Dreams of Britney

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Seeing through the crack of her doorway the delectable shape of the most beautiful sister to ever grace Alpha Q Sorority I slip into Britney’s room, padding on shapely bare feet. My name is Nadine and I have recently been initiated into this sorority of the brightest and most beautiful; I have longed for a week now to be invited by this young goddess to be her roommate and although I may well be dreaming here as I steal into her most private sanctuary, the last thing I want is to analyze too much and so my attention returns to you, my gorgeous Brit. Taking in the vision of you sleeping soundly in your bed, I sigh with a bottomless sense of adoration as my eyes adjust to the moonlight bathing you in an erotic light that defies description, your delightful young curves fully visible and rather naughtily clad in an unreasonably tight white baby tee and matching panties that hug at the curves of your hips as you squirm on the bed giving me the occasional glimpse of the perfect round form of your cute little bottom ….

… You suddenly cry out softly and I smile with the realization that you must be in the height of a highly-charged erotic dream. My knees weakening as I hear you unexpectedly murmur the words “yesss … there, Nadine, right there” I am slowly and hypnotically drawn towards you as you writhe and wriggle, alone on the bed, left hand cupped under your shirt, right hand moving slowly beneath the shiny white silken fabric of your naughty little panties ….

… Breathing deep the heady and thoroughly intoxicating scent of your arousal which permeates the room with an almost impertinent ardor, I feel myself growing impatient, moist, a demanding lust taking control of me and I force myself to quietly and very, very slowly remove one article after another of my clothing, letting them fall to your floor as my eyes follow the movement of your luscious body on casino siteleri the bed ….

… Naked, I climb on top of you, gently straddling and leaning in close, whispering so erotically in your ear, “it’s me sweet baby, it’s me, Nadine. You want me? You want my hot tongue down where your hand is right now? You want my mouth all over your sweet pussy? Kissing you, sucking you, licking you? I’m right here. I’ll do anything you want me to … just whisper yesssssss ….”

… Resting my right hand over the top of your panties, my middle two fingers separated by the thin silk material, finding yours, gently rocking with them as I hear you whisper the word I’ve so longed to hear from you, leaning in to place the most loving kiss I’ve ever given upon your beautiful ripe lips, gently moaning into you as our tongues lazily find each others and I slip myself into your heavenly pleasure-filled dream world with a sigh ….

… I finally break free, kissing my way patiently down your gorgeous body, marveling at your perfect beauty, falling deeper and deeper under your spell with each sublime touch of lips to gorgeous golden skin.The first two fingers of each hand eventually finding and hooking under the waistband of your panties as my elbows rotate upwards and outwards, pushing against the bottom of your thighs, guiding your legs up until your soft calves rest against my shoulders at either side of my long graceful neck while I look down on you with deep brown adoring eyes ….

… Pulling your panties lovingly up towards me as I hear you breath in suddenly, sharply, not sure if you’re still dreaming or awake, not much caring at this point, sliding them up until they rest in front of me, stretched between your small feminine ankles as my hands slide back down, palms flat against the back of your legs, gliding, gliding down the soft smooth skin, then sliding back up as slot oyna I sigh at the decadence of touching you like this, I stroke and stroke and stroke your long luscious legs ….

… Finally sliding my hands back up to your sweet little ankles, gently pushing your legs out in front of me, your lovely limbs pointing straight up as I guide the damp silken material off your tiny feminine feet, resting them delicately upon one shoulder as I take those pretty little feet in each hand guiding your legs back down, spreading you nice and wide before my naked kneeling form before taking your silks, breathing with a deep and lustful anticipation, then pressing the still warm and wet crotch directly onto my nose and mouth, breathing you in as I begin to shudder from deep within myself, sighing, “oh my god Brit, oh … my … fucking … god, I want you so much!!!”

… Laying myself down on my stomach between your widely spread legs, my own legs bent and kicking above my naked round bottom, gently placing your panties, crotch down, against your exposed and slightly flared pussy lips, so indescribably beautiful in this moonlight, I begin placing slow decadent licks against your inner thighs … alternating from leg to leg … so relishing the sweet-salty taste of your perfect skin … licking closer and closer with each stroke of my tongue …. tonguing the soft flesh of your inner thigh, closer, closer ….

… My hot tongue finally at the crevice where your left leg ends ….. licking now with tongue pressed flat and hard, straight up the side of your crotch, carefully avoiding any contact with your heavenly little puss so erotically covered by those naughty silken panties lying loosely on top of you … I finally poise my tongue above your moist wet musky center pushing, pushing, down into the silk fabric, pushing it downwards until I can feel the decadent cool silky fabric canlı casino siteleri slipping into you … hearing you whimpering above me as my own voice huskily groans all over my thrusting tongue ….

… My hands gently caressing your inner thighs and the soft erogenous zones where your legs meet your writhing body, tongue working the little ball of silk further and further into your soaking wet pussy, until only the smallest fraction of material peeks out. “mmmm Brit,” I whisper with dripping lust, “I’m sure you taste so unbelievably yummy … which is why I want you wide awake when this tongue of mine finally gets to taste you for real ….”

… Pressing the remaining fabric firmly around your exposed pussy, shielding your perfect slice of heaven from any naked contact with my mouth, I begin to lick at you through the lovely soft silk sheath … lapping at it until it too is soaked through and through, exposing your glorious female perfection beneath ….

… Placing one final kiss against your covered sex, before grasping the material between soft lips, I pull the little flap of material away from you before taking it firmly between my teeth and slowly, slowly, slowwwwwly pulling the sopping wet panties out of you, watching with a yummy grin while you writhe from the agonizing sensation as they slide out of you inch by decadent inch ….

… Giggling, “ooh la la Brit, I think I will most certainly be treasuring these for a long time,” as I take your dripping wet panties into my hands, give you a flirty little kiss goodnight, and slip out your door with a naughty grin, slowly drifting awake in my fluffy white bed, smiling at the vivid memory still playing out in my mind as I pull my hand out from beneath my pillow to discover the still-damp silken ball of fabric clutched tightly within my tiny palm. The naughty grin lighting up my face as I bring the musky material up, breathing the intoxicating scent deeply and thinking, “soon, very, very soon.”

Stay tuned for further adventures of sexual abandon between me and my new Sisters …. kisses!! :x:x:x

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