EP01 – A Library Encounter

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The library at school has always been my ‘go to’ place to get my serious writing and thinking done. There are small intimate sitting areas next to large sized windows that look out over the woods around the building. It’s a very New England scene with a full pallet of spring colors early in April.

I was sitting there on a Friday afternoon working on a writing assignment, when I noticed a cute blonde coed come over and sit in one if the overstuffed chairs. She was wearing a white UMass hoodie and a field hockey skirt with long white socks and track shoes. She had a gorgeous smile she kept flashing at me while I tried to concentrate on my assignment.

“It’s very colorful out there this year isn’t it?” she asked me, engaging in a bit of conversation.

“Yes, that’s why I enjoy coming here. I hope the plethora of color will Forster a plethora of words.”

“Only regular users of the library would use words like ‘plethora’. You must have been stuck here a long time huh?” she teased, twirling her hair with her finger.

“I occasionally venture out, foraging for food and whatnot.”

“Whatnots?” she inquired raising an eyebrow.

“Of course. Necessary primitive needs. It explains this club şişli elit escort and that man-cave,” I teased back holding up my number 2 pencil and using it to point to an empty study room.

“I’ve always wanted to see a real man-cave,” she said in a low conspiratorial tone.

“Then let’s check out my wall paintings,” I shot back, extending my hand to lead her off.

“I’m hoping that they are full color,” she said, taking my hand and playing along.

As I finished closing the door to the study room she all but jumped into my arms and assaulted my mouth with her tongue. There was a fire in her eyes that I’ve only read about in cheap novels. The girl was out to devour me and I had gladly walked right into her ambush.

Her slender fingers made quick work of unbuttoning my shirt. I stripped it off and hung it off a corner over the window so we would have a bit more privacy. I turned back towards her in time to see her pull her hoodie up and over that blond head of hers. I’ve seen topless girls before but she was perfect. A perfect pair of thirty four inch c cup breasts stood firm on her athletic frame.

She was breathing heavy and, as I embraced her, I could feel şişli escort the heat radiating from her. She was consuming me. Slowly, surely, bite by bite consuming me. I was playing right into her hands. Literally as one hand held the back of her head keeping her lips sealed to mine, my other hand worked to raise her arousal further by teasing the stiff peaks of her breasts.

We were both working up a sweat in the small study room. Her passion was fueling my aching erection until I thought I could not stand it any longer. I hiked up her field hockey skirt and practically tore the white cotton panties right off her shapely ass.

She responded with a flurry of activity of her own, swiftly freeing me from my shorts. I lifted her up on the desk, and standing between her welcoming tights the smile on her face was one of lust wrapped in victory knowing, as she did, that she had me right where she wanted me all along. I was trapped like the beast of burden I was.

She let out a gasp as I entered her. Easing my way along slowly, tentatively. More out of hesitation because she was certainly well lubed and running very warm down there. She was very in tune with her body, her muscle control şişli eve gelen escort was incredible. She kept pulsing her muscles around my firm erection. I felt I was being milked. I focused and concentrated and worked frantically at the multiplication tables in my head. I was trying every trick to hold off the inevitable explosion I knew was arriving soon. She was thrashing her head and moaning loader and louder. I just wanted to hold on to the bucking bronco ride as long as I could and did not want to be found coming up short in the endurance department.

Feeling my own climax cresting quickly, I wrapped her up in my arms and pulled her tight against me, forcing myself into her as far as I could possibly go. The added depth must have done the trick as she shrieked her own orgasm’s arrival and I matched her a moment latter. I felt myself explode within her as she had squeezed herself around my erection.

We took a heavy breathing moment melting into each other’s arms, holding each other, and listening to our pounding chests ease themselves into a calmer regular beating. I felt myself inhaling her essence as I planted my lips firmly over hers and tested the salty sweetness of her lips. I wondered if my hair was as sweaty as hers as I took my finger and moved her hair out of her blissful face. She had such a look of contentment. Her eyes now had a hungry look about them.

“Now that we have successfully performed the mating,” I spoke softly in her ear, “you should join me in the foraging for food.”

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