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As I sat in my office, I peeked out of the slightly cracked door. Being an accountant for a chain of workout centers was as boring as you would imagine. The one plus was getting to watch hot young girls walk by my door. They dress in their spandex leotards, tight t-shirts, and shorts and then parade around the exercise equipment trying to impress the beefcakes who are more interested in looking at themselves in the mirror than at the girls. I went virtually unnoticed in my small, cramped office. I often looked out into the gym, watching the girls jiggle their perky breasts and bending over while stretching. There were times that I did not get a lot of work done.

The one I watched the most was one of my co-workers, Erika. She was a tall blonde with green eyes. She was a little on the big side but that just made her more attractive to me. Her large chest and big ass made me horny every time she walked by my door. Unfortunately, I was very shy and did not attempt to do anything but fantasize about any of these girls.

One night, the gym was closed and I was working late. Erika was the last one and, due to company policy, the last two people had to leave together. She came to my door and leaned in.

“Are you going to be done soon?” she asked. “I’m ready to go.” She seemed distracted but I did not think anything of it.

“Sure, just let me clean up my desk.” I shuffled some papers around and into my briefcase. I avoided looking at her for fear of growing a hard-on in my pants. She was wearing a pair of biking shorts and a spandex top that clung to her boobs. I thought I could see the circular shape of her areola so I tried to put that thought out of my head. I looked at the papers on my desk several times in an effort to distract myself. When I looked up again I saw that Erika was almost right next to me.

“Why don’t you have any pictures of your girlfriend in here?” Erika asked breathily.

I stared at her with a blank expression and then looked around my office searching for a picture I knew did not exist. “Umm, I don’t have a girlfriend,” I told her in a low voice. I was embarrassed to confess this to her. I hurried my packing in order to avoid further awkwardness.

She continued, “You know, you have a nice body. If you worked out a little you’d be a hunk. You know you get a free membership for working here, right?” My face went crimson. She was noticing my body. I did not know what to say so I remained silent and stared at the floor.

After another moment of silence, I looked up and said, “Um, yeah. I know. Well, I’ve got everything. Let’s go.” I went around the opposite side of the desk to avoid her. I did not even lock my door as I normally would. I walked straight to the front door exit and turned to wait for her to catch up. When Erika did not follow immediately, bostancı escort I strained my eyes through the dark gym to look for her.

A light shone on the opposite side of the gym. She was at the door to the girls’ locker room. “I forgot something in my locker. I’ll be right back.” For all the hurry she was in before, she sure was taking her time now, I thought. I nervously checked my watch and wondered what would be on TV by the time I got home. I thought about stopping by the video store and picking up a porno to relieve my frustrations.

I stood there in the faint light of the streetlights. I looked at my watch again and noticed that five minutes had gone by. I gathered my courage and went to go check on Erika. I walked through the darkened gym to the locker room. As I opened the door, the bright light from inside blinded me. I squinted as I looked around. “Erika?” I called, “Are you in here? Can I help you find something?” Getting no response, I had a feeling of dread. Something must have happened to her. I put down my briefcase and began to walk lightly. Several rows of metal lockers and wooden benches stretched out before me. I carefully peered around each corner fearing the worst.

Then I heard a soft moan from the last row where the employee’s lockers were. I hurried thinking maybe she has fallen and hit her head. What I saw was better than any porno I could have rented. Erika was lying back on the bench with her shirt up over her boobs and her shorts stretched between her knees. She was holding a long, silver vibrator inside her pussy with one hand and pinching a nipple with the other. Her eyes were closed and she seemed unaware of my presence. Mustering up all my nerve, I loudly said, “What are you doing?”

She nearly shoved the vibrator all the way in her pussy as she jumped. I saw her leg muscles tighten as they kept her balanced on the bench. She tried to begin to cover up and pull her shirt down. “Don’t move, slut,” I ordered. She froze at the sternness of my voice. She left her hands on her shirt. The weight of her hands pushed her breasts to their complete fullness. My mind buzzed with the possibilities of what I had stumbled across. My strong words had made her obey my commands. The silence echoed within the concrete-walled room only broken by the soft, buzzing hum of her vibrator. I noticed a locker was open. I assumed it was hers. There appeared to be pictures inside. I stepped over to see what she was fantasizing about while masturbating.

For the second time in a minute I could have been knocked over with a feather. There were pictures of me inside her locker. Photos from the company picnic and those ‘what a fun place we work at’ photos lined the inside. Most of them were just me smiling, but one had me with my shirt off and wiping çeliktepe escort the sweat from my forehead. I looked pretty good in that one. I guessed that’s why she told me I had a good body. I was stunned by all these sudden revelations. Then I remembered that I had a half-naked fantasy sitting right next to me.

I turned to face her and pretended to be upset. “So, you like to look at me and play with yourself?” She seemed to be on the edge of tears. I did not want her to cry so I said, “Show me how you like to play with yourself.” I moved down to watch between her legs. She tentatively pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. It was covered in her juices.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off to show me.” I used a tone of voice to imply I was not fooling around. Erika put the vibrator down, stood up, and peeled the shirt off over her head. Her large breasts wobbled as she shook her hair out. She then lifted one leg, then the other as she took off her shorts. She now stood before me like a wet dream. She gave me a smile as she lay down again. My erection was now obviously straining the front of my pants.

Erika picked up the vibrator and inserted it back in her pussy. She now seemed intent on giving me a show. She began writhing in her apparent ecstasy. The vibrator slid in and out of her juicy hole. She also resumed tweaking her nipples into hard nubs as they rested within her wonderfully pink-colored areola. Her hips were lifting up off the bench in an effort to get more of the vibrator.

I could not take anymore. I tore at my shirt buttons and unzipped my pants. In no time I was in my briefs and just as quickly those were gone. My raging hard-on bobbed as I took over control of the vibrator from her. I shoved it in and out as rapidly as I could, watching her pussy wrap and stretch around it. Then I pulled it out and stuck my own dick in her wet hole. I grabbed her tits and hung on like my life depended on it. I humped her madly for about 15 seconds before I came harder than I had never come before. I stayed deep inside her, feeling my cock throb as it spewed my seed.

I continued riding her and kneading her tits. I told her, “You will now be my slut. I will control you. You will obey my every command. Do you understand?”

“Ohhhh, yesss,” Erika came when I told her she was mine. I felt her pussy pulsate on my cock. She pulled at my ass trying to get me deeper inside her. “I will do anything you say. Just tell me and I will do it. I am your whore-toy.”

“Good to hear that. Now turn over. I’m going to fuck your ass.” I pulled my dick out and watched my cum spill on to the bench. Erika put her head on the bench and held on to it. Her winking pucker hole was perfectly exposed to me between her sweat-glistened buttocks. The symmetry of her cihangir escort globes made me want her even more. I put my still hard cock at the entrance to her anal cavity. I slowly rubbed my cock across the wrinkled skin of her asshole, spreading my dribbling cum for lubricant. Then I pushed toward her. To my surprise she pushed back toward me. I heard a small pop as I sank into her tight butt. I did not have to do any work as she began moving back and forth, piercing herself on my pole. I held on to her hips and squeezed her soft love handles. The slapping of our skin was beyond erotic for me. The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced and I came in her ass.

As I pulled out, she collapsed on to the bench. A few drops of my cum began leaking out of her ass. “Lick my cum off the bench,” I told her. She turned around and like a cat lapped up the milky fluid from the bench. My hard-on would not quit. “Suck my dick,” I told her. She came over and began to stick it between her tits. I slapped her hands away.

“I told you to suck my dick not give me a tit fuck. Now turn around and get on your hands and knees.” Erika gave me a worried look but obeyed. I just looked at her as she knelt there. I did not move and left the room in silence. She looked at the opposite wall, motionless. The plip-plip-plip of a leaking shower echoed loudly in the empty locker room.

I then began rubbing her ass. Erika jumped at my touch. Just as she relaxed again, I wound back and spanked her hard. Her flesh rippled at my assault. She cried out at the sting of my hand. “Do not cry out,” I told her as I spanked her again. She muffled her desire to yell out. I saw the outline of my hand form in red on her pale skin. I then smacked her several more times. She did not make a sound the rest of the time. Her ass radiated with heat from my spanking.

“Now turn around and give me a good blowjob like I told you the first time,” I said. Erika opened her mouth and I inserted my cock in it. I took the sides of her head in my hands and began thrusting in her mouth. After coming twice already I did not expect to cum again, but seeing Erika there with my cock in her mouth got a few more drops out of me.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and wiped it on her face. She sat there waiting for her next order. “Get up and put your pants on.” She stood up and did what I said. I watched as she slid the shorts on over her wet holes. She turned to face me with her wonderful breasts hanging down. I stared at them like a horny teenager. Then I looked her in the eyes.

“From now on you will obey my every command. If you disobey, it is over. I will probably humiliate you and alternately be considerate, depending on my mood. If you don’t want to do this say it now and we will both walk away from here with just this experience.” Erika remained silent. “What is your answer?”

“I am yours,” she said as her eyes dropped to the floor. I smiled and told her to dress so we could go home. I began to dream of all the nasty things that I was going to do with Erika.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32