Discovering an Old Friend

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I never considered myself an especially sexual person. As a young man I wanted to try sex – and at the first opportunity I did. But while it was wonderful, and I repeated it as often as I reasonably could, I never had the all-consuming obsession with sex that many of my friends had. After college I did what everyone was doing – got a job, got married, had kids, and generally enjoyed life. After the first year, Julie and I had sex about once a week, and enjoyed it. Life was good.

At the time of this story, that wasn’t true for my best friend, Mark. His long-time girlfriend had been gone for several weeks, taking care of a sick relative. Mark, always absorbed with sex, was horny as hell. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear him bitching about being horny when I arrived to pick him up for our regular Saturday morning round of golf.

“Damn, but I’m horny!” he said when I walked in the door. “I could fuck the crack of dawn!!”

“What do you expect me to do about it?” I asked. “Jeez! Quit bitching and let’s go play some golf,” I continued. “You shoulda got yourself some last night.”

“Nah. I don’t want another woman” he answered, “Anyway, nowadays that’s dangerous. But I’m still horny!”

“Well, do what we did when we were in high school – jack off!” I said. “Hell, we’ve got a while – I’ll go get a cup of coffee, and you put on one of your movies and take care of yourself. I’ll be back in half an hour,” I offered.

“No. Don’t do that,” Mark said. “It’s a pretty good idea – but stay and watch one with me. It’s more fun with someone else watching.”

“I don’t know – watching you jack off wasn’t one of my goals for today,” I laughed. But truthfully, the idea did intrigue me somewhat, and I was tempted. For years I had had a tickle of curiosity about other men’s cocks, and on the rare occasions when I’d had the chance to watch adult movies, had enjoyed watching men shoot their loads. And although I knew the thought of actually watching Mark jack off should have repelled me, it really didn’t. Very confusing, but my reaction was traditional, and I started to head for the door.

“John. I’d really appreciate it if you’d stay,” Mark said in a quiet, insistent tone.

I stopped. I looked at him. He returned my look without any apparent reluctance or self-consciousness. I spent a couple of seconds trying to figure out why my friend would want me to stay and watch him jack off – and then I realized what really mattered, namely, my friend DID want me to stay and watch him jack off. Besides, he wasn’t asking ME to do anything. And that little tickle of curiosity rose up as well, and I realized that if I stayed, I would have a chance to watch a man shoot his load in person, instead of on a TV screen. My mind was made up.

Apparently seeing the change in my facial expression, Mark commented “watching a fuck-flick with me doesn’t make you gay,” and with that, he turned and walked into his bedroom. Not knowing what else to do, I sat down in a chair.

Almost immediately Mark came back into the living room and put a tape on, returning to sit in the middle of the couch. The video started quickly, showing a very pretty young girl passionately kissing a slightly older man. They were standing and kissing passionately, with obvious tongue and with a lot of body contact all along the length of their bodies. His hands were moving slowly all over her body, obviously having full license to go anywhere he wanted to send them. He massaged her tits, sometimes softly and lovingly, sometimes more forcefully, and she pulled herself harder against his body, arching her pubic area hard against his crotch, rubbing against him in obvious lust. He dropped both hands below her back and grasped her ass firmly, pulling her pubic mound against himself, causing her to put both of her arms over his shoulders and around his neck, pulling his face harder onto hers, both of their mouths working hard in more passionate kissing. Watching this couple involved in “fuck me” necking gave me an instant erection, and I shifted a little to keep it from being too obvious to Mark. If it was affecting him like it was me, he should be ready to leave in a very short time!

Remembering Mark, and why the movie was on, reminded me of my other interest, and I stole a glance his way. I could tell he saw me look, both from the slight movement of his eyes toward me, and by the smile on his face when he saw me. Embarrassed, I started to look away quickly, but thought better of it. He had asked me to stay. He couldn’t be unhappy about me watching, so I let my eyes wander from his face toward his crotch. His pants were still fastened, but I could see the mound of his erection very clearly. I had never been in the same gym class with Mark, so had never seen him naked, and really didn’t know what to expect. He looked to be about the same size as me, but with his pants still fastened, that was all I could see. As I watched, he brought his right hand up and began to slowly rub himself through his pants. casino siteleri Looking back at his face, I saw his eyes closed briefly, and the smile still there.

“Jeez, I wish I had someone here who could take care of me,” he half-whispered.

Without responding, I turned back to the movie. At this point, the man was sitting on a couch, with his pants already off, shirt and underwear still on. As I got back into watching, the girl slowly and carefully pulled the waist-band of his underwear over his erection, then, still clutching the waist-band, ran her hands to each side until she had them by the sides, and began to pull them off. The man lifted his hips to allow the underwear to slide out from under him, and as he did, the tip of his cock entered the girl’s open, waiting mouth.

I heard a gasp, and was surprised to realize it had come from me!!

“Yeah, I like this movie too,” Mark commented with a chuckle, “she has a real oral talent!” Then, out of the blue, he said, “You know John, if we were gay, we’d be in heaven right now!”

I was surprised. Mark had never shown any indication of being even curious about gay sex. In fact, I had been very careful never to let him know about my fascination with other men’s cocks. Of course, his comment didn’t mean he WAS gay, or even bi, but it still seemed out of character for him. I, on the other hand, appreciated the truth of his comment, and even while watching this pretty girl start to give a man a blow-job, I wondered again what it was going to be like to see Marks hot sperm shoot in spurts from his cock.

I looked back at Mark, starting to feel the frustration of wanting both to watch the movie, and to watch Mark. This time Mark didn’t see me, as he had his eyes closed and his head tilted back. He had undone the clasp and zipper of his pants, and had his hand inside his underwear, obviously gently rubbing his stiff erection. I watched him for a few seconds, but I couldn’t actually see anything, so, I turned back to the movie.

By this time the young girl was deeply in the throws of giving a blow-job. She was on her knees, beside his legs, with her right hand masturbating his erection into her mouth, which rode up and down his cock, lips barely touching her hand, forming a hand/face fuck into her mouth. Once in a while she would lift her mouth slightly off his cock and run her tongue around the pulsating head, then she would put her wet lips back on top of his cock and push her face forward, taking his cock through her lips and back into her mouth. I had only been with one woman who gave blow-jobs like that, and know it is incredible. She had only done that when she was ready for me to cum in her mouth, and soon! I didn’t see how this man could resist doing just that. Just watching it was making my cock strain against my own pants, and figuring if Mark could do it, so could I, I unzipped my fly and let my straining cock slide out into the air for a second, before my right hand grabbed it and started caressing it just below the head.

I heard Mark chuckle and knew he’d seen me, but when I turned to look at him, he had already closed his eyes again, and now, head thrown back, he was jerking himself off, taking long, steady strokes on his cock with his right hand, while his left hand was reaching around and fondling his balls. For a few seconds, I watched him, fascinated to be watching a man masturbate himself, and again, wondering if I’d get a good look when he came – and even wishing I’d sat on the couch, where I’d have a better view when he did.

I turned back to the movie, and was disappointed to see that the young girl was standing up – I had been sure she was going to blow him and take his load in her mouth. Instead, she moved toward him, placed her left knee on the couch beside his right leg, then pulled herself over and straddled him. Kissing him softly on the mouth, she positioned her clearly dripping pussy lips on the tip of his rock-hard cock, moved around for a few seconds, heavily lubricating the head of his cock with her pussy juices, then slowly but steadily pulled herself down on him, inserting his cock all the way into her pussy in one steady push. Still kissing him passionately, she stayed on him with his cock fully buried inside her for a few seconds, then slowly raised herself off of his cock, until just the head was still in her, then she thrust herself back down, taking his cock in again. Then she started to steadily fuck herself with his cock, taking him all the way in and then all the way out – all the while, still kissing his mouth and face.

As good as that looked, I had seen it before, so I turned my head again to watch Mark work. This time, his eyes were open – and he was looking straight at me.

“You know,” he said slowly, “I wonder if jerking each other off would make us queer.”

I knew exactly what I should do. It was clear he was serious, and with my long-time fascination with seeing a man cum, I knew if we talked about it, I was going to take slot oyna a huge step – one from which there could never be an escape. I knew I should ignore what he was saying, and go back to watching the movie. Even smarter, I should put my own cock back in my pants and get up and leave. I knew exactly what I needed to do.

“I guess not,” I said, looking him in the eyes.

My answer startled him. For a second he just sat there – looking at me and still stroking his own cock. After a few awkward seconds, he weakly said “I can come over there…..”

“No,” I said, “I’ll come over there,” and I got up, my cock still sticking out of my pants, and walked over to the couch. Mark’s eyes followed me all the way, and his hand was still stroking his cock, though he had slowed down quite a bit.

It’s difficult to describe my state of mind. Although I had long had the interest in men’s cocks, I had never really given serious thought to doing anything with one. This was very new ground for me. I sat down to Mark’s right side, and let my glance move from his eyes down to his cock. I was both very scared, and excited. I was also nervous, and started to wonder what the hell I was doing there! Then Mark let go of his own cock and pulled his hand back out of my way. Literally without thinking, my right hand reached out and took his cock into my grasp.

It felt different. It felt good. His cock was very warm to my hand, and I noticed that it was bigger than mine – maybe 6 ½” to my 6 or so, and a little thicker. My hand wrapped around it comfortably, just below the head, and I started to slowly jack him.

“Oh shit!” he gasped. “That feels great!!”

Knowing that Mark was okay with this arrangement gave me some courage, and I started to jack him off, rather than just fondling his cock. And, knowing that he liked his balls played with, I leaned forward, placing my elbow on his left side, and cupping his balls with my left hand.

“nngghhhh” he moaned, clearly liking what I was doing.

I felt a smile come to my face, realizing that I was going to get a very close look at Mark’s cock shooting out his sperm. In fact, if he shot very hard, I was in danger of getting some on me!! Somehow, the thought did not cause me to move.

Out of the corner of my eye, something on the TV made me look, and the sight was worth it. This beautiful young girl had returned to her place beside her lover, and was again fucking him into her face and hand. He was thrashing around some, but she expertly kept her hand on his cock, jacking him with purposeful strokes and keeping her lips right in place on top of her hand. Her cheeks were puffing out and contracting in as his cock moved in and out of her mouth, and her tongue was moving around as the head plunged in and out. Then, for one brief moment, she pulled her mouth off of his cock slightly, giving a clear view of his first spurt of cum shooting out of the head and directly into her mouth. Immediately she put her mouth back in place, and continued to jerk him with hand, lips and tongue, right into her mouth. Watching intently, I could see her throat working as she swallowed his load, still sucking and jerking him into her mouth.

“Oh God!! I love that scene!” Mark gasped. “Let me get the remote so I can rewind it and try to cum when he shoots in her mouth.”

I didn’t want to stop jerking him off, and I didn’t. My only real thought was that I was not going to be able to watch Mark shoot his load after all – but I didn’t think I would mind. I lowered my lips to the tip of his cock, and in one quick motion, opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth, right down to the top of my jerking hand.

“Holy shit!” He gasped, and grabbed my head with both hands – but he didn’t try to remove it!

Not fully understanding what I was doing, or why, I began to give Mark a blow-job. It suddenly became important to me that he enjoy what I was doing. I wanted to give him satisfaction, and that meant making him cum – to shoot his load into my mouth. I began thinking only of ways to accomplish this goal. I started using my tongue and lips to provide lubricant to my hand, so I could twist my hand a little while masturbating him. I moved my lips and tongue around the head of his cock, desperately trying to get them everywhere I had ever enjoyed having women’s lips and tongues work on me. Every gasp of pleasure I got from Mark was a reward, and I continued to give the best head I could give, while still fondling his balls – which stored the ultimate reward I was trying to gain! And until I gained that reward, I found that I was truly enjoying the feel of his cock in my hand – and against my lips and tongue, filling my mouth. I was keenly aware of a new taste in my mouth – one I’d never encountered, as drops of pre-cum oozed out of the head of his cock, immediately being swept up by my frantically working tongue.

I guess Mark wasn’t sure I was ready for the whole enchilada, because after a few moments of frantic work on my part, canlı casino siteleri he gently pulled on my head with both hands, and said “Better watch it – I’m about to cum!!”

Shrugging off his half-hearted attempt to lift my face clear, I continued to fuck my face with his cock, adding sucking action to the head of his cock each time it was most of the way out of my mouth, then pushing my face back over that wonderful cock.

Mark didn’t try to move my face again. Instead, he threw his head back moaned a little each time I took his cock all the way into my mouth.

“Gahhghghrgh!” he finally shouted, and I felt his cock swell between my hand and lips. Suddenly a new heat and taste were in my mouth. I felt his cum shoot out, most of it flowing onto my tongue, and some splattering further back in my throat. Knowing he was starting to cum, I wanted to keep his cock completely inside, and pushed my face further down on him. That made swallowing more difficult, but I accomplished it anyway, and I felt new flows of his hot cum shooting into my mouth. This was truly a rewarding experience, and I finally knew why some women truly love to give blow jobs. I swallowed three or four gulps of his hot, salty cum, before his cock started to soften a little. And still I kept it in my mouth, still catching an occasional little spurt of late-arrival cum. Finally, completely soft, I let his cock slip out of my mouth and swallowed one more gulp, proud of myself for having gotten every bit of his wonderful load.

Suddenly, reality hit me! I had just given my friend a blow-job. How was he going to react? It occurred to me that I was completely at his mercy – that if he told exactly what happened, I was going to be in for a very bad time – with my wife, with my other friends, with everyone. I wondered what the hell had come over me!!

Apparently, it had also come over Mark. “What can I do for you?” he asked, smiling shyly.

Trying not to show my relief, I lay back and swung my legs toward him, giving him access to my cock, which still hung out of my fly, partly erect. Mark pulled his right hand from under me, and with some awkwardness, took my cock in his hand and started to fondle it. His hand felt warm and good, and my cock began to expand in his grasp.

Then, feeling more confident, I said “why don’t you go get some lube?”

Mark’s hand stopped for a moment, and he looked at me with questions in his eyes. I looked back and said nothing. After a brief pause, his hand started moving again. Then, after another moment of silence, he said “okay – I’ll be right back,” and he stood up, dropping his pants off his feet as he walked toward his bedroom.

He was back in just a few seconds, opening a tube of lube as he walked back in. “I guess I should go ahead and lube you up,” he said as he got close, and he squeezed the cool, smooth lube onto my cock from the tube, and began to spread the glistening jell over the head of my cock, then down the shaft. When it was completely covered, he dropped the tube and said, “Where do you want me?”

“Lay down over the arm of the coach,” I directed, and without hesitation, but slowly, he complied with my direction. Mark positioned himself so his ass was right at my cock height. After settling in a little, he brought both of his hands back, grasping one cheek with each hand and spreading himself to give me the clearest approach available.

I was fascinated by the scene, and started to move forward, but stopped. I knelt behind him and moved my face close to his ass. Mark kept his hands in place, still spreading his own cheeks to give me complete access to his ass. Gingerly, hesitantly, I leaned forward and gave his asshole a small kiss.

“Ungghhhhrgh” he gasped, and I actually felt his asshole contract!

Backing my face away for a second, I soon made another pass, this time giving his ass a longer kiss, and barely poking my tongue between my lips and slightly into his puckering asshole.

“Holy shit!” he gasped again, “That feels incredible.”

Pleased with myself now, I again moved my face forward, this time giving a long series of kisses on and around his asshole, and licking the area as well, including poking the tip of my tongue into his ass as far as I could push it. During this entire time, Mark was moaning softly and rotating his ass around my face, still pulling his cheeks as far apart as he could.

Now as horny as I’d ever been, I stood up and admired his ass, being completely offered to me for whatever I wanted to do. It was now wet from my saliva, and still twitching from the tongue action I had just given it. After watching just a couple of seconds, I put my hands on his waist and moved myself forward.

My cock was still completely lubed, and with his ass-cheeks being pulled apart, I had no trouble getting the head of my cock directly against his asshole. I then had to hold my cock with one hand as I began to push forward, to keep the head from sliding away from the asshole. Being held firmly against his puckering hole, and being pushed forward, there was no place for my cock to go except for into his warm rectum. I watched, fascinated, as the head of my cock disappeared into his quivering asshole.

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