Fun with Bev and Neighbours

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It was late Tuesday afternoon. I spent most of the day cuddled up inside as it was cold and rainy. I threw on some clothes and headed down to the lobby to grab my mail. As I walked toward the mailboxes, I noticed Bev bending over picking up mail she had dropped. Her dress was short, and bending over I had a clear view of her tiny panties and arse.

“Nice view honey.” I said, as I walked up behind her.

“Oops, I didn’t realise.” Bev said, standing up.

“How’s Frank?” I asked, as I collected my mail.

“He’s good. He’s gone to visit his brother; he will be back tomorrow night.” She replied. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good, and bad.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

“What are you up to now. Why don’t you come over for coffee? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up.” Bev asked.

“Sounds great. I’ll just get changed then I’ll be over.” I replied.

I headed back to my apartment and decided to have a shower. Once washed, I dried off and headed to the wardrobe looking for something to wear. I put on a white g-string and bra and decided to wear a short pair of denim shorts and a white top.

Dressed, I headed out to the lounge and grabbed my keys before leaving for Bev’s apartment. Once I arrived, I knocked on the door, and after a quick wait, I was greeted by Bev.

“Come in beautiful. Frank and I have missed you.” She said, inviting me in.

“I’ve missed you guys also. I guess we have all been busy.” I replied, following Bev to the kitchen.

Bev poured the coffee and cut a piece of cake each before we headed to the lounge.

“So, I’m guessing you’ve been having some fun.” Bev asked.

“I have, you know me too well. Remember when we went out on the boat, and Frank’s friend Murray joined us.” I said, looking at Bev.

“Oh, yes I remember him.’ She replied.

“He grabbed my number off Frank and called me. Let’s just say, I had fun with him and seven of his friends. I said, with a smile.

“Really, oh my god, I’m sure you did have fun.” She replied, with a giggle.

“I told Murray, next time make sure you and Frank are invited.”

“So, when is next time?” Bev asked, sounding very eager.

“I’m not sure, I hope soon, maybe Frank can organise with Murray.” I replied.

We sat enjoying our coffee and cake, as Bev ask more about my night with Murray and his friends.

“So where did you go, Murray’s house?” Bev asked.

“No, Murray booked a motel room.” I replied.

“What did you wear?” She asked.

“A dress with a teddy and little panties. You should have seen the look on their faces when the dress came off.” I said.

“I can imagine. God, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” She replied. “If you’re not doing anything tonight, maybe we could order some takeaway and stay for dinner.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” I replied.

As we sat chatting, Bev sat with her legs slightly parted. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I stared at her panties. It had been a while since I had spent time with Bev, and I was looking forward to tonight.

After about an hour, we were both hungry. We ordered Chinese from a local restaurant, and both decided to go for a walk to collect. As Bev stood at the kitchen bench grabbing her keys and purse, I walked up behind her and ran my hands up her short dress.

“What are you doing.” She said, with a laugh as I slid her panties down. “You not wearing panties gets me so turned on.” I replied, as her panties fell to the floor.

“So, I guess I’m going without panties.” Bev said, with a cheeky grin.

We headed to the door and locked it behind us, before heading to the elevator. Once the door closed, I grabbed Bev and kissed her on the lips. My hands ran up under her dress, exploring her pussy, getting her nice and wet. As the elevator came to a stop, I quickly slid my hands out from under her dress.

“Honey, I am so wet.” Bev said, as we exited the elevator.

We headed into the lobby and exited the building, heading to the restaurant. As we walked, the wind kept blowing Bev’s short dress up, exposing her naked arse. As I looked around, I noticed a few guys behind us enjoying the view.

After a quick walk, we arrived at the restaurant. We paid for our dinner and headed back to the apartment.

“It feels good not wearing panties.” I said, looking at Bev with a smile.

“I shaved my pussy this morning, and the cool breeze up my dress feels good.” She said, with a giggle.

“Now you’re turning me on.” I replied.

We arrived back in the lobby and headed to the elevator. Once in and the door had closed, Bev pressed the floor number as I knelt in front of her. I lifted her dress and ran my tongue over her pussy, tasting the wetness between her legs.

“My god, you’ve got me so turned on.” Bev said, as she moved her legs apart.

As the elevator came to a stop, I got up sliding my hands out from under Bev’s dress. The door opened, and we made our way to Bev’s apartment. Once inside, we poured a glass of wine and sat bahçeşehir escort in the lounge eating dinner.

“It’s been a while since we have had a girls’ night.” Bev said, finishing off her glass of wine.

“It has.” I replied, as I stared at Bev’s smooth pussy as she sat with her legs apart.

We finished dinner, and Bev poured us both another glass of wine before heading to the bedroom. I could hear her on the phone, and after a few minutes, she returned to the kitchen naked and grabbed her wine.

“Remember this. Why don’t you join me?” Bev said, revealing the double-ended dildo we had used before.

She took a sip of her wine and headed into the lounge, making herself comfortable on the floor. I walked into the lounge, and with Bev watching me slowly undressed. I knelt beside her and started teasing her nipples with my tongue. All of a sudden, Bev guided my legs over her mounting my pussy over her lips. As her tongue explored my pussy, I tasted the wetness between her legs as we lay in a sixty-nine position.

“Honey, you’re so wet and taste so good.” Bev said, as she continued licking my pussy.

All of a sudden, Bev’s phone received a message. She guided me off and got up grabbing her phone. She walked to the bedroom and grabbed two dressing gowns.

“You are going to need this.” Bev said, holding the dressing gown.

“Why?” I replied, as I got up.

“Just trust me.” She said, as we both put the gowns on.

We left Bev’s and headed to an apartment on the same floor.

“You and I can play later, in the meantime Frank is letting me have some fun with these guys. I reminded him of the times I let him have fun with you. I told them you would be joining. Is that ok?” Bev asked.

“A bit unexpected, but you know I would never say no.” I replied.

Bev knocked on the door, and it didn’t take long for it to open.

“Hi sexy ladies. Come in.” The guy said, holding the door open.

“Hi Chris, this is Toni.” Bev said, as we entered his apartment.

Chris was around forty, tall and with a pretty good figure. As we entered the lounge two guys were sitting on the couch. Both looked around the same age as Chris.

“Guys, the is Bev and Toni. This is Andy and Malcolm.” Chris said, introducing us.

“Hi ladies.” The guys replied.

“How’s Frank.” Chris asked.

“He’s good. He will be back tomorrow.” Bev replied.

“We will have to catch up when he gets back.” Chris said.

“Sound fun.” Bev said, with a cheeky smile.

“Let’s get some drinks happening.” Chris said, heading to the kitchen.

Bev and I followed Chris, as the guys got off the couch and followed behind. Chris grabbed a bottle of whisky and poured a round of shots. I looked at Bev as we both picked up our drink, skulling it down. We no sooner put our glass down, Chris quickly poured another. As we picked up our glass, Bev’s gown came undone. The guys stared at Bev’s large breasts before we all skulled our drink. Again Chris poured another, and I knew this was going to get me very relaxed. We picked up our glass and again sculled the drink down.

“Feel relaxed honey?” Bev said, moving behind me reaching around and undoing my gown.

“Very relaxed.” I replied.

The guys poured another while watching Bev run her hands over my breasts. She removed her gown before sliding mine off my shoulders, dropping it to the floor. She took my hand and led me to the lounge. We both lay on the floor kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. I was very relaxed, and I could feel the alcohol going to my head. As I looked up, the three guys undressed and joined us in the lounge. Chris and Andy had an average size cock, while Malcolm was very large and thick, and I knew I was going to enjoy the feel of him inside me. As they stood stroking their cocks, Bev mounted me, positioning her pussy over my lips. As we lay in a sixty-nine position tasting each other’s pussy, Chris moved behind Bev. I licked the head of his cock before he slid inside her.

“Oh yeah,” Bev moaned, as she raised her head.

As my tongue teased Chris’s cock and Bev’s pussy, Malcolm knelt beside Bev holding her head as he slid his cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes, Chris slid his cock out and sat back. Bev hopped up and sat on the couch as Malcolm helped me up. He sat on the couch, guiding me onto his big Chris stood in front of Bev, guiding his cock in her mouth. Malcolm’s cock felt so good deep inside me as I rode him hard.

“Oh god, fuck my arse.” I said, as I looked around at Andy.

He moved behind me as Malcolm spread my arse wide. I felt the head of Andy’s cock against my arse, slowly sliding inside me.

“Fuck baby, your arse is right.” Andy said, as his cock slid deep inside me.

“Oh that feels good.” I moaned, as both cocks slid in and out of me.

I looked over at Bev, enjoying the taste of Chris’s cock in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy. All of a sudden, I could feel I was ready to cum. I bucked my hips bahçeşehir escort bayan harder against their cocks as I started to moan over and over.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, oh my god I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed, “Yeah, yeah, oh fuck.”

As my body started to relax, Andy slid his cock out of my arse. I stood up, feeling every inch of Malcolm’s cock sliding out of my pussy. I helped Bev up off the couch, and as we stood, I kissed her sliding my tongue in her mouth before positioning her backwards on Malcolm’s cock.

“Oh, fuck, your cock is so big.” Bev said, as she laid back on his chest letting out a moan

I knelt on the floor sucking Andy’s hard cock as I watched Bev enjoying Malcolm’s big cock. As Bev rode him slow, Chris positioned himself between her legs ready to stretch her pussy with his cock. All of a sudden, Bev let out a loud moan as the head of his cock slid inside her.

“Oh fuck, my pussy.” Bev screamed.

“Baby, you like that.” Chris said, as his cock slid inside her deep.

“Oh my god, yes.” She moaned, enjoying both cocks fucking her.

Andy helped me up and guided me onto the couch. I knelt beside Bev as he positioned himself behind me, sliding his cock in my pussy. As he fucked me, Bev started to moan over and over.

“Yeah, oh yeah, my god I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming.” She screamed, as both cocks fucked her hard.

All of a sudden, Chris slid his cock out of Bev and helped her up. Malcolm sat on the couch stroking his cock. I slid Andy’s cock out of my pussy and turned around to face him, mounting Andy’s cock again. As I rode him, I couldn’t wait to feel Malcolm’s big cock in my arse. As I looked around, Bev was on the floor with Chris in a sixty-nine position swallowing his cock. All of a sudden, Malcolm moved behind me pushing me forward.

“How about we stretch that arse of yours?” Malcolm said, positioning himself ready.

Without another word, I felt his cock spreading my arse as I gripped the couch feeling the head of his cock slide inside me.

“Oh, shit, my god.” I moaned, feeling every inch slide inside me.

“Fuck yeah, nice tight arse.” Malcolm said, slowly fucking me.

As both cocks fucked me, I started to moan. I could feel my pussy ready to cum as I gripped the couch harder.

“Fuck me, harder, harder, fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” I screamed.

“That’s it baby, fuck yeah.” Andy said, as his hands groped my breasts.

As my body shook, both guys slid their cocks out guiding me down on the floor. As my body trembled, Bev laid between my legs, tasting my cum. As her tongue softly licked my pussy, Chris slid his cock in Bev’s arse, fucking her hard. With every thrust, drove Bev’s tongue harder against my pussy. After a minute, I hopped up, guiding Andy to the floor mounting his cock. As I fucked him, I watched Malcolm stroking his big cock.

“Fill my pussy.” I said, looking over at Malcolm, thinking about both cocks cumming inside me.

Without a word, Malcolm moved behind me, stretching my pussy as he slid inside me. As both fucked me, Andy sucked my hard nipples driving me wild.

“Oh my god, I can feel your cock.” Bev screamed, as Chris pounded her arse harder and deeper.

“Yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to fill that arse, I’m cumming, fuck.” Chris moaned, as his body froze.

“Oh my god, fuck.” Bev screamed, as she laid her head on the floor.

“All of a sudden, I could feel their cocks getting hard.

“I want to feel you both cum, fill my pussy.” I said, as they fucked me harder.

“Fuck, honey, oh fuck yeah.” Andy said, ready to cum.

“I’m gonna fill that pussy, yeah yeah, oh fuck.” Malcolm moaned.

All of a sudden, Andy grabbed me tight. Both cocks exploded cumming deep inside me.

“Holy shit, oh my pussy, my pussy.” I screamed, as I could feel their loads of cum shooting deep inside me.

Andy continued to hold me tight, as their cocks pulsated deep inside me. As I looked up, I noticed Bev sucking Chris’s cock clean before both sat up on the couch.

As the guys finished cumming inside me, both slid their cocks out of my pussy. I collapsed on the floor enjoying the feel of their cum inside me. As I lay on the floor, Andy and Malcolm rubbed the last of their cum off their cocks on my nipples.

“Fuck ladies, that was hot.” Malcolm said, sitting up on the couch.

Bev crawled over and knelt next to me on the floor, licking the cum from my nipples. As I enjoyed her tongue on my sensitive nipples, I rubbed my pussy feeling the cum between my legs.

“Let’s head home, I still want to play.” Bev whispered.

We both got up and headed to the bathroom. After a quick shower, we returned to the lounge and slipped into our gowns. Keen to get back to Bev’s, we thanked the guys for a good night and headed back.

Once back at Bev’s, we were no sooner in the door when she removed her gown. As she headed into the kitchen, I dropped my gown to the floor and joined her as she poured escort bahçeşehir us both a glass of wine. We took our wine and headed to the lounge. As I sat on the couch, Bev headed to the bedroom and returned with her double ended dildo, a few other toys, and Franks camera. She put the toys on the couch next to me, stood back, and started taking pictures of me.

“A little something for Frank’s collection.” Bev said, clicking away.

I laid back on the couch and spread my pussy, as I slid a finger inside. My pussy was nice and wet, and it felt good as I fingered myself. With Bev clicking away at the camera, it was time to play with the toys. I reached for the dildo and teased my wet pussy before sliding it deep inside. Bev moved in close with the camera taking a few closeups and with her watching, got me so turned on. As I toyed my pussy, I reached for the butt plug and pressed it against my arse, sliding it inside me.

“I want to see you cum.” Bev said, as she took a few more shots before putting the camera down.

I looked at Bev as she sat on the opposite couch spread her legs showing her gaping wet pussy. I watched her as she groped her large breasts squeezing her nipples. My heart was racing, and I could feel myself ready to cum. I slid the dildo inside my pussy deeper and harder as a rush ran through my body.

“Oh, god I’m cumming, oh yeah, yeah.” I moaned, as I threw my head back enjoying the sensation.

As I lay, enjoying the sensation as I came, I felt Bev’s hand on mine sliding the dildo out of my pussy.

“Did that feel good honey?” Bev said, as I opened my eyes.

“Mmmm, especially with you watching.” I replied, as she tasted my pussy.

She grabbed my hand and guided me to the floor, laying me on my back. She reached for the double-ended dildo and slid one end in my pussy. With the butt plug still in my arse, it felt good with both holes filled. Bev reached up on the couch and grabbed another dildo. She lay close and slid the dildo in her pussy, getting it nice and wet. She slid it out, raised her legs, and pressed the dildo against her hungry arse. I watched the dildo stretch her arse as it slid inside her, and I couldn’t wait until we were both fucking each other. As Bev lowered her legs, I slid mine around hers in a scissor position. Bev grabbed the double-ended dildo and slid the other end inside her pussy. Now with both our holes filled, our pussy’s swallowed the dildo as we rubbed ourselves together. The feeling of her shaved pussy against mine felt so good, and I could tell from her moans she was ready to cum. Her body moved faster, and her pussy rubbed harder against mine making her moan louder.

“I want to feel you cum against my pussy.” I said, as her body started to tremble.

“Yeah, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming.” She screamed, as I felt her warm juices against my pussy. “Oh my god.

As she lay collapsed on the floor, I slid the dildo out and mounted my pussy over Bev’s mouth. I rubbed my pussy, and I could feel I was close to cumming as Bev licked my pussy ready to taste my cum.

“Your pussy tastes so good, cum honey.” Bev said, as I rubbed my pussy harder.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as my body shook intensely.

“God, you taste so good.” Bev said, as her tongue bathed in my juices.

I collapsed on the floor catching my breath, and we both lay helpless and exhausted.

After a few minutes, we both hopped up and headed for a shower. We helped each other wash our bodies before getting out and drying ourselves.

“Why don’t you stay the night, it’s pretty late. Head to your apartment in the morning.” Bev suggested.

“Ok, sounds good.” I replied.

Bev locked up and turned the lights out before we got into bed naked together. Both exhausted, we cuddled and fell asleep pretty quick.

The next morning, we didn’t hear Frank arrive home. He made his way to the bedroom, finding Bev and I in bed together. He moved between my legs, and I was woken by his tongue against my pussy.

“Good morning.” Frank said, looking up at me.

I didn’t say a word, and as he continued licking my pussy, I ran my hand through his hair.

“Good morning honey.” Bev said, looking down at Frank between my legs.

She rolled into me, kissing me on the lips before slowly working her way down to my breasts. After a few minutes, Bev climbed up and faced Frank, mounting her pussy over my mouth. My tongue explored her, and I could taste the wetness between her legs growing.

“Does her pussy taste good honey.” Bev said, watching Frank between my legs.

“She always tastes good.” Frank replied, as he continued licking my pussy.

All of a sudden, Bev started to moan as she ground her pussy against my tongue and lips.

“I’m cumming, oh yeah, yeah, oh god.” Bev moaned, as her juices dripped from her pussy all over my tongue. “Mmmm, you always know how to make me cum.”

Bev collapsed on the bed next to me, kissing me softly as her hand massaged my breasts. My nipples were very sensitive, and every touch brought me closer to cumming.

“Make her cum honey.” Bev said, watching Frank.

All of a sudden, my body started to tremble, and I could feel my pussy ready to explode.

“That’s it honey, work that pussy, she’s ready to cum.” Bev said.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as Frank’s tongue licked me harder and faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32