Debra vs Chuck

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While I have had matches with females on the mixed wrestling circuit this match was going to be quite different. My other matches were straight wrestling with the win decided by a submission. This one was going to be more of a sexfight where points would be awarded for submissions, forced organisms, and organisms achieved by the aggressor. The rules were simple. Both wrestlers would be nude. A submission was worth 3 points. A forced organism was 5 points and an achieved organism was worth 5 points. There would be a 10 minute time out after either a submission or organism with the match lasting I hour.

My opponent Debra was a friend that I had met once and spent a lot of time emailing. She was a provider that wrestled on the mixed circuit as well as other erotic ventures. Her physical features are she is 5’9 140 lbs and very attractive. She had long, and I am sure, dangerous legs with a completely flat stomach. Her arms were well defined and I had heard she was a lot stronger than she looked. At 6′ and 220 lbs I did not feel she could over power me, but I realized I would need to avoid getting trapped in any type of scissor hold. The big advantage she had over me was on the sex side. From what I knew of her she was extremely effective in getting her opponents to organism quickly. Her favorite hold was a reverse head scissor and a deep throat move that most guys could not last more than a few seconds. She had the ability to completely swallow a guy’s dick and somehow make it feel like he was being jerked off by her throat action. In addition to this weapon her vaginal muscles could literally milk a penis without moving. Her disadvantage was her clit was extremely sensitive and with the right tongue action she was known to have multiple organisms.

The Match

We arranged to meet at a local hotel where I rented a two room suite. The furniture was set aside and a fairly large area was created to provide for a wrestling area. I arrived first and a few minutes later Debra knocked on the door. I opened the door and was knocked out at just illegal bahis how beautiful and striking this 55 year old woman was. Not only that, physically she looked extremely fit. So, how are you I said? Are you ready to get beaten by a superior male? Debra smiled and said, Chuck you might not want to be over confident. While I did not respond I did mentally agree I would have to really watch myself. So we both took off our clothes and took in each other’s body. As I said earlier Debra was 5’9 with a completely flat stomach. I had never seen her legs naked and they looked dangerous. The sight of this incredible woman gave me a raging erection. As for myself I had been on a six month five day a week gym routine and fortunately while not a flat as Debra’s, my stomach at least had some tone.

We shook hands and stared to circle each other. Debra lunged and got me in a side headlock. I was right about her upper body in that she was a lot stronger than she looked. She clinched in her arms tight and swung her hip into mine and the next thing I knew she flipped me to the mat on my back. Before I could recover she slammed into my stomach with her knee knocking the wind out of me and in a swift move swung around with her head facing my feet. Next thing I knew she had me in a reverse head scissors. She knew I was trapped and decided to play with me. So, what was that about you defeating me Debra taunted? I muffled a statement we were just beginning. She responded my telling me to hang on and she squeezed the scissors so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Fortunately she let up and asked if I wanted to submit. While I thought about it I said no and she slowly increased the pressure.

Her legs were like steel and I was starting to see stars. As she increased the scissors I felt her hand starting to stoke my dick. I knew where she was going and was helpless to stop her. I was about to pass out so I slapped the mat to surrender. She opened the scissors and then buried my dick in her mouth. I was dumfounded. In less than five minutes she had put me illegal bahis siteleri in her most effective hold gained a submission and was proceeding to use her deep throat to force my organism. I came to my senses and allowed my tongue to start working on her clit. Her deep throat was about to make me explode, but she got distracted by my action on her clit. From her moans I knew that I should be able to outlast her when she closed her vice like scissor and cut off my assault. Two up and down motions with her mouth had me exploding. Debra had her submission and forced organism. Score 8 to 0 in favor of Debra. If I was going to stand a chance I had to really get going.

The second fall started with 15 minutes of the match gone. Again we circled and Debra lunged to gain another headlock. I encircled her arm and tripped her to the mat on her back. She quickly rolled to her side to get up, but I spread her out on her stomach and straddled her back. Debra put her arms out to try a push me off, but I grabbed her shoulders and pulled back to put her in a camel clutch. I placed my hand under her chin and pulled back slowly. She and I both knew she could not escape, but I held off, trying to figure out a way to get the submission and then a forced organism to even the match. I decided I might have to settle just for the submission so I increased the pressure and asked if she wanted to submit. Debra shook her head and I increased the pressure until she slapped the mat. I released the hold and to my surprise she rolled on her back and before I knew it secured me in a body scissors.

If I thought the reverse head scissors was bad this was unbearable. Fortunately I knew an escape as I pressed my elbows hard into her thighs. She let out a little yelp and her legs fell apart. Seeing an opportunity I drove my rock hard cock into her inviting pussy. Unfortunately I realized I may have made a mistake. Debra instantly used her unbelievable pussy muscles to totally trap my cock. I could not even begin to try and thrust to force her organism. Instead she canlı bahis siteleri was using a combination of hip thrusts and milking to force my organism. I leaned over and placed her right tit in my mouth and she let up and gave up a low moan. I increased this action and she realized what I was doing and with what I can only describe as what felt like a vibration against my dick with a huge hip thrust I exploded deep inside her. I had my submission, but Debra gained another forced organism. Score at fall two Debra 13, Chuck 3.

We both decided that we needed a rest and decided to extend our rest period. I really could not believe that in a period of thirty minutes that Debra had submitted me once and gotten two forced organisms. At the my age of 63 that in its self was something. On top of that this woman still had me hard as a rock. I knew that in the next round I either had to beat her or totally surrender. So we started round three.

As we circled I looked for any advantage and I decided to go for her legs. I got lucky and she fell on her back allowing me to pin the arms by sitting on her and pinning her shoulders with my knees facing her feet. She raised her legs to try and get a head scissors and I secured them in my arms and pulled them toward her head exposing her pussy. I then proceeded to move down to completely suck her clit and she went crazy. She was immobilized and at my mercy. My action on her clit totally destroyed her. She had not one but two organisms. She was drained and I decided to take advantage by putting her in a reverse head scissor for a submission. Within a minute she submitted. Score Debra 13 Chuck 16.

We rested and Debra said, you think you have got this won? My reply was how much have you got left? Her reply was get ready for the finish.

So we started the final fall. Once again we circled, but this time Debra faked me out and tripped me up on my back. She quickly got me in a grapevine and poured on the pressure. As much as I tried I knew I could not escape and I had to submit. Then it got worse. She impaled my cock and started the milking and hip process. I attempted to fight back, but it was a losing battle. In less than two minutes I exploded and lost the match. Final score Debra 21 Chuck 16.

I cannot wait for a rematch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32