Fragments Ch. 02

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I sit on the floor and massage my sore cock. I do not know how many days it has been since I awoke and I still have no clue as to who I am or where I am at. However, my current problems seems to have not changed my sex life. Then again, I can’t exactly remember what my past sexual habits were like but if those images from before were any indication, this is entirely normal for me.

I stand and stretch my legs. I must say I have been well taken care of. My food has been brought by four different women (four meals equals a day and a half, I hope) and each of them has fucked me. One was cute dressed as a schoolgirl, one looked like a fuckin’ supermodel, one was dressed conservatively, and the other arrived naked. They each had different bust sizes ranging from what appeared to be 32c (the schoolgirl) to 36DD (the supermodel) and they all looked different but they all were very sexual people and they all were eager to have a piece of me.

The sex has been great but I keep hoping to see the brunette that had greeted me upon my awakening. The other women had managed to bring me to orgasms but none had been as powerful as that first one. More importantly, none had been able to trigger any images as I experienced with the brunette.


The one word written on the scrap of paper left by the mysterious woman haunts me.

I realize that I need to use a bathroom and the floor opens up and at toilet rises up. It surprised me the first time it occurred and I still haven’t been able to figure out how they know when I need to go but I have more important questions on my mind.

My business is done, the toilet lowers itself and I begin to pace.

A short time passes and the door slides open. The brunette walks in. Instead of a revealing outfit, this time she is wearing a black jacket with matching dress pants. A white shirt and thin black tie finishes the outfit and she looks stunning.

“How are you,” the question takes me by surprise for that is the first non sexual statement I have heard from any of the women.

“Confused,” I say.

She nods.

“That is to be expected.”

Her professional manner does not waver as my cock begins to rise as my thoughts flash back to her riding me and my eventual powerful orgasm.

I grin and apologize.

“That is to be expected,” she says calmly as my erection makes itself fully known.

I can not take it any more. Rage begins to build up and I explode.

“What the fuck is going on?”

My shout does not have an effect on her.

“Soon,” she says and touches my hand.

“What the hell does that mean,” I ask and jerk my hand away.

She says nothing and leaves.


Sleep came easily but I find myself abruptly awaken by a burning sensation . I look down to my hand and notice a red welt forming around the area the woman had touched. I rub it but the sensation becomes illegal bahis stronger. My dick instantly springs to life and I am suddenly reminded of the taste , smell, and touch of the brunette as she fucked me.

I find myself stroking my hard member and the burning grows. As it intensifies, so does my lust and soon I am pounding my thick cock until I cum once more. I am surprised that I had much semen left at all but explode and then collapse onto the floor.

A warm summer breeze awakens me and I find myself lying in a hammock, on a porch, near an ocean. The sky is bright blue and the sun’s rays feel wonderful as they cover me.

I look myself over and find my nakedness gone. I am clad in a white muscle shirt and loose khaki shorts. I stand and look at the calm ocean. A few seagulls fly overhead and I find myself at peace.

The sand burns my bare feet as I walk onto the beach. I take a few steps out and turn around to see a very small beach house. I find it familiar but do not recognize it. There is a road behind it but I neither see nor hear any sign of traffic. I look at the mountains that are set behind it. As I stare at them and then back at the house I soon realize that I still have no idea as to where I am.

Is this a dream?

Am I still lying on the floor, in that white prison, with a sore and limp cock?

Or was that prison a dream and this is reality?

Either way, I still have no memories.

I begin to walk towards the house, hoping for some clues. I open the screen door, step in, and am not surprised to find the main room completely empty. I walk into the kitchen area and find nothing. I step into the hallway and look at two doors. I open one and want to scream as I stare into another empty room.

I walk back into the hallway when a low moan grabs my attention. The moan continues and I am not surprised that it is female in origin. I walk to the other room, turn the knob, and open the door very slowly.

This room is also empty except for two items. The first being a king size canopy bed that sits directly in the middle of the room. The second being a lovely woman in that bed masturbating with a dildo.

I am mesmerized by her. I do not know her but she does seem familiar to me. Her short dark hair is wet with perspiration. Her breasts are huge, probably triple D cup, and her nipples are big but she is a gorgeous woman who looks to be in her early thirties. From what I can tell, it looks like she keeps up with her body.

`My eyes roam south and I stare at her wet, swollen, and shaved pussy. She continues to moan as she continues to thrust the dildo into her. She then pulls the toy out and I notice it is not a very big but very realistic looking. She kneels on the bed and holds the dildo below her. I watch as she squats over it and slowly descends her ass onto it.

My cock begins to stiffen as I watch her take the fake cock into illegal bahis siteleri her ass. The toy is well lubricated form her juices so it has no problems parting her opening and sliding right in. As it enters, she lets out a large moan.

“Oh yes…”she cries out. “Fuck me, Jake. Fuck my ass!”

“Jake,” I ask myself. “Who is Jake?”

She begins to ride the toy and my cock reaches full erection. She reaches down with one hand and begins to rub her cunt. The other hand travels to a breast and she begins to play with it; massaging her hard nipple, and squeezing it.

“Oh yes, baby…”she moans. “Fuck me hard! Ram that long, hard, stiff cock into my ass.”

As she continues to fantasize, I reach into my shorts and pull out my dick. I begin to stroke it and can only continue to stare at her. I watch as she moves her hand away from her breast and onto the bed for support.

She quickens her pace and I begin to match my strokes with her intensity. I see her body tense and, as she orgasms, she pushes a finger into her wet pussy and screams. She holds that pose for a couple of minutes and I marvel at the sight as I continue to jerk at my throbbing cock. After a few minutes she arises from the dildo and lies down.

“You can come in, ” she says and I freeze.

“I know you are out there, sweetie,” she continues as she slips under the covers. I remove my hand from my dick and wonder what to do. I question whether I should run but her beauty and passion is almost equal to that of the brunette’s and I find that I do want her. I want her very bad, indeed.

I open the door and walk into the room. As I travel towards the bed , I strip my clothes and am completely naked when I crawl into the bed and slide next to the woman. She whistles as she reaches over and grabs my rod.

“It is gorgeous, isn’t it,” she seductively whispers as she begins to stroke it.

I lie back and moan as she runs a hand over my hairy chest and continues to play with my cock.

“Did you like my show,’ she asks looking into my eyes.

I stare into her dark brown eyes and nod.

“Yes…” I whisper.

“God, yes…” she moans as she begins to jerk my dick even harder. “I have wanted that for a long time. I just never knew how to tell you. I was afraid.”

She lowers my head and any confusion I have is momentarily gone. Even though I still have no clue as to who she is, a wave of familiarity washes over me and I am, once again, at a temporary peace. I run my fingers along her back and I know that if I touch this spot…

She arches her back and purrs with pleasure.

My hands continue to farther until I am massaging her perfect cheeks. I look up at her and watch as pleasure ripples through her body as I slowly bring a finger to her anus. She arches her back again when I touch it. Her eyes had been closed but they suddenly open and I can see nothing but raw lust canlı bahis siteleri in her eyes. She forces her mouth onto mine and we kiss.

She withdraws her hungry mouth and begin to travel down my body with her tongue.

She stops at my nipples and licks them and I moan. She then bites down on one and it is my turn to arch my back as a jolt of pleasure travels through my body. I did not know I even liked that begin done to me and I grin. She looks at the smile on my face and continues to run her tongue down my belly and stops at my shaven cock.

My dick slides into her mouth and I moan. She fondles my balls and then runs her finger to my asshole. I try to protest but she will not. She roves my cock and replaces it with one of her fingers. She sucks it for several minutes, brings it to my mouth so I can lick and, after I do so, she removes it and brings it down to my anus. She takes my cock in her hungry mouth and rams her finger into me.

I moan.

I had no idea how good it felt to be fingered while being sucked. I gasp.

She continues to do this for several minutes but she stops before I can cum.

” Don’t stop,” I plead as she looks into my eyes.

“I want you in me, ” she says as she licks my cock once more.

I now what she wants and I look at her as she spreads her legs and squats over my cock. Memories of her earlier activities rush to my mind as she holds my cock and inches her ass to it. I can feel her hot hole pressing against my tip and she slowly descends upon it.

She is very tight and she gasps as I begin to enter her. She has to stop a few times but soon she has impaled herself on my dick and has taken every inch.

She bends down, gives my a deep kiss and then proceeds to ride. She starts slowly but soon quickens her pace. I quickly feel the need to cum and I try to suppress it for as long as I can so that she can enjoy her desire.

I reach down and begin to rub her pussy. This excites her.

“Yes…”she cries. “Rub my pussy…”

Soon I begin to tense up and she knows what is about to occur. She raises her ass until she is at the head of my dick. I think she is going to pull me out and then have me cum but she surprises me as she slams her ass down and takes my long cock back into her. She does this two more times and I cannot take it anymore. Ecstasy completely engulfs me as I cum in her ass.

She uses her ass to pump my cock of all its’ cum and when she is finished she falls down next to me.

“Yes…” she moans as she fingers her nipples. I cannot say anything for I am very content.

She snuggles next to me.

“I love you, Jake.”

I am taken by surprise by that statement and turn to face her.

Her beauty is the last thing I see as my surroundings begin to blur. I scream out for it to stop but it does not. Before her face completely disappears, my heart screams out…”I love you too.”

When my environment stabilizes I wake up and find myself lying back on the white floor, naked, and begin to weep. Gone is the beach house. Gone is the bed. Gone is the mysterious woman.

I am back in my prison lying in my own cum.

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