Debby Knut’s Big Fat Butt

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“Debby Knut with the big old butt.” The sound of that chant rings in my ears to this day. In kindergarten I realized that my butt was bigger than most other girls my age. Rather than I noticed, it was actually pointed out to me routinely by other children. “Debby Knut with the big old butt” was sung as I jumped rope while other girls just herd rhymes such as “My Mother told me.”

I hated having a big butt. Some of the African American girls had butts that resembled mine, and I began hanging out with many of them, in hopes of not feeling different. This was not a very popular thing for a blond girl to do in the deep South back in the day.

It is not likely that it actually helped. What it did do was attract the attention of African American boys by the time I was in Middle School. Even the ones in High School began calling me. “Debby Knut with the Big fine butt.” No matter how they meant it, I did not find this flattering at all.

Around this age, even my brothers took notice of my butt. In my panties and night shirt before bed, my brothers would whistle and slap me on the ass.

When we went swimming, over and over they would pull my bikini bottoms down exposing my ass, whether I was in the water or on the beach. I became a very good swimmer, as I went farther out into the ocean and swam faster than the boys to keep them away. These summers in the ocean appeared to only make my thighs more sturdy and my butt muscles to form a bubble butt.

Bubble butt is another term I hated. While dancing jazz and ballet, the girls would call me “bubble butt.” The instructor encouraged me to ignore them as they were just jealous. Of what I could not understand.

Even having an adult woman (Our dance teacher), that I respected highly, bluntly explain; “Every one of the boys get an instant erection when you dance in your tights. It is your ass that turns them on!” did not help. Turn on or not, I did not want them looking at my butt.

Dancing, as swimming, had kept me very fit and very skinny. Also just as swimming had, it further shaped my ass. Each decision I made further enhanced my butt, with bikinis and dance tights further showing it off.

More than once each and every day of my teen age years, I was told how sexy my ass was. I missed that it was a form of compliment, despising any mention of my ass.

High School dances became an opportunity for the boys to pick a slow dance and place their hands on my ass. Every song was taken, I was never left wanting for someone to ask me to dance. No matter how fast the song, every dance was a slow dance for me.

I wanted to give up on boys completely, maybe become a lesbian. illegal bahis I was in this state of mind when I met Steve. Steve seemed different. He was the first boy who did not grab or even comment on my ass. As we were both in our Senior year of College, I should say man rather than boy. And yes, from an early age men to include teachers, professors, and fathers of my friends had noticed my ass. But, as I said, Steve was different. Not once did I catch him staring at my ass.

Steve and I began dating and became lovers. He was so gentle in taking my virginity. We had long and intimate conversations. We were in love. Showing me a ring, he asked me to marry him a week before graduation. We would be starting our careers as a married couple.

Steve withheld the ring from me. That weekend, he assured me that he would give it to me in front of his parents. It would be a very big weekend, not only would we be engaged, but this would be the first time he took me home to see his parents.

His parents were very nice. His mother was especially sweet and kind to me. We hit it off from the start, we had a great deal in common. One of the things just happened to be the shape of our asses.

What we did not have in common was our attitude about it. She appeared very proud of her ass, wearing tight pants, overtly wiggling it at Steve’s father. I was shocked when he slapped her on the ass saying “come here my big sexy assed wife” pulling her onto his lap. This done in front of me and their son, while she giggled no less.

As his parents were heading off to bed, Steve took the opportunity to ask me to marry him in front of them, on bended knee. He did not however yet give me my ring, instead holding it out as if luring me up the stairs, this right behind his Mother.

Upstairs his Parents entered their bedroom, the Father once again patting his Wife’s large ass as she entered the room, which was accompanied by him winking at me just before he shut their door. Steve and I were allowed to sleep together in his old bedroom, which happened to be next door to his Parents.

As we closed our bedroom door, I immediately inquired of Steve “do you think that your Parents like me.” Without hesitation he assured me that they were indeed smitten with me.

He as well pointed me to a vent in his bedroom wall. Sitting on his bed, I could hear his Parent’s conversation as if sitting in the same room.

Steve’s Mother, in answer to an inquiry by his Father, was raving about me: “She is a beautiful girl. Very intelligent, witty, and caring.” Her compliments continued almost endlessly. She seemed truly happy to have me as part of the family.

As illegal bahis siteleri she winded down, she turned the question to his Father, “Need I ask your thoughts? You were obviously taken by her and her ass.”

Initially I was shocked and hurt, even Steve’s Mother cannot look past my big ass. They have been so nice, would Steve’s Father criticize my ass too? “As I have always said Dear, big ass equals a big heart. She is as lovely as you my Dear, and her ass is as lovely as yours.”

Throughout his Parent’s conversation, Steve whispered in my ear how they were so taken by me. Even as his Father talked about MY ass, Steve told me how his Father had always loved his Mother’s ass. As his Father continued to share his admiration of my ass, Steve directed me to stand on the bed. From this angle, not only could I hear his parents, but I had a clear view of them as well.

“Mom”, as she had directed me to call her, was laying on her stomach on their bed, her ass up and clearly in view. Her ass was actually very lovely. “Dad” ran his hands adoringly over her big butt, as he continued to talk about mine. While Dad raved about my ass, he ran his cock between Mom’s wonderful cheeks.

Dad’s cock! I just noticed how hard he was. Steve’s whispered commentary pointed out how it was my ass that had made Dad’s cock hard. “His cock has been clearly visible from the time that you bent over picking up the keys I dropped when we walked in. I thought mom was going to get bent over and fucked on top of the coffee table because of your ass. Surprised Mom made it up to now before Dad fucked her big ass.”

Dad was indeed entering Mom’s sexy big ass! It was amazing to watch. Slowly but steadily his cock slid into her ass while she raised it up for him. After a short pause, he began slowly lovingly fucking her.

Mom’s moans became distinguishable words. “Do you like Debby’s butt? Do you want to fuck Debby’s butt?” She was using my ass to turn him on. And it was working! His cock was fucking her harder and harder. “Fuck Debby’s big ass. Fuck your Daughter In-Law’s Ass, fill it with your cum, Daddy!” As he rolled off of her, I saw Mom’s most beautiful ass, cum slowly leaking and dripping out.

Steve, brought my mind back to our own room, putting my ring on my finger. “You like big diamonds, I like big asses. You want this ring, I want your ass. You slip your finger into the ring tonight, I will be slipping my cock into your ass tonight.”

Following Mom’s example, I laid on the bed, Steve lovingly massaging my ass. Feeling his hands and hard cock on my ass cheeks, I pictured Mom’s beautiful ass. Mom’s ass could easily be the twin to mine. canlı bahis siteleri Could I accept that my ass was beautiful? Did Steve really think it was? His hands were replaced by his lips, trailing kisses over my ass cheeks. Spreading my large cheeks, I felt his tongue tickling my asshole.

I guess he really does love my ass, I am learning to love his tongue on my ass. As it penetrated my tight little asshole it felt amazing. I lifted my ass wanting more, releasing a moan. As his tongue fucked my ass faster and faster, my moans became louder, more uncontrolled. I feared Mom and Dad would hear, I wanted Mom and Dad to hear.

Steve too soon replaced his tongue with a finger lubricating my virgin asshole. I was very thankful that Mom and Dad buy lubricant by the gallon. Fear began engulfing me, simultaneously lust engulfed me.

I wanted Steve’s cock in my beautiful ass. Working up the courage, I forced my voice to act: “I need your cock in my ass NOW!” Was that as loud as it sounded? Mom and Dad had to of heard, their future daughter In-Law beg like a slut. Would they lose respect? No, it would make Dad’s cock hard again!

That thought caused me to picture Dad’s cock just as I felt a large cockhead pressing against my ass. As I saw Mom do, I pressed against it. It was so big stretching my ass. I could hear myself whimper.

Slowly, I was able to think again. Steve was not moving, he was allowing me to adjust, I heard his voice encouraging, helping me. “Relax, Relax, calm, relax your gorgeous ass. Your ass feels wonderful, I love you, I love your ass.”

His cock was pushing deeper, no, I was pressing back, forcing it deeper. I need his cock filling my ass. I need him to fuck it.

“Make love, to my ass later” I whispered. “Fuck my ass, now! Steve fuck me like Dad fucked your Mother!”

“Your ass is too tight, it will hurt you” he argued.

I just needed my ass fucked, I want to feel my ass in the same way I saw Mom’s ass. Beautiful, lust worthy, a thing of love.

I pressed my ass harder against Steve, lifting it higher. He could hold back not longer, he gave me the fucking I desired. I was so full, my ass stretched so tight. I could feel my orgasm building. Pulling a pillow under me, it lifted my ass higher giving me something to press my clit against. The orgasm came, it made me scream, it made me convulse. So wonderful.

I went black, I slept.

Every movement reminded me that my ass had been fucked last night. Each step down the stairs felt like Steve’s cock thrusting into me. I emerged into the dining room, breakfast sitting on the bar. Steve and his father sat on the opposite side, while Mom directed me to come stand by her.

“May I assume you will not be sitting?” Mom asked while Dad continued to smile adoringly at me. While we ate, Mom’s loving hand rubbed my sore ass, “Welcome to the family, Baby, welcome to the family.”

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