Finding My Amazing Secret

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As I approached the hotel I was feeling lots of emotions – mixed emotions the whole idea was giving me amazing butterflies and an adrenaline rush but then there was the doubt! You know the kind of doubt where your thinking am I crazy, am I doing the right thing and god knows he could be a lunatic! However the good feelings outweighed the bad because we’d spoken on the phone a lot and text and emailed plenty so my gut was telling me it was all good. The only thing we hadn’t done was exchanged pictures – I did wonder was this cause he was like Quasimodo!!

I needn’t have worried…As he approached me my thoughts were….ding dong let’s just hope he feels the same as I do!

We had a drink and all the while all I really wanted was to kiss him, I watched him as he spoke imaging his lips on mine, his tongue finding mine and too say I was distracted was an understatement so distracted that I asked him if I could kiss him, I needed to know if he could kiss well – this would seal the deal, a few minutes later the deal was well and truly sealed for me now the distraction led too ok I don’t want to be in this bar anymore I want to be in a room with just him so that I could see what else this guy had to offer…

Decision made we left the bar, drinks in hand but I wasn’t really interested in my drink, once inside the lift we kissed properly, pushing our bodies against each other but not being able to touch each other because we had our hands full! We walked to the room with the air of anticipation around us, and I don’t think the door even closed behind us before we were undressing each other, All I wanted was to get on my knees to taste him, feel him in my mouth but he had other ideas… within minutes we were naked and I was lying on the bed with my legs open so that he had full access to my now very wet pussy, his tongue slid up along it teasing me I could feel my clit pulsing as he licked me out I was pushing his head into me I want more I wanted him to devour me, the gentle licking and sucking sensation brought me to a very quick intense orgasm – the first of many that night…god I wanted this guy so bad.

When he moved up along my body and kissed me I could taste myself on his lips, now it was my turn, I moved down along him so that I could take him in my mouth, his hard cock in my hand as I wrapped my lips around it, teasing it with my tongue, flicking my tongue over the tip of it, playing with his balls and looking up to ensure that I was doing the right thing watching his face as I felt his cock tighten inside my mouth, and whilst I really wanted him to cum there and then he didn’t adalar escort have the same wants as me, he pulled me back up to him and lay me down on the bed again, kissing me as his hands and fingers moved down along my body, his fingers pushing my pussy lips apart and his middle finger now just flicking over my clit in between moving inside me I was so wet I came quickly again I really thought I’d never get him inside me almost reading my mind he moved so that he was now between my legs and he pulled one of my legs so it was over his shoulder as his cock teased my dripping pussy I was pushing my body up to him all I wanted was him inside me fucking me hard…I could feel his balls slap against my ass as he fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before, sucking on my hard nipples as he did so…I dug my nails into his shoulders as I cried out in orgasm – I watched him as he continued to fuck me I was so wet I could hear his cock slide in and out of me as he increased his speed and the intensity of his fucking I felt dizzy never had I cum so much in such a short space of time my whole body wanted him to explode deep inside me and when he did the afterglow of my previous orgasms rushed through my body.

As I lay there naked, satisfied and wet very wet I had a feeling the night was only just beginning! After we relaxed and became more comfortable with each other – yeah I know we had been pretty comfortable already, we were both ready for round two. He leaned over and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking it gently and flicking his tongue over it easy to see it was working my nipple turned hard instantly and he teased and tasted it whilst using his other hand to teasing my other nipple, I was getting very turned on again – funnily enough that turned on feeling didn’t really fade whilst I was with him, so as he teased my nipples I could feel his cock rubbing against my thigh and knew that I wasn’t the only one turned on by his actions, as I reached down to stroke him I left out a gentle moan, and moving so that I turned him onto his back as I kissed him and traced my tongue down along his body flicking it over his nipples as I moved lower until I was just where I wanted to be, cupping his balls in my right hand I took his hard cock in my left and lowered my mouth just over the tip of it, I could taste myself from his cock and as I looked up at him I licked down along the shaft, taking his balls in my mouth, god he tasted so good what I really wanted was him back inside me but I had to bide my time – because all good things come to those who wait! So whilst I licked his anadolu yakası escort rock hard cock and tasted his precum and played with his balls I just looked up at him, I adore watching a guy’s face when I have his cock in my mouth it’s a huge turn on to see that I am giving them so much pleasure.

His hands were in my hair encouraging me to suck him harder as I sucked him I could feel my gag reflex working, I wanted to take him so deeply and as fast as he wanted it in me, but I wanted to tease him …get him to the point of no return. As I licked and sucked him I could see he wanted to taste me and without realising it I was back in a place where I was very comfortable, lying there and having the favour returned as he kissed down along my body I could feel his fingers sliding into me, his fingers pushing my pussy lips aside and with his middle one teasing my clit before sliding it inside me encouraging the wetness from inside me, I was soaking and his tongue was tracing my body and before I knew it with a gasp his tongue was deep inside me – fucking me as his fingers teased my clit before he would use his fingers inside me and then his tongue on my clit again, I came on his face with an intensity that rushed through my body.

Before I had to chance to recover from such an intense orgasm I was on my knees bent over in front of him, I could feel his cock teasing my dripping pussy I was desperate to feel it inside me as I pushed back and as he went deep inside me I moaned in pleasure, he knew I was loving what he was doing to me as he gently spanked my ass I could feel his balls against me having him this deep inside me was fantastic, he fucked me gently and slowly working up to fucking me really hard, slapping my ass as he did so. He reached up and pulled my hair gently this had never in my life turned me on before but as a combination of his hard fucking and his gentle slapping I was loving what he was doing to me. He placed his hands on the cheeks of my ass as he fucked me hard – I love being fucked hard, being made moan loudly in pleasure feeling his cock so deep inside me and his hands on my ass just made my orgasm more intense I tried to hold off but couldn’t as I felt my body tighten my pussy clench around his cock as another orgasm surged through my body, I could feel his cock tighten god I wanted to feel him explode inside me as he grabbed my ass, his thrusts became harder and more intense I felt him filling my pussy, hot cum deep inside me.

As I slowly moved to lie down on my tummy on the bed, he moved with me, gently lying over ataköy escort me his hot body against me as he kissed me gently asking “so did you cum” J.

We eventually went to sleep knowing that the morning would bring more of the same, even though we both had to leave early I wasn’t planning on leaving without a smile on my face.

I woke before him and debated if I should wake him, in the end I decided a nice slow stroking of his cock would be a nice way to be woken up so I moved closer to him and gently took him in my hand what I loved about stroking cock is the feeling of it growing hard in your hand, it was smooth but so hard. I was very turned on just doing this and he begin to stir and leaned over to kiss me gently and sleepily, I moved down along his body disappearing under the covers I ran my tongue over his balls and up the shaft circling the head of it with my tongue, pulling back his foreskin I licked the precum from it, I could taste myself on his cock from the night before.

I stopped sucking him and moved so that I could lower myself onto him, feeling him deep inside me as I gently rode him his hand on my tits fingers brushing over my erect nipples, I could have stayed like that all day. As I rode him slowly I could see him thinking of his next move … in a second I was on my back and he was kissing me hard on the mouth his still very hard cock pushing against my dripping wet pussy I ached for him to be inside me. I arched my hips towards him hoping he would go into me but instead he moved down and pushed my legs apart and knelt back watched as he fingered me, his fingers slowly circling my clit and then dipping into me I was so wet I felt like I was glistening. He was stroking his own cock as he watched his fingers bring me to orgasm, My clit was throbbing and I really wanted to feel him fuck me, we’d be slow and teasing up till this point but right now I wanted deep hard fucking, I put my feet against his back and pulled him towards me, moving my legs over his shoulders as he moved his cock thrust into me making me scream out (at a couple of points over the night I did wonder how the people next door were getting any sleep or maybe they were enjoying what they were hearing) as his cock pushed hard into me my pussy was throbbing aching even for him to fuck me he fucked me hard and fast his balls slapping on my ass. I had my tits in my hands and teased my nipples as he was fucking and every so often he would lean down and such them hard and this was making the sensation I was feeling in my pussy much more intense, I came hard on his cock making lots of noise and he fucked me with a final thrust and filled me with his hot sticky cum once again.

As I kissed him good bye about an hour later I did wonder if we would meet again. I had the best night’s sex I’d ever had in my life and certainly wanted more of this guy but I’d just have to wait and see……

To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32