Fun at the Movies

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Andy and Sara had finally gotten away from their friends and tonight was their night. Phones were off and no one knew where they were going or what they were doing, all they wanted was to be together. They decided on seeing a movie to start the night and chose a Vin Diesel film that had been out for a while as they both didn’t mind the action genre and knew it wouldn’t be overly busy in there.

Once inside the theatre they were very happy to see there were only a few people around and no one right at the back so that was where they headed. They had grabbed some popcorn and soda for during the film and Sara had laughed when Andy order the largest popcorn they had since it turned out to be so huge and Sara now had it sitting in her lap and was looking at what she could only describe as a bucket. Sara was glad to finally be sitting down since she had been feeling adventurous tonight and had no underpants on under her jeans. The jeans were quite a figure hugging pair and as she walked the seam tended to rub against her clit which made walking to far at once quite the journey.

Andy didn’t know about Sara’s idea and hadn’t noticed the look on her face as they headed into the theatre, instead he was concentrating on the previews and waiting for the film to start. Once the lights went down Sara decided that it was only an action film and she really needed to do something about what she had been feeling while walking as she was already quite edgy. She kept an eye on Andy and when he seemed really caught up in a particular scene she slipped her hand down and undid her jeans and since she had the bucket of popcorn in her lap could easily slip her hand into her jeans with no one the wiser.

She bit down on her lip as her fingers rubbed across her clit as she had shockwaves hit her suddenly, but also found that since her jeans were rather tight she couldn’t get her fingers into her pussy. She shuffled a little in her seat and slipped her jeans down a bit then moved her hand back between her legs and rubbing across her clit slid her fingers straight to her already moist pussy and slipped then straight in. It took all her self control to not moan as started to slowly slide them in and out of her pussy with her palm rubbing against her clit, she smiled at Andy, knowing he was enjoying the film and he didn’t even know what was happening beside him.

Sara decided it was time for him to know so they could have some fun and taking her fingers from her pussy and grabbed some popcorn with her glistening fingers and whispered “Andy would you like some popcorn?” and offered the popcorn to him. Andy gave a nod of his head and went to reach for some but Sara took his hand and pushed the popcorn into his mouth with her fingers that had been moments ago in her pussy.

Andy closed his mouth over her fingers taking the popcorn with his tongue then still with her fingers inside his mouth turned suddenly to look at her as he tasted something that definitely wasn’t popcorn. Quickly taking her hand in his so she can’t pull it away he begins to slowly suck on her fingers and runs his tongue over them eagerly fatih escort tasty what she had offered him. He reaches out with his other hand and gently slides his hand down between her legs, his eyes going wide when he realises she has not just opened her jeans but has them part way down already and begins to rub her clit with his fingers.

Sara moans as he touches her and is glad that the movie is an action one with lots of loud noises to hopefully cover up any they may make. Andy finishes licking her fingers clean then removing them from his mouth whispers to her “My love, you are so wet already what have you been up to? Or more to the point what do you want to get up to?” Sara’s voice is a little ragged “Well I wore no underwear and the seam of the jeans kept rubbing me until I nearly couldn’t walk so I had to do something, and as for what now … whatever comes up I suppose,” she grins and gently runs her hand between his legs feeling his penis already well on its way to being erect.

Andy moans as she touches him and slides his fingers past her clit and into her pussy and begins thrusting back and forth making sure to rub her clit with his palm each time. Sara leans over to him further and takes a hold of his arm pulling herself close, to anyone looking it would seem she is just cuddling up closely to him. She puts her mouth against his arm as she moans trying to muffle the sound as Andy works his fingers deeper into her sending waves of pleasure over her.

Andy reaches over with his other hand and begins to rub her breasts and finds her nipples are nice and hard already and easily felt thru her shirt and bra. As his fingers brush over her nipples Sara gives a little squeal and stuffs the sleeve of Andy’s shirt into her mouth and bites down on it as she can feel her passion burning hot and her pleasure rising, Andy feels the tug on his sleeve and smiles to himself knowing that Sara must be close and really begins to thrust harder and faster into her pussy and starts pinching her nipples thru her shirt, tugging on them and also wishing her shirt wasn’t on.

Sara can no longer hold on and biting down harder on Andy’s sleeve her orgasm hits her and her hips buck against his hand as she screams a muffled scream of pleasure. Luckily the movie had just hit a really loud action sequence and her sounds are drowned out. Andy holds his fingers deep within her his hand pressed firmly against her clit and a nipple is held firmly between his fingers. As her orgasm subsides Sara moves one hand to Andy’s pants and slowly undoes them and whispers “I think I could do with a drink of soda.”

Andy chuckles “Sure my love let me just get it for you,” but as he is getting the soda she frees his penis from his pants and wrapping her fingers around it says “Oh don’t worry, I think I found the straw,” Andy jumps a little as she grabs his penis and almost crushes the drink container in his hand “Oh .. that soda,” he stammers and drops the drink on the chair beside him not worrying as to whether it stays upright or not.

Sara grips his penis more firmly as she fındıkzade escort leans over into his lap and licks the tip of his penis gently before kissing it then sucking the head into her mouth, Andy’s fingers are still inside her pussy and he begins to thrust them slowly almost gently. Sara sucks on the head of his penis almost as if she was trying to drink from a straw sliding her hand along the length of his penis as she does. Andy takes his hand from between Sara’s legs so he can pull her closer to him before sliding his fingers back into her pussy and begins to rub her back with his other hand.

After he pulls her closer Sara settles herself into position and starts to slowly take more of his penis into her mouth as she cups his balls in her hand and gently rolls them around. Andy moans and leans forward his mouth close to her ear and whispers “Sara my love, would you like a special flavoured soda?” then chuckles at what he said. Sara stops her sucking and turns to look at him “Oh? Just what are you thinking?” He takes his hand from between her legs and takes his penis in his hand rubbing her juices all over it from his fingers.

“Well you gave me pussy flavoured popcorn, so I thought you might like some pussy flavoured penis,” he then let’s go of his penis and moves his hand back to her pussy plunging his fingers back deep inside her. “mmmmm … thank you” Sara says and turns her attention back to his penis and swallows almost all of it in one swift movement. Andy’s head snaps up quickly as she swallows him so deeply and so swiftly before settling himself back down. Sara begins to move up and down along his shaft sucking and licking all of her juices off him tasting herself mixed with his masculine smell.

Sara lifts off Andy’s penis and then runs her tongue down the underside of it and then licks across his balls before sucking them gently into her mouth and she strokes his penis with her hand. Andy’s breathing is becoming ragged and he is thrusting his fingers more firmly into Sara’s pussy, he slides his other hand up the back of her shirt and undoes the clasp to her bra allowing her breasts to fall free. Sara mumbles something as her breasts fall free but doesn’t let his balls out of her mouth as she continues to suck them both at the same time running her tongue back and forth across them inside her mouth.

He moves his hand from her back and shifts it around to her now naked breast and gently pinches her nipple before gently caressing her whole breast with his hand rubbing her nipple with his palm as he does. Sara gasps at the attention on her breast and his balls slip from her mouth, she takes a moment to savour Andy’s attention on her breast and inside her pussy then moves back to his penis, opening her mouth and relaxing her throat she takes his whole penis in one go closing her lips around the base of his shaft.

Andy groans aloud as he feels the head of his penis press into the back of her throat and begins to slowly flex his hips. Sara stays with her lips around the base of his penis for a while letting him push towards halkalı escort her before taking control. She grasps his balls in her hand and begins to pull her head back slowly keeping her lips holding tightly around his shaft and then as she reaches the tip sucks hard on him and slides quickly back down his full length. As Sara continues this motion Andy can’t stop moaning but is trying to keep as quiet as possible and lowers his mouth to her neck and begins to nibble on her neck to try and muffle his moans as he continues to thrust into her pussy and rub her nipples with his hand, Sara begins to suck harder and faster upon his penis her tongue running along his length with each stroke gently squeezing his balls each time her lips reach the end of his penis.

Andy is struggling to keep his rhythm going with his thrusts into her pussy and eventually just thrusts deeply into her and holds his fingers deeply inside her with his palm pressing firmly against her clit. The pressure inside her pussy and against her clit is more stimulating then Sara would have thought and with Andy’s fingers still teasing her nipples she doesn’t want to let him get the better of her and starts to swallow hard upon his penis as she holds it deep in her throat and she begins to grip the very base of his shaft with her fingers matching her swallowing rhythm. The extra gripping along with her intense swallowing finally brings Andy to the edge and he thrusts his hips into her mouth just as his orgasm takes hold and his penis begins to shoot bursts of his seed deeply into the back of her throat. Sara lets out a muffled groan as she feels the first of his seed filling her mouth and starts to swallow ferociously not wanting any of it to escape her lips.

Taking his hand from her breast he places it on the back of her head to hold her there as he continues to thrust into her mouth pumping more seed deep inside her mouth and her swallowing becomes even more hurried as if she is trying to draw it out of his penis not waiting for it to come out itself. As the flow from his penis ends Sara slows down and just gently sucks on it then taking it from her mouth begins to lick it until it is clean from base to tip and she gently kisses his tip before turning and looking up at him smiling, her lips glistening with his seed. Andy smiles back as his body relaxes after his orgasm subsides and lifts his hand from her pussy and licks them clean deliberately smearing some of her juices around the edge of his mouth then leans down to kiss her. Sara lifts her head to meet him and their lips meet, kissing deeply their tongues reach out and intertwine causing both of them to moan as his seed in her mouth mixes with her juices in his mouth.

As their kiss deepens they hear some music and both quickly look up to see the credits of the movie starting to roll and realise it is over and the lights will soon come back on and hurriedly put their clothes back together just as the lights come on and look at each other and start to laugh Andy looks beside him and sees that the soda had landed upright and picks it up and offers it to Sara saying “Would you like some soda my love?” Sara looks into his eyes then they both burst out laughing even louder and the few people that had been there as well look at them as they are walking out shaking their heads at Sara and Andy as if to say “What is wrong with them?” causing Sara and Andy to laugh even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32