, in front of me, I feel something else, another naked ass, and oh FUCK! it’s Nanc. She has my erection in her hand and she’s backing up on it, right into her puss. It glides in beautifully, but NO NO NO we’re going to get caught!!

I feel poppers under my nose. Oh Geez. I inhale a solid snort. Makes me into a slut. This is too weird. I can feel her juices on my balls. She’s totally soaked. I grasp her hips and slow the action. The cock inside my hole is becoming urgent. It only makes me harder knowing that he’s going to cum any second and yeah, he does, shoving it deeply up my hole for the big squirts. I can only feel the pulses. He stays in there for a while until I’m really really soaked and plops out, and walks away.

I worry that jabbing my cock too hard in Nanc’s pussy will cause her to moan. Instead, she squeaks very softly. That’d be a buzzkill for a lot of guys in this room. But ok, I’ll admit it: The sheer craziness of boning a cis woman in the middle of a darkroom in a bathhouse is well, kinda of stimulating in a perverse sort of way. It hit me: I’m plowing pussy instead of boy butt here. Perverse. Really perverse. So I pulled out. There was more to do.

Along the floor had to be two towels. I found two, but I had no idea if they were ours or not. One felt a little wet, so did the other. I put one on and handed another to Nanc.

But Nanc was gone, not in the same spot. Fuck. I felt along and around. Found one nice bear and a by the grunts of it, two guys fucking, ok, maybe four guys fucking. I felt around some more along the wall. I rubbed a chest- yeah, it was Nanc. I felt for her towel. It was in her hand. I reached down and felt her puss. It was unbelievably wet. Dripping. I smelled my fingers. All girl smells, no boys.

I reached down to her ear and whispered there’s more. I pulled on her arm but she didn’t want to go. Finally, she relented. I felt her lift her arms to put the towel around her waist and we made our way out of the maze and dark space.

At the lockers, I whispered that I wanted a couple of swigs. At first, she was still somehow mad, but then she shrugged and discretely handed me the flask. I took two long pulls. She emptied it. I locked my locker, and she, hers. We left. She wondered where we were going. I just motioned along into the hallways where there were rentable rooms. Some were big, others small. Some had porn. She looked at the clock in the hallway, pausing, thinking. Then she joined me on the cruise. I knew what I wanted.

It didn’t take long to find, a guy stroking a very nice cock, all glistening in lube. I sashayed in there, Nanc behind me. I closed the door, while taking his cock out of his hand. He let me do so with a smile. Nanc whipped my towel off, then started fondling his balls. I asked him: Wanna fuck? The twitch in his erection told me the answer. I got up on the bed and sank his stone hard cock into my hot hole without preliminaries. He moaned, loudly. I groaned. Nanc wasn’t sure what I was doing. Showing off? She fondled his furry balls then my own shaved ones, then my erection. She grabbed his bottle of lube and made her hand very slippery, jerking me off. I was totally unsure if I wasn’t going to splatter the wall with my cum. It felt really good. But I had something else in mind.

After squeezing his erection with my ass, I climbed down like a gymnast. I lowered Nanc’s towel just so, then lubed my erection and found her asshole. She knew immediately what was going to happen and bounced back, impaling herself at the edge of the bed. Fuck me, I told him. Make me the man in the middle! He grinned and climbed out of his bed, his outstanding erection at max in front of him. I moved things around a bit, and he slowly slid back into my hole, shoving it hard. Oh. Fuck. Big. Thick. Maybe bigger and thicker than mine!

I pivoted my hips back and forth, impaling, fucking Nanc deep. I wasn’t going to last. I had to start thinking of baseball scores or I was a goner. Nanc just grunted with my thrusts. Then she had a small cum. I could feel her squeeze on my dick. I was a goner. Then the guy behind me asked if I wanted in me or on me. Anywhere, dude, anywhere! And with that he started getting really erratic as I fucked Nanc deeply. Then it happened.

His cock swelled up like a stopped water hose and he started squirting! I held still to feel it all and there it was, it was like he was peeing his cum deep up my ass, then he shoved it in, then did this again. On the third thrust, I was over. I blew a huge load into Nanc’s sweet butthole as deep as I could plant it, yanking her hips so hard that I knew it would leave hand prints. Then she started quivering, and tried desperately to suppress a tell-tale orgasmic squeak. She faked a sneeze as I felt her quiver again. Choo! She shuddered deeply several times, then went almost limp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32