Fantasy from the Past

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You pull into the driveway in the Ford Station Wagon after a long, hard day at the office. Your tie is loosened around your throat, your throat dry for a drink. The front door swings open, and there I am to greet you: your perky little wife, hair perfectly aerosol sprayed into place, lips glistening full with cherry red lipstick, nails polished pink to match, and the sweetest little outfit on…pink pumps, white stockings and garter, and a frilly apron tied tightly around my waist because I’ve been in the kitchen cooking your supper. And that’s it, I’m wearing nothing else….

I place a double vodka martini in your hands and plant a kiss on your lips, and pull you into the hallway so we can shut the door. “Where are the youngsters?” you ask. “Next door playing with Billy Bob and Sue Ann until after dinner, so I’ve made a special treat for you for dinner.”

I lead halkalı escort you into the living room and ease you into the blue and white swiss polka dot Lazy Boy Recliner. I put your feet up, take your shoes off, rub the soles of your feet to help you relax…

You try to pull me onto your lap, but I sweetly excuse myself to run into the kitchen and bring out the hors deourves; a tray of Pigs in Blankets, piping hot from the oven, piled high on the plate with a bowl of French’s Mustard for dipping. You watch my arse as I run here and there, thinking about how much you’d like to take a bite of me.

You take a long, manly pull on your drink, pop a Pig in your mouth, and then pull me hard onto your lap so you can kiss me. I giggle nervously, cos i’m not sure what’s going to happen, but my eyes sparkle coyly and my nipples harden mightily as harbiye escort i wait for your next move.

You watch me over the rim of your glass as you down the rest of your drink, and suck an ice cube into your mouth. You pull me towards you and holding the ice between your teeth you press that freezing cold ice against each nipple, leaving them frozen solid and dripping. I try to pull away from your ice-cold lips but can’t because you’re holding my nipple captive between your teeth.

You release me then swing my leg over your head so I’m now facing you, legs spread wide, stockings climbing up my thighs, garters holding everything neatly in place. The pink of my pussy matches the pink of my pumps, and you reach down with your fingers to tug on my clit which sticks out like a piece of fruit from the folds of my pussy.

I coo in front ikitelli escort of you because your fingers are stroking my clit like a soft pink tongue, and I spread myself wider and lean back with my arms behind me on your thighs while you play and pleasure me.

I hear the sound of your zipper going down and I open my eyes to see your cock out, straight and hard and demanding my attention. I scooch in closer to you so my hard clit presses against your hard cock head, and push in further until you slip like a ferret into my hole. Now you’re buried inside so all that’s left in the open is my rosy pink nubbin.

We slide against each other and both watch while your cock appears and disappears, and keep the motion going ’til it’s clear you’re going to cum. I place the frosted pink tip of my finger on my clit and rub quick and tight circles over and over until my clit leaps into an explosive cum. And as my pussy tightens down around you and pumps your sliding cock with my orgasm, you burst inside me and cum like crazy until your hard, hard cock is emptied.

We blot ourselves clean with a dishtowel, and I trot back into the kitchen to check on dinner…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32