Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 03

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I met Katie in my Comp. Lit. Class. She was a small, almost boyish looking redhead, lean and slender from years of athletics. We struck up a conversation over Homer and Virgil and were soon talking like old friends.

We did the usual early relationship things, coffee then dinner then a free concert on campus. We helped each other out in our class, proofing each other’s papers and drilling each other on the particulars of this or that work of literature. Sexually, it went very slow and I had only just gotten under her bra on our fifth date.

It turned out that her pledge class at KKG and mine were doing a mixer at our house, and I figured this would be the perfect chance to add her to my scorebook. For those of you who are GDI’s (God-Damned Independents), a mixer is generally a Greek excuse to get houses together and generally for the members to hook up with bed partners. Just what I needed!

I picked Katie up at seven and drove her to the house. All my pledge brothers were dressed in house colors, as were the girls. The downstairs party room was made available to us and the actives left us to our own devices.

The room was decorated for the occasion, dominated by a banner welcoming our “sisters” of KKG. A large bowl of Sigma Punch was prepared by one of the house officers (we weren’t privy to its secret recipe yet) and the usual assortment of dips and chips and small foods sat on a table in the corner. The stereo played dance music and, since KKG was a larger house and therefore had more pledges, the odds were definitely in our favor.

I got Katie some punch and a couple of cookies and we sat on one of the couches. She grimaced with her first sip (I was later to learn that the primary ingredient of Sigma Punch was pure-grain alcohol, bakırköy escort obtained on road trips to nearby Nevada) but soon gulped down the elixir.

A fast song came on and I asked her to dance. We shook our booties with the best of them and made occasional contact. Toward the end of the song people got out of our way as we gyrated like crazy.

After we were tired from dancing so hard we returned to the couch and another glass of punch. At this point in the evening people were starting to pair up and make out. I turned to Katie and she just nodded and smiled. I took her in my arms and got to work. Our lips met and our hands wandered. She rubbed the back of my neck and I reached under her shirt, feeling for her bra clasp. The punch had the desired effect and she didn’t resist.

Other couples were starting to leave so I suggested we go someplace more private. She smiled and agreed. We took the back stairs to the bedroom level and found an empty room. After some more kissing and grouping I reached for her blouse and lifted it over her head. Her small breasts were encased in an olive green bra, which soon came off revealing small pink nipples on her firm little cones.

I took her breasts in hand and licked and sucked them, bringing little moans from Katie. She reached for my belt and soon had her hand inside my boxers, rubbing my hardening shaft. Before long she was on her knees trying to swallow all nine inches.

“Slow down a little, I don’t want to cum to quickly.”

She nodded and we took the rest of our clothes off. Her skin was so white and her arms and upper chest covered in freckles. Her bush was as red and the hair on her head and sparse. We moved to the bed and immediately got into beşiktaş escort a 69. I lapped at her cunt like it was the sweetest dessert I had ever tasted and she was no slouch in the cocksucking department. Try as she might she couldn’t get all nine inches down her throat, but she sure tried!

After I had tongued her to two orgasms, I pushed her off of my face. “Katie, I want to fuck you until you scream!” She squealed at the thought.

“Joe, you have a rubber? I’m not on the pill.”

“Sure,” I said. I reached into the nightstand and pulled out the always-present package of condoms and lube. Later, as Vice-President, it would be my job to keep all the rooms stocked with birth control and KY jelly.

“Will you put in on me?” I asked. She tore open the packet and rolled the Trojan down the length of my shaft. For good measure I squeezed some jelly on to make our coupling a little easier.

I guided my shaft to her opening and pressed forward. It took a couple of tries, even with the lube, to bury myself in her but soon I was thrusting hard and deep. I reached beneath her and grabbed her tiny little ass, allowing myself to go even deeper.

“Fuck me Joe! Harder!” she screamed, again in the throes of orgasm.

I rolled over and let her ride me for a while, and wasn’t disappointed. She slide up and down on my cock like an expert, leaning forward and then backward, giving me all sorts of great feelings on my penis. I held on to her ass as best I could as she went wild on top of me. Her pussy muscles grasped at me cock, adding even more to my pleasure.

“Katie, let’s do the spoon, okay?”

She rolled onto her side and raised one leg. I guided my shaft back into her, my arms around her as beylikdüzü escort I thrust in this awkward position. Her pussy was tight, creating the perfect home for my cock. Sensing my own orgasm coming up, I started rubbing her clit furiously, trying to make her cum with me. She thrust her hips back at me, crying out that she was almost there. I held off until I felt her pussy clamp down hard on me, and then emptied my sperm into the condom.

When we were done, we rolled over and kissed. I threw the used rubber away and took her in my arms.

“Thanks, Joe. That was mind-blowing!”

“Sure. You weren’t so bad yourself.”

She grabbed my cock and gently stroked it. I looked down at her tiny hand on my manhood, and it started to harden again. I reached for her pussy and started to finger it.

“Up for another go?” I asked.

“Alright. But another fuck like that and you’ll have to carry me home.”

She put another condom on me and this time I took her doggie-style. Her legs and ass were so muscular and tight that it was almost like fucking a boy. I lubed up my fingers from her pussy and gently started fingering her asshole. If I thought her pussy was tight her ass was almost impenetrable!

She lay down flat on the bed and I crouched over her, continuing to thrust my cock in and out of her. Even though I had just blown a load, it wasn’t long until I was filling another condom with sperm.

I smoked a cigarette as I watched her doze, this beautiful KKG creature that I had just fucked twice. Her pussy was gaping open, stretched obscenely from our coupling.

She woke up and got dressed and, as I walked her out to drive her home we made a date to meet and study the following day. After we got to her house she gave me a goodbye blowjob in the car and then scampered up the stairs, that great ass giving me a show the whole way.

I got back to the house and sought out the pledge trainer, who chalked up my latest score. I saw that over half my pledge class had added Kappa Kappa Gamma that night.

Three Down. Six to Go.

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