Extra Service

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Cathy looked around, looking for the place that Karen, her friend, scribbled on a piece of paper. “

8….oh there it is.” She said to herself. She then briskly walked toward the door and went in. Inside a lovely woman sat behind a desk.

“May I help you?” The lady asked.

“Yes. A friend of mine recommended this place and…”

“Oh!” the lady cut in before she could finish. “You must be Cathy, Karen’s friend. She called in earlier and said to expect you. My name’s Amanda. I’m so glad to meet you. Karen is a regular here you know. She said to prepare something special for you.”

Cathy began rotating her head, at the same time massaging her neck with her hands.

“I guess I really need to loosen up. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.”

“Well then you’ve come to the right place! Please sign here and Raul will be with you in a minute. He’s the best masseuse we have here. You’ll be in good hands.”

Cathy smiled then handed the pen back to Amanda.

“I hope you enjoy your massage.”

“I hope so too. God knows I need it.”

“Please go in there. Raul will be there in a minute.”

Inside the room Cathy began to undress slowly, folding neatly her dress, bra and panties as they came off and putting it on top of the small table. Afterwards she inspected her body in the mirror. At 25, she was a sight to behold. With medium length hair, smooth white skin, and a slim body that opened mouths when she passed. She turned round and round the mirror, looking at her ass and legs for any troubling signs of flab. When she was satisfied, she laid down and waited for the masseuse to come in.

In a little while, the curtains were pushed aside and a Spanish man bringing incense entered the room. He put the incense and oil at the table then closed the curtains for privacy. He then smiled and introduced himself as Raul.

Cathy was immediately attracted to the slim, muscular figure that just entered. And the thought of her naked body being oiled and massaged made her pussy tingle.

“Are you ready for your massage?” the masseuse asked.

“God şişli elit escort yes!” she thought to herself but finally managed to answer: “yes”

Raul got the oil bottle and poured scented oil on his hands and began applying it on Cathy’s back. The pressure of Raul’s finger on her shoulders, back and spine was making her body tingle and pussy wet. And it was all she could do to stop herself from moaning when his fingers slid down and started massaging her ass. So she decided to keep her mind distracted by looking around the room. It was then that she noticed that the room was surrounded by mirrors.

“Raul,” she asked. “why are the walls filled with mirrors?”

“Has Amanda not told you?”

“No, I guess it must have slipped her mind.”

“Strange. She does not forget those things.”

“So tell me, why is the room filled with mirrors?”

Raul smiled, leaned over and whispered to her ear the answer. Cathy reddened at the reply.


Raul whispered the answer again.

“Karen never told me about that! Why…..”

“It’s okay if you do not avail of our extra service. Some women decline the offer too.”

Cathy could not reply. She was still shocked by the reply she got: The mirrors were used so that customers could see themselves being fucked!!

It had been awhile since she got laid. Thought of the Spanish masseuse between her legs made her pussy even wetter. And she squeezed her thighs to stop the sensations but it only made them stronger.

Raul continued sliding his fingers along the spine, making Cathy’s knees even weaker.

“So, will you avail of it?”

“I….I…” she stammered.

“Don’t be ashamed to ask for it. Can you turn around and face me now?”

She turned around and faced Raul. He poured more scented oil on his palms and began running his fingers in a circle around her nipples. Her body tensed at this new sensation and felt juices begin to build up inside her, ready to explode any minute.

“ooohhhh!” she finally moaned. “That feels so good.”

But şişli escort that was just the start. Raul mumbled something in Spanish then began licking and sucking her already erect nipples, making it even harder.

“Aaaahhh….feels….good. Oh please don’t stop! Yes!!” She blurted out. “I’ll avail! I’ll avail! Oh please just don’t stop.” Cathy’s body was now writhing in pleasure and pussy juices were now starting to spill on her inner thighs. Whatever inhibitions she now had left was now shattered.

His fingers still rubbing her nipples, his tongue started to go down. He spread her legs open to give access to her very wet and very hot cunt. Then started to lick her thighs before paying attention to her vagina. Her erect clit became even harder and juices were starting to run along the sides of her thighs. Raul licked the nectar away before probing her pussy with his tongue, slowly pushing it in and out.

This gave Cathy another orgasm. By now she could barely utter a word due to the intense pleasure Raul was giving her. The only sounds heard were her deep breathing and moaning.

He slipped a finger in her, slowly rotating it around before withdrawing it. He then pushed two fingers in and started grinding it while licking and sucking her engorged clit. This brought Cathy to another climax and she thrashed her body around, wondering how much more she can take before she passed out. By now she had lost count how many times she had come and her pussy juices were now overflowing and dripping over Raul’s fingers.

“My turn now.” He peeled off his shirts and pants, making her gasp at what she saw hanging between his legs. It was huge! The biggest penis she had ever seen. It must have been at least 10 inches long and nearly 3 inches thick. She stood mesmerized for a few seconds, wondering if she could accommodate him inside.

“Are you scared?” he asked

She shook her head no from side to side.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

What he did then made her even wetter. He started to finger her and using the honey he gathered from her şişli eve gelen escort pussy, started to lubricate his massive spike with her cum.

He then started to stroke his cock on her clit, making her moan. As soon as he felt she was ready, he positioned himself on her opening. He grunted as he tried forcing his cockhead inside the tight pussy that would not budge at first, finally popping it in and making her groan.

“ U-ugh! I-it’s big.” She felt as if someone had inserted a tennis ball inside her. Her pussy walls felt like it was going to burst and they expanded like never before. Raul started gyrating his buttocks, letting Cathy get used to the massive pole that now impaled her before starting to thrust it in slowly. When it was nearly 7 inches in, she put her hands on his chest, trying to push him away.

“W-wait. I don’t think I can take anymore. It’s too big.” She groaned. “O-oh god! I think you’ve reached my limit.”

Raul complied and partially withdrew his cock before slowly thrusting it back in, all the while grinding his hips. Cathy never had been fucked like this before. The sensation of being completely filled was giving her mini-orgasms every 10 seconds and a major one every minute. She was grasping on to him, her legs fastened to his back.

He started going faster, giving 5 quick thrusts before slowing down. While still attached to him, he turned her around and started to fuck her from behind. Going deeper and deeper with every thrust.

“Oooohhh! It’s all in!! I’m cumminnng! Oh God!” she screamed. She saw herself in the mirror getting fucked and it turned her on even more.

Cathy had lost count how many times she came. Her head was now swimming and she could hardly think clearly. She felt like she was going to collapse. He was now ramming it in half-way three times before pushing it all in, all in a steady rhythm, making her body shiver and explode. Finally he let out a loud groan and started squirting cum all over her back and ass. Exhausted, she plopped down, panting and in a few minutes fell asleep.

“Karen should have told me sooner about your ‘extra service’” Cathy said chuckling. “If I had known I would have come sooner.

“It was Karen’s idea. She wanted to surprise you.” Amanda said while grinning.

“Well from now on you’ll be seeing a lot of me around here. You can now count on me as one of your regulars.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32