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Big Tits

This is a modernization of Pride and Prejudice that I wrote back in college (so some of the writing is a little cringey, but I’ve tried to improve it). I’ve found it recently and reworked and added in some racy scenes. I’ll post chapters as I edit. Constructive comments are appreciated! Enjoy!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in charge of a great fortune must be in want of a wife.

Jack Bennett was not a stupid man. He was in fact considered to be one of the wisest men in Willow Springs, New York, but even the smartest men make mistakes. And Jack Bennett had made two. The first was his marriage. Jack was seduced by the beauty and charisma of a woman ten years his junior and had proposed hastily. Twenty seven years and five children later Margaret Bennett was not the stunning beauty she once was, nor was she as vivacious. Years of being spoiled by her husband who insisted that she not work, but stay home with five daughters had left Margaret a selfish, vain woman. Though Jack knew that he had rushed into a silly marriage to Margaret, he never regretted it because it had brought him five beautiful daughters who he loved more than the world.

Jack Bennett’s second great mistake cost him much more and in the opinion of most of the citizens of Willow Springs actually cost him his life. Jack was a partner in one of America’s leading importers of fine French wine. For nearly thirty years Jack was a careful businessman and he made a great living for his family. But a year before his death Jack signed an exclusive deal with an old French vineyard family and invested quite a bit of money into the partnership.

Only three months later a letter arrived for Mr. Bennett. He took it directly to his office. His second daughter found him there that evening dead, slumped over his desk. The letter said he’d lost his entire investment, meaning the family was almost bankrupt. He left behind a small amount of life insurance which was used up in funeral arrangements and legal settlements.

When the dust settled Margaret Bennett was left alone with five daughters and the only hope for redemption, in Margaret’s mind, was five fine marriages.

Laurel Bennett sat in her father’s office running numbers for the thirtieth time. She knew they would come out the same, but she had to try once more. Laurel was the second oldest Bennett daughter at twenty-five. She had her master’s degree in international business and had always planned to take over the wine import business from her father, but hadn’t planned on it being so soon. Like most days when she worked from home, Laurel had on her thick glasses and her hair was wild around her head, glowing like a lion’s mane in the light from the window.

The numbers came out the same as the first twenty-nine times. Laurel had no idea how they would pay for her younger twin sister’s final year of college. ‘They may not really mind’ she thought. ‘They went more for the socializing than anything else.’ Laurel looked up from her calculations when she heard her sisters come into the house. The youngest at twenty-one, Cydalia and Katarina had been out shopping, not so much for clothes as for dates.

Laurel shut down her computer and tried to push the money issues out of her mind. She grabbed her mug of tea and headed out into the hallway hearing her sister’s voices getting more and more robust as she neared.

“Rachel said he makes fifty million a year!” Katarina squealed.

“Monica said sixty!” Cydalia corrected.

Laurel chuckled as she refilled her mug and grabbed a new tea bag. Her youngest sisters were extremely similar. Identical twins, Cyd and Kat were best friends. Most people couldn’t tell them apart at all. Laurel knew however that Cyd was the real leader of the twosome. Born 16 minutes before Katarina, Cyd never let her forget it and usually made all the decisions.

Laurel sipped her tea as she watched her sisters explaining the exciting news to their mother and Heidi. Heidi was the middle sister of the Bennett girls, and many times lived up to the stereotypes of the role. She had shoulder length mouse-brown hair and almost always wore it up in a tight bun at the back of her neck. Heidi was a written word specialist and technician as she said but most would say she was a librarian. She also taught piano to children in town.

The eldest Bennett girl came down the stairs as Cyd and Kat took a break for air. Jennifer was twenty-six and pursuing her doctorate in veterinary science. Her long chestnut hair was brushed to the side in a long braid.

“What’s so exciting girls?” Jennifer asked.

“Someone bought the Janeway mansion!” Katarina exclaimed.

“Not just anyone!” added Cydalia. “David Miller!”

“Should we know who that is?” asked Laurel.

“Well yeah!…okay maybe topkapı escort not. I’d never heard of him until this morning either.”

Jennifer interrupted, “The Janeway Mansion? Isn’t that the horrid looking house at the end of Baker Street?”

“Yes!” responded Kat. “But it won’t be horrid looking for long. David Miller will make sure of that. He’s worth millions!”

“What does he do?” asked Heidi.

“He’s a video game distributor. He works with companies all over the world, but he’s based out of Tokyo. He’s good friends with the president of Nintendo Gaming!”

“That is pretty impressive,” Laurel agreed as she walked past her sisters and down to her room.

“Wait! Don’t’ you want to hear the rest?” Cydalia yelled after her.

“I’m sure I’ll hear nothing but it for weeks!” Laurel yelled back shutting her door.

The girls kept giggling in the kitchen. “When is he moving in?” asked Margaret.

“Two weeks! Just in time for the Willow Springs fall harvest festival.”

“What a way to welcome him to town.” mumbled Heidi, who also left the kitchen.

“Is he going to live in that big old house all by himself?” Jennifer asked.

“I heard he’s bringing his sister along,” Kat answered.

“I sure hope it’s just his sister.”

The next two weeks were a blur in town. Between preparations for the Fall Harvest Festival and buzz about the new millionaire in town Laurel somehow kept her family afloat. The night before the festival Jennifer, Cyd, and Kat came home from decorating the town square with exciting news. David Miller had arrived.

Cyd and Kat squealed out the story to their mother while Jennifer and Laurel went to their room for a calmer version of the story.

“He’s even more attractive than they described him, Laurel.” Jennifer started. “He and his friend drove through the square on their motorcycles. They just hovered for a moment to say hello and ask what time the festival starts tomorrow night. Mr. Miller was so polite and asked Mrs. Danielson if there was anything he could do to help.”

“Was Brittney there?” Laurel interrupted.

“Yes, she was there with her mother. You should ask her about it, she was closer to them. Maybe she could tell you more about the other guy.”

“What other guy?”

“Mr. Miller wasn’t alone. There was another man also on a motorcycle, but he didn’t say a word and he didn’t take off his sunglasses. A little late for sunglasses this evening if you ask me…but he was very mysterious. I have no idea who he was.”

“Maybe I will give Brittney a call, but first tell me everything about David Miller!”

“Oh, Laurel! He’s beautiful.” She said flopping onto her bed. Laurel laughed. Jennifer wasn’t prone to exaggeration like Cyd and Kat, so this man must be quite handsome. “What a smile! He has the most amazing dimples. He must be 32 or 33 and-brace yourself-he was wearing earrings!”

“An older man and a rebel!”

“I was near the back of the square when they drove up. I didn’t say anything to them but he looked at me once. He smiled.”

“I’m sure he’ll be looking for you tomorrow night then!”

“Don’t get my hopes up!”

“I’m not. I’m just making a logical assumption that this ‘beautiful’ man would seek out the prettiest girl in the county?”

“Like I’m anything compared to the women he meets in New York City and all over the world!”

“We’ll have to see tomorrow night then! Now, let’s pick out what you’re going to wear!”

The Bennetts were among the first to arrive at the town square. Heidi immediately found a corner table to sit at; she wasn’t one for dancing and drinking. Cydalia and Katarina were immediately taken to the dance floor with other young men waiting for them on the sidelines. Jennifer and Laurel found Brittney. Brittney Danielson was their best friend and had been for years although she was two years older than Jennifer. Her mother was the head of the Willow Springs Social Society.

The square was done up in a grand country style. Hay bales lined the middle that had become a dance floor. Leaves were strung between poles like streamers and a local band was set up and performing at one end of the pavilion.

“So when can we expect our exciting new citizens?” Laurel asked.

“Very soon I’m sure.” Brittney answered. “David promised my mother that he would be here with his sister.”

“What about that other guy?” Jennifer asked.

“That, my friend, is Urs Buhler. He’s David’s best friend and worth twice as much. He’s the head of Harley Davidson Switzerland. Rumor has it he’s also romantically attached to David’s sister, Maryann Miller.”

“Is he coming along tonight as well?”

“We’ll see.”

Laurel, Brittney, and Jennifer grabbed some tuzla escort drinks and found a table near the dance floor. They were enjoying their time when they heard two motorcycles pulling up to the square. The music and dancing came to a standstill as everyone in Willow Springs stared at the new arrivals: David Miller, his sister Maryann, and his friend Urs Buhler.

“Well, if they weren’t scared of us already, they sure will be now,” Laurel whispered to her friends. The crowd continued to stare until finally Mrs. Danielson stepped forward to welcome the group.

David shook her hand and the crowd took a collective sigh of relief as the music started back up and the festival continued as usual.

“What in the world was that all about?” Laurel asked Brittney and Jen.

“Seriously, you’d think they’d beamed down from another planet.” Jennifer agreed. The three girls observed David, Maryann, and Urs moving through the crowd. David shook hands as he met people, Maryann gave little nods as her brother introduced her, but Urs rarely looked at anyone.

“What’s eating him?” Laurel commented.

“I don’t know, but be quiet they’re coming this way,” Brittney hushed her.

Jennifer’s cheeks flushed as David and his crew walked to the table where the girls were sitting. He addressed Brittney, “Miss Danielson, you and your mother have set up a beautiful festival.”

“Thank you very much Mr. Miller. It means a lot that you would say that.”

“Oh, it’s David, please. And I don’t believe you’ve met my sister Maryann Miller and my good friend Urs Buhler.” Maryann gave her nod of greeting and Urs actually looked up at the women, seemingly sizing them up.

Brittney did they same and introduced her friends. “These are my best friends, Jennifer and Laurel Bennett.”

Laurel stuck her hand out to David’s, “it’s so nice to meet you.”

David moved quickly on to Jennifer, “Jennifer, you were here last night decorating, right?”

“Yes,” Jennifer managed to choke out.

“I was hoping you’d be here. Would you like to dance?”

Laurel nudged Jennifer when she didn’t answer.

“Yes, of course!” she took David’s extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. Laurel smiled as she watched her sister go, thinking, ‘I told you so.’

Brittney interrupted her thoughts by excusing herself to go refill the refreshment table. Maryann was being annoyed by some other woman of the town and Laurel could see Maryann was not happy about it. Laurel glanced at Urs whose eyes were pointed at the dance floor, but seemed glazed over in boredom.

Laurel yelled over the music to him, “Do you dance Mr. Buhler?”

“Not if I can help it,” was his curt response.

Laurel took that as her cue to remain silent. She stood next to him, awkwardly stealing glances at him from time to time. The fact that he was an incredibly handsome man was not lost on her. His eyes were slightly almond shaped and were the strangest shade of brown-grey that was most alluring. But the eyes were nothing in comparison to his incredibly distinguished jawline. It was chiseled and made Laurel think back to the descriptions of Greek Gods from her ancient cultures class in college. The jaw line was accented by sculpted sideburns that led to beautifully coiffed hair that curled perfectly at the nape of his neck. She was still admiring his perfect cheek bones when he looked at her. She looked away hastily, but knew she was caught. She walked away quickly leaving Urs to watch the dancers alone.

David turned out to be the life of the party. He danced nearly every dance trying to meet as many new people as he could, but he did ask Jennifer to dance more often than any other girl by far.

Laurel and Brittney stuck close together for the remainder of the evening. They snuck back behind a stack of hay bales when they saw an old classmate making his way toward them. They collapsed to the ground in a fit of giggles. They held in their laughter as they heard David and Urs come up behind the bale they were hiding behind.

“Come on, Urs. Try to have a little fun.”

“I see no point in adding to the frivolity of the evening.”

“There has to be at least one girl that you think is worthy of your time. You don’t want to go home alone do you?”

“On the contrary, I find most of the women here to be extremely immature and obnoxious. You’ve already seemed to lay claim to the only attractive girl in town.”

“I won’t fight you that I’ve found the prettiest, but what about her sister?”

“Which one? The matronly one in corner or the loud ones who have been drinking too much?”

“No. Laurel, the blonde one.”

“Ah, she’s…tolerable I suppose.”

“You worry me my friend,” David slapped Urs on the back and went pendik escort off to ask Jennifer for another dance.

The rest was lost as the two men walked on. The giggles had completely disappeared by now as Brittney and Laurel sat behind the hay bales.

Brittney took Laurel’s hand, “I’m sorry Laurel.”

Laurel swallowed and took a deep breath then tried to laugh, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t need the approval of some pompous European wind bag.”

Brittney smiled tenderly. “Plus, if he liked you, you’d have to talk to him!” She laughed.

“Come on. Let’s go dance one more time.”

While Urs was sitting dourly with MaryAnn, both trying to avoid talking to the “locals,” David and Jennifer were having a great time. David had spent most of the evening dancing with her and what time they weren’t dancing he spent watching her.

A slow song came on and David wrapped his arms around Jennifer’s waist. She put her hands around his neck and when he kissed her she readily kissed him back.

“Do you wanna get out of here?” David whispered in her ear, before planting kisses on her neck.

Jennifer laughed and pulled away, “I’m not that kind of girl, Mr. Miller. I need a little more time and effort before I jump into bed with someone.”

“Well it doesn’t have to be in bed…it could be the couch or the shower…” David laughed.

“God, you’re funny AND hot?” Jennifer kissed him again. “Tell you what, why don’t we just go for a walk and get away from the crowd and we see what happens.”

David and Jennifer walked hand in hand away from the crowd and headed toward a nearby park. It was safe to say that everyone at the party noticed the attractive newcomer and the eldest Bennet daughter leaving hand in hand the rumors took off, but David and Jennifer laughed and chatted until they found a deserted park bench.

“My lady,” David gestured for Jennifer to sit and he sat next to her, wrapping one arm behind her to pull her next to him.

“David, I-” but she didn’t get to finish before David’s mouth was on hers. They kissed hungrily and David pulled Jennifer’s legs over his lap while she ran her fingers through his cropped blonde hair. David moved his lips to Jennifer’s neck and then her exposed collar bone. His hand slowly ran up her thigh and under the short skirt of her dress.

“Mmmmmm, David,” she moaned.

He brought his mouth back to hers and her mouth opened to accept his tongue. His hand, under her skirt had reached the apex of her legs and was softly petting the patch of silk that covered her center. He slid his thumb lower to caress her lips through the panties and she moaned again. He laced one finger under the elastic of the panties, but Jennifer stopped him.

“Don’t David, not tonight.”

David was disappointed but didn’t put up a fight. He moved to adjust himself, having grown quite aroused, but Jennifer stopped him again.

“Why don’t you let me take care of that?” Jennifer gave him a coy look.

“Seriously?” David questioned her.

“As long as you promise that this isn’t going to be the only time I see you.”

“I promise!” David leaned back while Jennifer laid her jacket on the grass and kneeled between David’s knees.

She ran a hand over the bulge in his trousers and the other up the inside of his thighs. She deftly undid the button and fly of his pants and reached inside his underwear to stroke his hard cock. David let out a quiet moan at the contact and Jennifer licked her lips. She pulled the trousers and underwear away from his member and gave it a good squeeze while she looked at it. It was a good six inches and plenty thick enough to fill her hand.

She brought her head forward and kissed the tip. She tasted his salty precum and she spread it over her lips. Then before taking any of the shaft, she lowered her head to his swollen balls. She stroked his heavy cock while she took the left, then right, then both testicles into her mouth.

“Oh God, Jennifer, that feels amazing,” David moaned.

“Good,” Jennifer replied coming up for air briefly before going down on his long shaft. She swirled her tongue around the tip then began to bob up and down taking more cock with each trip until her chin rested against his balls. She held her mouth there, opening her throat to accept him fully.

“Holy shit!” David exclaimed.

Jennifer released up to the tip then drove her head back down each time letting his cock rest in the back of her throat until she heard David above her.

“Jenn, I’m gonna cum!”

Jennifer pulled up but kept her mouth on the top couple inches of David’s cock. She pulled the lower shaft until he exploded into her mouth. When the spurts stopped she swallowed the whole load and licked her lips. She gave the tip of David’s cock one last swirl with her tongue and looked up at him.

David looked down at her in wonder and amazement. “That had to be the greatest blowjob I have ever received.”

“High praise from a big city boy,” Jennifer laughed. “Now let’s get back to that party before my mother names our kids.”

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