Every Dick Has Its Day

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A college guy with a small dick fucks & satisfies four hotties

Everyone in the story is over eighteen. Some stories are pure fiction. Some are partially true. No good tales, in my opinion, are told without embellishment. A friend from college swears this is the exception. That this is the story of the best night of his life and it’s 100% true. I wrote what he dictated.

If he’s being honest, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!


“I need a large cock.”

It was eleven o’clock at night. Albert, a college freshman, was at a sex shop. The head of his frat had ordered all the freshman brothers to buy a large dildo as a gag gift for the “Secret Santa’ Christmas gift exchange they were hosting for their sister sorority.

“Don’t we all, hon,” answered the fat, bored, chain-smoking grandmother behind the counter. She pulled out two huge dildos and placed them in front of Albert. They were long, thick and flesh colored.

He looked them over and said, “I’ll take the larger one.”

“Ten inches. A good choice,” said the toothless sales clerk.

She took his money and returned with his change. She put the fake phallus in a plain paper bag and Albert was on his way.

He checked his watch. He was good on time. He clutched his package as he walked down the street. He said to himself, “Why am I even bothering with this party? It’ll be like all the rest of the parties. People will be drinking, dancing, having a good time and pairing up to have sex. Everyone, except for me.”

To put it plainly, Albert was a nerd. He was skinny, unathletic, and had never had any luck with girls. His family referred to him as the runt of the litter. His two older brothers were tall, broad-shouldered and good looking. They were great athletes and popular.

His good grades got him into the university. The fact that he was a quadruple legacy (his grandfather, father and two brothers had been members of his fraternity) was the only reason he’d been allowed to join the frat.

As he was crossing the street to get to the underground subway, a jerk on a bicycle ran a red light. The cyclist sideswiped him, knocked him down and knocked his package out of his hands. Other pedestrians came to his aid.

“Sorry, dude. Are you okay?”, the cyclist said after he came to a stop.

Albert was shaken, but not injured. He got up, brushed himself off and said, “Yes. I think so. Nothing seems to be broken.”

“Good.” The cyclist picked up an object. It was the dildo Albert had just bought. He tossed to him and said with a smirk, “I guess this is yours. Have fun with it tonight!”

He didn’t know it, but his taunt was prophetic. Albert was on the verge of having the best night of his life.

Albert caught the dildo awkwardly. A matronly lady laughed seeing him cradling the ten-inch dick. Albert was embarrassed. He looked around for the brown bag to put it in and sighed as he saw pieces of the shredded bag tumbling down the street carried away by the wind.

He quickly put it into the pocket of his winter coat. It didn’t fit. It was too long. Frantic to hide it, Albert shoved it into the front pocket of his jeans. It didn’t fit there either so he put it down the front of his pants. Then, he pulled his sweater and coat over it.

He said to the small crowd, “Ah. I’m all right. I have a train to catch.” He walked away and went into the subway.

He caught his train. It was crowded. He had to stand. At the next station, four very attractive, giggling, intoxicated, college girls got on. They stood next to him, chatting and laughing. They paid the skinny, unimpressive freshman no mind.

The subway train lurched to a start and one of the college women, the prettiest and drunkest, lost her balance. She spun about and fell face-first into Albert. Her hands shot out to catch herself.

She grabbed hold of Albert. One hand landed on his stomach. The other grabbed his crotch and found the dildo. She didn’t know the long, thick phallus in her hand was silicone.

“Sorry,” she muttered after she crashed into Albert. Then, she felt the giant dick. Her normal reaction would’ve been to apologize and quickly remove her hand, but the alcohol in her system overruled that response. Her lowered inhibition level caused her to squeeze the unit and squeal, “Oh my God!”

She regained her balance and stood in front of Albert. She gave him a look of astonishment and boldly rubbed her hand against the dildo confirming its size.

Al was scared. Women this beautiful never noticed him or talked to him or groped him. He stood stock still and was terrified.

The woman assumed the giant cock in his pants was his. She removed her hand, smiled and said, “Hi. My name is Joanie. My friends and I are headed to a party. Want to cum?”

The buxom blond batted her pretty, blue eyes at Albert and spoke in such a sexy manner that she made it sound less like an invitation to join them and more like an overture to have sex.

Her friends gawked at her. They couldn’t believe Joanie was istanbul escort asking this unremarkable, boyish teenager to their place. The leader of the pack, Cassandra, stepped forward to rescue her best friend.

She gave Albert a dismissive look and said, “Pay no attention to her. She’s been drinking.”

She grabbed her friend by the arm and meant to bring her back to the group. However, Joanie resisted. She said desperately to Alfred, “I meant it. Please join us!” She gave him a pleading look.

Cassie continued to tug on her friend’s arm. Joanie turned to the cool brunette and whispered, “He’s packing. The guy’s got a ten-inch dick. I felt it” She dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Cassandra gave Albert a second look. He wasn’t much. Below average in height and weight and certainly not handsome. But she knew there was no rhyme or reason as to which guy was blessed with a big dick. Joanie was a party girl. She’d had more than a few men, if she was impressed by this scrawny dude, that was good enough for her.

While Cassandra looked at Albert, Albert stared in awe at her. The confident brunette was striking with her dark, black hair and blemish-free, pale face. The red lipstick she wore really popped. Her best feature was her large, dark blue eyes. They captivated people and Albert was not immune.

She focused her baby blues on him, extended her hand, bestowed a radiant smile on him, and said, “Please join us. My name is Cassandra. And you are?”


His voice squeaked as the bashful nineteen-year-old answered. He was dazzled and took the offered hand. It was small and delicate. Her grip was surprisingly firm.

She looked over her shoulder at her companions and said, “Let me introduce you to the rest of the group. That’s Mei Ling in the red coat. Her name means ‘beautiful and delicate’ in Chinese. Very appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Ah. Ah. Yeah,” Albert uttered starstruck.

The other two women stepped toward them wondering what the hell was going on. The Chinese women greeted him with a nod. Albert thought her slanted, narrow eyes made her very exotic looking. She had long, straight, shiny black hair. Her lips and fingernails were also black.

“That’s Savannah in the white coat,” Cassandra said, finishing the introductions. “She’s our beautiful, country cousin from Georgia. Don’t let her syrupy sweet southern accent fool you. She’s as smart as she is pretty.”

Savannah was a beautiful, twenty-one-year-old woman with light brown hair. Her hair was an unfussy spread of curls that hung down past her shoulders. She had a sexy bedhead-type of appeal. Her makeup was more demure than the others. She had soft brown eyes.

“Hey,” Savannah said with a smile and a wave of her hand.

Joanie clung to Albert as the train sped down the rails. The next stop was theirs. Albert had never agreed to join them. However, he was smitten by their beauty and he allowed himself to be swept along to their apartment. He couldn’t believe his luck.

Everyone took off their coats. Joanie turned the music up loud. She ran to the bar and poured liquor into five shot glasses. “Tequila shots for everyone!” she shouted.

She took one for herself and one for Albert. She handed it to him and ordered, “Drink!”

They slammed them home. She was in full party mode. Albert needed the alcohol to ease his anxiety. Being fawned over by an attractive woman was a new, wonderful, but scary experience for him.

The other girls went to the bar, picked up a glass and downed them with the easy proficiency that comes from years of hard drinking.

Joanie started dancing and shouted, “Mei Ling, another round!

She grabbed Albert and said, “Let’s dance!”

“I don’t know how,” the shy, young man answered.

She pressed her body up against his and shimmied. She rubbed her breasts against his pigeon chest and she pressed her hips against the large lump in his pants.

She put her lips to his ear and whispered, “Dancing is a way to express yourself through movement. Do what you feel.”

She began to dirty dance. She pinned her groin to his, shimmered her shoulders and ground her clit against the thick, silicone dick.

“Ahhh,” she exclaimed feeling sparks fly down below.

“Do you feel what I feel? she asked coyly.

He didn’t. Her pleasure center was being directly stimulated. His wasn’t. He did like her body rubbing up against him. Her breasts were soft and wonderful.

He got an erection. It was the usual, a firm three and a half inches and just thicker than a roll of dimes. She didn’t notice. She was humping the thick, ten-inch fake cock.

Her roommates watched her moan and hump him. Mei Ling poured more shots. Savannah asked, “What’s going on? Why did Joanie drag that shrimp of a man home with us?”

“That shrimp is hung like a horse,” Cassandra said with a wry smile.

“Him?” Mei Ling said unimpressed.

“When Joanie fell, she accidentally put her hand on his groin. She says his dick’s a behemoth. kabataş escort You know how crazy she is for monster cock,” Cassie explained.

“Aren’t we all, darling,” Savannah said re-appraising her opinion of the guy. “He’s not bad looking. I like his hair.”

Since Albert was short, he did what he could to compensate. He wore thick sole, elevator shoes and had his hair styled to make him appear taller. His hair was cut very short on the sides and in the back. He had a thick thatch of curly, brown hair on top fluffed up.

“Look at her grind away on him,” Mei Ling said breathily. “You think, we all could have a turn?”

Cassandra undid two buttons on her blouse exposing her substantial cleavage.

“Hey, bitch. No fair,” the flat chested Chinese woman complained.

Cassie cupped her breasts and elevated them. “You play your cards, exotic Asian woman, and I’ll play mine.”

Cassandra down her shot and picked up shots for Albert and Joanie. She sauntered their way. She called out, “Refreshments!

While Joanie drank her tequila, Cassie cut in and danced with Al. She ground her sex on him. She found the ten inches of hardness and cooed, “Ohhhh.”

She looked over at the bar. She mouthed to Mei Ling and Savannah, “So Big!”. She smiled and gave them a thumbs-up sign.

Joanie was upset seeing the hot brunette grinding on her guy. She grabbed Cassandra and pulled her off Albert. Joanie was drunk and slurred, “He’s mine. I found him.”

She let go of her roommate, grabbed Albert, and said, “My bedroom. Sex! Now!”

Albert was stunned. Flabbergasted. Never in his life had pretty girls given him the time of day. No females had ever fought over him. Was he really going to have sex with this beautiful blond? The thought blew his mind.

Albert had had sex with women. Usually, it involved a lot of begging on his part and the girl had to be drunk. The last time he’d dipped his wick it was with a fat, naked, passed out chick he found in his room.

She had cum dripping from her pussy and cum on her saggy tits. Some of the upperclassmen had spit roasted her. Not wanting to soil their sheets, they took her to his room.

He tried to wake her and send her home. “Ah. You’re in my bed. Wake up. Time to go home.”

“Mmmm. I don’t want to,” she groaned.

“The party’s over. I need to sleep.

“Me too,” she slurred.

Albert was stymied. The woman was bigger than him, drunk and really sleepy. He was at his wit’s end. He tried one more time.

“Please go home. This is my bed.”

“I’m too tired. Too sleepy. If I let you fuck me can I stay?”

That was an offer Albert wasn’t going to pass up. He said, “Sure.”

Albert stripped. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. Her sex was bare. He breasts puddled and slid off her chest. He stared at her. She was pretty in a slutty way.

He stood over her hesitating. He wasn’t sure what the etiquette was for fucking a stranger who was willing to trade sex for a bed.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. Her eyes were closed, heavy with a need for sleep.

“I don’t know what to do,” said the clueless nineteen-year-old.

She giggled.

“I guess kissing it out,” he said. He put his hands on her breasts. They were sweaty, floppy and sticky. He thought he should get her body ready. He bent over and sucked on a hard, pink nipple. His right hand fingered her soiled pussy.

“Uggh,” he cried and pulled his head away quickly. Her tit tasted terrible. It was crusty, salty and had a strong, musky odor.

She giggled again and said, “What? Don’t you like the taste of cum? Franklin blew his load on my boobies!”

Albert saw an open beer bottle. He grabbed it, drank, gargled and got the disgusting taste out of his mouth.

“Just stick it in me,” she said.

She opened her eyes, glanced at his face and then his penis. She added, “Christ! Are you worried about lubing me up to handle that little pecker? You’ve got an exaggerated opinion of your cock!”

She shamed him. His dick began to droop. She saw the sad expression on his face. She felt bad. She said, “Sorry, for being such a cunt. Who am I to cast aspersions? I’m a fat cow.”

She moved her thighs in and out drawing his attention to her shaved pussy. She said, “I’m fat, but I have a sweet pussy. I do Kegels every day. Hop on. I’ll give you a nice, tight fuck. I promise.”

She looked at him kindly and added, “FYI, my name’s Lulu.”


He felt better. His dick, short and small as it was, went back to full staff. She reached out to him and said, “Kiss me.”

He crawled on top of her soft, yielding body and kissed her. As he kissed her, she guided his dick inside her. Her pussy was warm, wet and wonderful. And, as snug, as she’d promised.

They kissed the whole time they fucked, not that he lasted very long.

“Ahhh. Ohhhh. OH!” he cried. He thrust in deep and hard and sprayed his load.

“There. There,” she said holding him tight as he experienced kadıköy escort his bliss.

She was asleep before he recovered. He quietly and gently got off her. He slipped in between her and the wall. She rolled on her side away from him. He spooned her and went to sleep hugging her warm and corpulent body.


Joanie dragged the gobsmacked nineteen-year-old into her bedroom. She shut the door and began removing her clothes. She was topless and just wearing a pair of red skimpy panties when she said, “Get naked!”

Albert was still fully dressed. His eyes were bulging. His jaw was on the floor. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He’d seen bodies like hers in skin magazines and on the internet, but to actually be there, two feet away from her heavenly body, was truly something special.

Joanie repeated herself, “Get undressed.”

“I can’t move. You’re the most beautify woman I’ve ever seen.”

He said it so sincerely, he made her smile. “Thanks,” she said. “Now, get undressed. I want to see the monster cock you’ve got in your pants.”

“What?” he exclaimed confused.

“Your big dick. I’ve felt it through your pants,” she explained.

“Ah oh,” Albert mumbled.

He thought, “Oh God! She talking about the dildo, not me. That’s why she took a liking to me. What do I do?”.

“Playing hard to get?” she said playfully. “Okay. I’ll strip completely.”

She turned around so her ass faced him. She bent over, grabbed her ankles and showed him her perfect, heart-shaped bottom. Then, she reached up and rolled her panties down, very slowly. The top of her butt crack can into view. Then, her crinkled asshole and finally, her pussy.

She waxed so her sex was completely bare. She had thick, puffy outer labia. Her gash glistened due to her state of arousal.


She giggled and said, “Glad you like it. Now, it’s my turn to be impressed.”

Albert said to himself, “I’m going to bang this chick! Finally, I get the pretty girl!”

He realized the only reason he was being invited to fuck her was that she mistakenly thought he was packing. If he got undressed, the ruse would be exposed and he’d be kicked out, if not beaten first and then throw out of her apartment.

“My only shot is to take control, keep my pants, and never let her see my cock,” he said in his head. Being confident and dominant was not his natural state, but for the chance to fuck this beauty, he’d give it a try.

In his most commanding voice, he said, “Pull the bedcovers down and get into bed.”

He sat on a chair and removed his shoes and socks. She did as he’d instructed and climbed into the bed. He took off his sweater. She watched him in silence, waiting for the big reveal.

He said earnestly, “A lot of guys with big cocks are terrible lovers. They think all they have to do is pull it out, shove it in and their partner will swoon.”

He came to the bed and sat beside her. He glanced up and down her naked body. She was gorgeous. Flawless. Her tits were ample and perky. She had delicious looking, over-sized, pink areolas. Her nipples were hard and thick.

She had a toned, narrow waist, a flat abdomen, and was hairless around her sex. She’d left a small triangle of blond pubic hair above her clit to prove she was a true blond. Her legs were long and lean. Even her feet were beautiful. The red polish on the tips of her toes matched the color on her fingernails which matched her shade of lipstick.

Albert stroked her belly. He ran his hand up and cupped a full, perky breast. His thumb stroked her nipple.

She moaned, “Ohhh.” Her anticipation of bedding a monster cock had her on edge so even the slightest touch set off sparks in her body.

He said, “We both know brandishing a big dick is not enough. I’m not going to just slam it into you and punch your cervix. I will make love to you.”

“Ohh,” she cooed and her body shuddered. His hand was still on her boob, but it was his words that caused her to tremble.

She reached for him and pulled him in for a kiss. They kissed long and passionately. Albert was thrilled. It was the best kiss of his life. He was elated that she was accepting his ‘Let’s take it slow’ suggestion.

They kissed more and then, he lowered his head to her breasts. He was in awe. If he got to second base, they never looked like these full, firm, ripe boobs. His partners were usually flat-chested females or fat girls with floppy, sagging tits.

He treated her tits reverently. His kisses and caresses were soft and gentle.

“Oh. Ohh,” she moaned and reached for his cock. She touched the dildo through his pants and then tried to slip her hand into his jeans.

Her actions caught Albert by surprise. He couldn’t allow her to discover his secret. He jumped up and slid down the bed. His actions startled her.

He said, “I can’t wait to taste you.” He quickly put his head between her legs and licked her pussy. His tongue dug around in her folds and gash.

She yipped in surprised and then purred with approval. “Mmmm.”

Albert’s heart was pounding. He was nervous. He’d dodged a bullet.

“Awl, God,” he groaned loving her scent and the way she tasted. He rooted around gathering her nectar.

“Oh! Ohh,” she cried loving his efforts. He stayed there for many minutes. They both enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32