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I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

The words echo in your mind, your throat constricting with the anxiety coursing through you as you follow me through the door of the hotel I’ve rented for my stay. Once you’re through the door, I step around you to shut it, only after placing the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outer doorknob.

We both turn to face each other, encountering a moment of silence.

My ever-familiar grin splits across my face as I belatedly greet you with a “Hai.”

The slightly awkward situation evinces a small giggle from you, and you return the greeting in kind.

Your breath catches and you catch yourself backing up a step as I suddenly stride over towards you. Undeterred by your display of visible uncertainty, I close the gap between us with a full-bodied hug; one arm low on your back, the other in the hair on the back of your head. You feel the grip of my upper hand strengthen as my head moves next to yours.

“Miss Jo…” I whisper. “I’m going to … give you that massage I promised.” I pull back and give you my cheesy grin, knowing full well that you were expecting that statement to contain an entirely different message.

My hands on your hips, I start to guide you backwards until you feel the lax resilience of the bed at the bend of your knees. You let yourself backwards to lay on the bed, but the guiding pressure resists, keeping you seated upright on the crisp, white sheets.

Kneeling in front of you, my hands raise from your hips, catching the lower edge of your shirt and lifting it upwards. Still hesitant about what you’re doing, you don’t move to help me.

“Arms. Up.” Firm, and matter-of-fact, the simple command is all that’s needed for you to comply. Shortly thereafter, you find yourself laying chest-down on the bed, head faced off to the side, resting on a pillow. The feel of the cool sheets against your bared nipples is exhilirating, as is knowing that the pressure on both sides of your hips is me.

You can’t help but marvel at how easily you can let your resistances melt to this person you’ve only seen for the first time today. Can you trust me? Should you? Your heart starts to pulse more quickly as the questions dart through your mind.

You’re distracted by the clinking of glass, followed soon after by the scent of lavender. Oooh… Real massage oil. You hadn’t been expecting that one.

Finally the first contact comes. The oil, slightly cool due to its liquid state, isn’t too far below room temperature, and it warms quickly as my hands work it into your skin. The weight shifts on the bed, and you feel one of my knees lifting.

“Pull your hair off your neck.” I urge, and you comply with your newly-freed hand, sliding it back down to your side once the task is completed.

The weight on the bed equalizes as I settle my knee back down, leaning over your back as I spread my fingers to work at your neck, shoulders, and upper back simultaneously on both sides of your body. The circular kneading motion begins to ebb the tension from your muscles

After what seems to be a painfully short time, taksim elit escort due to your half-awake state, you find that I’ve worked all the way down your back, and now things are getting more racy. You feel my hands working around, underneath your abdomen and picking at the button on the tight, ass- hugging jeans that you’re so proud to wear. The button undone, the zipper follows, and my hands begin to part from underneath you, fingers hooking the open front of your pants as they spread.

Slowly, with no aid demanded or given, the fabric is peeled off of your body. You smile to into the pillow as you hear my breath catch when I see that you’ve worn my favorite panties. Stopping their current assignment, my hands move to your delectable butt to rub over the gorgeous swell of your lace-covered cheeks before resuming their task.

The sound of clattering glass comes again, and a lazy smile grows across your face, glad that your pampering session isn’t yet over.

My hands return to your skin, at the very top of your thighs, my fingertips working underneath the lower edge of your underwear.

That won’t do. You think, and with a mischevious bit of daring, you look back to watch my expression as you lift your hips and hook your panties. Rewarded, as you expected, with a shameless eye-bulging from me, you drag the lacy material agonizingly slowly across the magnificent mounds of my obsession. It’s so easy to tease an ass man. You get another good look as you feel the fabric reach that critical point… just before the elasticity causes it to snap away from the pressure holding it over all your precious treasures.

“Holy fuck.” Is the only expression that comes to mind as your ass is bared to me in person for the first time. You grin at the crude exclamation, remembering that neither my finesse nor bearing are anywhere to be found when confronted by your lovely body.

My hands return to your body, fully exploiting the newly exposed flesh. Firmly I squeeze and knead your cheeks before dutifully continuing the massage down the back of your thighs. You can’t help but squirm as I let my thumbs brush deep between your legs, a scant half- inch away from your lower lips. But my hands continue their journey down your legs, a grim reminder that you’re not the only one able to tease.

You quickly grow over your disappointment at the contact that never came as the massage continues, coaxing involuntary moans and groans to escape your lips. As my hands reach your ankles, your toes curl with excitement that, though the massage is wonderful, it will soon be over, and time for more mutually interesting activities.

But again, you’re surprised. You feel my weight shift around, and peek to see me sitting at the end of the bed with your feet in my lap. Raising one in my hands, I begin to work the sole with my thumbs. I massage the pads and tendons in your feet firmly, excising a quantity of tension that you’re more than glad to be rid of.

Finally. After the long massage comes to a close, you feel my weight shift off the bed. You arch your taksim escort back and point your toes in a deliciously relaxing stretch as you bask in the released tension and the soothing scent of the oil.

You feel my weight return to the bed, and even more suddenly you feel that the vast majority of my clothing has been cast away as I lay down on the side you aren’t facing. My arm reaches over you and pulls your back against me. As your hips settle back against mine, you feel that (unusual though it is) I’m wearing boxers, which aren’t doing anything to hide my condition of arousal at having your naked body in my arms. After a brief moment of cuddling, you feel me raise up and pass over to be in front of you.

Settling back down, I look into your eyes, and you look right back. With a bit of a wiggle I pull you against me, my lips pressing to yours. Perhaps making out in high school was done with more clothing on, but I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity on a such a weak technicality.

After several minutes of moans, groans, chuckles and giggles, I pull away from the wonderful taste of your lips with a satisfied smile.

“There’s something unfair about this situation.” I point out.

“Ya.” You anxiously agree.

“So fix it.” I tell you with my sly grin.

Unceremoniously, you hook my boxers and drag them off my body, freeing my penis from its confinement. Task completed, you look at me with a “Now what?” expression, openly inviting me to give you some more commands.

“Grab it… Kiss it… Lick it…” Order by order, you comply without hesitation, your free hand already moving to play with my balls. Skipping ahead, you start to envelop my cock head in your magnificently inviting lips, but an “Uh-uh.” from me catches your attention. Looking up from your treat to see what I want, you see me rotating a finger in the air. “Turn around. We’re both getting in on this part.”

You grin and squee as you turn around, centering your gaze on my dick and knowing that I’m seeing your pussy, fully, for the first time. Wiggling your hips in anticipation, you moan as you feel my kiss on your upper inner thigh, perilously close to where you want me.

Hoping to entice me to more aggressive action, you wrap your hand around the base of my cock and lower your mouth onto it, slurping half my length down in barely half a second. Rewarded with a buck of my hips, and a shaky “Wh-oa!” You lower your hips (and lips) to my face and descend on my dick once more.

This time your insistence acheives its goal, and you feel my tongue start stroking across your labia. Around and over I lick, dragging my tongue heavily across every piece of your erogenous zone that I can reach. Stiffening, I plunge it into your hole and wriggle it as best as I can, hitting the walls in every direction. Softening, I drag it over your button, stopping suddenly to trap it between my lips and flick my tongue over it, my moans at your administrations sending vibrations through you.

Oh, no. Here it comes. The moment you’ve been dreading and anticipating since the start. taksim eve gelen escort You feel your cheeks spreading apart, and you hear me announce with a loud slurp that I’m getting a finger very wet for what’s to come.

Eeeep! The cry comes through your head, your body freezing up as you feel the pressure of my fingertip over your back door.

“Keep sucking!” I almost yell, accompanying the order with a smack on your ass. The rough treatment snaps from your frozen state. You’re still far from fully revived, however, and you tentatively return your mouth to my cock.

My mouth returns to your pussy, and your whole body relaxes a notch. Your ass isn’t complaining as much as your fears precipitated as the slick finger circles around your hole, applying a minute amount of pressure. The pressure suddenly leaves, but is replaced by a freshly wetted, more insistent fingertip. You’re being penetrated now. It’s no longer on the outside. The first muscular wall of resistance is down… and only one remains. Inside this barrier, the new invader starts to rotate, pressing against every angle of the walls surrounding it, applying some pressure for depth, but not enough to begin breaching the inner passage.

Your hips start to gyrate of their own accord, accepting that to which your mind is reluctant. You like it. Your pussy is throbbing from the merciless licking it’s receiving, and your ass is beginning to relax, ceasing to fight against the relentless, pleasant intruder.

Suddenly, your tunnel is emptied, and you start back into action. Hungrily, you swallow the whole of my cock, slurping it down and swirling your tongue over my glans. Then it comes. A third time, freshly slicked, a finger is introduced to your ass. As firm as you are wet, the finger pushes in and immediately begins to push through the final ring of muscle. Lodged partway through, I can feel you squeezing my digit in tune with the motions your hips are making. This time, the finger does less spinning, and much more pushing and pulling.

He’s finger-fucking my ass! In a flush of comprehension at your newfound love of this feeling, your body starts to contract. You start jerking my cock wildly, gobbling at the tip as your orgasm hits, gushing juices all over my face.

“Condom!” I call out breathlessly from beneath you, once your orgasm subsides. You reach into the box on the corner of the bed and quickly open and apply one to me. “Give me your pussy!”

Panting, you turn around and slide your slit over my cock in one push. You start to bounce up and down, but are interrupted as I sit upright, catching you in my arms. Standing, I turn us around and sit you at the edge of the bed, my cock never leaving your smoldering channel.

Grabbing onto your right hip, I reach my other hand forward to tug on your left nipple ring as I start fucking you earnestly.

Mere moments pass before I start uttering a stream of obsceneties. Withdrawing from your pussy, I strip the latex from my skin and start pumping my meat in my hand.

With a loud groan, hot streams of my cum spurt from the tip of my dick, arcing towards you and streaking onto your tits, chest and stomach.

With a forceful exhale, I collapse over you, catching myself with my arms extended. In post-coital euphoria, we kiss and giggle for a few moments before you push me away.

Smirking at me devilishly, you say…

“Shower time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32