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“Good evening, monsieur. My name is Eloise, and I will be serving you tonight.”

The delicate features of the prostitute were flushed and slightly fearful, but her eyes remained dull, as if she had been broken in one too many times. She was clothed in a worn corset, with silk ribbon crisscrossing up its scarlet front insinuating its own untying. The skirt dangled dangerously below her hips exposing her flat stomach, and ended below her thigh-line with loose strings of damaged lace tickling her knees.

Eloise stood a petite five-foot-two. Her features were doll-like and girlish, yet underneath her excessive rouge, one could see scars on both her neck and above her breasts. She couldn’t have been old; her nubile body projected a woman in her early twenties. One could tell that she was one of the girls men liked to be rough with.

The brothel was one of those extraordinary places with red walls and red drapery. Everything was three colors- red, black, and white. There were women smoking long cigarettes in classic clothing. Someone played jazz tunes on the piano downstairs. Everything seemed to be made of silk and velvet. Even the girls.

In high class whorehouses, especially in France, one would think that only gentlemen visited. Unfortunately, perfect gentlemen in the outside world, could be real beasts in the world of the brothel. Girls were treated for injuries frequently, and often the encounters with clients seemed more like rape than intercourse. Eloise’s body language radiated fear. Her last three clients were brutal, and she was still quite sore from their visits when this man walked in.

The man was handsome, a plus for Eloise, who was used to overweight brutes. But often the most handsome ones were the roughest in bed. The man raised his eyebrows at the red interior of the room- including the heavy red drapes, the red tapestry rug that stretched from one corner of the room to the other; the red sheets on the low-to-the-ground king sized bed; and the red outfit of the prostitute.

The man didn’t like red much; he found it an agitating color. He was clothed in a beige floor-length trench coat which was unbuttoned to show his off-white collared shirt and grey slacks. He had a good face; masculine, with a square jaw, expressive eyes, and a wide, sensual mouth. His hair was neatly trimmed, and he walked in with a fedora matching the beige of his trench. It worked for him. His expression seemed somber.

He spoke to Eloise in perfect, concise French.

“My name is Laurent,” he gave her a joyless smile as he removed his coat and hung it on the hook beside the door. He set his hat neatly on top of it.

“Are you alright?” he asked the slightly shaking Eloise.

“I’m just cold,” she said, biting her lip. An obvious lie.

“Oh, well that can be easily taken care of,” he chuckled. His voice was deep and rumbled in his throat. Eloise blushed, suddenly ashamed of herself in front of this confident, handsome man. He seemed to be in his late thirties; his face had started to show some age, and rudimentary crow’s feet had formed in the corners of his eyes.

“You’re quite pretty,” Laurent noted, as he advanced toward Eloise. She tensed.

“Thank you, monsieur,” she stammered, her hand nervously reaching to entwine itself in one of her strawberry-blonde curls.

“Of course, that’s expected,” he continued, “when I asked the madam for the prettiest girl she had.”

Eloise couldn’t stop the feeling of pride that welled up within her and she smiled with slight embarrassment. Laurent towered over her and put a large hand on her shoulder.

“Eloise. Are you afraid of me?”

“No sir,” she shivered, biting her lip before rehearsing the words the madam taught her to say: “Why would I be? I want you…I want you to…fuck me.”

He chuckled in her ear. “Bad word,” he said.

He had to bend down halkalı escort slightly to kiss her, and when he did, she seized up, bracing herself. His arms seemed to encompass her completely, seemed to swallow her whole. His hands held her shoulders with tenderness, his lips danced with hers expertly; this was a man who knew how to seduce a woman. He felt her small tongue try to pry his mouth open but it remained shut to her surprise.

“Why are you eager for what you don’t want?”

Because I want to get it over with, she thought, but didn’t say anything.

“Have you been hurt?”

“I can’t say,” she answered warily. He shrugged and kissed her again.

“So small,” he whispered into her ear. Eloise could feel his hands on her hips; his thumbs making little circles through the corset. Heat flowed to her face in the form of a blush.

“No one has ever pleasured you have they?” his voice sounded bemused. She stared at him in shock.

“They come in here, take what they want from you and leave you unfulfilled. Poor girl.” He paused, kissed her sensually on the curve of her neckline before pulling back to continue. She missed his touch.

“Here’s a woman who has had sex a million times, yet has never been satisfied. Another thing- I’m an art collector, so you can assume that I like beautiful things,” Laurent’s eyes bore into Eloise, dominating her with his gaze. “And here,” he continued, “is a beautiful thing. Beauty should be admired, no?”

Eloise made no movement.

“Like great art, beautiful women should be worshipped and remembered and revered. Here is a beautiful woman. What should I do?”

Laurent leaned into Eloise, brought his thumb to her lips and said to her in a deep, throaty whisper.

“Let me worship your body.”

Eloise looked away from Laurent’s intense stare of both arousal and questioning.

“Monsieur…” she whispered, more to herself than to Laurent.

He kissed the lobe of her ear. “Let me make you come.”

Eloise’s voice was lost in her throat, but all her words were replaced by a gasp as she felt Laurent’s lips on her neck, sucking softly, as he made a trail of hot kisses down her shoulder. His lips returned to hers and she felt herself kiss him back, and mean it.

Laurent’s eyes bore into her with lust and severity, a look which made Eloise’s knees crumble just a little bit. His powerful arms pushed him against her and she could feel his hard body through the fabric of his shirt. She began to unbutton it, quickly and with expert precision. It fell to the floor. She marveled at Laurent’s toned body, his tan skin, his pert nipples.

She broke the kiss to suck on them, gazing up at him with the practiced slutty stare she had learned from the beginning. Her hand wandered to his crotch where she squeezed through his pants. He let out a quiet groan before taking her hand away.

“Don’t bother with me,” he said huskily. Eloise heard the zipper of her bodice being undone. Her body tensed in fear. She bit her lip, but released it as soon as Laurent’s expert lips started tracing the shell of her ear, his tongue flicking out causing a shiver to travel down her spine. He sucked on the lobe, playing with it with his teeth.

The bodice fell to the floor, and Eloise let out an involuntary gasp as cold air embraced her nipples, causing them to rise. Laurent’s lips left her ear and trailed hot open-mouthed kisses down her jawline, neck, collarbone, shoulders and finally, right above her shapely breasts.

“Mmm,” he said. She blushed. He kissed chastely around the outline of her breasts, licking occasionally- all avoiding the areolas and nipples. He cupped the right one in his hand, bouncing it, squeezing slightly.

Laurent traced his tongue around the areola and let his thumb flick gently and briefly over her hard nipple. She let out harbiye escort a stuttering sigh of pleasure as he caressed the darkened skin with his thumb and forefinger, teasing it, making Eloise’s nipple ache to be touched. He touched it briefly with his tongue, satisfied at her moan.

“Laurent,” she whimpered, as she felt the heat of his mouth, suddenly encompassing her tit, his tongue and teeth teasing the nipple. Eloise moaned as he began to suck, moving his other hand to gently caress her other breast, sometimes pinching the sensitive nipples eliciting more sounds from the prostitute.

Eloise was embarrassed as she felt herself getting wet; Laurent’s administrations causing heat to travel to the valley between her legs. A violent shiver ran through her spine as she peered into Laurent’s eyes, willing as they looked up into hers while he pleasured her tits. The prostitute felt a bead of moisture travel down her legs causing them to spasm at the touch. Laurent smirked to himself. It was time.

The girl groaned as she felt Laurent’s lips leave her breasts. She already missed his touch, but the cool air of the room on her tit made her sigh.

Laurent’s lips traveled back to her own in a hot, needy kiss. He felt his hands on her hips and she realized he was leading her to the bed. Remnants of fear trickled back into her consciousness and she tensed in his arms. He kissed her as if to silence her fears, and set her down.

His mouth latched to her neck again and her breasts and down her stomach as he kneeled at the foot of the giant bed. He slid her skirt down, exposing her sheer lacy panties. He teased her by kissing the outside of her thighs, up around her belly button, and down into the valley between her legs.

He kissed the top of her shaved pubic mound before letting his lips travel to her pussy. He licked in between her lips and sucked on them through her underwear. She moaned in anticipation, relieved when he finally pulled her panties down to her knees, marking their trail with hot kisses.

Her high pitched moans filled his ears as he began to lap at her sex, sucking on the lips and dancing his tongue along her slit. As he flicked his tongue along her clit, he heard, to his delight, a violent cry of pleasure escape her. He slowly began to suck on the bud, rolling it with his tongue and in-between his teeth. The cries that came from Eloise really were whore-like.

Loud and scandalous, but not fake- the energy with which she elicited them was quite real. He penetrated her with his forefinger, sliding it in and out at a slow and decadent pace. The moans grew louder.

“Laurent,” she pleaded, over and over again. Laurent smiled to himself.

Eloise felt something burning inside her, like she was going up stairs and that Laurent’s every motion drew her further and further to her destination. At the top of the stairs, there was bliss, and the girl felt her body convulse and her vision turn to white as she came for the very first time in her life.

Laurent licked her juices from his finger and kissed Eloise, who tasted them on his lips. She whispered his name in awe, scared of the reaction of her body.

“Good girl,” he said. She could hear his arousal.

“Do you want me to make love to you?” he whispered throatily in her ear, and she felt a shiver at the words.

“But you don’t love me,” she heard herself say.

“No, I don’t. But I love your body. Let me make love to it.”

She nodded, and spread her legs dutifully. Their lips met, hot and needy and she heard the clink of Laurent undoing his belt, and the whisper of pants scurrying down legs. She saw his need, saw his straining cock and looked at it, fascinated. She touched it and he sighed, before taking her hands off of it.

“Not now,” he groaned, before kissing her again, his hands moving back to her breasts, ikitelli escort teasing them in the expert way he had before. She regarded her own arousal with amusement. Laurent caressed her sex with his hand, stroking her, pleased with the sounds she made. Once he felt her tense, he stopped, making sure she didn’t reach plateau too soon. He touched her breast with his dirty hand.

“This is how wet you are,” he crooned, rubbing the tit with her juices. The sexuality of the situation and of Laurent drew from her a keening noise. He brushed his cock up and down her slit, letting her hear the noises his motions made. She seized him when he touched her clit. He made her weak with need; she needed him like she never thought she’d need a man before. She begged him, pleaded:

“Laurent, I need it. I need it in me,” she gasped.

“How bad?”

“Bad, I need you bad. Please, fuck me.”

“You sound like a whore when you say that,” his lips were against her ear, hot breaths tickling her sensitive skin. A bead of sweat slid down the side of her face.

“I am a whore,” she said.

“You’re a whore only for me,” he growled, squeezing hard on her nipple.

“Yes! Only for you. I’m your whore,” she bit her lip as she felt an electric sensation from her clit as Laurent brushed his cock over it.

“No one else. No one else is good enough to get you this wet, good enough to make you come,” he exaggerated by letting his cock breach her entrance briefly causing a squishing noise to form from her juices. She groaned.

“From now on, I’m going to be your only client, I’m going to be the only one allowed to fuck you. You’re going to stay here, but you belong to me. I paid for you.”

Eloise let his words sink in, but not for long, her need was so bad, she lashed out for his cock. She needed it inside her.

“Laurent, I need it, I need it,” she cried as he slapped her hand away.

“Say please,” he teased.

“Please! Please Laurent, fuck me.”

“Alright,” he said, and she felt the head of his cock separate her lips as it buried itself deep inside of her. She let out a sob as she felt herself become completely filled. It was the most extraordinary fulfillment she’d ever experienced.

She felt her legs spasm as Laurent began to thrust inside of her, getting her accustomed to it, and she groaned, before he pulled out unexpectedly. She cried out at her own emptiness, but stopped when she felt him turn her over. She braced herself against the headboard of the bed. Laurent slipped himself back into her, marveling at how tight she was.

As he took her from behind, she gasped and moaned and sighed as he increased his pace until he slammed into her, kissing her down her back, whispering naughty things in her ear, grabbing her hair as he pleasured her.

His hand reached around to stroke her clit furiously, the erratic movement of his hands compared to the rhythms of his thrusts enough to send her to heaven, drive her closer to the edge until she blacked out and screamed as her orgasm crushed her with its force, her whole body shaking and convulsing.

Her juices coated his cock even more, and she had no time to recover from her orgasm for he was near his own as he thrust into her slowly, prolonging his pleasure until she gasped with surprise and excitement as he filled her with his seed, a sharp groan escaping through his lips as he emptied himself.

She heard him mutter: “Fuck,” under his breath. His semen dripped out of her once he removed himself, down her legs and onto the bed.

He licked her clean, giving her a third, if not more minor orgasm. She whimpered his name in longing as he rose from the bed and dressed himself. He kissed her tenderly and gazed at her through pleasured eyes.

“Ma Cherie,” he crooned into her ear. “I will be back tomorrow night. And the next night, and the next night. Have no fear.”

She marveled at the bill he placed in her hand and listened to him in silence as he made his way down the stairs. Eloise buried her head in one of the extravagant pillows and cried.

Laurent was downstairs signing a check for 20,000 francs.

He had bought Eloise

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32