Familial Relations

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**Author’s Note: This story contains strong themes of foot fetish and mind control and could have been easily categorized as fetish or mind control rather than incest. If that’s not a problem for you, please enjoy.**

Chapter 1

It’s not easy being the only man in a house full of women. It certainly wasn’t easy for Dan. He often felt outvoted, overlooked, and outnumbered by his sisters and mother. He was the middle child. Sandwiched between his 26 year old sister Miranda and his 19 year old younger twin sisters Avery and Alexis. His mother April ruled over all of them with authority. What made life harder for Dan was that he was absolutely horny for all of them. Especially their feet. He had felt that way ever since he was a teenager.

Dan’s interest in feet pushed him toward a career in reflexology and massage, much to his Mother’s dismay. Dan would often bring up the benefits of massage around his family but to no avail. It was a complete non-starter. Any mention of Dan touching their feet and his sisters would leave the room. His mother April, forbade Dan from raising the subject in her presence. Dan didn’t understand it. He loved their feet so much. Why couldn’t April, Miranda, Avery, and Alexis love their feet too? He had all but given up on his dream of getting a closer look at his family’s feet until a seminar on therapeutic hypnosis changed his life forever.

Dan paused before he knocked on the door and steeled himself. He was back home after being away for three weeks on a retreat to learn about hypnosis. He got the opportunity through his job as a masseuse. It was meant to be used therapeutically but after everything he had learned during his time away, Dan couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities. He sighed and opened the door.

“Hey! I’m home!” Dan called out. He could hear Miranda and April talking loudly in the kitchen. His younger sister Avery walked by.

“Hey Dan welcome back. How was the retreat?” She smiled and gave him a hug. Dan was glad that he saw Avery first. She was the only member of his family he would describe as “chill” or “calm.” Also she was very sexy. She and Alexis were real beauties, tall blond and slim.

“Uh it was good. Very educational.” Dan said. He stood around awkwardly. He had always been tall and gangly which just added to his feeling of being out of place.

“So did you learn how to make people bark like a chicken? Haha oh my god I’m so dumb. You know what I mean. Bark like a dog, squawk like a chicken.” Avery giggled at her slip of the tongue. She ran a hand through her long blond hair.

Dan smiled. “Yeah something like that. No, I mean it’s a really legitimate technique for relieving stress.” At that moment Dan could hear Miranda and April shouting at each other in the kitchen. “I think some people in this house would benefit from it.” Dan said.

Avery nodded. “I’m sure you’re right. Well even if Mom and Miranda aren’t interested I’ll be your guinea pig if you want. You’re gonna need someone to practice on.”

“Sounds great! I’ll take you up on that. By the way where’s Alexis?” He asked.

Avery rolled her eyes. “Oh you know, up in her room studying like always.”

Dan nodded. “Well I better let the Queen know I’ve returned.”

“Good luck Dan, glad you’re back. I was starting to go crazy trapped with those two.” Avery gestured toward the kitchen.

Dan walked into the kitchen “Hey Mom. Hey Miranda. I’m back.” He gave his mother and older sister a wave.

“Hi Dan!”

“Welcome back Dan.”

They gave him a cursory greeting and went back to their discussion.

“No, I don’t care. I’ve got four different clients right now. They’ve all been a huge pain in the neck. If you take the car I can’t go get my hair done. How am I supposed to relax if I can’t go to the salon? I’m losing my mind here!” April shouted dramatically.

Miranda rolled her eyes. “Not my problem. I need to complete this interview. It’s for my class. School comes before hair.”

“Why do you have to be so stubborn? I’ve told you already…”

Dan walked away leaving his Mother and Sister to hash it out. “Home sweet home.” he muttered as he went upstairs. Of course he had checked to see if any of his family members were barefoot. The iron rule of his foot phobic mother was still enforced, socks, shoes, or slippers at all times. He went up to his room. He stopped to say hi to Alexis. His other younger sister was deep into her homework but she gave him a smile and a wave. He had always gotten along better with Alexis and Avery than he did with Miranda. He looked more like them too. He wasn’t as conventionally attractive as the twins but he had blonde hair and a slim build like they did.

At dinner that night April and Miranda were still arguing over who should get to use the car. Alexis had brought a book to the table and she was reading while eating. Avery gave Dan a look of commiseration.

“SO, DAN.” Avery said loudly. Trying to break through the din caused by April and Miranda. “Tell me more about this seminar. It sounded really cool.” For a moment the uşak escort discussion stopped and Dan’s whole family looked at him.

“Ah well it was actually really interesting. I got a lot of hands on time practicing hypnosis. I actually did really well. The people we were treating had issues with high stress and the hypnosis was super effective at getting them to loosen up a little bit.” Dan said.

Miranda snorted. “Hypnosis? Really Dan? First you touch feet for a living and now you’re learning this unscientific nonsense.”

Dan clenched his jaw. Miranda always knew how to push his buttons. “I’m telling you I watched it work. It works! Let me put you under some time, you’ll see.”

“Well I think it sounds cool. I’ve been feeling stressed lately. Could you try it on me Dan?” Avery asked.

“Yes of course. I’d be happy to.”

“You know who needs it is Mom.” Miranda piped up. “All she’s been talking about all day is how stressed she is.”

“You should try it with me, Mom. It’ll be fun!” Avery said.

April looked suspicious. “I just don’t know. I’m sorry Dan but it does sound far fetched.”

“Well what would it hurt to try? If you’re stressed I know it really would help.” Dan said. April looked like she was thinking it over. The thought of having his voluptuous mother, entranced and susceptible gave Dan an involuntary erection.

“You wouldn’t have to touch my feet right? Nothing weird like that?” April asked, her eyes narrowed.

Dan sighed. “No Mom. It’s totally unconnected to reflexology or massage. Although that would also be helpful for relieving tension.”

“Well alright. Since Miranda is being stubborn I suppose I’ll join you and Avery.” April said reluctantly.

Dan’s spirits were soaring. He couldn’t remember the last time his mother had supported anything he had wanted to do. “Miranda, Alexis, what about you two? Should we make this a whole family affair?” Dan asked.

Alexis shook her head without looking up from her book. “No. I’ve got too much homework.”

Miranda threw her head back and guffawed. “I can’t believe it. No. I’ve got more important things to do than to see your little hypnosis show.”

“Well,” said Dan “your loss.”

Dan still remembered when it had all started, his lust after his family and their feet. It was on one of the very rare occasions on which he saw his mother barefoot, a long time ago. April had forgotten to bring her water shoes to the beach (completely out of character for her). When they got there she had even considered driving back home. Reluctantly, she stayed and walked on the sand barefoot. It was obvious to everyone that she was uncomfortable..Dan remembered that every step she took she winced with distaste. Young Dan was enraptured. His mother was so anti-foot that he couldn’t remember seeing his mother’s feet before and he was hooked immediately. They looked shapely and graceful. She had high-arches and deep wrinkles on her soles. The family settled on a spot and April laid down to work on her tan. Dan just stared, completely mesmerized by his mother’s beautiful bare feet. He was staring so blatantly that April actually caught him. Dan remembered that she had blushed and buried her feet in the sand. That was a high he had been chasing ever since. It was the day he realized he was attracted to his mother and especially to her feet.

His obsession didn’t stop with April either. After Dan realized how much he loved his Mother’s feet he became determined to see his sister’s feet as well. His older sister Miranda was just like their mother in terms of personality. Both women were stubborn and could be difficult when they had made up their minds. Despite the similar temperament they didn’t look much alike. April had a mature voluptuous body and black hair. Miranda on the other hand had chestnut brown hair and was quite athletic. She was always playing soccer, softball, or volleyball and she had a toned sporty look. Her long hair was always pulled back in a severe ponytail. Just like April, Miranda was completely foot-phobic. Mother and daughter both hated their feet. The only time Dan had ever seen Miranda’s feet was when he snuck into her room late at night and saw her bare feet peeking out from under the covers while she slept. It was a memory he still treasured. Like April, Miranda had stunning feet. Miranda’s feet were the biggest in the family. She had wide soles and meaty wrinkles.

The twins were a different story. Avery and Alexis were classic beautiful blondes. Avery was laid back, kind of a hippy. Alexis was a serious student but had a fun playful side when she wasn’t studying. They were identical except for Alexis’ glasses which were thick rimmed and black. Both were gorgeous and tall. Like Miranda and April, Dan had also become obsessed with seeing their feet once they had come of age. Unlike his older sister and Mother, the twins would probably have been barefoot a lot if they were only raised in a different house. There had been plenty of times that Dan would hear his Mother commanding Avery and Alexis to put on uşak escort bayan socks or slippers. They tried to be barefoot and got punished for it. As a result Dan had seen glimpses of the twin’s feet plenty of times. They had graceful slender feet with high arches, not as wide and meaty as Miranda and April’s feet but just as beautiful. Of course because April’s word was law, doing anything more than glimpsing their feet was out of the question. No open staring, no massages, nothing more than glimpses. Anyone caught barefoot in April’s house would be forced into one of the three S’s, slippers, shoes, or socks. That’s just how it had always been. Perhaps, not for much longer.

Dan’s palms were feeling sweaty. He really had been quite proficient at entrancing people when he was training at the seminar. Now the prospect of hypnotizing his mother and sister seemed daunting. April had never been supportive of his interests and this felt like a rare opportunity to show her that he was useful.

“Okay let’s get started.” Dan said to Avery and April.

They were in the living room and Dan had dimmed the lights and prepared a special mesmerizing drone that was playing on a loop. The drone was the key to his hypnotic process. He would let it play and the track would lull them into a trance. For the first time someone was put under, they would typically need someone to talk them through it. Someone susceptible to hypnosis wouldn’t even need guidance to fall into a trance. Someone resistant would need more hands-on assistance from the hypnotist. Once they went under the result was the same. The subject would obey most commands given by the hypnotist and they would become extremely suggestible.

Avery was lying on the floor, April on the couch. Dan took a big breath and began. “Listen to the sound of my voice and slowly let any distractions slip away…”

He began to recite a series of prompts he had been taught on the retreat that were meant to guide the subject into a trance. He watched the girls as he recited the words. Avery seemed to slip off very quickly. Her breathing slowed and her eyelids drifted down. April was clearly more resistant. Her eyes were still open and she was drumming her fingers on her stomach. Dan could see that he was going to have to work harder if he wanted to hypnotize her.

Dan turned up the volume on his hypnotic drone and took out his phone. He had downloaded an app that could display hypnotic spirals designed to induce a trance. He held the screen in front of his mother’s face and leaned in to whisper the hypnotic script with more focus. It took some time but Dan was pleased to see April’s eyes start to shut and her breathing slowed. Finally her face went slack and he knew he had done it.

Dan put his phone away and stood up. He admired his handiwork. Avery and April gave every appearance of being asleep. They lay slack jawed and still except for their regular breathing. Time to test them out.

“Now you are in a deep trance. If you can understand me, raise your left arm.” They both raised their arm.

“Good. You can put your arm down. In this state you feel calm, relaxed, and at peace. You know that whatever stress is bothering you is unimportant and you can feel your worries drifting away like a cloud in the sky.” He watched as April and Avery smiled and seemed to relax even more.

Dan felt proud of himself. He had done it. Now his Mom would see that he really had done something useful. Watching them slumbering gave him a wicked idea. He made his way to the foot of the couch and took a look at his mother’s feet. She was wearing socks but he could still see their outline and he wanted more than anything to yank her socks off and see her feet in all their glory. He knew that because his mother had been resistant, even a soft touch on her feet might snap her out of it. Then he had a better idea.

“April. How do you feel about feet? Answer honestly.” Dan commanded.

April responded in a monotone voice. “I hate them.”

“Why do you hate them?”

“Because they are ugly and gross.”

“Avery, do you hate feet?”


“Do you hate being barefoot?”


“Why don’t you go barefoot in the house?”

“Because Mom doesn’t let me.”

“Okay. April in this state you are open. You must listen to my commands and obey them as best as you can. Will you do that?”


“If I commanded you to love feet and be barefoot all the time, would you?”

“No. I can’t.”

Dan nodded. Her resistance was too strong. But maybe there was another way. “April, I won’t ask you to love feet. I command you to tolerate feet. When you think of feet or when you see feet I want you to take a deep breath and repeat to yourself ‘feet are fine.’ can you do that for me?” Dan asked hopefully.

April frowned and her eye twitched. Dan was scared that she was going to wake up. Then she responded. “Okay.”

Dan sighed. “When you think of feet, how do you feel?”

A slight pause “Feet are… fine.”

“That’s right. It’s just feet. No escort uşak big deal. Feet are fine. April, knowing that feet are fine would you go barefoot in the house?”


“Would you let Avery go barefoot in the house?”

A long pause. “Yes.”

Dan exhaled. His heart was pounding. He really hadn’t intended to take things in this direction. He didn’t have a plan but he was starting to develop one.

“Very good. April and Avery, when I count down from ten you will wake up from your trance. You will feel refreshed. You will forget what happened during this session. Any time you are hypnotized you will forget what happened while you were under. All your stress will have disappeared and you will feel very good. You will want to get hypnotized again because it makes you feel so relaxed. The longer you go without being hypnotized the more agitated you will become. Do you understand?”

“Yes” They replied in unison.

“And April you will remember this state and when I put you under next time you will find it easier to return. Do you understand?”


“Alright then. 10, 9, 8…”

Dan couldn’t sleep that night. He was going over everything he had learned in his seminar on hypnotism. He was consumed by his old fantasies. Could it be that he could live out his wildest dreams? He could see a path forward. A twisted plan was forming in his mind. The next step would have to be getting the rest of the family entranced.

Chapter 2

At breakfast the next morning Dan was tired. He’d had a restless night of fantasizing and scheming. Miranda looked sullen as always. Alexis had her nose in another book. However, there was a noticeable change in April and Avery. April was smiling and laughing, she seemed to be in a much better mood than usual. Avery was positively gushing about Dan’s hypnotherapy.

“It’s amazing! I feel so much better today! I didn’t even realize how much stress I had been carrying around. I’m telling you, you two have to try it. Am I right Mom?” Avery asked.

April nodded. “I’ll admit I was pretty reluctant to try. It just didn’t sound like my thing. And I must have been pretty hard to put down. I remember being awake for a long time before you used that spiral thing. But in the end I have to say I feel pretty amazing today. Thanks Dan.”

“No problem Mom.” Dan beamed.

“You two should really try it.” April said to Alexis and Miranda.

Miranda snorted. “I can’t believe it. Dan has got you both brainwashed.”

“Miranda, why do you always have to be such a contrarian?” Alexis asked as she looked up from her book. “I’d be happy to give it a try. Honestly with midterms coming up I could use some stress relief.”

Dan nodded. “Well that makes three out of four. Are you sure you want to be the odd duck out Miranda?”

“I just think it’s weird. I’ve never heard of someone using hypnosis outside of a stage show. I don’t want you messing with my head.” Miranda replied.

“People use it for therapy all the time.” Dan said.

“If anyone could benefit from it, it’s you Miranda.” Avery said as she got up to bring her plate to the sink. “But I’m sure that no one will be forcing you to get hypnotized.”

As Avery walked past Miranda, Miranda’s eyes bugged out. “Avery! What are you doing? Mom did you see this? Avery is barefoot in the house!” Miranda practically shouted.

Dan’s heart stopped in his chest and he watched his Mother closely. Leave it to Miranda to be so confrontational when he had only made his first steps. He knew he would have to hypnotize the whole family as soon as possible if he wanted to move ahead with his plan.

April seemed to freeze for an awkward amount of time. Avery stopped in place and looked at April to see what she would say. Then April snapped out of it and took a deep breath. “What? She’s barefoot. It’s fine.” April finally said.

“What do you mean it’s fine? You’ve always been a foot nazi.” Miranda insisted.

April sighed again. “I said it’s fine. It’s fine! If Avery insists on being barefoot in the house I guess it’s fine.” April said.

“Wow what a seachange. What, are you going barefoot next?” Miranda asked April.

April looked disgusted. “No! Of course not.”

They moved on and Miranda started talking about how she would need to leave next week to resume her internship. Dan breathed a sigh of relief. He was pleased Miranda hadn’t connected the dots between the barefeet and hypnosis. He wished April had been a little more open to being barefoot. He was also glad that his suggestions had held up. April had clearly shifted her position on feet a little bit. She was stubborn but he was starting to think that with some more sessions he might soon be living out fantasies he had only dreamt of before.

That night everything was in place. Well, nearly everything. Miranda had stubbornly refused to join the rest of the family. That was okay. Avery and Alexis were lying on the floor and April was once again on the couch. Avery had been barefoot all day and Dan had definitely enjoyed sneaking peeks at her feet whenever he got the chance. Dan started to play the droning hypnotic track and dimmed the lights. He had been trained in the seminar on how to actively resist the effects of the track or otherwise he too would have ended up asleep on the floor. Avery and Alexis went under quickly.

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