Eva’s Massive Pee Flood

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Big Dick

This story is absolutely true as written.

Since childhood I have been hooked on a pee fetish and throughout the years, I have enjoyed many exciting experiences. My wife on the other hand never thought of playing pee games until I was part of her life.

I love my wife Eva endlessly for many reasons, and one reason is that she is by far the sexiest woman that I have ever met. She just has a talent for reading people where sex is concerned, and she knows exactly what they want, even if they won’t admit it at first. When we became a couple, I explained to her how pee play excites me and from there she became an expert. She never says no to any idea that I might have, and instead she invests all of herself into ensuring whatever the experience is, it is the very best that she can make it.

This story is about one evening when she caused a pee flood as we sat in a bar listening to an entertainer.

It was a date night and as usual we headed downtown by taxi for a few drinks to enjoy the wonderful culture of our colonial style Mexican city. On date nights Eva never wears panties or a bra, and her dress has a deep-v neckline that will open to expose her beautiful big breasts with the flick of a button. As we dressed to leave home we were in a great mood and feeling quite romantic. Often, we feel wild and we look for risky adventure but this night we wanted to be alone to enjoy each other. Typically, we ask the taxi driver to leave us at the same downtown corner on date night, and from there we walk around to visit some of the many bars and clubs that we enjoy. This night was no different.

As we departed the cab, we could hear a female voice singing a very popular seventies Eagles song called Hotel California. She wasn’t great, but the music wasn’t too loud either and it fit our mood. Further investigation revealed that the music was coming from a bar we often visit on the second story of a nearby large building hakkari escort bayan and so up we went.

As we entered the bar it was pretty quiet. There were a few couples sitting around and the entertainer was on a small stage halfway out onto a balcony that was directly over the main street. It was a beautifully warm evening and all the windows were open which is why we were able to hear the music out on the street corner.

In one section of the bar there was a very long bench seat covered with comfortable cushions and tables spaced apart every eight feet or so. We chose to sit at one of these tables. Eva sat on the bench part and I sat beside her on a comfortable chair.

To our left, two tables away, there was another couple and to our right only the entertainer. The bar was in front of us to the right, and the waiter came to take our drink order. He gave Eva a good look because her dress was open in the front and standing up over her as he was, he could see both of her beautiful breasts and nipples. This of course was our intent.

We were enjoying beer on this beautiful evening and thanks to the show Eva was putting on we received awesome service. The gentleman came over every few minutes to check our drinks or refill the peanut dish or take away an empty bottle etc. etc. Each time he got as close to Eva as possible to see her beautiful full breasts

I should mention that Eva has a bladder that only signals she needs to pee when there are just a few minutes left until a flood happens. At times there have been true accidents in the car or in department stores where there just was not sufficient time to find a washroom. And when she pees, she pees hard and fast.

After a couple of beers Eva signaled that she needed to pee and as she was rising to go to the washroom, I motioned for her to please sit down. She automatically understood the plan which was to pee hakkari escort in her seat.

Where she was sitting there were cushions about four feet long lined up to cover the bench from end to end. About two cushions away to our left was the other couple I mentioned, and no one to the right.

Discretely Eva moved her dress behind her back so that her bare ass was on the cushion and her dress would remain dry as she peed. Then she took my hand and slowly placed it on her beautiful wet pussy. The table shielded the waiters view when he was standing at the bar, but it didn’t hide much when he stood over her. The people to our left were self-absorbed and so Eva decided to proceed. By this time, she didn’t have much choice anyway.

Before she began to pee, I could feel how wet her pussy was and I could see by the color in her face and her low voice that she was very horny. My cock was hard, and she could see what she was doing to me.

Then a warm stream of pee hit my hand and I could hear it splashing against the cushion, even with the musician playing. It felt so awesome and sexy that I didn’t want it to stop. After maybe a minute or so she stopped, and I could see the cushion was soaked under her ass and beside her.

The waiter came over to check on us because I think we looked as though we were up to something, but he was so distracted by Eva’s breasts that he didn’t see the wet cushion. Our neighbor to our left looked over too and it is my belief that they saw my hand up Eva’s dress, but they did not understand that she had peed.

Normally when Eva pees it is quite a while until she needs to go again but this evening was different for some fun reason. A while later she guided my hand to her beautiful pussy and again, and she peed so hard that I could hear her, and I loved it. I was so horny I wanted to leave right then.

However, Eva was really horny too and she was escort hakan enjoying this risky sexy adventure. A few minutes later I asked her to tell me when she was going to pee more and she said look down, I am peeing now. Sure enough, as she lifted the front of her dress there was a hard stream of pee shooting out and we both loved it. I have never seen her pee this much before or since.

A couple more beers and two more pees and we were so horny that we decided to head home for a very, very sexy night. As I asked for our check, I could see that the entire four-foot cushion that Eva was sitting on was soaked, I mean drenched. And she had peed so much that the cushion next to hers on the right was also half soaked. In addition, pulling her dress up behind her hadn’t done much good because the cushion behind her back had wicked up pee and it was soaked halfway up.

I was wondering if the waiter would see what we had done and say something to us, but Eva flirted with him and gave him a last perfect view of her breasts which distracted him enough for us to make a quick departure. We immediately grabbed a taxi and began to kiss, and I played with her beautiful pussy all the way home. We were extremely horny and happy.

As we arrived home the next trick was for Eva to get past our daughter Leona, on the way to our bedroom without her detecting that Eva’s dress was soaked in the back. I don’t know if Leona noticed or not, but she didn’t say anything. My wife shares everything with Leona anyway and possibly Leona figured that she would find out later anyway, which she did. Leona often says that we are horny perverts, but she loves us anyway.

Our sex was awesome that evening and we carried on for several hours. Eva is a wonderful sexy squirter and our bed was soaked too by the time we were ready for sleep.

Weeks later we returned to the scene of our fun and to our astonishment there were the cushions Eva peed on stained and still there. A year later they were still there too. Each time we see the stained cushions it reminds us of the awesome sexy night we shared there.

We play pee games everywhere all the time, but on this occasion, Eva peed more and longer than ever before, or since.

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