From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 07

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Group Sex


We received our package from the erotic store a week later and when we opened it that night, each item was individually wrapped in black and red paper which turned out to be a request that Destiny made by calling the company next day.

“I told them the items that I ordered and asked them to wrap them in red. Your choices are wrapped in black. At first they were going to charge us extra but she agreed that we placed a significant enough order,” explained Destiny.

We decided to not unwrap any of it but set it aside so we could pack it for our trip that was coming up in 5 days.

The day couldn’t come too soon. Teresa volunteered to take us to the airport at an unreasonable time of 4:15 since our flight left at 5:15. Teresa was dressed in her tight workout clothes and after having to watch her bend over to pick up a bag for Destiny, I quickly got a hard-on which she felt when she gave me a big goodbye hug.

“Like my ass?” she whispered into my ear and briefly licked it.

I quickly adjusted my fully grown cock before Destiny saw what just transpired. Our toys and sexy outfits nearly filled up an entire suitcase and the rest of the clothing another and we looked like we were going to be gone for a month.

Destiny was in charge of the hotel and flight reservations and I was already looking forward to the Four Seasons hotel room that we looked at together. When we started to stand in line for a first class check-in I just looked at her surprised.

“You said business has been going well and the bank account proves it so I thought ‘why not’?” she giggled.

When we finally had a chance to sit and wait for our flight, I just looked at my babe in awe. She was checking her cell phone for a while and I just couldn’t help but realize that I couldn’t screw this up. I had fallen in love with her for sure and I would lie if I said I could guarantee that she was the one. Not because there was anything wrong with her, just because I have gotten that close to a woman twice in my life just to be hurt and temporarily ruined.

I gazed at her freshly curled hair which caused her light and dark brown strands to cover her neck, shoulders, and mid back with a wavy elegance that was reserved for the fashion magazines. Her summer dress only covered her shoulders with thin straps and even though her breasts were covered completely, their outline followed by a tight midsection made it breathtaking nonetheless. Her legs were crossed so her ebony thighs were more than half-way exposed and my attention quickly went to her 3 or 4 inch wedged heels.

She finally caught me staring when I arrived at her feet. “Sir, could you please contain yourself. I am already taken,” she said rather loudly and quickly winked at me.

We both fell asleep for the first half of our flight and she was the one who woke me up by rubbing my crotch and before I knew where I was, my cock was at full mast. We decided to not have sex for one full week before our trip and with all the anticipation and teasing leading up to it, I was going crazy.

“Mile high club?” were the first words coming out of my mouth.

“Let’s not. One, way too obvious on a daytime flight and two, not that much of a turn-on. I think I can make you much happier at the house,” she said.

“Ok. Wait, what house?” I asked confused.

“Well…I got this offer for a rental house that was too good to pass up. Heather actually found it for us,” she said excitedly.

She went on to explain that it had its own pool and hot-tub, plenty of rooms and was fairly secluded on the hillside.

“Great, so we don’t have to wait to check in?” I asked.

“Nope, the housecleaning lady will meet us as soon as we get there. So once we are settled in, me or you first?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Should we open one of your choices first or mine?”

“Ladies first,” I suggested.

“Can’t wait. It’s 9 am, it’s early enough for a drink, right?”

We ended up drinking a few glasses of champagne and tortured us with different teases. I looked over to the right side as we were descending to catch a view of the island when Destiny rubbed something wet against my left arm.

“What was that?” I asked without turning my head towards her.

“You know,” she just said.

I looked at her and gave her a confused look. In response, her hand disappeared between her legs and after a brief bite on her lip with her eyes closed, she returned a wet finger to my mouth.

“Maybe I should have not taken off that thong when I went to the bathroom,” she teased before pointing the index finger towards my mouth. I leaned forward, ready to taste my babe, but instead she put the finger in her own mouth. That move turned me on as hell but I gave her a disappointed look so she repeated the process except for the end where I was the one sucking on her juices.

We couldn’t get off the plane and to the rental car fast enough. Our luggage arrived quickly and off we were on our short ride. We actually anadolu yakası escort focused on our beautiful surroundings that we didn’t do more besides rubbing each other’s legs. When we pulled up to the house, I my jaw dropped. It was a mansion in my opinion and the four car garage opened on our arrival.

Rosa, the housekeeper, greeted us in the garage and let us to the master bedroom. It seemed to be as big as my main living area in Seattle and had a custom sized bed on it that was twice as big as our king size bed. The view was also breathtaking with the pool area right underneath and the western Maui shores in a short distance.

I was so antsy to have sex with Destiny that I barely paid attention to Rosa’s instructions. I remembered how to turn on the sauna and spa, use the oven, and where the billiard cues were stored. She cooked us a welcome lunch and also put a bottle of white wine in the fridge for us to enjoy.

As soon as we escorted Rosa out the front door, Destiny turned towards me and jumped into my arms with her legs wrapped around me.

“This is awesome, thank you,” I said sincerely.

“No, thank you,” she said and we kissed like newlyweds for a minute or two.

My cock was on fire and while cupping her naked ass, I could feel her moisture in between her legs. With a quick move, I undid my belt and dropped my shorts and immediately lowered her onto me. She immediately started squatting up and down on me while squeezing her legs against my sides. I felt like we fucked like wild animals when she jumped back.

“That was hot,” she said breathing heavily. “I need to use the bathroom and I really want to show you what I got for you, I mean us.”

With that, she left to the master bedroom and left me with my shorts around my ankle. While she was getting ready, I poured us some wine and took a bite of the delicious lunch. She only made me wait another minute or two before she called out of me.

“Come get your lover,” she yelled from upstairs.

I walked up the wide stairway dressed in nothing else but my t-shirt and carrying the wine and when I arrived at the bedroom, I was met by Destiny in white bridal lingerie.

“Now you know what awaits on your honeymoon if you ever pop the question,” she teased with her legs crossed. Usually, I would have stared at her white platform heels, white garters and stocking and white thong and bra. But I just looked her straight in the eyes while I kneeled in front of her.

“Are you serious?” I said calmly.

“About what?” she asked.

“Getting married of course,” I added.

“Well, I would definitely expect a ring with that question,” she smiled.

“Let’s go buy one then,” I said seriously.

“Stop it. I should have not said what I said. Come here and take me,” she quickly said.

“I,” I started saying before she shushed me.

“That’s a complex conversation. My clit is tingling and I really need you right now. Do you like my choice?” she asked.

My fantasy world of talking about marriage quickly disappeared to be met by this horny perfect babe in front of me. I immediately started kissing her neck and shoulders in response.

Through her moans, she added: “I know one of your fantasies.”

I knew I had many so I wasn’t sure where she was going with that.

“I found your pictures of the cruise on the server. I must admit that some of them turned me on. You can take whatever pictures of me if you’d like,” she said calmly.

“Wow. Sure. Sounds like a plan,” I said. “We can shoot some pics throughout the week.”

“Why not now?” she asked.

“I thought you needed to be fucked,” I tried to clarify.

“I know you aren’t going anywhere. I know you will have the most cum today and I think you should film me while you cum on my face,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say but just grabbed the camera out of the bag that was next to me. While I was setting it up, she dropped to her knees and started to give me a breathtaking blowjob. She gagged on me, spit on me, licked it back up just to go through the same steps again. I let the camera record us from the side when I bundled up her wavy hair and started to push her head harder towards me. In the last few months, Destiny had gotten to the point where she could swallow a good six inches of me and she quickly worked her way up to that limit.

She let me use her mouth and throat until I almost went too far. Not too far down her throat but to the point I almost had to cum. I gently pulled her back and she leaned her head against the mattress. She had been rubbing her clit this whole time and was just finishing her own orgasm as well. She yelled and cried out and drops of her cum were dripping onto the rug below.

While she was still finishing her orgasm, I picked her up and placed her hips to the edge. My cock quickly found its target and with my balls slapping against her ass, I soon felt myself approaching an orgasm again. So I stopped ataşehir escort my movements while buried deep inside of her when I felt her pussy muscles milking my throbbing member.

It took all of me to not blow my load inside of her and Destiny knew exactly what was going on and just laughed out loud and smacked my ass as hard as she could.

“Why don’t you take some pics of me while he calms down?” she offered.

I grabbed the camera and took a couple of pics in the position she was in. She spread both her legs and her labia for the camera and gave the camera the sexiest looks. She went on the lick her on nipples while finger fucking herself and then got onto all fours. The ebony goddess first spread her pussy lips again before putting her head down to spread her ass cheeks for me.

“Make sure to take some close-ups of my ass before it loses its virginity this week,” she teased.

I was definitely regaining my stamina a little but a glob of precum started to collect on the tip of my fully erect cock.

“Come here and suck me clean,” I ordered and she simply lied back and put the back of her head to the edge of the bed.

“Mmm, is that cum for me?” she asked and stuck out her tongue. I grabbed my cock with my free hand and squeezed as much liquid through the tip as possible. I started snapping a few pictures right when a strand of jizz hung down and connected my cock with her outstretched tongue. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched her let it slide right to the back of her mouth until she had to gag and quickly swallowed it.

She then grabbed my stiff rod and pulled it downward to the point she was stretching some parts of my privates too far and sucked me dry.

“I want to take some pictures of you too,” she said suddenly. “Here, stand on the bed and stroke yourself.”

I handed her the camera and was overfilled with lust when I started stroking myself slowly while watching Destiny in her bridal attire.

“Good. Now if you ever think to put me on the web, keep in mind that your pictures might be right behind them,” she joked.

“Fuck, I am way too overstimulated to last much longer,” I admitted. I was angry at myself for showing no stamina that day.

“You got all week to pound and fuck me, don’t worry,” she said and sat up so her face was next to my cock. “Ready to cum on my face?”

“Let’s go on the balcony,” I suggested and grabbed the camera from her. I took some pictures after I let her take the lead and her ass looked as fuckable as ever. She was about to squat down when I grabbed her upper arm and pinned her against the railing.

“Just a quick fuck,” I said. Without grabbing my cock, I stretched her left ass cheek with one hand and kept taking occasional pictures with the other. I had to bend my knees slightly to get below her heels extended legs and by rising back up, my cock found its target.

“Shit Don, you feel good,” Destiny moaned and let me fuck her for a short minute before I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

“On your knees baby,” I cried out. “Oh fuck.”

It took my entire body to squeeze the flow and right when Destiny was in prime position with her face right in front of the tip of my cock I let go. I have had many orgasms in my life but the velocity and strength of this one surpassed them all I believe. The first stream of semen shot straight to the back of her gaping mouth. The second and third all over her eyes and forehead and when I felt the pressure decrease, I leaned forward and let the last trop fall straight onto her nose and lips.

“Oh my gosh,” was all Destiny could think of. My cum already started dripping onto her legs and floor when I asked her to lick me clean. I didn’t know if the camera was in focus while I was cumming but I made sure that while she was licking and sucking with her eyes glued closed I got some great shots. I scooped up some more cum with my penis and fed it to her.

“Ok, I think that is enough,” she said and I knew I pushed the envelope on that one. “Let’s shower.”

While we soaped each other I thanked her numerous times and she didn’t seem to mind what just had happened. I was the luckiest guy alive that day and looking at the bridal lingerie when we stepped out made me think about the whole marriage thing all over again.

First day – Afternoon

The afternoon involved coming up with a shopping list and unpack our suitcases. We founds some interesting items around the house including a massage table which I was sure we would use at some point. We agreed that it would be my turn to pick something for her to wear and/or do that night. I took an enhancement pill before I jumped into my swim trunks. Destiny came out in a shiny white bikini set and I just said “Damn” when she spun around to show me everything she had to offer.

“I think you should go naked,” she said.

“The neighbor house is not that far away,” I countered.

“You didn’t seem to care about that when you came all over me ümraniye escort on the balcony. Come on, you know I will be your trophy date this whole week and I want to get some eye candy too.”

I reluctantly removed my shorts to show my hard-on to her. I knew that he would remain that way most of the time while she was dressed like that around me and I actually regretted having taken that pill. We swam in the pool and jumped back and forth between that and the hot tub. We were smart enough to drink water only as the temperature was approaching 85 degrees.

We ended up holding each other more than doing anything too sensual and when she started to get too worked up towards the end, she suggested to conserve our energy and my sperm for the night.

We went shopping around 4 and soon became too hungry to wait for a normal dinner time due to the time change. We ate at a smaller dinner when we were approached by a beautiful Hawaiian female who was dressed in spandex running shorts and an athletic halter top.

“Hey guys. Sorry to interrupt. My name is Lori and I just wanted invite you to the half-marathon this Saturday that is being held on the island. If you guys haven’t signed up for it yet, you guys should,” she said.

“Wow. I didn’t realize that. Are you running too?” Destiny asked the black haired babe.

“Yes, and I volunteer for it too so I am just trying to spread the word,” she answered.

“I ran a half marathon last couple of years. I might actually do it. What about you Don?” Destiny asked looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Yeah right, I have never run more than 10K and that was torture already. But you can go ahead,” I said reluctantly. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because it would essentially eat up a whole day together since she probably would want to rest afterwards. The girl gave us a flyer and walked off. I couldn’t help but glance at her tanned and toned legs.

“You just can’t help it, can you?” Destiny said rather seriously.

“Sorry babe,” I simply responded.

It was Tuesday so Destiny decided to go for a run each morning leading up to the race. “I am going to need a massage each night, of course,” she teased as she shared the plans with me.

Back at the house, we put away the groceries and opened a bottle of wine. “So what did you have in mind sir?” she asked while touching my crotch softly.

“Hmm, I need to look through the stuff to remember what I got for us,” I said at first. “I have a better idea. Do you have a miniskirt you can wear in public?”

“Uhm, yeah?!?” she responded hesitantly.

“I remember you saying that you wanted to have sex on the beach. Why not break in the vacation island style?” I suggested.

“Hmm, sounds intriguing. I did look up beaches where there might be enough seclusion. It’s a bit of a drive though,” she explained.

Minutes later, she walked into the garage with flip flops and a sexy white tennis type mini skirt and a white halter top.

“Definitely sticking with the white theme, aren’t you?” I teased her while checking out her sexy thighs.

The drive was about fifteen minutes long and the entire time, Destiny kissed my neck, my right arm and towards the end started to give me a blowjob. If there is one thing that blows me away about her is her ability – or shall I say tendency – to get soaking wet just from giving me oral sex. When we got to a stop sign, I am ninety percent positive that some kids on the sidewalk so her head bopping up and down. It was difficult to conceal what she was doing considering the top was down in our convertible.

She placed her saliva covered lips on mine when I finally parked the car. With no one in sight, she immediately climbed on top of me and I quickly rubbed her sex by reaching over her ass. Her thong was literally soaked and all that from just blowing me. I was so turned on at that point that I was ready to pull my shorts down right then and there but we were hearing voices coming from a few cars down.

We ended up leaving her thong in the glove compartment and started walking on the beach. Destiny read that it is a good half a mile to the area that is secluded enough so we headed in that direction. We were still thirty minutes away from the sunset so when we finally arrived at the not-so-designated area, she sat on my lap as we watched the sun disappear behind the distant clouds.

I felt so close to her emotionally and even my subtle kisses on her neck and naked shoulders didn’t have any sexual agenda behind them. We were surrounded by a few other couples and once the sun set completely, there was only us and another couple left. We were giggling around and tried to kill time and heard some laughter coming from them as well. They were about 100 feet away from us and after another few minutes of no signs of them leaving, we started to get antsy.

They seemed to be a young couple. She was a blonde and his hair was almost as light as hers. I was sure they were waiting on us to leave so I took initiative and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Destiny whispered.

“Come with me,” I said.

We walked up to the couple and the dim moonlight confirmed my guess. They were a young couple, probably in their early twenties and she was a stunning blonde who was held by a good-looking guy.

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