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Looking out upon the sea of heads with hair in all shades of the spectrum, I silently curse your short stature. Of course, I don’t actually hate it; in fact, I enjoy it so much more than I let on, as is the case with everything else about you. Typically, I’m coy with my true thoughts and desires for you, letting only my lustful eyes betray what’s behind them. However, I resolved that at some time during this week-long conference, I would finally push us into new territory for us both.

As I walk the arena in search of you, I think of our conversations. We’ve talked enough about everything for us to know that we’re grown weary of the small touches, innuendos, and countless opportunities for clandestine intimacy dashed by nosy coworkers.

We want one another.

I’ve seen the way you look at me. I’ve seen your slight hesitation as you focus on the taut cloth of my shirt as it spreads across my chest. I’ve noticed your blank stare as you gaze at my arms, filling out my sleeves as I cross my arms against my body. And I’ve enjoyed the obvious discomfort in your loins and your widened eyes as I made no effort to conceal the large, thick bulge in my pants, caused entirely by you.

Vexingly, I haven’t been able to gaze upon your exciting figure for ages. A stupid, stupid man deleted all the photographic gifts of that ages ago, and he’s been cursing himself ever since.

Maddeningly, I’ve been able to touch you even less. I’ve missed the electricity I felt in the air as I brushed my lips across the smooth skin of your neck. I’ve missed the burning, building arousal in my body as we traded illicit touches right in front of our peers. I’ve missed the pursuit of the one singular goal that I had: to feel as much of our skin together as possible and to show you how much I wanted to dominate you.

I’m doing this for our health. Because it’s clear that one of us is going to explode, and not in the sexy way.

At last, I catch a glimpse of you finishing up a small presentation at one of the main stages. You’ve ended your part after masterfully handling questions from the attendees, and sat legs crossed near the curtains that obscure the back stage. Your hair is up and your porcelain skin is glowing underneath the light. The growing discomfort in my pants lead me to realize that I’ve been dripping copious amounts of pre-cum in all of my thoughts about you. I don’t just want you, I need you.

Ignoring the ever-growing bulge below, I quickly send you a text as I make my way backstage: “Hey, need some help with some wires after your presentation. Mind coming behind the stage?”

I take my place directly behind the barrier. With the call for applause from the emcee, you’re finally free from the event and you make your way behind the curtains. As you walk towards me, the smile on your face clearly communicates your relief at the end of the presentation. Returning it in kind, I embrace you, and pull you tightly into me. I gently push you away and encourage you to humor me by twirling around so that I can get a good look at you. Rolling your eyes, you indulge me and begin to spin with the slightest of smiles on your face.

I ask you to close your eyes as you turn around and around. I slowly move closer to you, my member now straining against my pants as I take you in. Your slim figure, the smell of your hair, your ass as you gyrate your hips in an added flair that wasn’t requested, but certainly appreciated.

I can’t wait any longer. My hunger for you has grown too great to bear. I have to take my chance.

I quickly wrap my arm around your chest, pulling your lithe frame towards me. Your back is against my chest, my cock is pressed firmly against your behind. I take my hand and gently stroke your neck with a single finger. My lips find your ear, and I softly brush them across your skin. Your chest swells as you breathe in sharply and your body becomes stiff. You’ve frozen up and lost all control of your body, like a little chaton being gripped by the nape.

With a raspy breathiness that betrays just how much I really want you, I instruct you to relax. I’m in control now, I say, and I want you to do exactly what you’re told. “Return to your room and wait patiently for me to arrive.” You nod, stifling a moan as my hand moves slowly up your neck until it caresses your chin. I press myself into you more firmly now and I feel you push back in response. Your shapely ass cradles my thickening member. Your kurtuluş escort eyes look at me pleadingly, asking me not to make you wait. To take you right here at this moment in this secluded space, still in danger of being seen by a nosy passerby. “Perhaps next time,” I reply, and with that, I release you from my hold. A large wet spot has appeared on my pants, and as I leave you to compose yourself, I re-arrange myself, covering the spot in order to keep our little secret.


Looking upon your milky-white skin, I curse myself for not pursuing you sooner. We stand before each other in our underwear, the last vestiges of a time marked by frustrated lust and missed opportunities. Your chest heaves slowly, and your nipples are straining the fabric of your bra. Your eyes are glued to the tent in my underwear; my dick is now at full mast and has been constantly dripping for quite some time now. A lick of your lips tells me what you want first.

I instruct you to kneel in front of me and take off your bra. You quickly move and get down on the ground. As you remove that pesky contraption, I take my shirt and roll it up. The sound of the cups hitting the ground alert me to a true sight to behold. Your breasts, now free of their prison, hang perfectly upon your frame. They’re impossibly round in shape and their smooth skin make them seem incredibly soft. Your nipples stand completely at attention, begging to be stimulated.

I snap out of my trance and tell you to give me your wrists. You proffer them up to me and I tightly tie them together. I drop your wrists, and hook my thumbs into my underwear and begin to pull down. As more and more of my length is exposed, your eyes grow wider. I’m so hard for you, and I have been since looking for you at the conference. My rock-solid shaft is crisscrossed with veins, all engorged from how aroused you’ve made me. The elastic band of my underwear catches on the tip, and with a final pull, my dripping cock springs forth and hangs before you.

I command you to suck me off, and not to stop until I let you. With a marked hunger in your eyes, you begin to drag your tongue across the tip of my member. A moan emanates from your mouth as you savor the taste of my pre-cum. Just the warm touch of your tongue is enough to make me lose my mind. But I’m not going to waste this opportunity.

I grab your long hair into my fist and pull your tongue away from my dick. Looking down upon you, I inform you that we’ll have time for gentle ministrations at some other point. Right now, I want to fuck you. I want to roughly dominate you and leave you gasping for a break. I want you to come all over me.

With my fist still full of your hair, I push my cock into your mouth. You take it about halfway before you have to stop, a fact that you communicate by tapping me with your restrained hands.

We try again. A little further this time. The warmth and wetness of your mouth is mind-blowing.

Again. My cock longs to completely fill your mouth. I’m so hard and I can’t think of anything else.


I’m almost all the way inside your small mouth. Your tongue gently runs on the underside of my cock and I’m even harder now.

Encore, chaton.

Finally, your lips meet the base of my shaft. The feeling is incredible. You begin to pump my shaft, changing speed every so often. I begin to think that you’re playing with me, frustrating me with the change in rhythm.

I paw at your tits. I moan once more; they’re perfect. I find your nipples, roll them in between my finger and thumb, and pinch them firmly. You pull your mouth off of my throbbing dick and a cry of both pleasure and pain escapes from your lips. I pinch even harder. Another moan and your eyes roll behind your eyelids. I ramp the force up one last time, clamping down upon your dusky rose-colored nipples.

Your head is thrown back as the pain from your tits translates into pure, unbridled pleasure as it emanates through your body. Your hands shoot down to your panties, and you frantically try to pull the cloth to the side. It finally gives way and you begin to attack your clit.

I step forward and force my entire shaft back into your open mouth. You take the hint and begin to blow me with renewed vigor. You quickly and messily move your lips across all of my cock, deftly moving your tongue and rubbing every sensitive spot I have. In response, I thrust levent escort my hips in order to get deeper inside of your hot mouth. I continue to tease your nipples between my strong fingers, relaxing my grip at times only to send you back into a frenzy by firmly pinching and twisting them.

A great, unending pressure starts to build in the base of my dick. I know it’s coming, and it feels so strong, like my cock is about to explode. I take my hands from your breasts and I wrap them being your head. Firmly pushing you onto me once more, I hold you there. Your lips are fully stretched around the base of my shaft, and your nose takes in the smell of desire that I have for you. I pull you off and back again. I’m sure you can feel the hardening of my cock as the pressure travels further and further towards my head. Your tongue is caressing the spot right under my head and the pressure travels the rest of my length much more quickly than I expect. As much as I would love to fill your mouth with all of my cum, I refrain.

I roughly push you away, causing you to fall backwards. Apologizing for my arousal-induced lack of awareness, I pick you up and playfully toss you onto the bed. Refusing to release you of your restraint, I move your arms over your head and pin them there as I cover you with my body. My broad torso casts a encompassing shadow over your small, curvy frame.

Towering over you, I begin to slowly make my descent across your body. My tongue dragged across your ear. A spate of small bites to cover your neck. My nose taking in the smell of your sweet skin as I travel to each of your nipples to tease them once more. A multitude of paths using my tongue crossing your stomach, dipping lower and lower to your clit each time.

I finally pull your panties away from your hips and gaze upon your beautiful pussy. You’re breathing heavily as I plant kisses closer and closer to your lips. You want this. You’ve wanted it for a long time, ever since I’ve told you about my love for eating pussy. I aim to give you everything that you’ve been desiring.

I look up at you one last time and gently breathe upon your lips. You have that pleading look again, asking me to stop the teasing. With a low chuckle and a knowing wink, I plunge my tongue into your sopping wet slit.

A sexy, airy moan escapes from your mouth. Your hips instantly start to buck and jerkily move. I take hold of you by gripping the top of your thighs and pulling you towards my mouth. My tongue finds your clit and a shriek of pleasure rings out into the room.

Your taste is intoxicating and I waste absolutely no time in trying to get as much of it as I can. I firm up my tongue and flick your nub with the point, resulting in a fresh round of gyrations from your hips. Your hands, no longer pinned above your head, come down and wrap themselves in my hair. You tug at the short strands, imploring me to continue my assault on your clit. After a short time, you begin pushing me away as you’ve become too sensitive. Not wanting to ruin the experience for us, I take a different approach.

Flattening my tongue, I open my mouth wider in order to get as much contact with your pussy as possible. Gripping your thighs, I begin my slow ministrations. I slowly drag the entire length of my tongue across your swollen lips. You begin to pull away, but I have you held tight. I pull you towards me as I move my tongue, grinding your clit against it. A soft moan encourages me to continue. I press harder onto your pussy as I keep the slow rhythm and I’m rewarded with more gasps of pleasure. You’re practically gushing now; you’re so wet and I can feel it all over my face. I can smell your sweet scent, and I know for certain that I want you to come all over my face.

Your body starts to tremble, and I know what’s about to happen. I tighten my grip on your voluptuous legs and I start to focus solely on your clit. I wrap my lips around the hood and I press my flattened tongue against you, but faster now and with more force. The trembling spreads through your body, and you start to whimper. You plead with me to let you come. I draw it out a bit longer. More force now, and I’m pulling you into me every time I draw my tongue upwards across your clit. You’re in a frenzy now, your hands are wrapped around my head. You push my entire face into your pussy and I know it’s here.

A long, delighted moan begins to escape your lips. Your back arches as maçka escort high as it possibly can as I continue to take you over the edge. You tightly squeeze my head between your thighs as the climax extends its reach across your frame. I feel your fingers trying to grasp for something, anything to hold onto as you ride the waves. Your entire body tenses, and for a split second, I think that you may break a bone if you stiffen any more. As your orgasm subsides, I eagerly lap up as much of your juices and gently drag my tongue across your slit one last time.

I stand at the foot of the bed, and admire the aftermath of my desire. Of all of the pent-up lust, and all the frustrated patience. As I think of all the times I masturbated to the thought of fucking you, my cock swells in anticipation.

With a firm and unyielding tone, I instruct you to bend over the bed. Still recovering from your orgasm, you find your legs and swing your body to the side of the bed. Your curvy, luscious ass begs to be dominated, and I’m happy to oblige.

Re-tying your hands behind your back, I take your buttocks into my hands. They’re supple and instantly yield to my strong grasp.

I roughly slap one cheek. A cry of pain rings out, and your legs buckle underneath you. I take one hand, and grip your body right at the spot where your sexy, curvy hips flare outward. With the other hand, I slap the same cheek, a bit harder now. A louder cry, and a rush of blood to your ass. A perfect handprint shows the punishment I’m applying to your behind. A final smack against your ass, the hardest of all. A whimper escapes from your lips, and you rest fully on the bed; your legs have gone out from under you. I pull you back up. Your tight, little pussy is dripping now; trails of moisture travel down your thighs.

I aim the head of my large, throbbing cock at the entrance of your sopping wet slit. Teasing you one last time, I drag my engorged, flowing tip between your lips. You push back, trying to preempt me. With a final breath, I firmly thrust my thick shaft into you.

A moan escapes from both of your mouths. Your pussy is so hot, so tight, so incredible. I make it about halfway in. Your lips form a vice grip around my cock.

I try again. A little deeper this time. Your juices surround me completely, making every so slick and wet. I’m determined to fill you to the hilt.


I’m going to stretch your pussy to its limits.

Encore, chaton.

My hips smack against your ass. A ripple travels across your buttocks. I lose my mind. You’re so fucking sexy.

I begin to furiously thrust into you. The sounds of sex fill the air. Your airy moans join the rhythmic clapping of our skin. Both of your hips are in my hands, providing me with all the support I need to fuck you as hard and deep as I can.

Your pussy feels so amazing. I know I won’t last long at all. I drop all the pretense of dominating you and teasing you. I’ve had enough of the games. I want to come. I need to come.

I take a fistful of your hair, and jerk your head backwards as I continue to slam against you, completely filling that sopping wet cunt over and over and over again. I grab your hands by the restraint and roughly pull you against me with every thrust.

I’m losing it.

An intense, strong pressure travels from the base of my cock. My entire shaft begins to stiffen and the grips of your lips feels tighter by the second. I push your head into the bed, focused solely on my pleasure now.

I’m going to lose it.

The pressure passes the middle point of my shaft, and I know it’s a matter of seconds now. I’m so hard, I can’t stand it anymore. I want to continue this incredible experience. To keep dominating you and have you feel the whims of my desire.

I pull out and I jerk you by the arms, throwing you to your knees in front of me. My cock, fully engorged and harder than it’s ever been, shines with the light reflecting by your pussy juices. Full of this unending pressure, I take hold of it.

I’ve lost it.

A shot of milky-white cum bursts forth from my cock, completely covering the top of your tits. A second travels across to your collarbone and neck, painting the beautiful canvas that is your skin. I aim further down this time, hitting one of your nipples like a bullseye. Each successive blast covers more and more of your skin, and your eyes widen at the sight.

The air is more still now, the silence only broken by our attempts to catch our break. I untie your hands, and you play with the cum that has completely covered your soft, supple breasts. I wait for you to look up at me from below, and when you do, I wink and ask with an exhausted voice:

Encore, chaton?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32