Episode 107 – the real sub

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Episode 107 – the real sub

When I first started writing this episode it was a mixture of conjecture and fantasy; my ‘virtual’ Mistress Anna Dominatrix and her real sub Dave have confirmed that most of it actually happened last night.
All characters are real users here on xhamster (their profile names in brackets), except for Gillian who as my teenage avatar is able to go places I never could.

Stockbridge, Hampshire
Sunday morning Dave (used_sub) collapsed into the softest armchair in his Stockbridge pub after another exhausting night being the plaything of Mistress Anna.

As usual he ached all over from being chained to the floor, beaten, fucked mercilessly and called worm.

Dave liked that name, to be used in the presence of Mistress especially, as tonight, when she was wearing that black latex dress with the full length zip and stiletto heeled boots.

slut looked on in horror as Mistress tried larger and larger dildos in her new strap-on harness, with barely a blob of anal lubricant to ease the passage.

Normally he would have gone straight home to recover, but Mistress had taken him into subspace for so long, he had completely forgotten his address for the taxi home, instead crawling out at the pub as he was driven past.

Once the alcohol had numbed enough of the pain to allow him to look up, Dave noticed the two attractive women at the next table.

They were sitting very close together on the bench seat, bare thighs touching under impossibly short skirts, laughing and talking quietly.

Dave could only make out the odd phrase, but it was clear that these two friends had spent a fabulous Saturday night in Smannel.

Justine (slutty_mum) seemed to be describing to Emma (moist_slut) how much she had enjoyed the orgasm races. The juices were flowing when another, younger redhead squeezed her pretty butt in between them, kissing them both fully on the lips.

“Hi Mum, hi Emma, wasn’t that an amazing birthday party for Annie and me”.

Despite the severe bruising, Dave’s erection followed the hands pulling aside Molly’s thong, opening up the teenager for a relaxed fingering just out of sight under the table.

Molly (teen_tart) opened her eyes to find Dave staring at her tits; nipples hardening under the combined cuntal assault by her mother and her lover Emma.

“Do you mind – this is a girls-only session, unless that is you want to lick my boots?”

Molly must have spotted something in Dave’s submissive expression that aroused unusual feelings between her legs, quite different from güvenilir bahis şirketleri vanilla sex with her friends.

Dave found himself under the table, staring upwards at three very moist cunts that he knew he would never be allowed to sample, but right now seemed to demand his attention.

Emma kicked him first in the balls: “disgusting pervert”, followed by Justine: “this is fun – I’ve never met a real sub”. Finally it was Molly’s turn; the pointed toe of her leather boot connecting perfectly with his agonising cock-head.

“Do you want to come back to our place – for a proper session – I’m sure your Mistress won’t mind”.

Outside in the car park Molly slipped the puppy choke chain over Dave’s head: “that should stop you running off, you nasty sub”.

Justine couldn’t keep her hands off Emma’s tits, pressing the nipple bars back into firm flesh, while nibbling her neck: “a real sub – not just that pathetic nochance Dave – we are so lucky”.

Emma’s House

Dave was stripped, handcuffed and pushed down onto the Sybian, facing the wall – the slowly rotating plastic cock buried deep in his arse. Jasmine increased the speed, wondering if her new sub could take the maximum vibrations without cumming.

Meanwhile Emma had resumed her attack on Molly’s pussy – pushing two, then three fingers into the willing teenager while keeping an eye on Dave’s pathetic cock revolving in time to the dildo in his arse,

“Give him your cunt, baby girl – wipe that stickiness over his face – let him taste you – perhaps that will get his erection back. You can squirt on him if you like”.

Jasmine held him down with a knee to the cock, while Molly thrust her dripping cunt into his face, banging her clit repeatedly down his nose and chin, trying to get herself off, then whipped around to repeat with her arse.

Dave lunged forward, trying to press his tongue into her puckered brown hole, slurping down the bodily fluids flowing from her eager cunt as the dance music drowned out her moans.

Something about that pounding music brought back his pain from last night – there must have been a party going on downstairs while he was chained up in the playroom.

Smannel, Hampshire
Mistress Anna slipped seamlessly between the party celebrating her and Molly’s birthday downstairs and punishing her man-slut upstairs.

Downstairs Emma, Ellie (use_my_cunt), Sarah (fuck_bucket) and Justine (slutty_mum) all dressed in obscenely short shiny party frocks were dancing very closely to the pounding Eurythmics tracks.

Sarah’s tipobet güvenilir mi spiky dark hair contrasting perfectly with the bright red dress, just failing to hide her bald pussy, split to her navel – shapely breasts spilling out into Emma’s hands

Recalling her 6th birthday party, Molly had come dressed as a white rabbit: floppy ears, a leather choker, buttoned waistcoat and white canvas boots. This time, 10 years later, the fluffy bunny tail was naturally attached to a shiny anal plug, and her bare bikini area decorated with glitter.

Gillian who regularly turned up at the friend’s parties as an extra pussy was unaware of Mistress’ no underwear rule and wore just a pair of black see through boy-shorts and matching bandeau top to cover her firm teenage tits.

Emma had brought her Sybian, slut had struggled the heavy motorbunny downstairs during the day, before being banished back to the guest bedroom.

“Ok worm get those clothes off – I hope you shaved off all that nasty body hair – I need you smooth as a baby’s bottom”.

Knowing exactly what Mistress meant, Dave dropped his trousers and boxers, offering his backside for Her examination.

The toe of Her leather boot struck very accurately between his cheeks: “get in the bathroom and clean that filthy butt. No you can’t use my razor again, you worm – there’s some tweezers in the cabinet. I’ll be back up in 15 minutes and I expect to thrash that butt when you’ve removed all that hair”.

Annie found Jasmine and Ellie in a perfect face to cunt 69 embrace, while Emma’s tongue was deeply embedded in birthday girl’s succulent pussy.

New girl Sarah, on her third glass of champagne, was having a Sybian orgasm race with Gillian on the motorbunny, straddling their machines roaring vibrations. Then they all swapped around and Molly’s gorgeous mum Justine won by a short head, pitching forward into Gillian’s arms as her second climax erupted down her thighs.

Annie fucked the rabbit Molly’s arse with her own fluffy tail butt plug, grappling the gorgeous teen down onto her knees to worship Mistress orally.

After another round of refreshments, Annie disappeared discretely upstairs again to punish her man-slut.

Fortunately slut had improved the playroom sound insulation, so that worm’s muffled screams from the harsh whipping went unheard by the lesbian party downstairs.

Annie was already working up quite a sweat between her unzipped breasts when She pulled on the strapon harness and selected tipobet giriş the fat red dildo for his first anal treatment.

worm tried not to flinch as the unlubricated cock head penetrated his ring, just whimpering slightly as the b**st plunged in, opening him up wide.

he couldn’t help the dribbles of pre-cum as his limp cock responded to the anal pounding. he knew how Mistress would respond to any stains on the carpet, so scooped it up and licked his hand clean before any damage was done.

“Good boy – your arse is looking particularly hot today – perhaps we can move to the blue dildo next. You can stand in the corner until I come back up – absolutely no touching yourself. Understood”?

“Yes Mistress”.

On the Stairs
Gillian had popped upstairs to use the toilet, surprised to see Annie coming out of a room, with a naked man in the corner, then locking the door. She was even more surprised when Annie whipped around, latex dress fully unzipped, slamming the sticky dildo into the teenager’s crotch.

“Oh Mistress, are you going to take me here on the stair?”

“Cheeky slut – turn around – I’m in an anal sort of mood”.

Pushed up against the wall, the dildo slipped in much easier than Her man-slut, satisfying both their cravings in under 10 minutes of vigorous fucking.

Annie pulled off the harness, hanging it on the door handle:”not a word to anyone – now get your pretty arse downstairs before I fuck it again”.

The party had descended into a full-on lesbian orgy, exactly as planned. Clothes were flung to the far corners as the naked drunk revellers kissed, sucked and fingered each other to states of continuous arousal followed by crashing orgasms.

Molly was so far gone she hardly noticed Annie and Gillian’s arrival until they lifted her bodily from the sofa onto their shoulders for a dancing double cunt and arse eating extravaganza.

She hung onto a ceiling hook as her overworked cunt spewed her sweet nectar onto the press of naked bodies below, all wishing her a Happy Birthday.

Annie managed one last round of kissing and groping her friends before sending them home to return to the man-slut upstairs for a final beating and humiliation in front of Gillian.

“On your knees, worm! Gillian why don’t you fit this face-dildo into his filthy mouth, then he can do something useful – like fucking your pretty arse, while I try out this new cat o’ nine tails on his”.

Annie made sure Dave was the last to leave, crawling out to the taxi. As instructed, he had parked his car out of sight at The Oak and walked the last few hundred yards to the house, but was definitely in no fit state to drive home after his night of pain and Her passion.

Utterly exhausted, Annie curled up in slut’s embrace in the guest bedroom: “Happy Birthday, love – get some sleep – I’ve got you”.

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