Forest of Dreams Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Thanks once again for all my lovely reviews. Angel, Eyehawk, Siren, Laura and Jasmine all deserve credit once more for providing support and inspiration.



I picked up the toy, once again marvelling at the realistic feel of it. The slightly loose cover on the shaft, the shape, the fake foreskin that looked so real, other than the fact it was pale blue.

I stared into Angel’s eyes, “Ready, my love?”

“Always with you, Sorceress,” she replied, the look of desire and heat in her eyes giving me little shivers and twinges inside.

After so many orgasms I was surprised how ready we both still were. Our world obviously had other, deeper effects on us.

I placed the bulb at her entrance, marvelling as always at how beautiful her pussy was. Her lips were puffy, dark, crinkled and, along with her inner pinkness, glistening and wet with our juices. I pushed gently and she opened easily to the toy. When the widest part had gone in I watched as it was subsumed and the cup followed the shape of her contours.

She gasped as it moulded to her, “Oh, gods, Sorceress. I can feel your hand on the shaft. It’s like you’re gripping my clit and filling me with your fingers.”

Remembering what she’d done for me I cupped the balls and, while I massaged them, slid my hand up the shaft, sliding the foreskin up over the glans shaped end and then sliding down. I started a slow rhythm, my fingers gripping gently. I saw Angel’s eyes flutter and she let out a deep moan.

“Oh fuck, Sorceress. If you’re not careful I’m going to come before it’s inside you and I really want to feel what that’s like.”

I smiled, “Well, I’d better fix that then, hadn’t I, Angel?”

I was also keen to find out what it felt to be on the receiving end of our amazing new toy so I slid myself over and straddled her, putting my leg across her and, still holding the shaft, lowering myself down, briefly parting my lips to let the tip touch my entrance. I pushed down and felt it enter me.

Angel moaned, “Oh my god. I can feel everything, Sorceress. It’s like my clit is huge and inside you.”

I was in a new world of pleasure. As I lowered myself all the way down I could feel the shaft doing something inside me and, somehow, on my clit. When it was fully in me I rested for a moment but my pussy walls were rhythmically clenching and releasing and where my clit rested on the base it was as if she was being stroked in little circles by the most tender fingers.

“Oh, Angel… it is amazing… I can feel it inside me. It’s warm and like it’s swelling and pushing on my spot. I think I could come just sitting here.”

I leaned down and lay on her, taking her hands in mine, pushing them above her head as our breasts squished together. We started kissing deeply. Our lips locked, our bodies connected at every conceivable point. The feelings inside me were so wonderful, with a gentle intensity that I’d never known before.

I instinctively started a gentle rocking movement, sliding back and then forward a little which pushed me even closer to a new high.

Angel moaned and broke the kiss, managing to croak, “I’m close, Sorceress. Really close. It’s going to be huge.”

We didn’t change the pace of our lovemaking, there was no need, it was perfect and I could feel movements in me that told me how close she was. I rode with her and could feel my own release about to explode in me.

“I’m coming, Angel,” I managed to whisper.

As it crashed through me every single nerve cell inside my cunt seemed to burst out, my clit seemed fused with the release. It carried on, and on, and on. Angel moaned loudly, practically a scream of pleasure, shouting “Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes!”

I was suddenly aware of feeling fuller and a lot wetter as my orgasm continued. I wasn’t moving any more. I didn’t need to. The feelings washed on and on, my mind shutting down any higher functions for a while, just absorbed in the beautiful peace of the whirl of pleasure in and out of me.

After some eternal time of beauty we both started to come back to consciousness.

I blinked my eyes as I watched Angel’s open. A thousand yard stare suddenly returning to the here and now.

I saw tears in her eyes and mine filled as we kissed, gentle, romantic, loving kisses that were enhanced by the wonderful feelings still going on inside me.

Finally Angel said, “Beautiful. So beautiful.”

I smiled and, placing a soft peck on those beautiful lips, said, “And so are you, my love.”

Her broad grin lit up her face, “I meant the lovemaking, Sorceress, but you already know I think you’re beautiful.

I finally sat back up, releasing her hands, and pushed myself up, feeling our toy slide out of me. As it did Angel gasped again.

I swung my leg back over and knelt next to her, taking the shaft of the soaking wet toy in my hands and pulling until it disconnected and slowly emerged.

Angel looked at me, staring between my legs. I watched as she reached a finger out lazily and shuddered casino oyna as she stroked it up between my lips. I could see that I was oozing a little liquid. She took it up to her lips and tasted it and then offered me her finger which I took in my mouth, savouring the flavours of both of us.

“I think the same happened, Sorceress. I’m one hundred percent sure I squirted and it ended up in you.”

I lay down next to her and we held each other and kissed, our hands pulling each other together, stroking each other’s backs and bottoms. We linked our legs and, after so much wonderful exertion, we fell asleep.

I awoke to find Angel staring into my eyes.

I smiled as she said, “Hello, Sorceress. I love watching you sleep. You looked so peaceful.”

I kissed her before saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so rested. I feel full of energy. How long were we asleep? Do you know?”

She shook her head, “No idea. I think time doesn’t really have any meaning here. It’s still daylight so it can’t have been too long.”

I pulled myself up, seeing our toy lying on the bed beside us, sending a wonderful thrill of memory through me.

“I suppose we should wash this,” I said, “although it looks like it’s hardly been used.”

She took it from my hands and examined it, brought it up to her nose and said, “It seems to have cleaned itself while we slept, Sorceress. This world is determined to look after us, it seems.”

I took it and did the same, amazed that there were no lingering scents of our lovemaking.

I raised my eyebrows. “An amazing toy. So wonderful. Siren is going to love it.”

“Oh god, I can’t wait to bring her here. Do you think we’ll be able to do it when she gets home tonight?”

I smiled at her, slid off the bed, holding my hand out and said, “I’d love that, Angel. We should definitely try. In the meantime do you want to do some more exploring?”

She slid off and took my hand, “Yes, Sorceress. I’m not ready to leave our world for a little while yet.”

We left the bedroom and went through the opposite door into the second, shorter hallway. There were two doors, both on the left, and another window at the end providing more of the glorious light. We opened the first door and it led us into an enormous farmhouse kitchen with a giant range, a large pine dining table in the centre and pine cupboards all along one wall. An enormous bay window looked out onto the rolling scenery.

“You think we can cook and eat here, Sorceress?”

I thought about it and said, “I don’t see why not. We swam in the lake, I tasted the water. Imagine having a dinner party with Siren, you and me. That could be fun.”

She got a mischievous look on her face, “Oh yes. Food fun. I’ll tease you with a banana.”

I laughed and we took each other in each other’s arms once again, naked bodies pressed together, savouring the delicious sweetness of our love.

We left the kitchen and went to open the last door.

We both gasped as we were presented with an enormous room, a giant patio door on the opposite side, with tiles all around a gigantic swimming pool, it’s water shimmering with reflected light.

“How, Sorceress? It’s bigger than the whole house. It can’t have been here when we were walking down because the house didn’t look big enough.”

“I don’t know, Angel. I suppose this world doesn’t obey the normal rules. We already know that from everything else like the mattress, the clothes, the toy.”

She got a thoughtful look on her face. “I wonder…”

“What do you wonder, Angel?”

She took my hand, “Come with me…” and practically ran, headed off back down the hall, through to the main hall and out into the garden, once more we were standing in the warm sun, naked and gloriously free, the grass under our feet.

“Are you ready, Sorceress?”

“Ready for what, Angel?”

I gasped as we both lifted off the ground. To begin with we were just hovering, but slowly we lifted higher and higher into the air until we were perhaps two hundred metres above the ground.

Holding on to her hand, a little scared, I said, “You’re doing this, Angel?”

She stared at me and smiled, “I think so. I just thought about us flying and we were.”

I swallowed, “So I shouldn’t let go of your hand. I don’t want to fall all that way.”

“So let’s see if that’s true,” she said.

I was really scared, “You want me to let go? What if I…”

She somehow managed to pull me to her and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her and she stopped me talking with a kiss. I was now lost in our love but felt a slight movement of the air seemingly rising around us.

When she pulled back she smiled, “No, my love. I would never do that. We’re now only just above the ground if you look.”

I looked and, sure enough, she’d brought us back down to near the front door of the cottage and only about thirty centimetres above the grass. She uncurled her arms from me and I let go of her, expecting to fall, hoping I didn’t.

The slot oyna hope was clearly enough. I just stayed, hovering there on my own, looking at Angel. I giggled and that set her off and we just floated there, giggling for the longest time. The feeling of being weightless but having weight was confusing but it didn’t stop me thinking about twirling as we laughed and I did, my body started to spin and my hair floated out to the sides. Seeing me, Angel joined in and started rotating in the opposite direction, her long, black locks lifting up. I found that all I had to do was think about where I wanted to move and I was moving. It felt like second nature.

I slowed my spin down and stopped so I was facing Angel and watched as her beautiful body span slowly to a halt. We were ‘standing’ there in mid air, facing each other with enormous happy grins, staring into each other’s eyes.

I watched as Angel struck her fist up in the air and flew up in a Superman type pose. I followed, laughing as we both rose back up high. Stopping a few hundred metres up once more we looked down on the cottage. It had indeed grown from what we had seen when we first saw it. We could see the layout had added the large room out to the side and back of the property.

We were now floating, face down and I slowly turned to take in our beautiful world. I could see the rock formation on the other side of which was our waterfall, lake and the forest with the glade through which we’d entered the world. On the other side of the forest I could see a mountain rising up. It seemed to have snow on the upper slopes and had a very flat top, as if someone had come along with a huge knife and sliced the cone cleanly off. We could make out some trees around the top edge.

“Angel,” I said, “Let’s go and visit that mountain.”

She looked and breathed in, “Oh, no. There’s snow! We’re naked! It will be freezing, Sorceress.”

“Well, we can always leave if it’s cold, but it looks beautiful.”

She looked at me dubiously but eventually said, “Only if I can try something else first.”

I raised an eyebrow and took in the gorgeous sight once more of my lover, more precisely one of my lovers, her beautiful face, those wonderful breasts, the chocolate brown of her skin shining in the glorious sunshine.

“Okay what do you want to try, Angel?”

“Roll onto your back, Sorceress. Please?”

I happily obliged, rolling over onto my back. I watched as she moved towards me so that she was facing me, on top of me. She kissed me and we wrapped our arms around each other once again. I thought that was all she wanted to try but then she released herself and I was floating there, arms out to my side, somehow I obviously felt at some visceral level that I should at least make the pretence that I was flying under my own power, and she slid down, placing kisses on my neck, my breasts and on down.

As she placed a kiss on my mound I felt her hands on my thighs, pushing them open. I happily spread them, displaying myself to her gaze. She moved down between my legs and then started licking in long strokes up from my entrance, between my lips and up to my clit.

I was in heaven. The warmth and tingles inside and outside my pussy had been growing with our kisses and her kisses on my body, but now they magnified as her tongue explored me. I looked down to see she was now vertical, between my legs, staring back up at me as her tongue circled my clit.

Without a conscious thought I started to spin my body slowly and she automatically moved with me so that she was at first vertical, then straight out, then upside down and on round and round. I didn’t spin too quickly, I didn’t want us to get dizzy, but the very act of spinning was in itself new and wonderfully erotic.

I kept my eyes open, watching and feeling as my orgasm approached. I worried for a moment that when I came I would somehow lose the flying ability and that we’d tumble to the ground but I also thought that our world would look after us no matter what. This delayed my orgasm for a few seconds until I couldn’t do anything but give myself up to it and my perfect lover.

The warmth spread out from my centre, my muscles spasming gorgeously inside me as the rush went through me and I screamed out, “I’m coming, Angel. Fuck. I’m coming. Oh god, oh god. Fuck!”

I was vaguely aware as my senses drained away in the beauty of my orgasm that my voice echoed back to me, possibly from the rocks or the mountain, but I ignored it and just let the beauty of my orgasm run through me. I slowly returned to some level of sense and opened my eyes. We were still slowly rotating and Angel slowed her tongue and placed a soft kiss on my clit before sliding up and over me again. We kissed and I tasted myself as we held each other, still slowly turning, our hair flipping down around us and covering us.

I finally said, “My god, Angel. That was amazing. So beautiful. Thank you.”

She kissed me briefly then said, “It was literally heavenly, Sorceress. I got lovely rushes as canlı casino siteleri we spun. In my head, and elsewhere.”

“So, let’s head for the mountain, Angel. What do you think?”

“As long as you promise that, if it’s cold, we head straight back.”

I took her hands in mine and said, “Of course, Angel. I don’t enjoy the cold any more than you do.”

I released one hand and we started moving headlong towards the distant mountain, slowly gaining speed, our hair flying out behind us, the warm air rushing over our bodies. It was glorious and we looked down as we flew, seeing the waterfall, the river and the forest rushing below us. As we approached the top of the mountain we could see that the whole of the top was filled with a giant lake with Jasmine trees all around it, and snow all the way up to the water’s edge. The lake was a shimmering blue.

Angel said, “Let’s land in the water, Sorceress. I don’t want to land on cold snow.”

“Yes, Angel. Good idea.”

We slowly descended and the waters rippled as our feet lowered into the lake. We were both pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the water as our feet finally touched down on the bottom, which was firm but not rocky. We were about five metres from the snowy shoreline, the water just at our waists. The heady and exotic scent of Jasmine was wonderful and seemed to have a restorative effect.

I breathed in deeply and saw that Angel was doing the same. I said, “God, that is a wonderful scent. We need to christen this place. How about ‘Jasmine Lake’?”

She smiled and said, “Perfect, Sorceress. Jasmine Lake. Siren is going to love this place as well.”

“I think our Siren is going to love every place here, Angel, as much as we do.”

She got a puzzled look on her face and said, “How come the water is so delightfully warm and there’s snow around it?”

I thought for a moment and was only able to offer, “Because it’s our world and our rules, I suppose. How about a snowball fight?” I said, laughing.

She let go of my hand and started heading to the shore and I followed in her wake, watching as her beautiful bottom slowly rose out of the water, watching the shape of her thighs as she walked, marvelling at my lover’s elegance and beauty as I always did.

She took the first, tentative, step up onto the snow and gasped.

“Sorceress, come and feel it.”

I was surprised when she took a few steps into it and then lay down. It was fairly deep, clearly, and the snow was obviously neither loose or tightly packed.

“Angel! Don’t get cold! We don’t want one of us getting sick here.”

She laughed and I watched as she spread her arms and legs out. She stared at me, “Our world could never do that to us, Sorceress. It really isn’t cold.”

I took my first step up and was shocked when I felt the snow. It felt like snow under my feet, but it was warm, about the same temperature as Lake Jasmine.

I stepped towards her and looked and giggled.

“My Angel has made a snow angel,” I said, taking in the wonderful contrast between her dark skin and the snow. Her black hair fanned out around her head. I knelt down next to her and felt the warm flakes on my calves and knees. I picked up a handful of snow and let it crumble down over her, the flakes making a wonderful pattern on her skin. It didn’t melt, of course. It was warm to start with.

A few flakes landed on her mound and between her legs and she gasped, “Oh god. That feels amazing, Sorceress. It’s making me tingle again. A lot.”

I scooped up another ball of snow and gently massaged it into her breasts, feeling her nipples spring to attention under my touch. She moaned softly, her eyes closing.

Taking another scoop I scooted around and sat between her open legs. I placed the snow on her mound and gently spread it out and down over her engorged clit and puffy, wet lips.

She let out a whisper, “Oh yes, yes, Sorceress. That feels so wonderful. Like everything is tingling inside and out.”

Intrigued I sat down in the snow and let myself sink in a little and, sure enough, where my pussy contacted the snow I felt an immediate warmth and my desire and lust rose in me. Our world was intent on giving us continual pleasure and I was not about to complain.

Lying down between her legs, my own pussy delightfully buried in the warming snow, I pushed a little snow up towards her entrance and inside her, following with my fingers.

I felt her flinch and then her pussy walls clamped on me. She moaned out, “Oh yes, yes. Everywhere. It is in me, on me, lighting me up. I am going to come for you, my Sorceress.”

I placed my mouth over her engorged clit, tasting her combined with the snow which had a slight scent and taste of Jasmine and she clasped her hands in my hair. As she did this the snow on my pussy was driving my own temperature up. She started shaking and I stroked her spot inside as I flicked my tongue on her clit. The snow between my legs and on my breasts was pushing me closer as I felt her orgasm start and she started crying out. As always with Angel, when she comes it drives my own feelings higher and just as she was starting to calm I was surprised by the onrush of my own orgasm, one of the most beautiful because it was achieved without touch.

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