Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The Post Hotel

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While I was spending a 2 year visit to Germany, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Army, one of my favorite places to spend time was the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area of Bavaria. It’s located next to the Alps. The army had hotels that GIs could stay in really cheap. But there were rules and restrictions on who you could have in your room. Like NO girls! I’d rather spend a little more and rent a room at the Post Hotel, right on Marienplatz down town. The Post hotel had a dining room for dinner or seating for dancing to a live German band on a small dance floor on Saturday nights. Upstairs were several rooms for rent with no dumb rules.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is two towns that united in 1935. You have a great view of Zugspitz, Germany’s highest peak at 2,962 meters, About 10,000 feet. Partenkirchen is quaint with its cobblestone streets. Garmisch was more fun. It was a great place to ski in winter or hike in summer.

My buddy Jim and I had come from Augsburg on the train. It was an easy trip. While we were just walking around seeing the sights we stopped at a sidewalk café. It was pretty busy for a Saturday morning. The waitress had just brought our hot tea and some pastries. Two pretty young girls walked up to the café. They weren’t seeing any open tables so I invited them to join us. There was just 2 of us and 2 of them, and our table had 4 chairs. They exchanged a few words between themselves in German. I understood part of what they were saying. They smiled and said, “Danke.” (Thanks in German.) They sat down.

I said. “Ich bin Bob. Er ist Jim. Und du?”

The pretty blond one answered. “Ich bin Gisela.”

The brunette smiled. “Trudy.”

I asked. “Sprechen sie English?”

Gisela answered. “Yes, I’m quite fluent in American English. Not so much in the British Queen’s English. I work for the port authority in Hamburg so I had to take some special classes in American English to be able to work there. Sprechen sie Deutsche?”

I answered. “Ein bisschen, aber Nicht viel.” (Not much.)

Trudy had learned a lot of English from Gisela. We all agreed to pretty much just use American English.

They ordered some juice to drink. We shared our pastries. We talked for a while.

They told Jim and me that they were on holiday from Hamburg. And that Hamburg is a major port city on the Elbe River in Northern Germany. We told them we were American and in Germany with the U.S. Army. We were in Garmisch to see the sights and have dinner and go dancing later.

I asked. “Tanzen sie?” Trying to use a little Deutsche to be polite.

Gisela answered. “I love to dance. Where can we dance here?”

I said. “Maybe we can spend the afternoon sightseeing together. And Jim and I will treat you girls to dinner and dancing at the Post Hotel.”

Gisela spoke. “I didn’t know there was dancing at the Post Hotel. We have a room there.”

I said. “The Post Hotel only has dancing on Saturday nights.”

Jim and Trudy were having their own conversation.

Gisela spoke to Trudy in German. It sounded to me that she was trying to convince Trudy to join in and the four of us could have fun together.

I asked Jim. “You OK with us being a foursome for the day?”

He answered. “Sounds like a plan.”

Trudy spoke. “OK.”

We finished the pastries and our drinks, we all stood up. Gisela took my hand and Trudy took Jim’s hand. The girls did the choosing. We were off to see the sights. We saw quite a bit of the town and admired the view of Zugspitz. It was pretty but it still had snow on it. We walked all over just holding hands, talking and sharing soft kisses. Their English was actually excellent.

When evening came we walked to the Post Hotel. The girls wanted to change clothes before dinner.

They went up to their room while Jim and I got a table for four. The girls came down in skirts and blouses, rather than the pants and sweaters they’d had on earlier. They looked even prettier.

I asked the girls to just order for us and I would pay for everyone. The girls talked briefly. We were served pork cutlets with noodles in a cream sauce, carrots, bread and white wine. It was delicious.

We watched the band come in and set up. The band leader played accordion, with drums and other instruments behind him.

When the band played the first song I asked Gisela. “Tanz mit mir, bitte.”

She answered in English. “I’d love to.”

We spent the evening talking, dancing, sharing some kisses and drinking wine. Everyone was having a good time. Gisela and me. Trudy and Jim. Jim and I traded partners for a couple of dances, but really preferred dancing with the girl who had chosen us.

When it got late, and since we planned on spending part of Sunday together, we decided to call it a night. Each couple held hands going up the stairway and down the hallway to their room. Our room was a few doors down.

Each couple was standing there to share a goodnight hug and a nice kiss. The kiss Gisela gave me was waaaayy more than just nice. She kissed bursa escort me again… With her tongue searching deep in my mouth.

Gisela surprised me when she tested my Deutsche. She quietly asked. “Willst du mit mir schlafen?”

I whipered in English. “I would love to sleep with you!”

Jim and Trudy were trying to say goodnight between kisses.

Gisela turned to Trudy and spoke in German. “Wir sehen uns am Morgen.”

I said. “See you tomorrow.”

Trudy was pulling Jim down the hallway toward the room Jim and I had rented.

He was going willingly, but with a bewildered look on his face.

Gisela and I went into the girls’ room.

Once in her room Gisela said. “We don’t usually do this… but you both seem safe and nice.”

I asked. “Is this simply sleeping together or …?”

She didn’t let me finish. “We can sleep later. Right now I want to make love with you.”

I answered. “You mentioned safe. I do have protection in my pocket.”

She answered. “I hope you have more than one.”

I answered. “Once is never enough, so I always have extras.”

She undressed in a seductive, teasing, sexy way. Till all she had on was her panties.

She told me it was my turn. The best I could do was go slow to tease a little. Soon I was only wearing my boxers.

She said. “I will remove your shorts. Then you get to remove my panties.”

She stepped close to me, put her arms around my neck, pulled us together tight. Her firm breasts were pushing into my chest. My arms were around her trying to get our bodies tighter together. The kiss was soft, sensual and seductive. Then she pushed her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could. I responded by giving her my tongue. This kiss was not soft. This kiss was passionate!

She stepped back, leaned over to grasp my boxers at the waist, slowly pushed them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She stood up straight. I had to pause for a good look at the beautiful blond haired girl in front of me. She must have some Swedish blood in her ancestry to be this blonde. She had told me she was 22. I was almost 20. My guess in American measure was 5 feet 6 and not more than 110 pounds. Her body was lean, but with nice firm breasts.

I carefully hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties. I very slowly eased them down her long, smooth legs. When I had pushed her panties down to her ankles, my face was right in front of her soft, blonde bush. I had to plant a couple of kisses on her mound. She stepped out of her panties. I asked her to turn around slowly… a couple of times. She turned twice, teasing me and walked to the bed. I admired her trim shape and gorgeous ass. I walked to the bed. We turned to covers down.

Before I even lay down, I reached in my pants pocket and pulled a triple pack of Trojans out. I tore one off and put the other two on the night table.

I opened the sealed package, carefully took the Trojan out, made sure it was rolled the right direction, and rolled it down my hard-on. She was lying on the bed, on her back waiting for me. What an inviting sight!

I lay down on my back beside her. She rolled over on top of me. The weight of her body pressing on mine felt wonderful. We spent a few minutes just touching each other everywhere and sharing passionate kisses. When we were thoroughly excited she stood up on the bed, holding one of my hands.

She slowly squatted down right over my dick which was pointing straight up. She used her other hand to guide me into her. Very slowly she slid all the way down so I was as deep as possible. I was glad my balls were hanging down between my legs. Then she started riding me… up and down, up and down, just at a slow pace.

I was reaching up massaging and squeezing her breasts. They were more than a handful. I would release my full grasp of her breast to pinch and pull on her sensitive nipples. God, this girl was athletic! After a few minutes she leaned forward, leaned to one side and then the other, pushing her legs out behind her, and lay down so her warm titties were pressing into my chest. Her legs were outside of mine. We were both squirming a little to make more body contact. We were now sharing kisses while we lay there.

I asked. “How can you move like that? And not lose me?”

She answered. “Gymnastics.”

This girl had many talents and I was enjoying all of them. Then she started raising just her hips up to let my dick slip part way out then slamming her hips down driving me deep in her pussy. Of course I was thrusting up to meet her. After what seemed like hours of enjoying this, it was probably only a half an hour, she grabbed my arms which were now around her, and started pounding her pussy down on my dick. Faster and faster until we exploded. A perfectly synchronized finish.

UUUUNNG! Gasp. AAAAHHHH! Gasp. MMMMMM! Gasp. She was enjoying an intense orgasm…

I filled the reservoir tip of the Trojan. She collapsed on top of me. We were both trying to catch our breath. bursa escort bayan We neither one spoke for a couple of minutes. We slowly started sharing more of those passionate kisses.

Finally I broke the silence. “That… was a wonderful ride!”

She answered. “I love to be in control.”

I told her. “You can be in control again after a while. We may not get much sleep tonight.”

She answered. “We only have tonight. Sleep can wait.”

I said. “We can take some time early in the morning and decide who’s going to be in control.”

I got up and disposed of the Trojan and cleaned up. She needed to use the bathroom which was in a corner of the room. She came back to bed. We cuddled up and let our hands wander rubbing and squeezing everywhere. We talked about how lucky we were to have met at the sidewalk café. She thanked me again for offering to share the table with them.

She said. “You were the one who offered to share your table. I chose you because I wanted to share more than just a table with you.”

I was happy that I had made the offer.

We rested for about an hour. She started kissing me again. Soft and slow to start, then increasing the length of time on each kiss. Soon we were trading tongues again. Deeper and deeper. When the kisses got really passionate she reached over and checked to see if I was hard. How could I not be?

I reached over to the night table for a Trojan.

She said. “Let me.”

I wasn’t going to say no! She very carefully did it exactly as I had done. Now we were ready again. I was lying on my back. She positioned herself over me with her on her knees with her feet outside of my legs. She again lowered herself down, her pussy swallowing my hard-on. She started just rocking back and leaning forward… back and forward. She was sitting up so I could enjoy watching her breasts bounce just a little bit. They were really firm.

After a couple of minutes I couldn’t just watch. My hands were busy rubbing, squeezing and pinching her young breasts and pointed nipples. She increased her speed of rocking, pausing occasionally to grind her pussy down on my dick, then going back to rocking… faster and faster. I was gripping her breasts pretty tight.

She spoke. “Squeeze tighter… tighter…tighter.” I was afraid I would hurt her. She was rocking faster and faster as I squeezed tighter and tighter.

With no warning an orgasm that was like a tsunami wave crashing onto a coastline washed over her. “AAAAAAGGGHHH! MMMMMNN!” “NNNNUUUGGGG!”

That triggered me into my climax. “HHHUUUNNN! HHHUUNN!”

I was sending spurt after spurt of cum into the Trojan. Her vaginal muscles were as strong as her other muscles having contraction after contraction after contraction. She was milking me. What an amazing feeling.

She sat there on me for a few minutes, with me holding and squeezing her breasts.

She spoke softly. “The harder you squeeze my breasts the more intense my orgasm is. Most men won’t squeeze as tight as I like. Thank you! That was SO INTENSE! It was perfect.”

She leaned her breasts down to my chest. Damn this girl was flexible! We shared a few more soft kisses before she got off me and went to the bathroom. I went in after she came back out. I disposed of a full Trojan and emptied my bladder to match my empty balls.

We eventually snuggled up spoon fashion with me behind her. She fit perfectly in my lap. We slept soundly until her small wind up alarm clock went off. It was 6:00.

Gisela spoke softly. “We have an hour before we have to meet Trudy and Jim in the restaurant for breakfast at 7:00. If you let me be in control again this morning I promise you a special surprise. I can’t tell you what because then it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

I answered. “Last night was SO fine and SO FANTASTIC! I will remember everything about you and what you did with me. You can be in control. I have no objections to whatever you want to do. I’m sure we will both enjoy whatever you have planned.”

She spoke softly. “For the surprise I need to be in control. You will like it.”

She went to the bathroom and then it was my turn. When I came back to the bed there was a pillow placed right in the middle of the bed. There was an open Trojan package on the table beside the bed.

She said. “Sit on the pillow and lie back. I want your hips to be elevated. That way I can get you deeper inside me without having to squat so low.”

I crawled up on the bed and lay down with the pillow holding my butt a few inches off the mattress. She was on her knees beside me. She leaned down and slowly swallowed my dick before it was fully hard. Her lips were at the base. She was using one hand to squeeze my balls gently. Her other hand was gently rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples.

I was sure that as my hard-on grew she wouldn’t be able to keep all of me in her mouth. She was able to get most of my dick in her mouth even with me fully erect! After a few minutes of enjoying each other she held escort bursa her lips tightly around my dick and slowly raised her head up releasing a very hard and happy dick. She reached over to the table and picked up the Trojan package. She expertly rolled the Trojan down my dick. It felt fantastic to let her put it on me.

She stood up again with me holding one hand for balance. If she had been on a solid surface she wouldn’t have needed my hand, but on the bed it was easier to hold my hand. She straddled me with her feet at about my waist, facing my head. She guided my hard-on into her very wet pussy, lowering herself down until she had me as deep as possible. Having my hips elevated did in fact let her get me a little deeper. Damn she was tight! She started riding me as she had last night. I was trying really hard to last a while. At least the sheath reduced the friction a bit. We were just enjoying the slow steady rhythm of her riding me.

Then she started speeding up. In only a couple of minutes… “AAAHHHHH! UUUUUNNNG! MMMMMMMMM! OOOOHHH!” She was again in the power of an intense orgasm.

I was barely able to hold myself back. But wondering what her ‘surprise’ might be was helping me wait.

Gisela asked softly. “Are you ready?”

I had no idea what was next but answered anyway with a soft. “Yes.”

She took hold of one of my hands again and slowly raised up just enough for my dick to come out of her pussy. Then she stood all the way up and scooted her feet a couple of inches up the bed. She squatted back down to where she could reach my dick which was still standing tall.

She guided the head of my dick so that when she lowered herself a little more it was pressing against her puckered little anus. She had to press herself down three or four times before her anal ring muscle relaxed enough for her to let the head of my now HARDER hard-on enter her. She paused… and then slowly squatted further down… allowing her OH SO TIGHT, most private place swallow me until her pussy was leaking her juices on my pubic hair. She squirmed around a bit to be sure she had all of me DEEP her ASS!

She smiled down at me. Her angelic face was surrounded by her soft blonde curls. I was certainly smiling back at her. She started flexing her knees to raise up as far as she could without letting my hard-on slip out… then squat back down to take me deep again. I was about to lose control. She started going up and down faster and faster. I lasted about a dozen strokes.

I was pushing my hips up as hard as I could against her down stroke. I exploded! “HHHHUUUN! UUUNNNNNGG!” My balls were unloading everything they had into the sheath that separated us.

She raised and lowered three or four more times. It was such an intense feeling I thought I might pass out! “OOOOHH! DAMN!” What a wonderful surprise.

She was still sitting there on me, smiling with me inside her. I’m sure my expression was one of wonder. She raised up off me while I reached down to be sure the Trojan stayed in place. I was finally starting to soften. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. She did the same after I came out of the bathroom.

She came out of the bathroom and slipped just her panties on. I was sitting on a straight backed wooden chair watching her. She walked to me… straddled my legs with hers and sat down facing me. We spent five minutes saying nothing. Just sharing passionate kisses… holding each other tight.

I took a deep breath. “Gisela. This has been the most fantastic and pleasurable night and morning. Who would have thought that my inviting you two to share our table would end with us spending not only an enjoyable day but a night I will never forget. You said you had a surprise for me. Thank you for wanting to share your most private place with me.”

She answered. “I very rarely do that. I have to really trust someone… and I have to be in control or my muscles won’t relax to let it happen. I simply knew I could trust you… and you were the perfect size to stretch me to my limit without it hurting. Thank you!”

We got dressed and went downstairs to the restaurant. Trudy and Jim were sitting at a table holding hands.

Trudy spoke. “It took us a little while to get to sleep last night.” She winked at Gisela. “Then we slept well.”

Jim was smiling, but not saying a word.

Gisela and I both had big smiles on our faces. It would appear that we’d had WAY more fun than they had.

Breakfast was tasty. Jim paid for it.

The four of us walked a different part of town until lunch time, just enjoying the sights and each other. We went back to that same sidewalk café and sat at the same table for a light lunch. Jim and I split the bill and tip.

We knew there was a small park not far away. We went there to say our goodbyes. It took us a while. Everyone was sad that our time together had to end. We had all thoroughly enjoyed a day plus a few hours sharing ourselves. Each couple shared a last lingering passionate kiss. The girls were still sitting on a bench in the park as Jim and I headed for the train station for our trip back to Augsburg.

I had enjoyed many visits previously to Garmisch… This one would ALWAYS be the BEST one!

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