Exploring New Things Pt. 01

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To start off, I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m not comfortable in group social situations, although most people don’t notice it. I’m great one on one and in groups where I know everyone or around strangers that I’m teaching. Life events and my work have taught me to be more social, but I don’t enjoy it and tend to stick on the outskirts.

That being said, I’m a people watcher. I’m constantly analyzing other people’s actions and figuring out their motives. I prefer to sit back and watch others in a group setting than actively participate. To those select few I actually allow to get to know me, I’m quick with a sarcastic remark and witty banter. Even then, I don’t reveal many of my inner thoughts.

I think I’m average looking. My face is pretty with big blue eyes and dark auburn hair. I wear glasses most of the time. I have large boobs, smaller waist, large ass, and thick thighs. I’ve been told I’m built like a brick shit house. I find it hard to believe that any men find me attractive because of my larger size and strange personality. Therefore, in my head, I’m not flirted with. I genuinely take the flirtatious banter as fun, playful sarcasm or comic relief.

I can’t recall ever being hit on. When I dated, I generally met guys through friends who set me up. (God, even admitting that to myself is depressing.)

Anyway, so when you started coming by my office to say hi and bull shit for a few minutes, I didn’t think anything of it. People stop by all the time to chat. However, I always looked forward to you stopping by because I enjoyed our conversations more than most. I thought you were attractive but just as a passing thought. You’ve got a swimmer’s lean body type with brown hair and hazel eyes. You’re very analytical yourself and have interesting insight. You view the world a little differently and I found that intriguing.

Over time, we were able to talk or debate topics and even if we disagreed, which was very rare, we could agree to disagree. We would talk about everything from families and kids to work to politics and religion. I don’t remember why I gave you my number or how we even started our texting exchanges. It started off as sarcastic retorts or small comments about our day. We would have entire conversations using nothing but GIFs and those were hilarious. I looked forward to those chats, they were so much fun.

Months later on Halloween, I was dressed as a fairy and you were in a ghillie suit. You stood next to me and kept looking at me. I kept wondering if I was having a wardrobe malfunction and would tug at my outfit. I was nervous having you look at me, but I also liked it. I kept trying to avert my eyes, so it didn’t look like I was staring at you too much.

You were having so much fun handing out candy and scaring some of the older kids. There was something about your easygoing, joking nature that I wanted to be around. With the intelligent interesting conversations, your relaxed attitude, and your good looks, you went from attractive to sexy as hell in my book.

Time went on and we continued to text and chat. Sometimes we would send GIFs back and forth to see how much of the conversation could be double entendres. It was so much fun and after a while it was a challenge to think of new ones that fit with the subject matter being discussed.

Then one day, you sent me a GIF of a woman asking to be spanked. I don’t know where the confidence came illegal bahis from, but I asked if you wanted a real answer or a joking one. You said real. Even with that, I debated whether I should answer honestly. I’ve always been embarrassed revealing any of my personal thoughts and wants, much less those of a sexual nature.

After a few minutes of typing and deleting texts, I decided to tell you the truth. I told you that I’d like to try it. You were intrigued and asked what else I’d like to try but I refused until you told me one of yours. You told me you’d like to be more aggressive in the bedroom. That’s something I fantasize about as well, just on the receiving end. As we continued to text, the more it seemed we were in well matched in our desires.

That conversation changed the strange friendship we had built. Now on top of discussing real issues and ridiculous banter, we also started discussing items of a sexual nature to include fantasies. It took quite some time before I was able to be honest about a lot of deeply personal things but with your lack of judgment and complete trust, you broke down those walls.

I still get extremely embarrassed when revealing some of my thoughts and wants but you genuinely want to know so I push through. I’m glad you forced me to admit some things I’d been unwilling to admit to myself. It opened my eyes a little bit more into myself and I love hearing your thoughts and fantasies too. We both want to explore our sexuality and try new things while finding out limits. We’ve agreed that neither one of us is into pain, thank goodness.

Well, we’ve been talking for about two years now and we’ve finally agreed to give in to our physical desires.

Present Day:

I’m terrified.

That’s all I keep thinking as I drive to the hotel to meet you. I’m nervous and excited and I hope this works well. I’m terrified that this’ll end badly for our friendship and embarrassed to even want these fantasies. My stomach is in knots.

Maybe I should call this off? Maybe this won’t be as great as I imagined? What if this ruins our friendship? Things could go so bad so fast, but what if it doesn’t? What if it’s everything I’ve ever wanted? I keep going back and forth, arguing internally.

I stop when I arrive at the room door to give myself a pep talk. “Girl, you’ve got this. He’s an honest man and has earned your trust. He won’t wrong you. You regret more things you don’t try then those you do.” I steel my spine, take a deep breath, and walk into the room.

It’s your average hotel room, nothing fancy. Everything is clean. The bedspread is blue to offset the white walls and brown furniture. You’re sitting in a chair beside the desk in the corner.

You look up at me and smile. You’re so sure of yourself. I immediately feel myself blushing from head to toe. I can’t seem to wipe the stupid nervous smile off my face. You walk up to me and gently place one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my chin, tilting my head up so we can see eye to eye.

“We’ll start slow and work up to fantasies. Are you sure you’re good with this?” you ask.

When I look into your eyes, I see the confidence in them along with concern for me. I know you won’t do anything I can’t take. Seeing that strengthens my resolve.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I respond.

I know you can tell how nervous I am. You read me better than anyone. You slowly pull me toward you, giving me plenty illegal bahis siteleri of time to stop you if I want, and softly kiss me.

At first, it’s a simple pressing of lips. It’s sweet and helps calm me. Then you lick my lips, requesting entrance. I open for you and our tongues tangle in a gentle, erotic display. I feel sparks shooting between us. You deepen the kiss, plundering and exploring my mouth while your hands roam my body. I timidly start to explore you as well. I slide my hands beneath the bottom of your shirt and feel the muscles in your back move with every adjustment you make. Then I move around to your chest, feeling your soft skin and lean muscles. Damn, you’re good looking.

You grab the bottom of my shirt and slowly raise it up, exposing me a little at a time. Your eyes are on my face until the shirt is tossed over my head. I try to cover myself in embarrassment, but you grab my hands, holding them behind my back so you can look your fill.

I stare at the ground, afraid of what I’ll see when I look up at you. You let go of my hands and graze your fingertips up my back to the latch on my bra. You quickly unclasp it and slide it off my shoulders. I can feel your eyes all over me. I feel completely exposed, not just physically.

You slide your fingers into my hair, grab hold, and use it to lift my head. Your eyes are dark with desire, not judgement. That look lowers my inhibitions and I feel sexy.

“You’re gorgeous!” you whisper as you lean forward to devour my mouth again. My arms are around your neck and yours graze over my breasts. You grab and feel them. You slide your nail over my nipple causing me to shudder. Then you roll it between your fingers. I’m very sensitive and every tweak sends a jolt of arousal straight to my core.

I grab your shirt and you let me whip it over your head. Once the shirt is free, you kiss and lick your way down my neck to my tits. You take one into your mouth, sucking and gently nipping on it. You take your time exploring me and analyzing my reactions. The sensations cause me to moan in pleasure. You pay the same attention to the other side. My peaks harden until they’re almost painful.

You make your way back up and kiss me. You reach down and slowly unbutton and unzip my pants. I can’t tell if you’re trying to frustrate me by going slow or if you’re giving me time to stop you. Maybe both, but I’m not stopping. You finally drop my jeans to the floor taking my thong with the them. I’m utterly bared to you.

You step away from me and stare, taking it all in. I’m not very comfortable with being stared at but I can do this. I straighten my shoulders and watch you watch me.

After a few minutes, you come toward me. You kiss me and push me back onto the bed, following me down. Your weight and body heat feel fantastic on top of me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on and your still half dressed.

You kiss and your way down my body until your shoulders are between my legs. You kiss my inner thighs, slowly working all around my apex. Finally, you give one long lick from bottom to top. You take your time tasting me, leaving long licks in your wake. Your licks get faster and shorter until you suck on my clit… hard. My back arches off the bed in pleasure. You push a finger into me, pushing me close to the edge. You nip and suck while rubbing my g-spot, feasting on me until tremors wrack my body and I get lost in the waves canlı bahis siteleri of ecstasy crashing over me. You keep going prolonging my orgasm. When the pleasure starts to ebb, you slow your ministrations until it’s gone.

My legs feel like jelly. I’ve never come so hard or long before. That was intense. I don’t think I can orgasm again, (I’ve never had multiples before) but you’re not done yet. You slide back up my body and kiss me deeply. I can taste me on you and it’s arousing. You get up to quickly remove your jeans and boxers. Seeing your beautiful dick and your lean body is sexy as fuck. Your cock is large, hard, and weeping. It’s begging to be licked.

When you get close to me, I lean forward and run my tongue over your slit. You taste good. I lick around your shaft and take the tip into my mouth, sucking gently. You immediately pull me off by my hair.

You look at me and growl, “I’m not coming that way right now. I need inside you…hands and knees.”

I do as I’m told, pushing my face down into the pillows and my ass in the air. You position yourself behind me and run your cock up and down my crevice, teasing me. All of a sudden, I hear a crack through the air and feel stinging on my ass. Did he just spank me? Smack! You do it again. Shit. I didn’t expect that.

“Damn, your ass looks good with my handprint on it!” you exclaim.

The sting fades and I feel arousal run through my body. I shouldn’t like this. This is wrong but damn it feels so good. You spank me one last time and I’m wriggling beneath you, desperate for you. You align yourself and slowly push into me. My God! You feel huge and I’m tight. You have to stop multiple times in order to allow me to adjust to your size.

The burn is delicious as you fully seat yourself inside me. You’re still for a few moments then slowly pull out until just the tip remains and push back in. The pace is slow and torturous. I can fell ever ridge and pulse of you in me. It feels amazing but I want more. I try to push back towards you, but you hold me still, making me stay with your gentle movements.

After a few more thrusts, you grab my hips aggressively and lunge into me. I scream at the abrupt change. You move me around, taking everything you want. Your dick is pummeling me and brushing against every sensitive area I have. I can’t do anything but feel.

“Oh God! Don’t stop!” I yell.

You continue to shove in and out of me while rotating your hips which adds an extra thrill. My orgasm catches me by surprise. I’m so overcome with ecstasy that colors flash before my eyes and I scream, my whole body tensing up and pulsing. My pussy milks your cock uncontrollably. As my orgasm calms, you yell out and I feel your cock pulsing, shooting hot jets deep inside me.

You collapse onto my back, breathing heavily. Your cock slides out of me as it softens. Neither of us move for a few moments. We’re both panting, sated, and exhausted. Once we’re both calmed, you roll to the side, lying beside me. I move to face you and you kiss me sweetly.

“Are you ok? Did I do anything you didn’t like?” you ask.

“No, it was wonderful! Are you good?” I respond.

You smile, kiss me, and say, “Never better.”

We slowly get off the bed and get dressed. I feel calm. That was better than I could have ever hoped for.

As we leave you stop me saying, “Would you do this again?”

“Absolutely!” I reply.

“Thank God, because this is just the beginning. We have lots of fantasies to play out!” you declare.

We kiss one last time and part ways. I leave with a gigantic smile on my face, excited to try new things. I can’t wait until we meet again.

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