Friends Ch. 02

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She sat up near the edge of the bed, taking the glass of water from him. As she drank it, she admired his body again – the outline of his muscles, his wide shoulders and powerful arms. Steve had never been big into weightlifting, so his body wasn’t excessive, but it was trim and fit and she could see the strength there.

At the same time, Steve was admiring the view of Amy. Her tank top was tight, but her breasts still pushed out enough he had a pretty good view down her top. He couldn’t even count how many times he had looked down one of her tops, but this time it was more exciting since he was sure it would come off soon.

Amy finished drinking, noticing Steve staring at her. She’d caught him countless times, most of them without letting him know. He had never been sleazy about it so she’d never minded. Now, she found herself enjoying the attention immensely. She kneeled up on the bed, handing the glass back to Steve.

When he turned to put it on the nightstand, Amy began lightly tracing the outline of his muscles, working from his shoulders down.

“Were you looking at anything in particular?” she asked, giving him her best “car salesman” voice.

“As a matter of fact, yes. I’ve been keeping my eye on something for a long time now. Something I’ve dreamed about since I was a teenager.”

“Something sporty?” Amy inched forward on the bed, the sexual tension already rising rapidly again.

“Sporty is good. Something sleek and sexy, that can go fast but that can go for hours too.” Steve couldn’t help but smile now, even more so when Amy broke out in a huge grin as well.

“I think I have just what you want,” Amy said, taking her hands from Steve’s body and hooking them under her tank top. She lifted the shirt over head smoothly, her hair spilling over one shoulder. “Will this do?”

“Do? More like my dream car,” Steve said, the smile gone from his face, replaced by excitement. He reached out and cupped each breast in his hands, really feeling for the first time Amy’s amazing chest. Her breasts were perfect for her body – large for her frame, but not out of proportion. Still just as perky as they must’ve been in high school, Steve lightly massaged each soft breast slowly.

Amy let out a long quiet sigh as Steve delicately fondled her chest. She loved having her breasts touched and toyed with, and Steve’s large hands seemed to fit her perfectly. He was soft and gently, not grabbing and groping like a lot of guys. She was getting aroused again, but she’d already had her turn.

She ran her hands down from his shoulders, moving to his stomach and then down. Kneeling on the bed, she was well below Steve, which put his groin at the perfect height for her hands. With one, she pulled back the elastic of Steve’s shorts, sliding the other one down over his skin, her fingers teasing through the few curls of hair he had.

“Trimmed?” she asked, looking up a little surprised.

“For your convenience,” Steve answered, his heart hammering in his chest again. Amy’s hands were soft and delicate, cool against his warm skin. Finally, he felt her small hand wrap lightly around his swollen shaft, gripping him right at the base. It was his turn to let out a low sigh as her hand lightly traced its way up the length of him.

“Steve…” Amy said, again looking up in surprise.


“Steve…you’re rather…impressive,” Amy answered, her genuine appreciation obvious.

“I tried to tell you…” he joked to her. “It’s not my fault you’re the last to know.”

“True, true. I’m just glad I finally did find out.” Amy briefly took her hands away to slide Steve’s shorts out and over his turgid erection, letting them drop to the floor. For a brief second, she felt a little stranger having her best friend standing before her, completely naked, with a huge hard-on. Then she looked at the hard-on, and all awkwardness was replaced.

Steve was not truly huge, and in fact Amy had been with one or two guys that were probably more impressive. But he was still a good seven inches or so, and very, very thick. It all worked out for Amy, because she liked thick over long anyway, and Steve had both. He was going to feel incredible inside sarıyer escort her.

But she wasn’t going to rush that, just like she knew hadn’t rushed things with her minutes ago. Part of their flirting had always been teasing, as in, how much agony they’d put each other through before giving in. Which was exactly what Amy had planned.

Steve’s arms hung down at his sides as Amy once again took hold of his hard manhood. She stroked him slow and soft, her hand barely touching him, watching his face. It was the softest, slowest handjob Steve had ever gotten, and far and away the most erotic. His shaft was standing nearly vertical he was so hard. And she was barely doing anything! he thought.

Steve bent down and kissed her, their mouths matching her hand. The kiss was soft and subtle, but incredibly intense. It only served to turn on Steve more as he felt her tongue in his mouth and thought about feeling it on his prick. He pulled away, sighing out her name as he did.

Amy bent down slightly, kissing Steve’s chest. She moved to the side, lightly kissing one of his nipples, unsure if he liked that or not. She kissed him again, this time licking his nipple in her mouth. When she felt one of his hands settle on the back of her head, she figured he wouldn’t mind if she kept going.

She moved to the other nipple, continuing to lick and tease him. She kept stroking him, letting her hand relax around his shaft a little, and getting a better grip on him. She could feel his veins now, and nearly every contour of his prick.

He felt good in her hand, thick and heavy with excitement. And how hard! He was like a rock in her hand. She quickly thought of something else he might like, just to see if he could get any harder.

Steve was a little disappointed when Amy stopped kissing his chest. He’d never had a woman do that to him, and he found he liked it. But he soon forgot that when she grabbed his loosely hanging hand and brought it up to her mouth. He knew immediately what she was going to do, but that did nothing to diminish the eroticism.

She opened her mouth slightly and took in his extended index finger. Her tongue immediately curled around it and she started to move her head back and forth. Steve thought he might lose it just then, having Amy stroking him while simulating a blowjob he’d dreamed about for years.

“Amy,” Steve said, urgency plain in his voice.

“Yes?” she asked, as if she didn’t know what was happening. She looked up at him, an evil little grin on her face when she saw the look on his face. “Was there something else you’d like me to suck on?”

“Only for the better part of a decade,” Steve managed to joke.

“Well, I suppose if you’ve waited that long, you can wait a little longer,” she said, laughing at Steve’s immediate groan of agony. “Alright, fine you big baby,” she scolded.

Amy started kissing Steve’s upper chest before slowly moving downward. She paused only briefly at his nipples again before continuing. Instead of trying to contort herself awkwardly while she bent down, she started to scoot farther onto the bed as her mouth moved down Steve’s flat stomach. She finally let go of Steve’s prick completely when she was on all fours, her chin barely above his vertical erection.

Steve was staring intently down at the top of Amy’s head, something he’d wanted to see for a very long time. He knew she was so close to him, but then she moved slightly off to the side and started kissing around his waiting sex. She looked up at him with those beautiful eyes, mischief flashing over her face.

It was incredibly sensual, so Steve continued to wait. She kissed down the right side of his lower torso, her face drawing even with his shaft. He felt her right hand slide up his left thigh until she started gently massaging his balls. She kept playing with his sack, moving her face right in front of his raging hard-on, but not moving forward.

“Goddamn that feels good Amy,” he said.

“So you like having your balls played with?” she asked coyly.

“What can I say, you have good hands,” Steve came back. With that, he felt her esenyurt escort hand move from his sack to his shaft. She started to stroke him off again, firmer now but still keeping him upright and started to kiss his balls. Her lips were light but incredibly soft, her gorgeous face partially obscured by his thickness. He felt her tongue lightly lick him before she started to kiss her way up his shaft.

Amy watched Steve’s face as she got closer to his head, intent on the subtle change as she got closer. He was obviously breathing harder, his chest rising and falling rapidly. She couldn’t help but smile up at him, feeling a little giddy that he responded so intensely to her. Plus, she knew he liked eye contact and the smile would only turn him on more.

She finally kissed the tip of his cock lightly, letting her lips just barely rest on his sensitive skin. She teased him, acting as if she was going to take him into her mouth, only to take him back out. She used her tongue to lightly lick him, waiting for him to break down.

“You are so evil,” Steve finally told her, even as he smiled down at her.

“But you love it,” she said, smiling brightly up at him. “So, do you want me to keep jerking you off while I suck your dick, or do you prefer hands-free?” she asked casually.

“Surprise me,” Steve said, feeling his balls already tightening. He wasn’t going to last long, he knew that for sure. It had been awhile since he’d been with anyone, and now to break the dry spell he was getting a blowjob from his best friend, who just happened to be the main focus of his sexual fantasies since puberty.

Amy let go of Steve’s base, propping herself up on both arms. She stopped looking at Steve for the moment, focusing on his swollen member instead. She liked how it looked, how his shaft grew thicker after his head. It looked like a cock that was made to fuck pussies, a thought that only made her more excited.

Steve was watching Amy intently of course, waiting to feel her mouth engulf his aching need. He wasn’t sure if she was just teasing him more, but she was just looking at his dick. Finally, her head moved forward until he could only see the top of her head. An instant later he felt the heat of her mouth rapidly approach and swallow his head. Steve instinctively took a deep breath as adrenaline rushed through his blood, Amy’s hot wet mouth holding him inside.

Slowly, Steve felt Amy lower her head down, her mouth taking in as much of his throbbing dick as she could handle before moving back up. Her pace was slow to start, which he appreciated since he would’ve lost it otherwise. Even as it was, he had to focus on anything else besides how unbelievable Amy’s mouth felt.

Amy worked slowly and methodically, occasionally taking Steve out of her mouth so he would last longer. She could tell when she needed to by his breathing, when he would take short and shallow breaths. Then she would softly kiss his shaft until his breathing settled before sucking up and down his length again.

Amy herself was enjoying herself. Like any part of sex, but especially with blowjobs, Amy’s pleasure depended in large part with the guy she was with. If she didn’t really like someone and it was just about sex, she’d give a quick blowjob, or handjob if she could, before fucking him and kicking him out.

If she really liked a guy then she was willing to do just about anything, and would have fun doing it even if it wasn’t “for her.” Like Steve right now. She could blow him until she got too tired, which she knew wouldn’t be as long as normal since he was so thick. But she got off just knowing he was getting off. And from his breathing, he was getting close again.

When Steve felt Amy take his prick out of her mouth again, he took the opportunity to admire her body perched in front of him. For some reason, he’d always imagined fucking her from behind, and she was giving him good reason to continue that fantasy. She was in a perfect position for it, except she was sucking him off instead of fucking him.

But he knew he’d lose it as soon as he was inside her with how close he already was. Steve felt a little disappointed for a moment, avrupa yakası escort but quickly forgot about that when Amy’s soft lips once again wrapped around his shaft, leading her hot mouth onto him. It was all just too much for Steve and he quickly grew impatient.

He reached out and lightly rested a hand on the top of Amy’s head, following her rhythm. He gently pushed down a little, until Amy went with the pressure. She was now sliding her head horizontally, and had to use one hand to hold Steve’s rigid dick out from his body. Steve knew that he wouldn’t last long with Amy looking up at him, which he was sure she knew he liked.

Amy of course looked up at Steve right away, wondering what he wanted. As soon as she saw the look of quiet insistence on his face she knew exactly what he wanted. Which was fine with her, since her jaw was just starting to feel a little tired. But she had to admit, she was impressed with how long he’d lasted – she knew he hadn’t been with anyone for awhile.

Steve watched Amy’s face intently as she worked, even sensing the moment she realized he wanted release. As soon as she figured it out, she sped up her motions and he felt her increase her suction on his dick. His breathing quickened and he felt all of his energy begin to focus deep within him.

“Make me cum,” Steve said down to Amy.

Without hesitation, Amy began to obey. She loved it when guys talked back to her. She gripped his shaft harder, and started sucking on Steve powerfully. She pressed her tongue against the underside of his shaft, massaging him in pace with her mouth and hand.

“Oh god Amy, yes, just like that,” Steve said, feeling the orgasm building rapidly. He looked down to watch her work, slurping sounds starting from her speed. He felt the suction increase suddenly while her hand gripped him hard, still jerking and bobbing on his aching dick. He could see, and feel, her cheeks sucked in around his shaft as she sucked him.

Amy knew he was moments away, and she quickly wondered how much he would cum and what it would taste like. At the thought, she actually felt herself salivate, which was definitely a first. She started to feel like she wanted Steve to cum more than he did. Without thinking about it, Amy started moaning in her own anticipation.

As soon as Steve heard Amy begin moaning, he lost it. The climax shot out of him like a sprinter out of the box. Steve sucked in a hard breath, closing his eyes as he dropped his head back and began cumming into Amy’s mouth. Since he hadn’t been with a woman in a few months, and with all the build-up of the night, his load seemed bigger than normal, even to him.

Steve tried to keep his hips as still as possible, letting Amy work her magic, but he couldn’t stand completely still. With every shot of semen, Steve would grunt and push his hips into Amy, forcing his cock just a little deeper. Steve felt her swallow once, her tongue pushing against his shaft, and then twice before his climax began to recede.

The last few shots were barely more than dribbles, and Steve felt some of his hot seed dripping down his shaft, where Amy would use it to stroke him. Steve began to catch his breath as he watched Amy stop moving her head, keeping only his tip in her mouth. Amy was using her tongue to gently massage Steve’s head, making his body convulse with every lick as she gazed up at him.

“Fuck Amy,” Steve said breathlessly, “that was unbelievable.”

Amy smiled up at Steve, his prick still in her mouth for a moment before taking Steve out of her mouth, still stroking him. She smiled up at him, surprised at how pleased she was. What was more, she was shocked to find that she really liked having Steve like this.

“What are friends for?” she asked. She knew some guys thought kissing a girl after she swallowed was gross, but she thought Steve would be a little more enlightened. She kissed up his torso, feeling him shudder when she reached his neck. She paused then, looking at him for a moment, before stretching up to kiss him. She had been right about Steve; he didn’t hesitate to kiss her back.

Amy pulled away from Steve, a look on her face that hadn’t been there for quite some time. She hoped Steve didn’t notice, and she quickly put her head on his chest. She felt his long arms wrap around her, hugging her tightly to his chest. She could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he continued to settle down. She felt completely comfortable with Steve, but she suddenly felt something more for him.

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