Fringe Benefits

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I worked in a corporate environment for about five years before moving to the small business sector. I can only say one good thing about it and that’s the benefits! And I don’t mean medical or dental either. I’m talking about the fringe benefits… fringe meaning what you get on the side!

We held sales meetings every month at the corporate office and I got to know almost everyone within the first year. One of the groups in corporate sales saw my progress and began to recruit me out of my remote sales office into theirs. Among these attempts were invites to executive socials, drinks, and incredible parties.

On one such occasion, in late September on a Friday night, I was invited to an exclusive bar on the top floor of a downtown high-rise. I arrived at the elegant, dimly lit bar around 7:30 to find a few seldom-seen executives and a number of familiar faces. The bar was absolutely incredible. There were full height windows, a balcony surrounding the entire building and a multi-level deck on the roof.

I took a seat in the plush leather chair next to Monique, the Vice President of Marketing.

A waitress approached, leaned over so as not to interrupt the conversation, and asked me what I’d like to drink. Just as I was about to reply, Monique whispered to the waitress, in her heavy Australian accent, “He’ll have what I’m having…Vodka Martini. Stoli’s. Two olives.”

Looking forward, she leaned her shoulder into me, tilted her head and said under her breath, “I thought I’d take the initiative. You could learn from an older woman, Alex Daniels. No worries. You’ll like it.” Monique’s voice was, unequivocally, the sexiest voice with which my name had ever been spoken.

I couldn’t really say anything. I was sitting next to someone who could have easily melted the cover of Playboy. What was I to say? “I’m sorry, Monique. Your initiative is noted, but I prefer to start off with something more my age…like Tequila.”

So, I said what any floored young man would have said to a senior executive, “Two olives? More is ALWAYS better. Surely you agree?”

She grinned and replied, “Dear Alex, the night has just begun. Don’t rush.” I confirmed her insinuation with a short, deep chuckle and leaned back in my chair.

Moments later, my drink arrived. I excused myself to join a few colleagues at the bar and, as I walked away, gave a quick glance back. She was watching me, as I expected.

Throughout the evening, everyone meandered from the balcony to the bar. It was amazing that no one was talking business. There wasn’t a single person in the bar that wasn’t from our company and they were all talking about something else. I made sure I spoke with everyone before adjourning to the balcony where Monique had been for quite some time. I grabbed two glasses of red wine and made my way outside. I noticed a couple admiring the moon as it drifted behind the downtown skyline. Another couple was sitting at a table, but, for the most part, everyone else was inside.

Monique was walking away from a conversation just as I stepped onto the balcony. I scoffed my shoe on the wooden deck to grab her attention as I made my way up the stairs to the deck on the roof. To my surprise (and delight), there wasn’t a single light on the roof. I could see the shadow of a handrail against the lights of the city. The silhouette of a bench near the edge was just barely visible. I put the glasses of wine on the railing and sat down on the bench. I was expecting to hear footsteps, but all I heard was the wind whining through the handrails.

Frustrated, I grabbed my glass of wine and walked over to the corner of the roof. I leaned back against the railing and relaxed my arms over each side as I took in the atmosphere. There wasn’t a cloud in the moonlit sky. A few minutes passed before soft vibrations shook the deck. The sound of footsteps followed and then bakırköy escort an hourglass-shaped silhouette emerged from the balcony below. Her arms were extended above her head releasing her hair from a bun, which was held in place by two silver rods. She dropped them on the deck and walked towards me, swaying from side to side.

In anticipation, I put down my wineglass and widened my stance. She approached me without slowing. My body stopped her advance and she clutched both of my hands and whimpered just as her lips contacted mine. I commandingly wrapped her hands around my neck. She ran her fingers up into my hair and back down around my neck. She then took my lower lip into her mouth and kissed me deeply again. Tingles ran down my back and enveloped my entire body. I ran my hands down her arms and around to her stomach. Moving them back up around her breasts, I circled them once with my fingertips and then gently but forcefully cupped them.

She trembled, shivered, and then slowly leaned back. Her eyes opened slightly and her brow dipped. She growled and said, “It took you long enough to come outside. I’ve been out here for twenty minutes.”

I slid my hands down back to her ass as I laughed and said, “I didn’t notice. I was talking to Jennifer at the bar.”

“You’re good,” she said, “You play the game well. I just wonder if you know what you’ve done.”

I shrugged an innocent denial and said, “I take it you’re not referring to my sales performance.”

She laughed a devilish laugh and said, “No. That’s not the performance to which I was referring. I haven’t felt turned on in years.

I turned around and leaned her against the rail. She arched her back and pulled my face into her breasts. I slowly opened her suit to find a silky black camisole hiding two very erect nipples. Through her camisole, I clenched one between my teeth and pinched the other. She oozed moans of delight.

I stood up and put on hand down around the small of her back and rubbed firmly between her breasts with the palm of my hand. She leaned back further over the rail and grabbed my hair pulling me into her. I slid my hand down to her ass and gripped tightly. With my other hand, I slipped my fingers in-between her skirt and her silky camisole running my hand from one side of her body to the other. A tremor ran down her body and I knew she was ready for more.

With one fluid motion, I dove my hand into her skirt and untucked her camisole. I then drew my hand up her stomach and under her bra embracing a soft breast. Slowly removing my other hand from her pillow-soft ass, I traced her skin upward and found her neglected breast. I pushed her bra up and pushed her breasts together in pursuit of another moan before I moved onto more pleasurable deeds. She knew my wantings and pressed her lips into my hair and moaned my name.

I dropped to my knees and rested my head against her stomach. My hands moved down to caress her ankles and then slowly advanced up her legs. She shook and moved her hips from side to side. I placed my thumbs between her tight skirt and the sides of her legs. She closed her stance to assist me. Still on my knees, I ran my hands up her legs, pushing her skirt up like an accordion around her waist to expose her black garter and panties. She immediately widened her stance. I could see the chilly wind taking its effect on her exposed thighs. I was going to warm them with my hand, but then I thought of a better way.

Her inviting stance allowed my hands to run freely up her inner-thigh. I stopped just before her warmth and looked up. She was watching me, caressing and pinching her nipples. I moved my hands towards the top of her panties as if I was going to pull them down, but instead I teased her with a few tugs and then moved down towards her love to gently brush against her clit before I made my way beşiktaş escort down her legs again. She was wet and warm and almost intolerant of my teasing. Her breathing had escalated to a quicker pace and I was getting anxious myself.

I guided both of my hands back up her legs and ever so slightly stroked her, feeling her wetness through her panties. I pressed my thumbs against her stomach and stroked her faster with my middle fingers. Her sporadic breathing convinced me to move this adventure to its next level. I unclasped her garter and jerked her panties down to wake her from her dreamy state.

She stood up thrusting her chest forward and her ass out as she brought her legs together and grabbed my shoulders. I removed her panties and then stood up to taste her luscious lips once again. Despite the chill on the roof, her face had become hot and flush. We shared our heat in a long and desperate kiss. She wrapped one leg around me as she leaned against the rail and I pulled my leg up hard against her exposed moisture.

She squeezed me tightly and then brought her hands around to my chest and ran them down to find my bulge. She pressed firmly with both of her hands as she rubbed her exposed nipples on my chest, smiling with excitement. She untucked my shirt and then probed into my pants with her fingers. They were cold and exhilarating. She scratched me with her fingernails before finding my now swollen bulge with one. The other trailed upward and began unbuttoning my shirt.

I hurried her progress when I caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. She took my earlobe into her mouth just as she was finished unbuttoning my shirt and then tasted my neck and moved down my chest with her tongue. She couldn’t wait any longer. She frantically removed my belt, unzipped my pants and dropped to her knees. I slowly messaged her shoulders as she cautiously unleashed her swollen prize.

She leaned forward to take me in and then breathed heavily. I pulsed hard and swelled the head to release some of my love juice. She circled the head of my dick with her tongue and then her fingertip followed suit. She licked my stomach as she teased me. My body was flinching with bursts of pleasure. She pushed one hand up my chest and her other gripped my cock as she took me in. The warmth of her mouth forced a moan out of me that I couldn’t control. I grabbed her hair and pulled back. She fought to keep her prize and I was only testing her desire to continue. She was hungry and determined to get as much of me as she could, but I was just as hungry.

I stood her up and turned her around. She frowned as if she was not quenched, but I wanted to offer my share of pleasure. I laid her down on the bench. She rested one leg over the arm and I pushed the other back towards her as I began kissing her navel. She ran her fingers into my hair and held on tight as I traced her hairline with my tongue. She was thrusting her hips upwards, inviting my tongue to her love. I moved my tongue far to one side and sucked hard on her inner-thigh as I teased her clit with my finger. She was pulling on my head and thrashing her hips from side to side and up and down.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I took her swollen clit between my lips and very softly tapped with my tongue. She instantly arched her back and pushed harder into me. I plunged my tongue deep inside her, flicked it violently and then teased her clit again with my rigid tongue. She was pulling and turning my head as she closed in with her legs. She squeezed tightly and I responded with yet more flicking and teasing.

I backed away just a little, pushed her leg back up and spread her lips with my fingers. I lost my grip in her slippery excitement and pushed them open again. I pushed two fingers just an inch inside her with my other hand while I continued tonguing her. She was so wet. I was definitely beylikdüzü escort quenching my thirst. I took in her juices and spread her even wider and licked her slowly up and down. She was reaching her peak so I quickened my pace. Fingering her faster and faster. Licking her faster and faster. Suddenly she erupted. She shrieked and moaned first slowly and then frantically as she cried out in ecstasy. She jerked wildly, but my tongue finished her climax with a fast, rhythmic motion.

She dropped back onto the bench from her raised position and motioned with her finger for me to come up to her. I laid her leg flat, crawled up onto the bench and rested just above her with my arms on each side. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I rested my weight onto her and let out a sigh of content. We laid there for just a moment and then I stood her up. She tickled my chest with her fingertip as she grinned and then walked towards the rail. I followed.

She turned her head and smiled as she leaned her chest onto the rail and rewarded me with a glimpse of her still soaked love. I approached her slowly and pushed her camisole up around her neck. I leaned into her to feel her warm pussy against my cock. I gently rubbed her back. She was pushing into me and swaying her ass from side to side. I clutched both of her cheeks, spread them apart and entered her pulsating well just enough to catch the rim of my head inside her and then pulled out, escaping her attempts to surround me.

I entered her again a little more than the first time and then pulled out again. The rim of my head popped out of her a little quicker and she whimpered a soft plead of mercy. With that, I plunged deep inside her. She wasn’t expecting it. She cried out a shrill of pleasure and I quickly found my rhythm. It felt so incredibly good. I almost burst from the thought of it, but I wanted her to feel slippery satisfaction for a second time.

I leaned forward to fondle her breasts, slowly pushing deep into her. My stomach laid tight against her back. She turned to kiss me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up to me. I brought my hand around to her face and kissed her fervently. In between breaths and kisses, she moaned my name as I continued to hurry my rate. I pushed her back down onto the rail and grabbed her hips tightly. She widened her stance slightly more and bent her knees, and then she began rocking in a circular motion that almost sent me over the edge again.

Following her lead, I slowed my motion as she found that magical spot. When she hit it, she jerked and then stopped her circular motions and quivered as she worked on that spot. I was in heaven. Her entire body except her hips remained still. She knew how to bring herself to orgasm and she was quickly on her way.

With her hands on the rail, she shouted, “Cum inside me. Cum with me.” I took over and began pounding deep inside her. Grabbing her hips tighter and tighter. She screamed and shouted madly. I told her to say my name again and she complied.

“Alex. Alex. I’m cumming. Please cum with me. Cum inside me,” she cried. I fired off my elation with a victorious groan and pumped even harder. She pushed into me as if to want more. I gave it everything I had until her cries subsided. She slowed her thrashing and let me slowly drain my juices into her until I had no more to offer.

Her legs were weak (as were mine) so she turned to me and collapsed into my arms. I picked her up, laid her down on the bench and then walked towards the rail. She asked where I was going, but I pretended I didn’t hear her.

She whined, “Alex. Come back.”

I reached the rail and returned to her with our glasses of wine. I smiled and said, “I thought you’d be thirsty by now.” She acknowledged with a grin and took the glass from my hand.

I sat on the deck and leaned my back against the bench, resting my head against her shoulder.

She asked why I hadn’t attended one of these before. I thought for a moment and replied, “I had no idea there was such a beautiful view from the bar. I have to work this into my routine.”

She laughed and brazenly said, “If you’re lucky.”

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