Don’t Ask, Don’t Get (Part 2)

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Get (Part 2)
Act Two

I turned and headed up the stairs. I had nothing of real value downstairs, so I wasn’t bothered about leaving them in my house unobserved. As I put one foot in front of the other on the shabby carpet, I became increasingly convinced I’d made the right decision. Something about the intensity of Shannon’s gaze had suggested she was beyond my persuasion. But Lauren had already shown her love for cash could overcome her self-respect. She just needed to convince her friend to join her.

I headed into my bedroom, my heart thumping with anticipation, trying not to think of the craziness I’d just potentially initiated. A grand! For a shag! Shannon was right to be sceptical; I really was fucking nuts, throwing that kind of cash at a couple of scrubbers in Chelmsford when I could be down in the city bedding a pair of stunning Russian beauties for less money. But the thought of those two deliciously different, deliciously real teenage bodies in my bed was enough to overcome any kind of financial sensibility.

I hurried to my dresser, retrieved a small baggie and a cosmetic mirror from the back of a drawer, then emptied the contents of the baggie onto the mirror. After a bit of work with a razor blade I kept handy for such work, I’d chopped and crushed four neat little lines of white powder. Placing a straw next to the mirror, I stood back and admired my handiwork. That should be enough to get them in the mood, if they came up. If not, it would get me ready to go out on the town.

I could still hear voices downstairs, which was good. It meant they hadn’t left yet. Looking around the room, my eyes settled on my laptop that was perched on top of a chest of drawers. An interesting idea formed in my mind. I powered up the computer, positioned it so the webcam pointed at the bed, then set it recording and killed the screen. If everything went to plan, I’d get a nice little record of events to come back to later. Way better than relying on memory, for sure.

Sitting down on the ageing but serviceable double bed, I realised that the voices downstairs had stopped. I held my breath, waiting for the front door to slam. But instead, I heard the sound of someone coming up the stairs. Two sets of feet, in fact.

My heart jumped again. Fucking hell. This could actually be happening.

By the time the bedroom door opened with a creak, I was feeling faint with excitement. I looked up as the girls entered. To my surprise, Shannon was in front. I’d figured that Lauren would be leading this new affair, but her friend had seemingly taken over.

Game on, then. I just had to remember to breathe.

“Give us a grand each, and we’ll do it,” Shannon announced. “Not up the bum, though. And you get to wear a johnny.”
I laughed, feeling some of the tension subside. I was on familiar territory, now. She looked confident, but I could tell it was an act. She was just trying her luck. And you can’t take chances with a chancer. We always know.

“Sorry, I can’t stretch to that,” I lied. I could, but I knew I didn’t have to.

“Well, I guess you can go fuck yourself then. Cos you ain’t fucking us,” Shannon sneered, before turning to leave.
Lauren glanced at me, looking disappointed, then turned to grab her friend’s arm.

“Shannon, wait!” she pleaded.

“Yeah, Shannon, wait!” I repeated. It was enough for her to stop and turn round. “Come on,” I encouraged. “I’m offering you a monkey each. Five hundred quid times two. That’s serious money. Think of what you could do with that.”

“It ain’t enough,” Shannon said, although less confidently than the first time, perhaps realising that Lauren was a weak link.

I shrugged. “Okay. Best and final offer. Six hundred each. But for that money I go bareback.”

Lauren jumped in before Shannon could respond.

“Alright. We’ll do it.”

Shannon shot her a glance. “Lauren!”

“What?” Lauren challenged. “Where else are we gonna get that kind of money? This dickhead’s crazy enough to pay, so
why not? Fuck’s sake, it’s only a shag, innit?”

“I don’t want his come in me, though,” Shannon complained.

“Which is why I’m paying extra for that,” I interjected. “Stick to the five hundred if you’d prefer, and I’ll get the Durex.”
Shannon just frowned, clearly weighing up her options.

“It’s a hundred quid more, Shannon,” Lauren pointed out helpfully.

“Fine. Whatever,” Shannon relented after another pause. “Let’s just get on with it.”

“Alrighty then,” I said, feeling the flush of excitement spreading through my body already as a flashback of my earlier fantasy reappeared in my head. I grinned at both girls, retrieved the cash roll, counted off two piles of cash and placed one wad on each of my bedside tables.

“You get to pick it up when we’re done. Now, why don’t you have a little nose candy first, to get you in the mood?” I said, nodding to the dresser with the lines of white powder laid out.

“Really? You got coke?” Lauren queried, making a face that perfectly expressed her surprise that the sad, pervy old wanker next door was good for a bit of blow.

I laughed as they both scuffled to get first dibs on the d**gs. Lauren won, and leaned over to snort up two lines with the straw I’d left.

“So how’s this gonna work?” Lauren asked, sniffing and wiping her nose as Shannon snorted up the rest of the coke.

I shrugged. “Let’s start by you losing those bikinis. But just for the record, this is a business transaction, right? I’m going to give you money, and you’re going to have sex with me. We’re clear on that, yes?”

“Duh, that’s what we just said, innit,” Lauren confirmed.

“I know. I’m just making sure.” So was the camera on my laptop.

Both girls were now standing with their backs to the dresser, facing me as I sat on the edge of the bed. They were sniffing from having snorted the cocaine, and both looked uncertain. I knew it would take a few minutes for the coke to kick in and override their inhibitions. Although part of me – the bad part – got a thrill from seeing them both on edge about what they were about to do.

“Get ‘em off, then,” I instructed with a smile.

Shannon nudged Lauren. “You first. You’ve already done it once.”

Lauren didn’t even bother to protest. She just deftly released her bikini top. The memories of her tits were still achingly fresh in my mind, so there was a little less awe and wonder this time, but I still couldn’t take my eyes off her as she undressed. The sight of those deliciously large areolae, just subtly pinker than the tanned surrounding skin, was more than enough to have me u*********sly start stroking my erection through my jeans.

She undid the string on her bottoms and stepped out of them, again giving me a fabulously pendulous view of her magnificent chest, then stood back, put her hands behind her head and jiggled. Properly, this time, and without being asked. My heart rate was already sky high, but the excitement of knowing that I was very shortly going to be touching, caressing, possessing those tanned curves was enough to send me into dangerous territory.

I grinned at her, staring unashamedly at those tits before moving down to that delightful triangle of shadow between her legs. I forced myself to breathe slower as my eyes roved over her. I really didn’t want a fucking coronary before we’d got started. She didn’t smile back, but there was just a hint in her eyes of pride. She looked away, almost shyly, and managed to look almost cute again.

I liked that look, a lot.

“Your turn,” I instructed Shannon. I sounded breathless and pervy. I figured that wasn’t unreasonable, given the circumstances.

She gave me a look that perfectly combined disgust and fear. Probably because I was now properly kneading my cock and balls through the material of my jeans. But then, after a moment’s hesitation, she reached behind herself to untie her red bikini top and let it slip to the floor.

I stopped breathing again. Her small, flat breasts made up for their lack of size by being utterly perfectly formed. I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting, but it wasn’t anywhere near as gorgeous as what I was looking at right then. No tan lines, just gentle brown curves topped off with delicious little nipples; much smaller and darker than Lauren’s but already erect thanks to the silver barbells that pierced them.

“Nice,” I said, with a grin. I meant it, too.

She scowled back, and my grin widened. She wasn’t a natural looker, but the sharpness of her features were softened by the considerable quantity of skilfully-applied makeup. Thick, dark eyeliner – and that dark hair with its hard fringe – definitely lent her a look that wouldn’t have been out of place on a hieroglyphic somewhere. Although the glittery twinkles of her eye shadow, which offset her dark brown eyes rather nicely, probably wasn’t a look that would have been found in ancient Egypt. I doubted they tattooed their eyebrows into a perpetual frown, either.

Without waiting for further instruction, she unfastened the bikini bottoms, slid them down her skinny-looking thighs and onto the floor, then stood with her arms folded glaring at me, as if challenging me to say something.

“Sweet,” I said, staring right at her hairless crotch. It looked super smooth – maybe waxed rather than shaved. Or maybe just more recently maintained than Lauren’s fuzzy little triangle. Unlike Lauren, Shannon’s thighs were skinny enough to reveal the dark folds of labia hanging in the gap between her legs. I closed my eyes, imagining what it would feel like to slide my cock up gently between those soft, inviting pudenda… then stopped myself as I realised I didn’t have to imagine, at all.

Still, there was a little more fun to be had before we moved on to that.

“Turn around,” I instructed them both, twirling my finger.

They complied, surprisingly without complaint. My eyes roved over their curves.

“Give us a little booty shake,” I suggested, seeing how far I could push my luck.

Both girls leaned forward onto the dresser, presented their rears and dutifully jiggled them for me.

It wasn’t exactly lap-dancing quality. In fact, it was half-hearted at best. But still, it was fucking hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off those two delightfully contrasting bottoms as they moved in front of me: Lauren’s curvy, soft-looking form highlighting the tight firmness of Shannon’s rear. I wasn’t enamoured with the cheap tattoos on Shannon’s back and thighs, but they weren’t going to put me off. The sight of those jiggling buttocks meant I could resist no longer. I stood up from kaçak bahis the bed and hastily undressed, kicking away my jeans and shirt before awkwardly tugging off my socks and, finally, stepping out of my boxers.

“Alright ladies. Let’s get this party started,” I suggested, stroking my erection. Despite my earlier performance, I was absolutely rock-hard again and ready for action.

As they turned around, the girls stared at my naked dad-bod with open distaste. Keeping their distance from me, they moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. Both looked nervous again. Clearly I’d have to be the one taking the lead in this encounter, but that was hardly surprising. I approached, holding my dick in my hand, and offered it to Shannon. Her mouth was at just the right height, but she turned her face away.

I didn’t bother protesting. Instead, I took hold of Shannon’s right hand and gently lifted it to where it needed to be. She glanced up and scowled at me again – clearly her trademark look – and began stroking my cock listlessly with her finger and thumb as Lauren looked on dully.

“You could at least put some effort into it,” I complained. “Pretend you’re enjoying it.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal,” Shannon replied. “I’m wanking a hairy old man’s dick. I ain’t gonna like it, am I?”

“Maybe not. But just remember that the harder you work – the more convincing you are – then the quicker I’ll get off. And that means the sooner you’ll get to grab your money and get out of here.”

Lauren frowned, then brightened as if just realising the obvious truth of what I was pointing out. She really wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box. I wasn’t interested in her intelligence, though. I was only interested in getting my cock inside her.

“He’s right, Shannon,” she agreed, before looking up at me and jiggling her tits for me again. She actually smiled this time, as well. Maybe the coke was already starting to loosen her up. Or maybe she really just wanted to get away with her money as quick as she could.

“That’s the idea. Do it well enough and I might even throw in a tip,” I encouraged.

“How much?” Lauren queried, immediately.

“Oh, I don’t know. How about another fifty? But only if you’re really convincing.”

“Alright,” Lauren said, her expression changing immediately. She looked up at me, batted her eyelashes, and pushed Shannon away from my cock to take hold of it herself.

“You’ve got a lovely big dick. I love stroking it,” Lauren purred.

She gave it a few good, hard tugs before letting go.

“Your turn,” she said to her friend.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Shannon sighed resignedly, before leaning forward unexpectedly and taking my cock in her mouth. The intensity of the warm wetness nearly took my breath away as she sucked hard, then ran her lips further down my length. Still wrapping her mouth around the head of my cock, she began using her hand to wank my shaft properly.

That was definitely more like it. She continued her ministrations for a short while, before releasing me and looking up.

“Mmmm, daddy, I love the taste of your dick,” she simpered in a very fake voice, attempting to sound like a porn actress and failing quite badly.

I spluttered with laughter, which wasn’t quite the effect she’d expected.

“Don’t take the piss,” she complained, returning to her familiar scowl. “You wanted me to sound like I was fucking enjoying it. Make your fucking mind up.”

“Yeah, but daddy? Seriously?”

“It’s what old men like to hear, innit?”

I wondered what kind of experiences this girl had had, and who she’d had them with. Or maybe it was just her generation, growing up surrounded by pornography. I didn’t much care either way.

“Uh, stick with Mr Reynolds, thanks,” I suggested.

“So, do you like me sucking you off, Mr Reynolds? Would you like me to do it some more?” Shannon asked, still trying to sound like a porn pro.

“Why yes, I think I would,” I suggested.

This time she ran her tongue over the end of my cock, then took me in her mouth fully before sliding her lips down much further than before, until I felt her throat constricting around me. Clearly, she was no amateur.

She began to repeat the action and, as she took me all the way down for a third time, I leaned forward, gently pushing myself further down her throat. The pleasure was intense, made all the more so by the knowledge that she didn’t want to be doing this. She established a brief rhythm and for a few glorious moments I was actually fucking her throat properly until I thrust hard enough for her to finally gag, and she withdrew, spilling a torrent of saliva as she attempted to breathe again whilst heaving unpleasantly.

“Mr Reynolds, would you like me to suck your dick?” Lauren asked, putting on a breathily-intense little-girl voice that made her sound worryingly young. “Is that what you want to hear?” she asked, in her normal voice.

“Uh uh. Beg me,” I instructed. Might as well try my luck.

“Please, Mr Reynolds. Please, can I suck your big hard dick?” Lauren breathed, looking up at me and batting her fake lashes. Her eyes were dead – devoid of all emotion – but that didn’t bother me in the slightest.

“Well, as you asked so nicely, Lauren…”

I manoeuvred myself to place my cock in front of her face. She gave it a couple of experimental licks, then ran her tongue all the way up and down my length before tickling the underside of my glans.

“Mmmm, it tastes nice, Mr Reynolds,” she said, giggling. I suspected the coke really was starting to kick in.

“Good to know,” I said.

“Can I put it in my mouth? Please, Mr Reynolds. I really want to,” she begged. I didn’t even need to tell her to be, this time. Given her usual aggressive demeanour, I was surprised at how convincingly she was playing a submissive young girl. My cock strained in anticipation as she slowly took it into her mouth and gave it a gentle suck.

Shannon had recovered enough to reach over and massage my balls with one hand, as Lauren slathered her lips and tongue around the head of my cock. I pushed myself further into her mouth, but she resisted, clearly not as adept as Shannon. That didn’t matter. She was squeezing her lips hard around my glans whilst gripping my shaft tightly in her fist, wanking me into her mouth whilst her friend squeezed and tugged my balls.

I let them carry on as the pleasure built inside me, then I pulled away and took over myself for a bit. Time to push my luck again. Or at least to see how far the marching powder had travelled round their bodies.

“So, you’re both good friends, right?” I asked, stroking my cock without shame as I stood in front of them. “I mean, you’ve seen each other naked before, I’m sure.”

Lauren nodded. “All the time,” she confirmed, with a giggle. Yeah, the coke was definitely starting to work.

“Why don’t you show Shannon how much you really love her, then?” I suggested.

Lauren frowned at me briefly, then realised what I was suggesting.

“What, you want us to lez up for you?” she asked, giggling again.

I nodded with a grin.

“Think about it… the more time you spend touching each other, the less time you have to spend touching me.”
Incredibly, that seemed to be enough justification for Lauren, as she turned, grabbed hold of Shannon’s shoulders and pushed her backwards onto the bed.

“The fuck you doing?” Shannon asked, laughing herself as she feebly tried to fight Lauren off. After a brief struggle, Lauren used her height and weight to straddle Shannon, pinning her down by her arms. The view from where I stood was fabulous. Shannon kicked her legs in a futile attempt to shake Lauren off, and in doing so exposed her most intimate parts to me. Lauren ground herself onto Shannon’s tummy, her curvy buttocks flexing and rippling deliciously.
I gripped my cock hard with my right hand, tickling my balls with my left, and began stroking myself faster as I lapped up the view. I was still covered in the girls’ saliva, and the feelings of pleasure as I slid my fingers up and down my slick length were intense.

“Get off me, you fucking dyke!” Shannon protested, still laughing. What a difference a bit of coke can make to a personality.

“Shut up, you let me do it at Liam’s party,” Lauren retorted. “And if it will get him off quicker watching us, that’s better than sucking his dick, right?”

“Liam’s party was different. Liam’s hot and we both got to shag him, innit.”

“You still liked it when I kissed you, though,” Lauren said as she shuffled to position herself on all fours, with her fabulous arse sticking up in the air and those magical breasts hanging pendulous again.

“No, I never!” Shannon argued, although by this point she’d stopped struggling and was laughing again.

“You fucking did,” Lauren said, giggling madly. She was coked up to her gorgeous tits by now.

“Yeah, well you loved it even more when I got three fingers up you,” Shannon argued, before being silenced involuntarily as Lauren finally leaned down to kiss her hard on the mouth. Shannon made one last half-hearted attempt to push her away, then relaxed into a deep, surprisingly passionate kiss.

I could barely believe what was happening in front of my eyes, and gorged myself on the sight, unable to resist wanking harder and faster. I actually gasped out loud as Shannon parted her legs, revealing her perfectly smooth mound and the dark, crinkly folds of her labia. With Lauren’s bottom raised and her legs either side of Shannon, I had a perfect view of her fabulously neat, sweet-looking groove as well. My grip tightened even harder around my cock, and glorious tingles of pleasure spasmed through me as I pumped faster still.

No longer needing to pin Shannon down, Lauren slipped her left hand down between her friend’s legs as they kissed. Her middle finger toyed around Shannon’s clit for a while, before slipping between those dark, distended lips and rubbing hard. When her finger emerged again, it was glistening.

Fuck, that was hot. I felt a tightness starting in my balls and forced myself to ease off and slow down. Shooting my load before actually getting inside either of those gorgeous young holes was not an acceptable outcome.

They broke off from kissing and giggled. Shannon reached up to play with Lauren’s beautiful tits as they dangled above her.

“Has he come yet?” she asked, sounding breathless as Lauren’s fingers continued their work.

Lauren looked back at me over her shoulder, shook her head, then squeaked as Shannon tweaked one of her nipples hard.

“Keep it up and it won’t be long. I’m warming makrobet güvenilir mi up nicely, here,” I said. I was audibly panting from my own exertions, as I masturbated slower now, trying to show some restraint. They continued with their apparently genuine enjoyment of each other’s bodies for a while longer. Were they faking it? Perhaps. Frankly, I didn’t care. I was still riding high on the glorious unlikelihood of the entire situation; surfing a familiar wave of improbable joy at having overcome the odds to end up with two naked teenage girls pleasuring each other in my bed.

Shannon began panting and whimpering, grinding herself upwards onto Lauren’s hand. It looked like she might actually come, which wasn’t an outcome I’d expected. Lauren’s fingers were glistening from Shannon’s juices, and she was making little girl-pleasure noises herself as Shannon continued to play with her tits.

I breathed deeply, taking in the mix of musky scent and cheap perfume overlaid now with a faint suggestion of sweat from the girls’ exertions. I felt that familiar tingling in my balls again, and decided it was time to stop watching and start taking part. I did actually want to get my money’s worth, after all. I hurried across to the bed, cock in hand, then took hold of Lauren’s hips, tugging her back towards me. Shannon’s legs were still dangling over the edge of the bed as she lay on her back. I stood between them, pulling Lauren backwards so I’d be able to fuck her whilst she was still on all fours on the bed.

Lauren jumped at my touch, having been giving all her attention to her friend, and looked over her shoulder at me. There was no averting her eyes this time. She looked straight at my cock.

“You like watching, don’t you Mr Reynolds,” she said. The fake little girl voice had become her default, now.

“Uh huh,” I agreed. “But now I want to take part, too,”

“Are you going to put your big hard cock in me?” she said, nodding towards my crotch but continuing to push her fingers down between Shannon’s legs.

“Do you want me to?” I asked. Part of me wanted to capture her answer for the camera. Another part just wanted to hear her say it out loud. And another, darker part of me didn’t care how she answered. She was getting it anyway.

“Oh, yes, Mr Reynolds,” she simpered. “Please, put it in me. I want it inside me.”

Her act was ridiculously fake, but it was also ridiculously arousing and infinitely preferable to her actual personality. Giving them both the d**gs had been a smart move on my part, for sure.

“What about you Shannon?” I queried. “Do you want it, too?”

Shannon just mumbled unintelligibly in response, her eyes closed, squirming as she continued to enjoy Lauren’s fingers between her legs. That was fair enough. I’d come to her later.

I squeezed Lauren’s smooth, tanned buttocks as I manoeuvred her into position. They felt glorious – enough give to allow my fingers to dig in deep, but not so much as to feel flabby. I massaged them with both hands, then pulled them apart to fully expose her tight, neat little anus. There was no hint of hair around her rear hole – the stubble just seemed to naturally fade away behind her slit. I was disappointed that entrance was verboten, but I could hardly complain.

I ran a finger down between her legs, slipping into the folds of her groove from behind. She let out a moan of what I assumed to be fake pleasure as I navigated my fingers gently, feeling the slight harshness of those stubbly hairs before slipping my index finger right into her pussy. I was surprised by the heat and the wetness I found. I had no idea if she was getting genuinely turned-on by Shannon, or if it was the aphrodisiac effect of the d**gs. I didn’t care. I needed to be inside her. Withdrawing my finger, I held it to my face and breathed in the sweet, sickly scent for a moment before taking hold of my erection again. I guided the end of my cock carefully down the same route my fingers had just taken, taking care not to slip into that tight little brown star by mistake.

As she presented her rear to me, I pushed the end of my cock gently between those neat pussy lips. The heat really was intense as I began to slip inside her. She was tighter than I’d imagined. Much tighter. I let out an involuntary groan as I slipped in further, feeling that gloriously slick hole contracting around my length all the way until I was pressing up against those soft, yielding buttocks. I held myself there, gripping her hips to pull her onto me so I was right up to the hilt in her, feeling the movements transmitted through her body as she continued to masturbate her friend beneath her, delighting in the heat and the wetness and the tightness as I leaned to the side so I could see the jiggling of those glorious tits…

I tried to go slow at first, but it was no good. My resistance was gone. After just a handful of intensely delicious, drawn out movements I gave in and began thrusting into her slick wet hole at full speed.

“Oh yes, Mr Reynolds! Fuck me with your big hard cock!” she cried. Hearing her reel off comedy phrases from a porn script in that fake little girl voice was so… wrong. But I didn’t tell her to stop. I just increased my pace even more.

I still couldn’t believe how tight Lauren felt as I heaved myself into her, sweating in the heat of the bedroom, slapping wetly against her buttocks as her whimpers of apparent pleasure increased in volume. I was breathless myself and already grunting involuntarily with each thrust.

“Oh! Oh! Harder! Please, fuck me harder!” Lauren encouraged, quite convincingly. I felt obliged to comply.

She gasped as my fingers dug in harder on her hips, pulling her onto me with each thrust so I could feel every millimetre of that delicious tight pussy. The sensations were divine: spasms of pleasure rippling out from my groin and right up my spine each time I pushed myself in. I grunted louder, feeling the pressure building again as I got closer to release. I nearly lost myself in the intensity; in her girlish pants and moans and squeaks; in the delectable sight of her still frantically pawing between her friend’s legs whilst I thrust in and out of her with increasing intensity. It was a living fantasy, so intense that I had to force myself to remember that I had my eyes open and was seeing this all, for real, and not imagining it inside my head.

Eventually I felt my balls tightening for what felt like the hundredth time and forced myself to stop thrusting. I was panting hard and sweating profusely, but I wasn’t ready to come just yet. I needed to draw the moment out even longer.

“No! Please, Mr Reynolds. Don’t stop!” Lauren begged, turning round to look at me. She batted her false lashes at me. “Don’t you like fucking me?” she continued, with an exaggerated pout. She was still working away at Shannon’s pussy with her fingers; her friend sounding increasingly desperate to reach her climax.

I laughed as I gently withdrew myself from her tightness. The room was hot, but I still felt the relative cool of the air around my slick length, and wanted to get back inside her without delay. But I also really wanted a better view of her fabulous chest.

“Sure I do. But I want to see those tits again,” I stated truthfully. “So, turn over. On your back.”

Lauren withdrew her hand briefly from between Shannon’s legs, then flopped herself over and lay on her back, letting her legs dangle over the edge of the bed just like her friend. Dr****g one leg over Shannon’s, she reached over and resumed working on her friend whilst spreading her legs for me and jiggling her chest. Her nipples were thick buds now – hard from where Shannon had been tweaking them – drawing in those magnificently large areolae around them.

“Do you like my tits, Mr Reynolds?” she purred. They were rippling in rhythm with her hand as she continued to masturbate Shannon beside her.

I grinned back. “They’re okay, I guess.”

She pouted at me again, and I laughed.

“You’re really working for that tip, aren’t you?”

The fantasy mask slipped for a moment, as a little bit of the real Lauren shone through again.

“Yeah, and you’d better fucking pay up when we’re done, innit,” she said, followed by another coke-fuelled giggle.

“Of course,” I reassured. “You’re impressing me so far. Keep it up and you’ll get your little bonus.”

She looked like she was going to say something else for a moment, but then I slipped back inside her without warning and pushed hard enough to make her genuinely gasp again. Leaning forward onto the bed, propping myself up on my arms, I revelled again in that glorious tightness, feeling the slick heat wrap around my length. I was still enraptured by her chest, and I lowered myself down further so I could feel those fabulous hot buds pressed up against my skin. They didn’t disappoint; two hard points of heat rubbing up against my own nipples as I continued to grind and thrust into her.

I pumped away like that for what seemed like an eternity, savouring every moment; the sickly-sweet smell of juices intermingled with sweat and perfume; her wonderfully convincing pants and moans of pleasure in one ear, with Shannon’s ever-more frantic gasps and cries in the other like some kinds of real-life surround-sound porno.
As I felt my climax start to draw near again, Lauren surprised me, leaning in close and whispering in my ear.

“Fuck me, Mr Reynolds,” she breathed, intensely. Time seemed to freeze. For just that one, fleeting moment she was really, properly, completely fucking convincing; in my head she actually sounded warm and loving and sexy. My balls tightened again in response, and it was all I could do to force myself back up on my arms and pause in my thrusts, rather than just give in and go for broke there and then.

I looked down at her sweaty body, as she pouted back up at me again. She was actually fucking gorgeous when she did that, I decided. But I really needed to give Shannon a try, before I finally shot my load over one or the other of them. Or maybe both.

I switched my gaze to Shannon. She had her eyes closed, her face scrunched up in complete concentration, using her own hand now alongside Lauren’s, squeaking and moaning in apparent frustration that she couldn’t quite reach her climax. If it was an act, it was even more convincing than Lauren.

“I think Shannon needs a cock in her, don’t you?”

“But I want it in me, too,” Lauren protested, starting to push herself up onto me now that I’d paused perabet in my own thrusts.

“Be fair, Lauren. Good girls always share. And you’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mr Reynolds,” she said, submissively.

I gently eased myself out of her, and she withdrew her hand from between Shannon’s legs, eliciting a groan of protest from her friend.

Shannon opened her eyes, looking confused, as if she hadn’t quite remembered where she was.

“Your turn, now,” I smiled.

“Mr Reynolds has a lovely big cock, Shannon. It feels really nice,” Lauren breathed in her friend’s ear, before looking up at me. Still working for that tip, clearly.

“Why, thank you, Lauren,” I replied with a grin as I manoeuvred myself across to stand in between Shannon’s legs.

“Do you want me to put it in you, Shannon?”

She nodded back up at me.

“Say it,” I instructed.

“Put it in me, daddy. I mean, Mr Reynolds,” she said, correcting herself as Lauren laughed.

I ran the swollen head of my cock gently up and down against the folds of those crinkly wet labia, before pushing hard onto the bud of her clit. She gasped as I rubbed the hot little nub with the underside of my cock.

“Do it. Fuck me. Please, fuck me, Mr Reynolds,” she begged.

Her act wasn’t as convincing as Lauren. Nowhere near. There was still a hint of that sneer in her voice, but I didn’t care. I stopped looking at her face, and instead gazed down at the sight of my length slowly disappearing into her slick wet pussy. She shuffled a little on the bed as I slipped into her, causing her muscles to contract briefly around me, sending a shiver of intense pleasure rippling up my dick. Then she lay still as I began to move slowly in and out of her, trying to find a rhythm that would let me savour the experience for a little longer before I came.

Given that she was the smaller girl, I’d expected her to be even tighter than Lauren, but she wasn’t. In fact, unless she actively squeezed me, she wasn’t really very tight at all. I had to push upwards as I thrust forward each time, to get the sensations I was after.

Lauren was just lying there next to her, looking uncertain, so I slipped my hand down between her legs and was rewarded with a fake moan of pleasure. I continued to probe, finding her clit and rubbing it gently as I ground away at Shannon.

Shannon began to move against me, helping me to get deeper inside her. After a few more thrusts, she closed her eyes and brought her hand down to rub her clit hard. I carried on pushing, delighting in the slick wetness as I thrust into her again and again; her false nails occasionally catching around the base of my cock.

“Oh! Oh! Do me, Mr Reynolds!” she cried, and I increased the pace. Lauren laughed momentarily, still coked up, but I increased the pressure of my fingers on her intimate parts and she returned to panting with pleasure. Fake or not, it was convincing enough for me.

I began to build up the rhythm and grinned down at Shannon, her face contorting in her effort to get herself off. That just heightened my arousal; all hint of her previous cockiness was gone. She was completely under my control, just the way I liked it. I increased the pace further, with her gasping each time I pushed inside her. That sound, combined with the sight of my slick cock disappearing into that hole was getting me closer to climax again.

“Lauren, don’t be selfish. Help Shannon get off,” I instructed.

Lauren reached over again and started rubbing Shannon’s clit as I continued to pump away, increasing the pace and intensity as I felt my own pleasure building again. After a few more thrusts, I was pounding a steady rhythm as Lauren worked on Shannon’s pussy with one hand whilst continuing to pleasure herself with the other. Shannon’s cries had become one near-continuous wail, but I sensed there was even more pleasure there now thanks to Lauren’s efforts. Not that I cared.

I added my own grunts of pleasure into the mix as I continued to thrust away, gripping Shannon’s skinny thighs as I pushed them back against her chest so I could push deeper into her. I gazed down at both girls, rapt in the sight of them. Lauren was laid on her back next to Shannon, eyes closed, legs spread, one hand between her friend’s legs and the other between her own, panting and moaning with apparently genuine delight. Shannon seemed to have finally relaxed into the experience and was pushing herself onto me each time.

“Oh God, yes!” Shannon suddenly cried, her face a picture of surprise. Lauren opened her eyes, giggled, and continued to work her friend’s clit as she began to buck underneath.

“Shit!” was Shannon’s only response, followed by her jiggling and jolting underneath me as the unexpected climax coursed through her.

I paused with my thrusts, enjoying the sensations of her contracting around my cock as she cried in what was now evidently genuine pleasure, eyes screwed shut as she lost herself to orgasm. The pressure in my balls continued to build, taking me dangerously close to my own climax.

“Mr Reynolds, you made her come!” Lauren gasped, looking up at me with a passable impression of admiration. Her face was flushed with her own arousal, as she continued to work herself closer to orgasm. My gaze flitted between the two girls as Shannon squeezed my cock inside her, her climax beginning to subside. The familiar tingling started to run down my length, spreading out into my body as I gazed down on the impossible sight of two teenage girls, lost in their own pleasure, in my own bed.

That was enough to take me over the edge.

“Ungh! My turn!” I grunted, then pulled out of Shannon just as my cock started to jerk involuntarily.

The first spurt of come shot up between Shannon’s legs onto her pussy and tummy, splashing onto Lauren’s hand in the process and eliciting a cry of surprise from her. I didn’t care. Taking hold of my length, I jerked hard as the next wave of pleasure ran through me, sending a thick rope of come arcing right up over Shannon’s body before cascading down onto her chest and, just as I’d intended, managing to reach her open mouth.

“What the fuck?!” she spluttered in disbelief, wiping her face as she tried to spit out my lucky shot. My orgasm intensified at the sight of her confusion, and I sent another improbably huge load spattering down over her before turning my attention to Lauren, who had pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the bed, still masturbating furiously.

“Come on my tits, Mr Reynolds,” she gasped, putting one arm under her breasts and offering them up to me whilst frantically working her pussy with the other hand. I duly obliged with another load, gloriously spattering down over her body.

“Yes! Yes! Come all over me!” she cried, shuddering in what appeared to be her own climax.

The intensity of the next spasm of pleasure felt like it stopped my heart. I couldn’t breathe. Conscious thought stopped. My entire mind filled with the vision of her not-quite-pretty face looking up at me in ecstasy, batting those false eyelashes so convincingly, sounding every bit as young as she was and every bit as innocent as she definitely wasn’t.

The next milky gobbet hit right between her eyes.

“No!” she panted breathlessly, already in the throes of orgasm. “My tits, not my face!”

I ignored her, and sent another load spattering down onto her nose and mouth. She screwed her eyes shut, but it was too late. She was already covered. I didn’t have as much to give as I’d had in the hallway, but it was more than enough to make a mess of her makeup. Nearly spent, I sent a couple more jerks down onto her as she bucked and writhed on her own fingers, then stood back to admire the view.

After a few seconds more of her jerking and shuddering, she withdrew her hand from between her legs and tried to wipe her eyes.

“You arsehole, you knew I didn’t want it on my face!” she laughed.

“Sorry,” I said. I don’t think I’d ever meant an apology less.

Shannon sat up, still looking dazed from her own unexpected orgasm, and laughed at Lauren ineffectively trying to wipe away my ejaculate and managing to smear her make-up all over her face.

“You are such a fucking whore,” Shannon giggled.

“Says the filthy bitch who actually fucking came, when he was doing you!” Lauren retorted.

“Yeah, and you came when he was shooting his dirty jizz all over your face, you fucking slut!”

Both girls dissolved into coke-fuelled laughter, as I stood watching, slowly detumescing and pondering how, exactly, a shittily average week had managed to end on such an epic winning streak.

Slowly, the laughter and giggling subsided into a silence that rapidly became awkward. For the girls, anyway. I was just fine.

Lauren was already looking over at the pile of cash on the bedside table.

“You want to get your cash and get out of here, that’s fine. I didn’t pay you for your stimulating post-coital conversation,” I suggested.

“You what?” Shannon said, slurring her words slightly.

“He’s telling us to fuck off now, hon,” Lauren explained, with a lightness that sounded slightly forced.

“Only if you want to, of course,” I pointed out.

“Well we ain’t gonna stay around here with a creep like you if we don’t have to, innit,” Lauren said. “Now where’s my extra fifty. I fucking worked for that.”

“Sure you did. You both did,” I grinned, as I retrieved the diminished cash roll from my discarded jeans and added the ‘tips’ to the piles of notes already on the bedside tables. I also tossed a box of Kleenex from my desk over to the girls.

“You might want to clean up a little before you head out the front door,”

I watched contentedly as they hurriedly wiped off my emissions and pulled on their bikinis, before scooping up the wads of cash.

“Bye, then,” Shannon offered. Lauren said nothing, just offering me a strange look that was somewhere between pity, disgust and, bizarrely, gratitude.

“Have a lovely evening,” I replied, as they headed for the door. “Thanks for… coming,” I called after them.

“Piss off, dickhead, you ain’t funny,” Lauren called back as they thumped down the stairs. I listened for the sound of the front door, then sat down hard on the edge of the bed.

I found myself briefly overcome with familiar emotions that I had no intention of confronting right then, or maybe ever. Fortunately, with years of practice, I was an expert in suppressing feelings that I didn’t want. Self-loathing and shame could wait until I was on my death bed, seeking forgiveness for a life of sin. I pushed such thoughts away and began to laugh instead, at the impossible, incredible, ridiculous turn of good fortune I’d just had.

Then, I remembered the laptop which had been recording everything, and started laughing even harder.

I didn’t stop for a very long time.


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