Freshman: First Day

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It was a hot day outside, and the gulf air was hot and sticky and humid.

I felt my cotton shirt clinging to me with sweat, which had soaked through my clothes and made my jeans feel like they were made out of lead. I glanced at the cloudy sky overhead and wished it would rain, if only so that some of the humidity might evaporate. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and stepped back to watch Cheryl pick up her box, a box that was resting where she had set it, teetering on the step in front of the dorm.

“How’re you doing?” I asked, “Have you got it?”

I walked over behind her in case she lost her grip and needed some help.

She was the only person I knew from high school and we were both a long way from home. And I hadn’t expected that any of my high school classmates would be at the same college as me. I was back in the city of my birth: New Orleans. Cheryl was far away from Colorado, the only place she’d ever lived. I was still scratching my head wondering why she had wanted to come down here anyway.

“Yeah,” she replied, tired, “Could you get the door for me?”

She nodded her head in the direction of the entryway door just beyond her. Her hair was a dark auburn and what wasn’t plastered to her forehead with sweat fell down from her forehead into her eyes.

She spit air, trying to get her hair out of her eyes.

“Got it,” I said, as I balanced the box I was carrying on my knee and deftly opened the door, using my body to prop it open.

I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. Cheryl and I had never been what you might call close. Meaning that she was one of those cute, brainy girls in high school who had not been an easy lay, or even a moderately difficult lay. And, consequently, had never shared my bed, or the back of my truck, or any other spot, nor shown any inclination to do so. But, as her mom had called mine, and mine had suggested to me, in terms that left no room for doubt, that it since we were going to the same school it would be the neighborly thing for me to drive down south with her and help her unpack, we now found ourselves in this situation.

And truthfully it could have been worse. My roommate and I were on the college football team, but I’d met him and he seemed pretty straight laced and I had a worrying feeling that he wouldn’t be any fun at all. Why he’d chosen to come to the city of sin was beyond me.

It was probably the football scholarship.

All I was thinking of is that after this was over I could head across campus and get my stuff put away too. And then maybe grab some chow. I sighed, wiped off some more sweat and felt the freedom of being alive.

Things were going to be good here in the homeland of my ancestors. I’d already seen about ten girls that I wouldn’t mind getting to know better in the biblical sense, and this was just the first day.

So I let a shiver of anticipation ran down my spine. I was a football player. I’d been working out since the age of thirteen and I was well built and good looking. I dated a little bit in high school, but I’d slept around a lot more. And I do I mean a lot more. My life had mostly been about scoring chicks, and not about relationships. I dated three girls; I’d had sex with more than seventy. I considered it an even trade, even if it made me come across as a macho jerk sometimes. My gang was all about the numbers and I, in particular, like to satisfy my urges in bed and not with my right fist.

College was definitely going to be an opportunity to improve my numbers with a whole new kind of woman.

I came out of my daydream when Cheryl brushed by me.

Of course moving away from home was still a little hard mentally. But it would be an interesting challenge. I followed Cheryl to the top of the stairs and turned and walked down the hallway, stopping at the third door on the right. We laid the boxes to rest on the floor next to the door and she fished her room key out from her pocket.

“Oh!” came a loud voice from the room in a big, warm greeting, as the door opened.

It must be one of her roommates.

“Hi!” the voice said again, “You must be Cheryl.”

The girl was very pretty and she propped the door open flashing a beaming smile.

“I’m Lara. Sabine’s out getting her photo ID. Do you need some help?”

“Hey Lara,” said Cheryl, smiling back at her, “Thanks, but I’ve already got Marc here helping me. If you could just get the door, we’ll be done in a hurry.”

She entered the room and I followed along behind with a nod and a smile for Lara.

“Hey,” I said putting the box down, “I’m Marc.”

A drop of sweat had beaded up on the tip of my nose, and I blew it off with a quick breath from my mouth.

“Lara,” she replied, checking me out, “Pleased to meet you.”

The room was well-lit by the sun streaming in through the windows, but it showed just how dusty the place was. There were two rooms off the main room, one on either side and each with its own door.

“Sabine and I put kadıköy escort our stuff in the room on the left,” said Lara, “So the other one’s all yours.”

“Thanks,” said Cheryl.

I followed Cheryl into her room with my box; it was definitely a cozy arrangement! At least there was another window on the left, but only one. She plopped the box down on the stained mattress in one corner of the room and I did likewise with my box.

“You can just pile stuff in the common room, if you guys want,” called Lara, “That’s what we did.”

“Good idea,” I said, surveying what we had to work with.

I smiled as I passed Lara, going for another box. She certainly wasn’t too hard on the eyes, I thought. She stood about five feet, five inches or so and she had a cute face with pale blue eyes and a reddish tint to her hair. She winked at me as I passed…or did she? By the time I made it out to the hall, I smiled as I skipped down the stairs two at a time.

* * *

Later that night I found myself juggling a small box in my left arm while trying to rub my eyes with my right hand. I took the time to examine the night sky. After a full day of moving, both my stuff and Cheryl’s, I was pretty tired. I reoriented myself to the campus lay out.

I was looking for Cheryl’s dorm. Somehow, one of her boxes had gotten in with my stuff, and I was pretty sure that she would need its contents sooner rather than later. It was marked clothing, after all. And it probably contained lingerie. I realized, if I had been more of a pervert, I might have been tempted to go through it. Then again this was Cheryl we were talking about.

I saw the door to Cheryl’s room was closed, as I entered her hallway. But as I neared it I heard the muffled, but unmistakable sound, of a CD emanating from behind the closed door. I knocked loudly, and was pleased when Lara answered the door.

She had changed her clothes from earlier that day. Now, she was wearing cut off jeans and a flimsy white t-shirt.

“Hey, Handsome! You’re Cheryl’s friend Marc, right?” she jokingly asked me grinning, “Long time no see!”

She opened the door wide for me to enter.

“Yeah,” I said, getting to the point, “This is Cheryl’s. It must have got in with my boxes by mistake and I thought she’d want it.”

“Hold on a sec,” Lara said as she went over and muted the stereo, “Okay, well, Cheryl’s not here. She went off with Sabine to that freshman mixer. I thought it’d be lame, so I decided to stay home.”

I shifted on my feet with the box cradled in both hands now. Lara’s hair and figure were quite nice and I felt a stirring in my jeans.

“I’ll just put this in her room, okay?” I offered.

She waved me into the room with a big grin. I placed the box in the corner and noticed Cheryl had already put up a few pictures. I was surprised to see a picture from our junior prom, with her standing next to me with another of my friends. It was an informal pose and I didn’t remember the picture being taken. I was pulled out of my contemplation by a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey,” Lara asked, “Is that you and Cheryl in high school?”

She was looking over my right shoulder, her breath gently beating against my back.

“Yeah,” I offered softly and without elaboration.

Lara moved a bit closer to my back, “You two were cute together, what happened?”

“Oh, we were never going out,” I said, dismissing her notion right away.

“Really,” said Lara, “You dating anyone now?”

I thought I was picking up some flirtatious vibes, but when I turned around; my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Lara had removed her shirt and was now clad in just a blue bikini top and her jean cutoffs were partially unzipped revealing a matching blue bottom.

“Uh, not at this time,” I said hesitatingly, “I’m not really the dating type.”

“Love ’em and leave ’em, huh?” Lara inquired.

“Something like that,” I replied.

Her lips were very full and inviting. And I instinctively knew that she wanted to be kissed. I had to lean down to make up the height differential, but I was rewarded for the slight effort as her lips pressed to mine. Her tongue darted into and out of my mouth, and her hand began to rub the front of my jeans. Her search ended when her palm found my bulging tool. As we continued to lock lips, Lara guided me backwards to Cheryl’s bed. And I obeyed and lay back on it.

Lara leaned in on top of me; her hands had now thoroughly worked my cock into a frenzy by massaging it through my jeans. She undid my button fly and pulled my jeans south. My manhood tented my plaid boxers, straining the cotton fabric obscenely.

Now I am a big boy all over. When I graduated high school I was six foot, three inches tall and weighed over two hundred twenty pounds of shredded, ripped muscle. I had no problem getting a place on the college team and a full football scholarship.

I was also extremely well üsküdar escort hung, and Lara soon found that out when she mercifully unleashed my straining hard on into the humid air of the room. She took in my thick, full almost ten inches of dick and purred, but said nothing else, as her hands circled my significant girth and pumped me like a piston, her mouth sucking the top of my rod.

I was out of my mind with unexpected pleasure. My hands reached around her back and untied her bikini top. It fell lightly onto my chest. I moved my hands so they were between me and Lara and took in the view of her breasts. They hung low, with hard pink nipples. I groped her tits with mounting excitement as she slid her hands over my erect shaft.

Lara gurgled around my cock. She was responding to a squeeze of her sensitive nibbles.

I could tell my stick shift was being driven by an expert. She worked my head between her thumb and forefinger and spread my pre-cum along the shaft for lubrication. Just as I felt my balls tingle, she released my johnson and sat back on the bed.

Lara finished the removal of her threadbare jean shorts, and then wriggled out of her blue bikini bottoms.

I quickly pulled off my shirt, boxers and jeans, just to make things equal and to let her take in the muscular torso that accompanied my championship dick.

Our bodies meshed back together. I reached down and began to finger Lara’s moist tunnel. She rewarded me with a good long squeeze of my cock. I began to pump my index finger into a well-lubricated hole, while my thumb sawed her engorged clit. Her moans of pleasure told me I was hitting all the right spots.

With startling ferociousness, Lara shifted her weight and sank her face into my crotch. I had to strain a bit to keep up with her movements, but I nearly lost consciousness when her mouth hit my cock. She concentrated her first kisses onto the very tip, pushing her tongue tip into my slit and rimming the whole head with admirable precision.

I nearly blew my load right then and there. I had never received a blowjob quite like this one. Lara, however, was very into it. She worked her way down my shaft, licking the sensitive skin along the underside and occasionally teasing my tingling flesh with her front teeth. I reciprocated as best I could by adding my middle finger to my index finger’s invasion of her steaming hot hole. My finger pumping matched her frenetic licking until we both were about to let loose.

I was the first to succumb.

My dick jumped and, before I could help it, squirted cum into the back of her throat. Lara swallowed like a trooper and even managed to suction a little more of my seed out. Through it all I soldiered on as my fingers continued their assault of her cunt.

She released her mouth from my cock and moaned. I jammed a third finger into her slit, and she went off like a firecracker; screaming with pleasure.

The force of her orgasm drove her into my chest. I gently stroked her hair, still basking in the rush of feeling from the incredible blowjob she had just administered to me. She moved over to my side and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks,” I said, meaning it.

“Cheryl doesn’t know what she’s missing,” she breathed.

I stared at the ceiling, but Lara, recovering, was now striding confidently out of the room, going to take a shower.

Her eyes were half-closed, and she had a serene, sly smile on her face. I followed her to the door with my eyes, the swaying in her ass, firm yet feminine, and the gentle, playful jiggling of her breasts brought back the tingling in my balls. But I continued to lay there, savoring the feeling and thinking things through.

I thought for a second and then came to the conclusion that I was thinking too much.

I got up and went for my wallet in my jeans pocket. Inside was a condom that I kept stocked for just such an occasion. My rod had never fully subsided from the blowjob and with a few strokes it was primed again. I took the Trojan Magnum XL rubber out of its gold foil wrapper and slid it down my shaft, getting a nice, snug fit.

I heard the water running and got up and went in the shower with Lara. I thought at first she was startled to see me, but then I happily learned that she wasn’t.

“‘Bout time,” she said, smiling.

She put her arms around my neck and stood on her toes, lips finding mine. My hands slid down her back to her soft ass, holding her ass cheeks as she kissed my mouth over and over.

She sent her tongue eagerly into my mouth as I pulled her body against mine. My covered dick slid against her stomach as her tongue explored my mouth. She pulled back from me a little, bringing her hands down between our bodies and grabbing my long, thick cock.

My hands caressed her breasts as I began to kiss under her chin and down her neck. We were both breathing heavily as I made my way down her chest. My lips brushed against her wet skin as I brought a hand down between tuzla escort her legs. I ran my fingers over her and she parted her legs slightly.

As my lips engulfed the nipple of her breast, my fingers could feel the soaking wetness of her slit. Lara lifted her left leg and placed a foot on the side of the tub, giving herself to me. I briefly stared at her beautiful pussy. Her pink lips were swollen and quivering, surrounded by neatly trimmed curls of her pubic hair.

I placed my mouth over her cunt and slipped my tongue inside her. She sighed, running her hand back behind my head, guiding me. My tongue twirled around inside her, tasting her. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth, running my tongue up and down them as she squirmed above me.

My hands were gripping her ass tightly as I released the lips of her cunt. I slowly licked up her slit to her sensitive clit, and she gasped. Her hand was pushing my head into her a little harder now, as I was now in an area where she wanted me to stay. Her chest was heaving as she breathed laboriously. My tongue teased over her clit, running up and down over it lightly.

I sucked her tiny button into my mouth, running my tongue back and forth over it rapidly, forcing the helpless girl over the edge. She moaned and called out, wincing as an orgasm washed over her. She rubbed her pussy against my face as she came. Then I stopped, pulling my head back, and got to my feet. She was panting, still trying to recover as my lips found hers. She kissed me back breathlessly, sloppily.

She needed me, I could tell.

I spun her around roughly. My cock twitching to be inside this girl, her ass bent naked over before me. I had spun her around to jam my cock into her, but now I found myself helplessly sinking to my knees again behind her.

She was no doubt caught by surprise so when she felt my lips kissing her ass cheeks. I used my hands to spread her cheeks apart, massaging them as I kissed all over each of her cheeks. I could see her tight little asshole, and her swollen pussy underneath, and my kisses went closer and closer to her crack. I kissed her slit, and she gasped again.

I buried my face in her ass as my tongue slid back into her cunt, tasting her once more. Lara now had her left foot in the tub and her right foot on the edge of the tub as she gave herself to me completely. My tongue relentlessly licked at her slit, and she squirmed, toes curling.

I kissed her pussy one more time before slowly licking at the skin that was between her pussy and her asshole. She sighed, my tongue teasing her. My tongue circled her tight asshole as my hands spread her ass wide apart.

I forced my tongue into her asshole, and Lara was caught off guard. She made no move to stop me. I began to slide my tongue in and out of her asshole as my hands caressed her ass. I ran my one hand underneath her, rubbing her slit as I tongued her asshole.

She moaned and sighed softly. She began to rub her pussy against my hand as I licked the inside of her hole over and over. Still rubbing her clit with my fingers, I ran my tongue back down to her slit and licked at it. She was leaning forward with her hands on the edge of the tub as I ate her out from behind, my fingers manipulating her clitoris.

My mouth engulfed her pussy, my hand being replaced by my tongue on her clit. She cried out. But I was too horny to keep licking her. I didn’t want my condom to go to waste, so I stood up behind her while she quivered and moaned, trying to regain control of herself.

I let my fat cock club her ass cheek, slapping at her a few times.

“Put it in!” she gasped insistently.

I ran my thick cock down the crack of her ass as she bent over further for me. I ran the head down her slit until it reached the entrance to her treasure.

I pushed forward, I could feel her tight, hot pussy stretch wide and allowing the first couple of inches of my dick to penetrate inside. She moaned.

While the shower beat down on my back, I pulled my dick out of her. I could see the pink lips of her pussy pull outwards along with my thick cock as I withdrew it. I put it back in position and pushed hard.

She cried as I forced more than half of my huge dick into her. I grabbed the soft sides of her tanned ass and began to fuck her wet pussy using only half of my dick. She needed to get used to my size. Then Lara purred. My cock felt so nice gliding in and out of her twat like that. Then I jammed my entire cock into her, pressing my groin hard against her ass.

I loved how her hot pussy gripped my manhood, and I began to really fuck her from behind. I slapped against her ass over and over, causing her cheeks to shake with every impact.

She moaned with each stroke of my long rod slamming into her needy cunt over and over again. The rhythmic slapping went on as my groin hit against her wet ass. Her tits were swinging back and forth to the rhythm as my stiff rod filled her hole faster and faster. She let out a long moan.

Her cunt was pulsating around my cock as I continued to jackhammer into her. But then after what must have been twenty minutes, I felt myself losing it. This chick was just too hot, and seeing her all wet like this, seeing her beautiful ass…that was all it took.

I grunted, and then managed crudely, “Can I cum on your face?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32