Driving Lessons

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It was the summer holidays, a beautiful sunny day and I was annoyed I had to spend several hours stuck in a clapped out old car, with no aircon, as my stepson had chosen to spend his summer with us instead of returning to his mother and apparently needed to practice before his test.

His father, feeling generous, bought an old Ford escort (probably some fond memories of his youth) for him to ruin the gearbox in and saving our own in the process.

Mikey had arrived late last night and was due to appear any minute. His father had a business meeting (golf) so had snuck off early.

I was having to miss a Pilate’s class and wasn’t impressed at being kept waiting.

Eventually Mikey ambled into the kitchen “morning mummy” I glared at him! OK technically at 37 I am old enough to be his mother but I neither look, nor feel it.

“Morning Mikey” I said through gritted teeth.

Apart from a few fleeting visits and the occasional Facebook post, I’d had very little to do with Mikey in the 4 years I’d been married to his dad. In that time he’d become a man. Gone was the awkward boy, before me a lithe and handsome young man. He looked exactly like pictures I’d seen of his dad at 20!

“You ready?” I snapped throwing the keys at him, unsettled by the strange sensation that had just overcome me.

“Sure mum” he caught the keys and headed outside.

Once in the car, seats adjusted, mirrors altered, seatbelts fastened, sun glasses on he started the engine. As he only needed me there for legality I got comfy in my seat and stared out of the window.

We made idle conversation, him talking about Uni, me about what his dad and I had been planning for our holiday (we were heading to a health retreat, my husband has a stressful job and it’s been affecting his ability to perform lately, not that I told Mikey that part)

As he drove the heat in the car increased, even having the windows open did little to cool me down.

A couple of times Mikey grazed my leg with his hand as he reached to change gear. At first I thought it accidental but on the third occasion he didn’t apologise, just glanced at me with a strange smile on his face.

I peeked at him from behind my shades, noticing the muscles in his arms as he turned the wheel, I was impressed, and he’d filled out a little.

I bakırköy escort was regretting wearing a cotton shirt and jeans. I was getting so hot. I undid a shirt button and fanned myself with a cd case from the door pocket.

“Getting a bit hot mum?”

“It’s a hot day” I muttered,

He laughed to himself quietly.

We’d been driving around town, slow traffic and plate glass shop windows giving us no respite from the sun’s rays. The lack of speed in traffic wasn’t giving much scope for anything more than third, so after a while I suggested we head to a local beauty spot, different driving terrain, narrow country lanes, a small ford, hairpin bends, steep inclines. Perfect for hill starts.

Mikey seemed keen and was soon up and down the gears like he’d been driving years, I was slightly annoyed by him. He definitely didn’t need any more practice as far as I could tell. He was wasting my morning!

As I was about to mention that too him, an ominous hiss came from under the bonnet, followed by a cloud of steam. Shit!

Mikey pulled the car over under the shade of some trees. We both scrambled out and he lifted the bonnet up. “Looks like you’re not the only hot thing out here mum.”

I ignored him and waved away the steam cloud. Luckily I’d got a large bottle of water with me, but everything was too hot to touch.

“Looks like we’ll have to let it cool down”

“Shame” he whispered, he was stood a little way back, watching as I leant in over the engine.

I suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable under his gaze…

I couldn’t help but notice a very large swelling in his jeans. What the hell! Did my stepson find me attractive?!

I swallowed nervously, not sure how to respond. Before I could say anything he’d yanked off his t-shirt, reached past me for the water bottle, drank deeply, before pouring some over his head. Glistening rivulets ran down his chest to his groin. I was transfixed.

“Like what you see mum?”

I snapped back to focus but I’d already given myself away. My hardening nipples must have been as obvious to him, as his erection was to me.

His hand cupped my face and pulled me towards him, his lips pressed against mine, tongue probing. I was frozen, in turmoil, this can’t be happening, başakşehir escort my stepson, my husband’s only child!

But it was and I was responding. I returned his kiss and lifted my hands to his waist, pulling him in closer, his hard cock pressing into me. After a few moments he pulled away slightly,

“I wanted you the first time I saw you! Do you want this?”

I moaned a response, fearful to speak my desires out loud. He slipped his hand between my legs and felt my damp jeans, “I think you do mummy”

I blushed when he lifted his fingers to his nose and inhaled my musky aroma.

He grabbed my hand and led me away from the roadside and into the shelter of the trees.

Pushing me against a tree trunk he kissed me again, hands roaming over my body, fingers wrestling to undo my shirt. He cupped my breasts, squeezing them through the fabric of my bra, teasing my already aching nipples. Pushing the fabric down roughly with his thumbs he exposed my breasts, admiring them with lust filled eyes before taking one in his mouth and sucking “oh God”

“Mmmmmm, like that do you mummy?”

Running my hands over his stomach I slipped my fingers into his jeans, scrambling for his fly.

He laughed lightly, pulled away whilst pulling down his jeans, his cock sprang free, hard and swollen, a tear of precum visible on its head. I bit my lip nervously, it was longer and fatter than his dad’s cock but I was excited to taste it.

He took it in his hand, pumping the shaft several times, then offering it to me,

“Suck it”

I sank to me knees, looking up into his lust filled eyes. Leaning in I poked out my tongue and tentatively licked. His cock twitched in appreciation, I wrapped one hand around the shaft and slowly stroked as I licked and kissed the head. My other hand massaging his balls, as I built a rhythm he pulled my hands away, cupping my face with his hands, he started to thrust faster and deeper, fucking my face and making me gag. It seemed to turn him on all the more as it wasn’t long before he was groaning and grunting, it wouldn’t be long before he’d cum. With a roar he started to unload in my mouth, before pulling out and cuming on my chest, glistening garlands of cum running down my breasts and hanging from my nipples.

I bayrampaşa escort couldn’t believe what just happened. I tried to stand and cover myself, suddenly feeling self-conscious and ashamed.

“Wow mum, you suck dad’s cock like that?” I blushed furiously; it had been nearly two years since I’d done that.

Standing there covered in my stepsons cum I felt such a slut but Mikey wasn’t done. He kissed me deeply again, tasting his own cum on my lips, as he reached to undo my own jeans.

He pushed them down over my hips leaving my panties in place, pulling me around so my back was against his chest, he explored my body, lips kissing my neck, one hand cupping me breaks and playing work my nipples, the other gliding over my stomach in teasing circles, before slipping inside my soaking panties. As his long fingers probed my slit I felt myself go weak,

“Like that do you mummy?”

I could only groan in agreement. Expert fingers found my clit and began to tease it mercilessly; I ground my hips on his hand, shocked to feel another massive erection pressing into my lower back.

“I’m going to fuck you mummy.”

He pushed me forward a few steps, a fallen tree branch his intended destination. I went to turn but he pushed me over the branch arse in the air, exposed and vulnerable. He kissed my neck, my back and down to my arse cheeks. Pulling down my panties whilst kissing and squeezed them, kneading the flesh, then placing his face between my legs and beginning to eat me. His tongue lapped from clit to my puckered rosebud, I ground myself into his face as he worked. Tongue darting in and out, making me squirm. He added fingers, grinding my clit and slipping a couple inside, fucking me furiously as he ate my ass.

“Cum for me mummy” he whispered the words but they trigger my orgasm, I scream out, body twitching uncontrollably, as he held me tightly.

I haven’t cum like that in years. Before I can recover he’s slammed his cock into my soaking pussy. I’m so wet, he doesn’t need to take his time and he fills me with one stroke, balls resting against my clit, all nicety gone he starts to fuck me, pounding into me again and again. Another orgasm washes over me, and the spasms around your cock trigger your own. “I’m going to fill you with cum mummy” I feel him twitching and pulsing as he holds me closer. Our breathing laboured.

As he slips his cock out of me and cum starts to run down my thighs, he gathers some in his fingers, before massaging it into my arsehole “Mikey” I gasp with a start. “Relax mummy, we’ll save this for the next lesson.”

Summer with my stepson might not be so awful after all.

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