Dinner, and Dessert

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Female Ejaculation

I arrived home just after our dinner guests arrived, a friend of my room-mate and her brother. Phillip would be moving to town soon and was visiting in order to line up work and a place to live. His sister Gina, was a longtime friend of my room-mate, Dana. They’d known each other since high school, and had been best friends since.

I figured I would get in a jog before they arrived, and so returned hot, sweaty, and stinky, and decided to have a quick shower while they all had appetizers and got started on the wine. Gina was married but was a terrible flirt at the same time. Somehow she did it out in the open and kept it seemingly innocent. My announcement of a shower afforded her another opportunity. She chided with a grin, “Yes, go take a shower. You’re such a dirty boy.”

I never really cared much for her, but as a man, I must admit that I could see why she had been spoiled by numerous men in her past. Her playful attitude, coupled with her knowledge of how to use her body did set her up as a very attractive woman in certain senses. She gave me a wink as I headed to my room and glanced her over. As usual she wore a tight fitting skirt, tall heels, and a loose fitting blouse. She loved to show off her cleavage and more than once I’ve thought about what she’d be like in bed.

I went into my room and stripped off my shoes, socks, and t-shirt. I was now horny thanks to Gina and unsure of what to do. Maybe I should jerk off in the shower. If she only knew how dirty I was. And that’s when I decided. I had recently purchased a butt plug to use while masturbating. I had even thought about wearing it at other times but hadn’t gotten up the nerve yet. Tonight would be it though. I would put it in during my shower and spend the rest of the night with that fat, four-inch plug up my ass.

My cock grew as I headed for the shower. They were out on the patio by now so I made my way quickly with my plug unconcealed. I set it on the counter, pulled down my shorts, and turned on the water. I looked down at my half-hardened cock as it twitched. It was going to be one of those showers, where it takes everything I have to not jerk off. I got in and started washing. Normally my hard-on starts to tame when I quit thinking about it and concentrate on washing but this time it stayed pretty hard. Finally I decided to give it a little attention. At first I just grabbed it and held tight. Sometimes this will suffice, and I quickly began to wash again. But as I thought about sliding that plug up my ass, and wearing it all night my cock only continued to stiffen. I reached down again, my hands soapy and slippery. I slid both hands, one after the other down the length of my shaft.

All of a sudden there was a pounding on the door. “I gotta pee, hurry up!” It was Gina. Fuck. As annoying as it was, my heart skipped a beat and my cock had begun to shrink a little. “Just give me a minute,” I yelled back. Now I had to be quick. I grabbed the plug and a small package of lube I had grabbed from my room. I aimed the shower head away and lubed up my little hole. My finger felt good swirling around and my cock began twitching again. “Oh no,” I thought to myself. I hurried to spread some lube on the plug. Slowly I pushed it against my ass. I could feel it opening me up a little. I loved that feeling, when that initial resistance started. The fat part of the plug was about four inches long and was about half way in when Gina began banging on the door again. I quickly slid it in, faster than I wanted to. I cleared my throat. I’m finishing right now. I rinsed lube off of my fingers and shut off the water.

I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door to Gina standing there, hands on her hips. “Watch out, I gotta pee,” she said as she pushed by me. I just gave her a look as she pulled the on the door behind her. She really must have had to go, because she didn’t even bother closing the door all the way. Though I couldn’t see, I could hear her pulling her skirt up and her panties down. This made me even hornier, and now I could feel the plug surging inside me as my cock pulsated. “Yeah, well, if you had to go so bad you should have peed in the yard.” I figured a response would give me an excuse to stay there for a second. I heard her pee begin to splash in the water and she let out a sigh. This really got me going and I knew I better get out of there before she came out and saw me standing there with a boner pressing against my towel. “Whatever,” was her only response as I headed down the hallway.

Once in my room, I dropped the towel. My cock was half hard and it was tough not to start playing with it as I looked myself over in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts from a drawer. As for what to wear under them it was hard to decide. I finally chose a pair of sheer, red panties.

I came out to the patio to find the three of them munching on bread and cheese and drinking wine. I grabbed a glass and poured some red wine for myself. Cautiously I elazığ escort maneuvered and sat down. I was still getting used to having the plug up my ass and totally unpracticed in being around others with it in. We all talked for about another half an hour when Dana got up to check on dinner. Gina suggested Phil go help her. I think she had some idea of getting the two of them together, hoping he would leave his girlfriend behind.

“So Kris, I brought a little weed if you wanna smoke later,” she seemed to be confiding in me. Neither cared, but neither Dana nor Phil smoked.

“That sounds good, is it that same stuff Jeff had last week?” Her husband had been over with her and had recently been getting some good weed from a friend up north.

“Sure is. Oh, and Kris, I don’t know what was taking you so long in the shower, but I’m sorry if I interrupted.” As she said this and I slowly comprehended what she was saying, she plopped down the empty lube package onto the table.

Everything slowed down for a split-second and I sat there dumbfounded. Thankfully she had always been flirty, and very open so I just said, “Well, if you weren’t married I might tell you. But since you are, I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.”

I don’t think she expected me to be so cool about it, and she just sort of sat there with a smile. I couldn’t believe that I managed to be so smooth and slid the package into my pocket as Dana and Phil returned with our plates of dinner.

Over dinner was the usual small talk about work, mediocre dreams, and entertainment gossip. It wasn’t really my thing but it was nice to have company over. Phil made the typical cliched attempts at flirting and Dana made like she got a kick out of it. We finished and all started taking things in from the patio. Gina nudged me and advised that I should let Phil help with dishes and we could go smoke. This sounded great but I also wondered what else she might say about the lube. “We’ll be outside,” Gina yelled to the other two.

Gina lit a joint and took a couple puffs. She smiled as she passed it to me and said, “So Kris, are you going to tell me what exactly you were doing in the shower earlier?” “I don’t know,” I responded. “It’s kind of personal, and like I said, you are married.” I smiled and passed the joint back. She had a puzzled look. She was used to men giving in to her pretty quickly. Even though what I said was true, I also enjoyed toying with her, and I also liked that it was visibly frustrating her. Gina stared up at the stars, then turned to me, “You know, if you tell me I might be inclined to do something nice for you.” Jokingly I asked, “Like what, go get my dessert?” “No, dick! Like maybe I’ll let you see what’s under my skirt.” As tempting as this was, at the moment I could think of nothing that would get me to let her in on my little secret. I had settled in to having the plug in my ass and was now feeling quite comfortable. And the thought of taking care of myself later was plenty satisfying.

“Just drop it, I’ve seen lots of panties and up plenty of skirts in my day,” I said. “I’m not going to tell you.” She must have been intrigued because she stood up and exclaimed, “God damnit, here!” reaching up her skirt and peeling her panties down her legs. She held up a tiny white satin thong. Both my cock and ass twitched now. I started to strain against the fabric of my panties, which only exacerbated things. She then threw them right into my face. I could smell a hint of her pussy through a light perfume scent. I grabbed them from my lap where they landed just as Dana and Phil came out the back door. Gina smiled and I tried to keep from getting a raging hard-on.

“Who wants to go for an after-dinner stroll?” Dana squawked, as if we were dogs or children. “I’m going to show Phil the river-walk.” I was full, stoned, and had fat butt-plug up my ass. Going for a walk was the last thing I wanted right now. “No thanks,” I said. “I’ve got a couple things to do to prepare for a job tomorrow.” I had hoped my supposed business would deter Gina from staying, but of course she was full and stoned too, and wanted Dana and Phil to have a romantic walk together. “Not me,” she chimed. “I ain’t going on no three-hour tour.” It was a bit of a trek and I really didn’t blame her either way. I just didn’t want to deal with her as she was impossibly unaware of boundaries.

“You two are so boring, suit yourselves.” As they left I looked over at Gina, her blue heels leading up to her well-toned, well-tanned legs, then up to that tight-fitting, white skirt that contrasted her tan. Alone with her, I was slightly worried. As they left, Gina rubbed her legs together slowly. I couldn’t help but watch. Looking up to see her watching me, I tried to play it off. Yet again my cock twitched and my ass was pulsating. I must have had quite a look on my face as I tried to distract from what was happening. “So, does Jeff have much more of that weed?”

Unrelenting, escort elazığ she responded, “Plenty. Now, are you going to give back my panties or keep them for your own debaucherous intentions?”

“Oh, I think you know the answer to that. You think I’m going to give up the opportunity to hold onto these and have a night or two of fun?” I said, holding them up. Feeling emboldened somehow, I gave them a sniff as I looked her in the eye and smiled in approval of her scent. Little did she know that I was pushing the limit as my cock strained even more against my panties, about to become a fully raging hard-on. I could feel that I would soon pop free with any slight movement and my cock would become obvious.

Sitting across from me, she slowly tugged on her skirt, sliding it up her thighs, her legs still crossed. “Only a night or two?” She stopped just below where the fabulous “V” of her crotch began. “I bet you’d jerk off twice tonight if I left right now. I’m surprised you didn’t sneak inside to do it already.”

At this point I was ready to pull my dick out and start jerking off right there. I was still a little nervous but too horny to hold back anymore. I needed relief! “Pull that skirt up some more and maybe I’ll let you watch me jack off right here,” I said with a smile. My cock was raging hard and barely hidden by my position in my seat. “I’m already hard,” I said, grabbing my cock while holding it out of sight as I moved so that as soon as I took my hand off she would totally see it straining against my shorts. “I don’t believe you, you just want to see my pussy.”

Slowly I took my hand off, my cock practically sticking straight up with only my flimsy basketball shorts to contain it. Even as all this was happening I still worried about the fact that I was wearing a thong and had a plug in my ass. I figured neither one of us would let it go too far and I’d get through this with my little secret and still get to have a little fun.

“Fuck it.” I pulled up the leg on my shorts and let my engorged dick free. She smiled. I grabbed my shaft and slowly ran my hand up and down the length of it. Pre-cum had been oozing out and my hand and shaft quickly became slippery. Nervous, I began to smile like a silly schoolboy, but maintained my cool, looking her right in the eye. Her smile had gone and she now looked very intently at my cock. “God damn, ” she said, “that is…nice.”

She adjusted in her seat a little. And after a few more seconds, opened her legs and pulled her skirt up to her waist, still staring at my cock. I worked it nice and slow, rubbing up and down the shaft, and working my hand slowly around the head. It glistened as pre-cum continued to flow.

Her pussy hair was trimmed short and her pussy looked a lot better than I thought it would. She now had the tip of her finger in her mouth and I knew she was dieing to have some relief herself.

“Your pussy looks good, I’ll be cumming in no time,” I said with a smile, again feeling like I had the upper hand. Which I did, because I would have been completely happy with shooting a load in a few seconds. All the teasing and playing really had me ready to explode.

“You better not cum yet,” she said sternly. She reached down and rubbed two fingers up the slit of her pussy, pressing them in just slightly. I could see how wet she was as she she rubbed her fingers up and down, spreading cunt juice all over her lips and clit. I watched as she pushed the fingers into her pussy. She sighed and closed her eyes. Her fingers plunged in and out slowly. Her legs unable to spread any further. I moaned a little myself. “I said you better not cum yet, fucker. I’ll kill you if you cum before me.” She looked serious.

Half believing her, I took my hand off my dick, enjoying the sight of her working her pussy. “Come over here,” she quietly said. My heart skipped a beat and started to race. “Wh-what?” I stammered. I was fine where I was. “Get…over…here. Now!” she said again.

I felt like my bluff had been called. I just wanted to cum without things going any further, for a couple reasons. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I said. “You’re married and I don’t know if I want any part of that.” I felt better.

“Give me a break. You barely know Jeff, what do you care.” And she got up, walked over to me and grabbed my cock. Now she slowly ran her hand up and down it. She smeared the pre-cum around the tip. It felt amazing. I settled back a little. I half-heartedly resisted. “No, bad idea.” But of course did nothing to stop her. She smiled again and I stared straight ahead at her tits as they hung directly in front of me.

“You wanna see my tits, too?” she asked. “Um, yeah I guess. Maybe we should go inside?” She looked around and said, “No, it seems safe out here, and it’s totally making me hot.”

We were fairly secluded on the back patio. But there were still a few windows of the neighbors that had some visibility elazığ escort bayan into our yard. But what could I do. With a hand still on my cock she began to unbutton her blouse with the other hand. I grabbed the hand on my cock and held it still. She took it away and finished undoing her blouse. Her bra matched her panties. White satin. She unhooked it from the front, her nice C cup tits now exposed in front of me. She had very faint tan lines, tiny triangles barely covering her nipples. She must lay out nude sometimes, and barely covered other times.

She pulled me up out of my seat and guided my face to her breasts. “Suck on them, I see you staring at them all the time.” I stood there licking those little, brown nipples. They were slightly puffy, and while I could feel them get firmer, they didn’t get pointy. She turned with my mouth still working on her tits. She sat down in the chair and said, “Now, lick my pussy.” At this point I had no will left. Not that I needed any. So far, everything was great and I had no problems with her suggestions. I was still a little worried about my secret though. My thought was to eat her pussy until she came, jerk off and be done with it. With this in mind I got between her legs, kneeling in the grass and licked and slurped on her pussy. The mix of perfume and pussy-juice was nice. I peered up to see her eyes closed, both hands playing with her tits. Wonderful, I thought to myself, she’ll be cumming in no time.

After a few minutes she exclaimed, “Stop!” I wouldn’t. And she reached down and pushed my head away. Again I wondered what the fuck. “What are you doing?” and I moved my head back between her legs. “No,” she said. “Stand up.”

A lump formed in my throat. I just sat there. Again she told me to stand up and tried to move my body up off the ground. I sort of stepped back a little and pulled my cock out of the bottom of my shorts, the leg easily riding up to my crotch, exposing my full, hard cock again.

“Oh god, what the fuck are you doing?” and she grabbed around my waist, pulling me towards her. As I said, I had barely any will left and I certainly wasn’t able to simply ‘stop the presses’ and be done with this situation. I stepped closer and she pulled my shorts down. My cock sprang out, right in her face. My panties were completely exposed as my shorts dropped to the ground.

She leaned back in the chair, “Holy shit! I knew you were a kinky fucker,” she hesitated, “but holy shit. I had no idea.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I felt a little dejected and embarrassed. I stepped back and reached down to pull up my shorts. The shame I had always feared started to wash over me.

“Now what the fuck are you doing?!” she exclaimed. All I could stammer out was a “Huh?”

“What, you think we’re done. You think I care that you’re wearing panties?”

She reached out and grabbed my cock, now shrinking, and pulled me closer. “Now I’ll just look forward to next time even more,” and she put my cock into her mouth and worked it over ’til it was hard again. I stood there baffled, the shame falling out of me as the ecstasy began to fill me again. Her mouth felt so good. She tried to take me all the way in but couldn’t. She reached around grabbing my ass to pull me hard into her mouth. I could tell she felt the plug in my ass. She said nothing, pulling me into her. She pulled her mouth off and gagged a little. Spit dripping down to her chin. She looked up and smiled.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” she asked in a low, sultry voice. The games were over now. We both needed to cum so badly. And I think she was trying to be respectful of my secrets she had just exposed. It felt good and I had a new appreciation of her. She whispered, “I want you to fuck me, Kris. I need your cock inside me now.”

She got off the chair and turned around in front of me, pulling her skirt up around her waist again. She spread her knees in the soft grass and pushed her ass up in the air. “I want it from behind.”

I stared at her firm ass all spread in front of me with her now-dripping cunt pulsing. Her little asshole puckering. I inched forward, grabbing a hip. With one hand I slid my cock up and down her slit a couple of times. I slowly slid the tip in, so warm and wet. I could hear pussy juice sloshing as my cock pushed all the way inside her. A couple of times in and out and I moved faster, thrusting my cock forward, taking a good look at her round ass as I felt her pussy surrounding my cock with warmth.

She was moaning now, and grunting as I fucked her hard. After a few minutes, she grabbed my right hand and pulled it up to her breast. “Play with my tits, and lean on me. I want to feel your weight on me while you fuck me.” She breathed heavily. I breathed heavily too. I grabbed her tit, one hand still on her waist, and I leaned on her as I pulled and pushed her on and off my cock. She had one arm bracing on the chair, the other reached down between her legs, playing with her pussy.

“God, yes,” she grunted. “Fuck me you little bitch.” This sort of took me aback but I didn’t care at this point. “Fuck me good, I wanna cum hard while you fuck me” she said.

A few more minutes and it was all I could do not to cum. “Cum for me Gina, you better cum for me soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32