Fun Times Ch. 01

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The 10 guys were waiting on the wharf, waiting for the eight girls who had agreed to join them.

Even though the area was fairly crowded, Sam picked the girls out right away from the way they were walking in a small knot, most of them looking excited and nervous. Some looked scared.

One he knew well.

Very well.

He strained his eyes but could not tell from distance whether Carrie was wearing his engagement ring on her finger. She had promised she would, but maybe she had had second thoughts. This trip was not what most people would think appropriate for a young engaged couple to embark upon together.

John, Sam’s best friend and another of the guys in the group, glanced at Sam and gave him a knowing smirk and a salacious wink.

John’s family was old money and absurdly wealthy. John and Sam had both came up with the idea, but John funded it, of course.

The idea that had brought him to this situation had come into fruition eight months ago, just before Carrie and he had started dating at the beginning of their senior year in college. Their

relationship became serious, real serious real fast. John had laughed his head off at Sam when Sam told him that he and Carrie had gotten engaged.

Sam smiled as he recalled John’s reaction: “You idiot!” he’d yelled, exasperated. “It’s two months off, and you are bagging on our little trip for one girl?” He laughed and shook his head at me. “You shoulda waited until after we got back to propose, knucklehead!”

“Dude, you don’t understand,” Sam responded, grabbing the last beer from the mini fridge in John’s dorm room.

“Yeah? What don’t I understand? We got ourselves a fuck cruise all set up and planned, and you go and ask your girlfriend to marry you before the cruise! Unless I am missing something, that makes you an idiot.”

Sam waited patiently for John’s rant to come to an end. “I am not an idiot, buddy,” Sam said, taking a pull from the beer. “Carrie is it, man. She’s the one.”

“She is super cute,” John conceded, after looking at Sam for a few moments. “I am really sorry that you met her first, because is really pretty.”

Sam smiled happily and drank more of his beer.

“Well, I guess I have to salute a fallen soldier,” John said, raising his beer to his best friend in mock salute. “We’re all going to miss you, man.” He winked at him. “Open water, private beach, nearly a dozen hot, naked college girls at the beck and call. I’m sure you made the right choice here, timingwise,” he concluded sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

Sam laughed at his friend. “Are you kidding? I’m still going. I wouldn’t give that up!”

John spit out his beer. “What the fuck? How are you going to pull that off?”

Sam wanted it all, and he thought that he could pull it off. So, a few weeks later, he had explained to Carrie that John and he had organized this male dream cruise for the summer on John’s father’s dime and that Sam wanted to go.

He owed her that much, at least; honesty with regard to this delicate situation.

“What?” she had asked, quizzically. Her eyebrows raised in such a delightful way. She pushed her straight blonde hair out of her eyes to look at him carefully. “Oooh, that sounds hot. A cruise with the guys?”

“It is college guy’s fantasy cruise, for lack of a better description. With girls too. Not just a bunch of guys,” Sam stammered.

“Wait,” she said, holding her hand up. “Lemme get this straight: bunch of guys, bunch of girls. So, why isn’t this some kind of girl’s fantasy?” She grinned. “It’s a great idea! We can have fun talking this out as we make love.”

Sam blushed. “Well, I suppose it could be. There’s a contract everyone has to sign. There are rules,” Sam tried to explain more coherently.

She just stared at him, waiting for Sam to continue.

“Well, it’s … it’s set up so … um. So the girls are available for the guys,” Sam finished lamely.

Carrie snorted. “A two week cruise with a bunch of college guys and a bunch of college girls. Don’t you think they will all get some at some point?”

“Well, probably, I suppose,” Sam replied, “but this isn’t an ordinary cruise. For example, well,” and he blushed again. “Well, the girls have to be naked whenever any of the guys want.” Sam finished that quickly.

Her head came up. “What about the guys? Don’t they have to be naked too?” She was frowning, trying to follow this crazy story.

“They will be, likely a lot.” Sam grinned at her.

They were sitting on Sam’s dorm bed, but Sam still looked down at her since she was so small. “But we, I mean, they,” Carrie gave Sam an even look which he tried to ignore, ”can get dressed if they want; the girls have to be completely naked as soon as the boat sets sail and we get started.”

“Hmmmm, different,” Carrie purred. “I do like the way this mecidiyeköy escort is going, though.”

Sam was gaining confidence from her interested expression and by the fact that Carrie was clearly interested. Of course, at this point she still thought that this was another scene for them to explore during their pillow talk time.

Their sex life was exciting and fun, and both were very into role-playing games involving the exchange of control. Her orgasms had been intense and often the times that Sam had taken the trouble to really set the scene.

Her favorite fantasy was imagining a summer spent working at a Rennaissance Faire, where all the girls spent their time in pushup bras and scoop-neck blouses but played hard to get for the male staff throughout the season. On the final day of the Faire, the roles changed, and the girls all became tavern wenches and served the men supper and then served themselves up as dessert.

In her imagination, the girls start out in their busty costumes, their breasts pushed up, but as the night went on, garments disappeared until eventually all the girls were nude and an orgy erupted until everybody was satisfied.

She wiggled a little as she was sitting, trying to pretend she only needed to get more comfortable, and a thrill of excitement went through Sam as he realized that she was getting turned on. He leered at her and she blushed.

”Soooo, the girls are naked, the guys not. And what are the other rules?”

Sam swallowed and bent down so their faces were close. He looked into her eyes and she stared back. It was clear that she was getting excited. Of course, at this point, Carrie still thought this was make believe.

“There’s nine guys there. Seven girls. Unless we go. Then there are ten guys and eight girls. As soon as we get out of sight of the land, or pull into some secluded cove somewhere, the girls strip, one by one. We’ll get some music, and you girls can make it a striptease. As soon as each girl’s panties hit the deck, or whatever item they remove last, then the party begins for her.”

She reached up and pulled Sam’s face down to hers. “Oooooh, sounds familiar! And HOT! And then what?” he asked huskily with lidded eyes as she gave him a passionate kiss. Carrie pulled away when Sam pushed back, trying to French kiss her.

“Why do you want to know?” Sam whispered throatily to her as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She resisted at first, playfully, but then gave a little moan and reached around his head to caress his neck as they kissed.

Carrie whined in his ear: “Come on. Tell me.”

Sam pulled back. “So, what do you think happens?” He smiled at her and fondled her breasts through her blouse while looking into her eyes again.

She was breathing quickly. “I think that the girl picks a guy and they go have sex,” she said, speaking quickly and blushing a bit.

Sam grinned at her. “Not quite,” He said, laughing. “You’re close though.”

Carrie’s eyes widened. “You mean they have sex right there, in front of everyone?”

Sam grinned at her again. ”Now you’re starting to get it, sweetie, but you still don’t have it quite right, my dear.”

“What?” she asked, impatient.

Sam suddenly rolled on top of her, trapping her down on the bed beneath him and kissing her passionately. Carrie squirmed to get away, but instead of letting her up, or stopping, Sam grabbed her wrists and held them down beside her head.

Her eyes got wide and she groaned and struggled a little, just to see that she was in fact trapped, and kissed Sam. Hard. Their tongues battled for a few moments and then he stopped kissing her and leant down to whisper into her ear.

”You are up on that stage, you’ve been dancing to the music, doing a striptease to everyone on the boat; there are guys watching your every move, plus me, staring at your body as you reveal yourself with lust in their eyes. The cheering gets louder, the guys’ talk more explicitly the farther you go.”

He paused to tease her. She was listening intently and was wriggling, both to test her bonds and because she was extremely excited.

Sam scooted down all of sudden and kissed the top of her left breast through her top. She whined in annoyance and wriggled again.

He moved back up to her face and looked at her with a grin. “Getting impatient, are we?”

Carrie gave a pretend glare, and then pleaded with her eyes that Sam continue what he had started.

He kissed her passionately again but she turned her head after a few moments. “What? What happens?”

Sam moved back to her ear and continued his whispering. “Every man there wants you. You’re down to your last piece of clothing. Maybe you’re in your bra; maybe you’ve decided to show all the guys your bush before you show them your tits.” He paused for a moment. nişantaşı escort “Nah. Your ass is just too hot. You are saving that for last. You’re only in your panties. You showed them your tits already, and you are saving your pussy for last.”

“You wiggle around, playing with the waistband of your panties, teasing everyone. There are howls of indignation and some of the guys call out to you to show your pussy. You tease them some more, but you know you are going to do it; everyone knows you are going to show your pussy, but you hesitate, because you are nervous and because know it is driving the guys wild. You’re a little scared, and very excited, because you know what it means once your take off your panties and you are naked …”

“Because once you are naked,” Sam whispered slowly in Carrie’s ear. “Once you are naked …” He paused again and she squirmed under him again. She was no long testing his hold on her, it was just excitement. “Because once you are naked, you are one of the harem slave girls at the beck and call of whatever man, or men, want from you for the next two weeks.”

“Oh my God! Oooh, let me up,” Carrie directed and then, “Fuck me.” Those seemed to be inconsistent directions.

”And when he is done, another will want you.” Sam did not let her up, and instead leaned down on top of her, trapping her to the bed again and putting his lips next to her ear. “And just like the first man, whatever the second wants from his hot little harem slave girl, he gets.”

Sam leaned back a bit to kiss her but still did not allow her up. “All the girls are there for the same reason: to be naked and at the pleasure of a bunch of college studs. If you take off your last piece of clothing, you are there for the pleasure of all of us men.”

“At any time, any of the guys has to crook his little finger, point to you …” He kissed her again. “Or any other of the hot, harem girls, and as I said … whatever he wants, he gets.”

“Oh my God that his hot!” Carrie said breathlessly. “That’s even better than the Renaissance Faire scene. After we make love, because you are definitely going to finish what you started here, you can tell me how you came up with this fantasy setting.”

“Love to!” Sam said happily, “But there’s one thing you do not yet know.”

“What?” Carrie asked, looking up at him.

Sam let go of one of her wrists to free up a hand that he snaked under her top and fondled her breast.

“Mmmmmm,” Carrie purred, using her newly-freed hand to pull Sam’s mouth down to hers. Carrie wrapped her legs around Sam’s body and pulled him into position on top of her. “This is nice, but I am so hot and bothered right now that you need to get busy, or finish this story quickly, and then get busy.”

Sam released her breast and her wrist and cupped her beautiful face with his hands. He kissed her.

“The difference,” he said to her, “is that this is not a story. This is real.”

“Yeah, right,” Carrie replied. “Are you going to finish what you started here, or what?”

Sam kissed her again. “It is for real,” he reassured her.

“Whaaat?” Carrie exclaimed. “You mean, as in for real? A real boat? Really?”

“Yes, for real,” Sam assured her again. “John’s family is loaded for bear. Like billionaire type money. He has access to a giant sailboat that he and his brothers know how to operate, and they have a private Caribbean island resort to themselves for spring break.”

They were both quiet for a few moments. Sam stroked her hair and moved it aside to reveal one perfect, pink little ear. He waited for her to respond, not rushing her. He wanted to go, badly, but not bad enough to risk his relationship with this wonderful, sexy woman.

“I had a chance to experience something similar,” Carrie said seriously, “before I met you.” She gave a small smile at Sam’s shocked expression and touched his face gently. “I backed out at the last minute, and I often regret missing the opportunity.”

“Really?” Sam choked.

“Yes, really,” Carrie answered. “I am glad I called off that particular situation, but I do often wonder what I missed out on.”

She looked away, briefly, and then back to Sam. “So honey, if you want to go, you can, but only if you can handle watching me do my part as a harem girl so I can live out my fantasy.”

“Ah,” Sam said, unintelligently. He was surprised and needed to buy some time. He had not expected her to take to the idea so quickly nor to want to go herself and doubt bloomed in mind, but then he made the mistake at looking down at her hand and his engagement ring on her finger.

When he saw her hand, an image of his fiancée being fucked or on her knees made to pleasure some guy flashed through his brain. “Would you wear your ring?”

For some reason, the sight of the engagement ring on the otele gelen escort finger of her hand, stroking the dick in her mouth filled his head with roaring lust. The image of some faceless man making Carrie pleasure him while she wore his engagement ring was dangerously erotic.

In his mind, he already saw her on her hands and knees, partially concealed by the large man taking his pleasure vigorously thrusting his cock into her from behind. Her head was bobbing up and down on the penis of the second man slouched in the chair in front of her, his legs obscenely splayed on either side of her to give her better access to his cock, one hand behind her head guiding her movements to his pleasure, his back arched against an impending orgasm, his hand tightening in her hair to make sure she could not twist away or avoid the cum about to erupt into her mouth.

Sam must have had an odd look on his face.

She glanced over at her hand. “Maybe,” she smiled, “if it turns you on I will.” She looked at Sam and saw the lust in his eyes. “Maybe it would make the guys even hotter, fucking me with that ring, knowing I am marrying you, another man on the boat?” she teased.

“Yes!” Sam groaned, grinding into her and kissing her again passionately, with all thought of talking her out of going temporarily driven from his mind. The idea of his girl, his fiancée, being treated as a whore by all the guys was suddenly turning him on even more than the thought of having all the girls at his disposal.

Carrie was still talking. “I think it would be exciting to be a harem girl, and to have to, have to, do whatever the guys want, just like in my fantasy.”

“Wait a minute,” Sam said, his brain clearing a little bit. “You understand what this means. I mean, I want to go, and I think it’ll be seriously hot to have my girl on that boat, but all the girls are going to fucking and blowing the guys every day. Are you up to that? Because they are not going to give you any warning when, you know, they are about to explode.”

She looked up at me. “I have not let you cum in my mouth yet, Sam, because I think it is the ultimate act of submission by a woman to a man.”

“Oh, I agree,” he said breathlessly. “The feeling of your lips and mouth on my cock as I approach orgasm, and not letting you off the end of my cock, and …”

“I was saving this last submission to you for our wedding day,” Carrie interrupted, her face bright. “I wanted to do it, but I wanted also to give you a surprise gift on our wedding night.”

She laughed again with delight at Sam’s ecstatic expression.

“So,” she purred, pulling his ear down to her mouth. She sucked his earlobe, which he always loved, and then whispered, “You like it when we play, don’t you? Usually you like to control me, and make me do things you want, but sometimes you like for me to be in control, don’t you?” she chuckled throatily.

Sam moaned and nodded his head into her shoulder, not trusting his voice.

“So … I’ve already agreed to be a harem girl slut to all you guys, but is that ALL you want?” He could sense her grinning. “Maybe you want more …”

“Yes …” Sam panted.

“The delicious humiliation of your girl servicing all those studs turns you on, doesn’t it, baby?” she murmured into his ear. “Only a few of the guys know that it is your fiancée that they’ve all been using. To the others, I’m just another of the harem girls, to be fucked and made to suck cock and play with the other girls, but to those two or three maybe who know you I am, and that I am your girl, to them using me might be just that much more … I don’t know … Hot? Empowering?”

“Ahhhhh, yes,” Sam groaned, “I might be really strange, but knowing that they fucked you, having John and whoever else who knows tell me that you are a great lay … that will be really exciting. But for right now, you are still mine and I am going to enjoy you myself.”

Sam stood up, and pulled Carrie to her feet as well. “Strip!” he commanded. She giggled and wriggled out of her top as Sam reached under her skirt and pulled her thong panties down. As she shucked off her skirt, Sam unbuckled his pants and shoved her backwards.

She gave a startled squeak as she tumbled back onto the bed and Sam dove on top of her, got between her quickly parting legs and prepared to mount her.

She reached down with her left hand and grasped the base of Sam’s cock firmly, before he could penetrate her. She looked up at him, her blue eyes serious, “Honey, we’ve been faithful to one another throughout our relationship, and I am excited about this next adventure because it just about my hugest fantasy, but I’m not going to be a gangbang harem girl without you promising me that you will be able to deal with me enjoying myself being used by the guys.”

“I think I will not have a problem,” Sam said quickly. “The whole thing, me fucking all the girls I want, you being on the receiving end of all the guys’ crazy demands … It is so hot.”

“Oh, goodie!” Carrie said happily, releasing Sam’s cock and moaning in pleasure as he entered her wet pussy and bottomed out within her. “We can call it out our engagement gift to each other!”

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