Fishing Club Ch. 03

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During the next two weeks, I worked during the day and then saw Amy in the evening. Most nights, Jill came with me. We would go out to eat, return to Hank and Amy’s house, and hang around.

Amy and I spent a couple of hours in her bed every time I visited. Our lovemaking was athletic some nights and soft and slow on other nights.

Amy and I walked into her bedroom on Wednesday, a day before our planned fishing trip. Hank, Mark, and I managed to get Friday off work, and we planned to leave for the cabin on Thursday night.

Coming over to me, Amy put her arms around my neck, pressed her mouth to mine, and kissed me. I pulled up the back of her skirt, gripping her ass with both hands. After a few minutes of kissing, we began removing each other’s clothing.

“I’ve missed your big dick,” Amy said as she stroked me.

“I miss you any time we’re apart, Amy,” I said.

Smiling, Amy slid down my body, kissing me as she knelt. She popped my cock into her mouth, moaning as she started bobbing her head. I gripped her hair, something Amy said she liked, as I guided her mouth on my shaft.

Amy moaned around my cock as she looked into my eyes and cupped my balls in the palm of her hand, caressing them. Since we began having sex, I learned to control myself and could prolong my orgasms.

Reaching down, I put my hands under her arms and stood Amy up. We moved to the bed, pulled back the covers, climbed on, and I flipped around to lick her pussy while she blew me. We kept up our oral attention for a few minutes, then Amy removed her mouth from my cock, turned around, straddled my hips, and lowered her pussy onto my dick.

“I love fucking you, Josh. You make me so hot,” Amy said as she rode my cock.

“Your pussy feels amazing around my cock,” I said, then I covered her breasts with my hands.

For the next half-hour, Amy and I changed positions several times while fucking each other. Finally, I knelt on the bed with Amy on her back and legs on my shoulders when we reached our mutual climaxes.

As we did almost every time we fucked, Amy flipped around while I stretched out on my back and sucked my slick cock into her mouth while lowering her crotch to my face. I sucked my cum from her pussy and nibbled her clit, causing her to come again as Amy used her tongue and lips to clean my cock and get me hard.

Amy turned around, and we kissed, pushing our tounges into each other’s mouths. I stroked her damp back and rubbed her ass. After a few moments, we headed to the bathroom to shower together.

While we washed one another, I felt there was something on Amy’s mind. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I gazed into her eyes.

“Is everything okay, baby? Did I do something wrong?” I said.

Shaking her head, Amy said, “No, sweetie. You haven’t done anything wrong. Making love and having sex with you is out of this world. I was just thinking about something we talked about before. Do you remember when we talked about our fantasies?”

Smiling, I said, “Yes, I remember.”

“So, have you ever thought about having a threesome?” I nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, me too. Would you have a threesome with me?” Amy said.

“Baby, as we said, we can try anything we want, and if we like it, we’ll keep doing it. If not, we won’t do it again. How will we know if we don’t try?” I said.

“Would you do it with another guy and me?” Amy said.


“I was talking to Jill the other day, and she said it’s really hot to fool around with two men. Do you know what a spit-roast is?” Amy said.

“Sure, it’s when you have a cock in your mouth and another one in your pussy.” I moved my hand to Amy’s butt, pulling her close. “Or in your mouth and ass.”

Giggling, Amy said, “I want to try it someday. I also want to have a threesome with you and another chick.”

“A threesome with two girls sounds fun. Do you have anyone in mind? I know Mark would be down for doing it with you and me. I’ve wondered why you and Mark never got together,” I said.

Amy shrugged her shoulders, then she laughed. “Mark has been trying to get into my pants, but I was with Jill and never did it with him. Now that I know how great fucking is, I would be willing to do it.”

I gave Amy a kiss. “Want me to go get Mark?”

Shaking her head, Amy said, “No. I don’t think he’d be much good after your sister is done with him and Hank.”

“How do you know Jill is with both of them?” I asked.

“I don’t, but when both of them are with her, she usually does. You must think your sister is a slut,” Amy said.

I shook my head as I turned off the water, and we got out to dry ourselves. “As I said before, I don’t think Jill is wrong for doing the things she does. It’s her life,” I said.

I got dressed while Amy put on a pair of panties and a tee-shirt. We went downstairs and found the others in the kitchen. We talked about what time we wanted to leave the next day, deciding we’d take off as early as possible. After reviewing our options, we decided Mark, Hank, and I could get off work at lunch. Amy etimesgut dansöz escortlar and Jill said they could cut their last two classes, so we agreed to try to get on the road by one in the afternoon.

“Are you about ready to go?” I asked my sister. “I have to get up early.”

“Yes, I’m ready.” Jill gave Hank and Mark a kiss. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

I hugged and kissed Amy before my sister and I left. Mark followed us outside, saying he had to get home too.

Jill and I talked about what we needed to pack for the fishing trip as I drove home. At the house, we greeted Mom and Dad, then went up to our rooms. I went to my bedroom and began putting my clothes into my backpack. When I finished, I went to Jill’s room to see if she needed any help.

“Make sure to take something warm. It gets chilly at night,” I said.

“I’m taking sweats and a jacket. I’m also packing a pair of shorts, jeans, and a flannel shirt. Hank said they have a washer and dryer at the cabin,” Jill said, then she chuckled. “Mark and Hank said there isn’t much privacy at the cabin.”

“No, there isn’t. Like I told you, the cabin is one big room with a bathroom,” I said.

“It’s a good thing I’m not shy,” Jill said as she pulled her tank-top off.

“I guess I should go,” I said.

“You don’t have to go, Josh. I don’t care if you see me naked,” Jill said as she skinned out of her shorts and panties.

“You look good naked, Jill,” I said.

Giggling, Jill said, “Thank you.” She put on her sleep shirt.

“I’m going to get to bed. Five o’clock comes early,” I said.

Jill nodded, came over to me, and hugged me. “Thanks for being a cool big brother, Josh.”

I hugged Jill for a moment, then said, “It’s easy with you. Goodnight.”

I stripped down to my boxer briefs, went to my bathroom, and brushed my teeth. When I finished, I went back to my room and got into bed. As I got comfortable, I thought about the changes in my sister. Not long ago, she’d let me see her in her underwear, but not naked.

The five of us gathered at Hank and Amy’s house Thursday at one. We hooked the boat to the truck, packed our gear, and headed north. On the way to the cabin, we stopped for groceries, beer, and a few other things. Finally, at four, Hank backed the trailer into the water, and we launched the boat.

While Hank and Jill took the boat, Mark drove the truck to the cabin. We met Hank at the dock, secured the boat, and walked up the hill. I watched Jill and Amy when Hank opened the door, smiling when the girls looked at the rustic accommodations.

“What do you think, girls?” Mark said.

“I think it’s nice. It isn’t as big as I thought it would be,” Amy took my hand, walking toward the bunks. “Let’s pick our bed.”

We laughed, then Amy pointed at one of the bunks. Jill came over and sat on one next to ours.

“Kind of close, are you, Jill?” Amy said.

“I don’t think so. I want a ringside seat,” Jill said.

Mark walked over and said, “Do you girls want to share a bed?”

Jill glanced at Amy. They giggled and said, “Maybe,” at the same time.

“Let’s off-load the truck. I’m ready for a beer,” Hank said.

We carried our gear from the truck into the cabin. Mark and I put the fishing equipment in the boat while Hank stocked the wood rack, and the girls stowed the food. Once we finished, we all sat outside with cans of beer.

“Can we have a campfire tonight?” Amy asked.

“Sure. We’ll take care of it after dinner. I want to do hamburgers on the grill tonight,” Mark said.

“How cold does it get at night?” Jill said.

“It can get chilly at this time of year. The weather report said it would get down to about forty or so. It will be about seventy tomorrow during the day,” Hank said.

We relaxed on the deck, gazing at the lake and drinking beer until Hank said it was time to start dinner. Mark and I started the grill while the girls went inside to get things ready. After eating, we all pitched in to clean up.

When it started getting dark, Hank built a fire in the firepit. We watched the sunset over the lake and the flames dancing from the fire. Amy sat next to me, cuddling in the brisk night air. Jill sat between Mark and Hank. We drank a couple more beers while Hank talked about our plans for fishing in the morning.

“What time are we going?” Amy asked.

Mark and Hank looked at each other, then they smiled. Hank looked at his sister and said, “Well, tomorrow and Saturday, fishing is for club members. You girls can fish on Sunday.”

“What fishing club,” Amy said.

“Uncle Ted and our cousins started a fishing club when Uncle Ted bought the cabin and made the rules,” Hank said.

“Can we join the club?” Jill asked.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing when Hank said, “Sure, as long as Mark and Josh agree, and you pass the initiation. Other than our cousins, we’re the only members.”

“We should discuss it,” Mark said as he stood up.

Mark, Hank, and I went into the cabin. Hank elvankent saatlik veren escortlar started a fire in the fireplace while Mark got towels from the utility room.

“Are you guys ready?” Hank asked, and Mark and I nodded. “You’re okay with doing this with your sister?”

“Jill’s a big girl. If she’s okay, so am I,” I replied. “I guess I could ask you the same question.”

Laughing, Hank said, “Yeah, and I’d give you the same answer.”

We grabbed beers, a bottle of booze and went outside. After handing the girls a can, Hank removed the cap from the whiskey and took a swig. I went next, then passed the bottle to Mark. After taking a drink, he offered it to Jill. She took a sip, coughed, then took another before handing it to Amy.

“Are you going to tell us what we have to do for the initiation?” Jill said.

“The initiation is two-part. First, you have to jump into the lake. Naked,” Hank said.

“Then what?” Amy said.

“We’ll tell you after you do the first part,” Mark replied.

Amy looked at Jill. “Well?”

Getting up, Jill removed her shirt. Amy laughed as she began undressing. Mark, Hank, and I also started stripping.

“Are you going skinny-dipping too?” Amy said.

“Yes, we wouldn’t ask you to do anything we haven’t done or are not willing to do,” I said, remembering what Mark and Hank told me when I joined the club.

Once all of us were naked, we headed for the dock. Hank told the girls the water was over their heads. We let Amy and Jill go first, watching their asses as they charged toward the lake. The girls jumped, screaming when they surfaced.

“What the fuck! This water is freezing!” Amy said.

Mark, Hank, and I jumped in the water, swam to the girls, and tread water. I guess they were over the shock of the cold because they began laughing. We scrambled to the dock and up the ladder. The five of us ran for the cabin while laughing.

In the cabin, we handed the girls towels. They dried themselves while standing close to the fireplace. It took a few moments for everyone to warm up. With his towel around his shoulders, Mark went outside to retrieve the whiskey.

We passed the bottle around, drinking the warming booze.

“So, what’s the next thing we have to do?” Amy said.

Mark, Hank, and I looked at each other for a moment, moved to the couch, and sat down. I sat in the middle with Hank on my right and Mark on my left.

“Now you give us blowjobs,” Mark said.

Amy and Jill looked at each other. Jill moved closer to Amy and whispered in her ear. Giggling, Amy nodded, then she whispered in Jill’s ear.

The girls folded their towels, moved toward the couch, and placed the pads on the floor. Jill knelt in front of Mark, and Amy knelt in front of me. They reached for our cocks, rubbing our shrunken members.

“These things get small when they’re cold,” Amy said.

“If you keep playing with our cocks, they won’t be small for long,” I said.

Jill and Amy continued playing with our cocks for a moment. Then, they looked at each other, chuckled, and shifted. Before we knew what was happening, Hank and I found ourselves watching our sisters blow us. Jill moaned around my cock while Amy made a wet, slurping sound as she sucked her brother’s dick.

As she sucked my cock, Jill reached between Mark’s legs and stroked his dick. She looked up at me, removed her mouth, and said, “Surprise.” Giggling, my sister took my cock back into her mouth.

Caught up in the moment, I reached over to Mark, pushed my sister’s hand away, and started jacking his cock. Jill looked up with a shocked look on her face. When she raised her eyebrows, I winked at her.

Amy nudged Jill, so my sister removed her mouth from my cock, moved over to Mark, and started sucking him. Amy took me into her mouth, taking over. The two girls blew Mark and me for about ten minutes, then sat back on their heels.

Grinning, Amy said, “It looks like my brother got over his reluctance about incest.”

Jill looked at me. I laughed and said, “I’ve never had a problem with the idea of incest. I’ve wanted to fool around with Jill since she got her tits.”

My sister smacked my leg. “Why didn’t you do something about it?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe you should have, Josh. I’ve had a crush on you forever.”

“Now you have three cocks to suck and fuck, Jill,” Mark said.

“Yup. Too bad you don’t have a sister, Mark,” Jill said.

“I don’t have a sister, but I do have a cousin. She was my first,” Mark said.

“You never told me you and Sandy got it on,” Hank said.

“She and I have been having sex for a couple of years. I never said anything because I didn’t know how you felt about incest,” Mark said.

Hank looked at Amy, smiled, and said, “It felt pretty good to me.”

Jill put her hand on my leg. “Okay, I have a question, Josh. How did you become a member of the fishing club? I thought it was only you, Mark, and Hank when you came here.”

I thought about how to answer my sister. ankara azeri escortlar Grinning, I had a better idea. Shifting on the couch, I knelt, facing Mark. When I leaned over and took Mark’s semi-hard cock into my mouth, I heard Jill gasp. Cradling his balls with my hand, I bobbed my head, taking his entire cock into my mouth and throat.

My sister moved her head closer, licking Mark’s shaft when I lifted my head. She pulled me away, pressed her mouth to mine, and kissed me. I felt her tongue part my lips and slide into my mouth. While Jill kissed me, she jacked Mark’s cock.

“I didn’t know,” Jill said.

Shrugging my shoulders, I said, “Neither did I until we came up here to the fishing camp. I fooled around with my friend when I was younger. We would jack each other off, but it never went any further. I always wondered if I could suck another guy’s cock. While we were here, I found out I can.”

Laughing, Mark said, “Yeah, and Hank and I told Josh he could give you a run for your money, Jill.”

“So, you blew Hank and Mark?” Jill said.

“Yup, and we blew him. It was a great night,” Hank said.

Amy moved over next to Jill. She turned my sister’s head, kissing her as the two girls began making out and touching each other. I sat between Mark and Hank, watching Amy and Jill. When the girls got into a sixty-nine, the three of us began stroking our cocks. By the time Jill and Amy stopped, we were playing with each other.

Taking a break, we drank beer and sipped from the bottle of whiskey, then Jill and Amy went to the bathroom, leaving Hank, Mark, and me alone.

“The other night, while Amy and I were together, she mentioned she’d like to try a threesome. She wants to be spit-roasted, and I think you two should make her wish come true,” I said.

“I’m down for it as long as Amy and you are cool with it,” Hank said.

“I think Josh wants to fuck his sister,” Mark said, then he chuckled. “How do you want to do this?”

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” Hank said.

When the girls came back, Amy sat between her brother and me. Jill sat between Mark and me. We relaxed, finishing our beers.

“I need a shower. Does anyone want to wash my back?” Jill said while looking at me. My sister stood up, reached for my hand, and pulled me to my feet.

As Jill and I headed for the shower, Mark moved closer to Amy. I heard giggling, turned my head, and watched Hank and Mark playing with her breasts.

After I turned on the water and adjusted it, Jill and I got into the stall. She turned to face me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me.

“Watching you suck Mark’s cock was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I had no idea you’re bisexual, Josh,” Jill said as she reached for my cock. “I’m also happy you’re down with incest because I so want to fuck my big brother.”

Gripping my sister’s ass, I pulled her close and kissed her. As our tongues explored each other’s mouths, I thought about the bizarre relationship the five of us had. I found myself naked, kissing my sister in a shower, while my girlfriend made out with her brother and his best friend.

“Did you know Mark and Hank are bisexual?” I asked while gazing into my sister’s eyes.

“Sure, we all have sex together, Josh. You know I like sex with Amy too. Up until now, Hank wasn’t into the whole incest thing. One time while Amy and I were making love, he caught us, and we asked Hank to join, but he said it was too weird,” Jill said.

Chuckling, I said, “I guess having his sister suck his cock changed his mind. I know it changed the way I feel about it.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have a problem with incest,” Jill said.

Shaking my head, I said, “I don’t. Before tonight, it was a fantasy. Now it’s real.” I moved my hands to her breasts. “Now, I get to touch your tits instead of dreaming about it.”

Giggling, Jill covered my hands with hers, pressing them against her chest. “You can play with my tits, or anything else, anytime you want to.”

Jill and I finished our shower, dried ourselves, and went back to the main room. Amy, Hank, and Mark sat together, holding their beers. I grabbed drinks for my sister and me. Amy got up, came over, and hugged me.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Amy whispered.

Nodding, I said, “Have fun.”

Amy, Hank, and Mark headed for the shower. Jill and I chuckled as we finished our beers, headed for bed, pulled the covers back, and got in.

Snuggling, my sister and I came together as lovers, not siblings. We kissed with more passion than I ever felt while we ran our hands over one another’s bodies. I gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger, causing Jill to moan into my mouth. When I moved my hand between her legs and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, she gasped.

“Josh, I need your cock in me,” Jill said.

I rolled my sister onto her back, moved between her splayed legs, pressed my cock against her pussy, and she let out a groan as I penetrated her. Jill hugged my neck as I started fucking her. She straightened her legs, pointing her toes at the bunk above us.

Finding my sister’s mouth with mine, we kissed as I did my best to maintain my steady thrusting while our tongues dueled. Holding her around her waist, I rolled over, putting Jill on top. She placed her hands on my chest, looked into my eyes, and bounced up and down on my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32