Filipina Wife With Sissy White Husband

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Filipina Wife With Sissy White Husband
I met my Filipina wife Dani on an online Asian dating site. I was 25 at the time and had spent most of my life fighting my homosexuality – alternately denying and accepting – my true nature. I had been cross dressing – mostly behind closed doors – since puberty, occasionally going out to see if I could pass as a biological female, and always succeeding due to my slight build and delicate feminine features.

After Dani came to the U.S. I managed to keep my homosexual desires at bay, and actually beginning to believe that she may have “cured” me. But gradually, during sex, thoughts of me laying underneath a masculine guy began to creep into my head. In addition, Dani was a very gorgeous and sexy girlie-girl. I knew I never could have pulled a girl like that in the U.S. – she was way out of my league – but the Philippines, being a poverty stricken 3rd world country, made girls like Dani willing to be with any foreigner who would get them to the U.S. She was very open about her past, which included working in a bar – which is what she was doing when we began our correspondence. Gradually our sex life began to focus more on foreplay – me questioning about her sexual activities in the Philippines – then on intercourse itself. She would tell me every nasty detail of her life, while squeezing my erect penis. Sometimes I’d slip and I’d cum all over her hands. She’d tell me to roll over and she would mount me and grind her pubis into my tailbone, thus achieving several orgasms in that manner. Sometimes afterwards she’d sit next to me, running her fingers lightly over my bare hairless buttocks and legs, and tell me that, from behind, I looked like a woman.

Dani liked to be sexy, and I encouraged her in that. We would go to the mall and I would pick out the sexiest outfits for her to buy, and squirm around in my seat with a dripping dick as she came out to model them for me. When we went out I’d casually suggest that she wear – for example – a skimpy halter top, a pair of butt baring short shorts, and high heels. Whenever we went out she would get lots of male attention. Sometimes I’d drop behind, pretending to be looking at something, and watch men approach her, thinking she was alone. One time she was surrounded by 3 or 4 young black guys, and I could see the delight on her face as she talked with them. I watched as she shook her head and turned to point at me. I saw them look and felt a mixture of pride and shame; pride at having a wife as hot as Dani, shame at knowing that those young guys knew that I was not man enough to have a woman like her. Later, in bed, I brought up the black guys and goaded her into admitting that she found them good looking, and that she would fuck them if she could. After I came she denied that she meant it, saying that she only said it because it was what I wanted.

Dani wanted to work. She came from a country that values the work ethic, and she wanted to be able to help support her parents and siblings in the Philippines. Being relatively uneducated limited the possibilities for her to mainly factory or waitressing jobs. At the time I was making decent money, enough to support our lifestyle, but then my company closed down and I found myself – not only out of work – but out of excuses for not allowing bahis firmaları Dani to get a job. We were living on unemployment insurance, and one day while going through the help wanted, I spotted a job for a cocktail waitress at a club called “The Ace of Spades,” in Oakland. I casually mentioned it to Dani and she got excited. She asked me if she could apply and I told her yes. I’m not going to lie, I knew a job like this would put my wife in a place that she would most likely be wearing skimpy clothing and interacting with other men – and the idea excited me.

She called and the woman on the line told her to report for an “audition” at 3 p.m. “And be sure to wear high heels,” she told Dani, “We supply the uniform.”

Oakland was about an hour away, and as soon as Dani left I went into our bedroom and masturbated, thinking about Dani strutting around, scantily dressed, serving men drinks. She called me about 5 p.m. very excited and told me that she was hired and they wanted her to start right then! She said her shift ended at 2 a.m. I hung up the phone and went into my closet, pulling out my stash of women’s clothes and makeup. I was sitting at Dani’s dresser naked, in just a pair of sexy high heels, my bare legs crossed over my hardon, and I looked at myself as I applied my favorite red lipstick to my pouty lips, and part of me knew – deep down – that my marriage was over. As much as I loved my wife, and felt happy with her, my true self wanted her gone – ASAP! I – wanted – my – fucking – FREEDOM! To be the woman I knew I was! To live act walk talk dress – and have SEX – like a woman!

I decided – impulsively – to go to an adult video store to suck cock. I hadn’t been there since before Dani arrived from the Philippines. I was so fuckin HORNY! I wiped the lipstick off and put on a pair of light lavender short shorts that no man should be wearing, and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, some flip flops, and headed for the parking lot of our apartment complex. I jammed the lipstick and a compact in my pocket and pulled my hair back and used a elastic hair tie to hold it. Just before leaving the apartment I checked my look in the full length mirror. Some of the lipstick I had hastily wiped off remained, and honestly – I looked like a faggot. But I was so horny I was careless. I stepped outside and began walking past the row of apartments, toward the parking lot. It was a baking hot afternoon. Just before I rounded the corner I bumped into Marshall, the apartment manager. He was a middle aged black guy and knew me and Dani. He looked shocked when he saw me, because – like I said – I looked like a straight up faggot. I lowered my eyes and nodded as we passed. I had fucked up, but I was so horny I didn’t care right then.

I kept squeezing my hardon as I drove toward Corey’s, which, like Dani’s new job, was located in Oakland. I got to Oakland about 6:30 and decided to drive by the Ace of Spades, to scope it out. It was located in a ghetto part of Oakland. As I approached I saw it and pulled over across the street. It was a dingy building, and from what I could see, only blacks were going in or out. Every time the door opened I could hear the loud rap and hip hop music playing. I thought: ‘ My wife is in THERE??’ But instead of being outraged at casino oyna the thought, my heart leapt joyously and I drove the half a mile to Corey’s on Telegraph. I parked and walked to the store. It had been 2 years since I had been here – since I had last sucked another man’s cock! But now my mind was inflamed and my jaws were slavering the thought. I walked in and Beyoncé the heavy set black lady looked surprised. “Well, honey – I ain’t seen you in since fo evah! Where you been, girl?”

I handed her the 6 buck to go in the back and mumbled something about having moved. And she said: “Well a lot of guys been askin’ where you was, honey! Have fun back there!”

I hurried into the back. It was around 7 p.m. It seemed deserted but I saw one booth door closed and heard the porno. I went to my favorite booth down at the end – a double wide – and went in and locked the door. I hurriedly stripped naked, applied my lipstick and untied my thick blonde hair, shaking it loose so that it fell around my shoulders. Then I unlocked the door, opened it slightly, and waited. I heard the buzzer and I knew someone had entered the arcade. I could hear footsteps approaching. I sat, a little nervous as I saw the door to my booth open slightly and a black man looked in. He looked around before stepping inside, leaving the door slightly ajar. He was fine! Shave head, tall, lots of muscles, cute face! “Hi, sweetie!” I said softly. He looked at me and nodded. Then he reached over and pinched my tits lightly. I uncrossed my legs to expose my hardon, and leaned forward to feel the bulge in his athletic shorts. Big and fuckin HARD! “Mmm, honey,” I said. “You want a blow job?”

He didn’t answer, but he pulled his cock out of his shorts. I smiled and sank to my knees, completely naked and took it in my dainty hand. Then I began blowing him. Oh! That black cock felt so good in my mouth – so NATURAL! I had never felt natural with Dani. I ran my pretty lips all up and down the length of that black muscle, sucking his big hairy balls into my mouth, then back up, engulfing the plum sized head into my salivating mouth. As I sucked him, I ran my hands all over his big muscley legs, and he reached down with both hands to pinch on my tits. “Pinch em hard, honey,” I begged, “Not just the nipples – the flesh – where it REALLY hurts! Hurt me, honey,” I begged, going down on his black boner again.

My mouth was stuffed to the throat with his meat and when the real pinching began it hurt so bad I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad that I put my small hand on his big strong hand, trying to stop the pain, but he slapped it own and pulled out of my throat. He grabbed my jaw in his hand and said: “Keep you fucking hands off me, ho! You axed fo it now you gone get it!” I could see by his look that he was not fucking around, so I nodded submissively. He had me by the jaw and the other hand had my hair up in a tight top knot. He eased his cock into my mouth and pushed into my throat until I choked and retched. But he wouldn’t let up. I was retching so loud they could hear me out in the front. He leaned forward and I felt his large black hand cupping my naked white buttocks. ‘Oh no,’ I thought – ‘he wants to fuck me!’ I actually hadn’t planned on being fucked, I just wanted to go out and suck some black slot oyna cock, so I left my lube at home. He grabbed my arm and raised me to a standing position. I looked up at him and his head was bent, and we kissed. Oh motherfucker! The feel of his tongue snaking into my mouth as our lips mashed together was excruciating! I sucked on his sweet puffy lips, my tongue licking and kissing on him, my hand choking down on the base of his erection. He turned me around and I knew there was no use in saying no. He reached into his shorts which were lying on the bench and pulled out a small tube of lube and handed it to me. “You got a condom, sweetie?” I asked.

He shook his head. So, I was gonna take him bareback. I bent and applied a generous coat of grease to his cock and stuffed a healthy gob of it up into my rectum. Then I stood and faced the wall. I felt the heat of his body as he mounted me from behind, like a stallion mounts his mare, his cock poking and probing for the sex hole. I reached behind and put the head of his cock up against the starving mouth of my bare rectum and waited for his push. It came and I tried to relax. Experience had taught me that the most painful part of anal sex was that first entrance, where the head of your lover’s cock has to force itself beyond the tight ring of shit muscles – the sphincter. And it definitely could be quite painful. But my first lover – Jay – had coached me through my first time, telling me to “relax, baby, relax and it’ll ease right in.” And it had and once it was in the feeling of swollen love and sex felt so good.

So now, as I stood naked and barefoot in a filthy adult store preview booth, a naked black man on my back, I relaxed and I felt it slide in. And once it was in I took a deep breath and lost myself in the glorious feminine feeling of being FUCKED in the ass, by a powerful black MASTER! His hands were everywhere – my belly my tits – and his hot breath as he kissed and nibble on my ears and the back of my neck. He was hunching like a wild ahnimol, he had my neck between his jaws – the way jungle ahnimols mate, and I felt him tense and cry out as he pumped his black seed into my belly. He was resting his face on my back, breathing heavily, before slowly easing his still hard cock out of my naked rectum. It felt like I was taking a constipated shit. I dropped to my knees and took his messy cock into my mouth, sucking and licking him clean. I knew that almost no women will do these things for a man outside of porn, and that was why men like this one seek out sissies like me for sexual relief. I sat on the bench nude, my bare legs crossed in a feminine manner, applying a fresh coat of lipstick, as he hurriedly dressed. “What’s your name?” he asked me.

“I’m Keven,” I said. What’s yours?”

“I’m Ron,” he answered. “You come here a lot? I ain’t never seen you befo.”

“I plan on coming here a lot from now on,” I simpered. “Will I see you again, Ron?”

“Fo sho,” he smiled, before walking out of the booth. I heard the buzzer as he left. After that things began to pick up and between then and 1 a.m. I sucked at least 12 more men and 4 of them fucked me in the ass. On the drive home I knew that I was gonna have to get Dani out of my life for good. I resolved to let things play out a little, and sure enough; within a month – with my strong encouragement – she was dating a local Bay Area rapper. One night when she was home she asked me if I was gay and I used the opportunity to confess to her that I was completely and totally GAY!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32