Friend With Benefits

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It’s a beautiful winter night. The air is as cold as my hot tub is hot. I’m just soaking and listening to some mellow music, when I hear the soft crunching of snow under foot. I smile to myself knowing who it is.

Tammy, my fetching neighbour.

Now Tammy and I have an interesting relationship. We are neighbours, friends and fuck buddies. Tammy is a couple of years older than me but she is still a fine piece of ass. 5’4, blonde, although I can’t tell when she is naked, nothing to compare to. Some might look past her because her breasts aren’t huge but I love sucking on her nipples and have never complained. I would take real over fake any day.

“Hi Tammy.” I say when I know she is in the tub.

As she starts to rub me with her foot she asks. “How did you know it was me?”

Continuing without waiting for a reply, “Stan, I’m fucking horny. I need you now!”

I was smiling when I opened my eyes and they got bigger when I noticed her perky tits were bare and her exposed nipples were pointing right at me.

I watched dumbfounded as she slowly stood, turned around and bent over. I stare in awe as Tammy reaches under herself and with her ring and index fingers she spreads her pussy lips apart. Slowly with her middle finger, Tammy starts to tease her wet pussy. Circling the opening and her hard clit.

Looking back at me she asks, “Well what are you going to do?”

I move across the tub and run my hand over her sweet ass. I lean down and kiss her back as my hand travels over her ass to her dripping pussy. Tammy moans as I continue to kiss her back, and slide two fingers into her dripping pussy. What could only be described as a sigh escaped your lips as my fingers penetrated your pussy and I fucked her slowly. I continue to kiss her back and lovingly leave a trail of kisses down.

Kissing her ass, I spread her ass cheeks and flick my tongue over the tight asshole, knowing it would drive her nuts. I learned early on that Tammy loves having her ass played with and turns into another woman when fucked there.

Just as I slip my tongue into her pussy from behind, she grabs the back of my head and orders me, “Just to fuck me, no pussy eating just a hard fuck almanbahis is all I want and all I need right now!”

Well I always try to please the woman I’m with so I rub the head of my cock over her moist lips and in one motion, slam into her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s it Stan, nice and hard.”

I watch my cock disappear into her warm pussy and watch in pure lust as her pussy lips suck on my cock as I pull out. I can feel her hand still below playing with her clit, trying to get off before I do. Reaching forward I grab some of her hair and pull it back, inducing an animalistic moan from Tammy. With my free right hand I reach down and pinch her nipple, causing Tammy to start to slam back into me.

I can feel her pussy start to grip my cock as Tammy’s orgasm gets closer. Tammy lets out a savage scream, not caring who hears her. Her pussy floods with juices, creating a sound that puts me over the edge as I slam into her one more time. I cum deep into her pussy. I can feel her pussy milking my cock wanting more.

I lean over her, my chest to her back, and wrap my arms around her. I pull her into the water with me and just hold Tammy against me. I’m still deep in her pussy and we both know this is just the start of a long, orgasmic night, so we just enjoy the water until we are both ready to do each other until neither one can walk.

It was very blissful, the cold winter air, the warm water of the tub and Tammy’s soft skin next to me. My arms are wrapped around her and her arms on mine. I’m almost asleep when she twists her head back and snakes her tongue into my mouth. As out tongues joust , I raise my hand up to her breast and start to caress them. Lightly rubbing the nipples and pinching them. Tammy moans in my mouth as she feels my cock start to come alive again.

Breaking the kiss, she says, “I’m glad you are ready for more, because I didn’t come over just for a quickie!”

“Grab my coat and meet me inside.”

With that she jumps out of the tub and I watch as she wiggles her cute ass all the way into my house. Now I’m no dummy. I got an erection, a naked woman in my house that want to do lord knows what to me. Needless to say I was in the house very shortly almanbahis yeni giriş after Tammy got out.

I went in the house expecting to see her in the bedroom, but I guess she couldn’t wait. I found her on my couch working her clit with one hand and with the other she had two fingers slowly going in and out of her wet pussy. As I approach the couch, she leans forward, sticking her tongue out and runs it around the head of my cock. Next she takes the head in and holds it with her teeth, and I’m surprised how great it feels. Tammy puts her hands on my ass to take me deep in her throat. I moan before she does, because her hands are wet and I know it is because of her pussy.

Tammy’s uses her skilled mouth on me for a few minutes, bring me to the brink and backs off. Taking me to the back of her throat several times.

“Ok, enough fun for you and none for me. Lay down.”

Doing as I was told, lay down and prop one leg on the back of the couch. I watch as Tammy straddles my head and lowers her dripping pussy on my face. Sticking my tongue out I taste her sweet juices. Tammy lays down into a tasty 69, opening herself up to my tongue. I grab her hard little clit with my lips and suck it into my mouth, causing her to moan on my cock. Grabbing her ass and spreading her open, I pull her tight onto my face, burying my nose in her pussy as I hold her clit in my teeth and flick it with my tongue. I leave your clit alone and stick deep into her pussy. While my tongue is doing that, yours is licking my balls while you jerk me off.

As I eat you out, I notice where my fingers are and I dip a couple of them into your hot box to get them nice and wet. I start to push on your tight asshole with my one finger, and it doesn’t take long for my finger to be buried past the second knuckle in your ass. I work it in and out of your back door as tongue continues to move effortlessly deeply into your pussy.

Your moaning is getting louder and you have stopped doing things to me, but I don’t mind, I’m caught up in your pleasure. I go back to work on your clit and that causes you to rise up and start to grind your pussy into my face. Your moaning gets louder as I lick your clit and fuck your almanbahis giriş ass with my finger. I feel your juices starting to run down my face and I can tell you are about to cum. I double my efforts on your clit, flattening my tongue and lapping at it. That seems to set you off. My face is flooded with your cum and you moan and swear at the same time. You collapse on me.

I think we are done but I feel you move, as you turn your head up to mine.

“Hun, get my coat and look in the pocket.”

I pull out a tube of lube, and look over as Tammy waves her ass toward me.

“I want that hard cock of yours deep in my ass. I’ve been cumming all day just thinking about it.”

Like I said I’m not stupid, so I put some lube on my cock and dab some on her already loosened ass. I rub your hole with my cock head and slowly push it in. With ease I slid into your rectum. I take my time, waiting for you to adjust to my cock. I feel you start to push back and that is my cue to really start to fuck you. I grab your hips and slam into you. I get the reaction I wanted, you whipping your head back and screaming in pleasure. I look down and watch my cock slams into you. The combination of the look and the feel as you work your muscles is unbelievable. I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer. You can sense it as well and you stop for a change of position.

You get on your back and your hole is still open waiting for my return. I hold your legs up by my shoulders and start back reaming your ass. You have reached down and you are feverously working your clit wanting to cum again before I do.

I can feel my cum starting to boil in my balls. I’m just enjoying the pleasure of it all.

“Oh baby, please don’t cum in my ass. I want it in my cunt. Please will you do that for me, quick I’m about to cum again.”

You know that not stupid thing again. So I pull out and quickly slam into Tammy’s drenched pussy. I love the sound of a wet pussy getting fucked. Tammy starts moaning like she does when she cums so I know I’m about too loose my load as well.

“Oh, gawd. Cum in me, it now! I’m cumming again! Oooooooooo?”

And that set me off. I unloaded into her pussy. It felt like I wouldn’t stop cumming. When I feel like I can move again, I lay down on Tammy and roll her on top of me and pull a blanket on top of us. Ready for sleep or round three, I don’t know yet. It is sure great to have a friend with benefits like Tammy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32