Danger Girl

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Hi – This is Danger Girl. BTW, This is written from the girls’ side.(at the time, a girlfriend collaborated it w/ me)

The part in the whirlpool is one of my favorite forms of foreplay… and I am very good w/ my fingers. Enjoy!


Hi. My name is Maggie. I don’t know how I get myself into these things. All I can say is that I wanted to help out a friend. I have a friend who owns a small gym. He was really in a bind and asked if I would work for him part time. Sure, I said, not knowing he meant the night shift. Sooo, my job was to close up the gym at night. Sounds like fun, yeah right? I thought it would be the pits until I saw a certain man that liked to work out at night….

It was another routine night at the gym. Well, almost routine! The people were coming and going. All of them would say, “Hi Maggie, or how’s it going Maggie, or can I have some towels here, Maggie?” All except one. He would just smile at me. Mmmmm, he was yummy. I longed to hear my name on his lips. He was very friendly with all of the other patrons, but when it came to me, he said very little. Did he know that I spent a good deal of time watching him work out in the mirror? Whew, I get a little hot just thinking about it!

He has a very nice physique. Not overly muscle bound like a body builder. Well toned and healthy looking would be a good way to describe him. Yum! Heaven knows I spent enough time watching him in the mirror to be able to tell you a good description. Just under 6′ tall, great legs, really great buns, and I also noticed he has large hands. His hair is light brown and he keeps it fairly short. The thing I like most about him though is his great smile. So warm. So friendly. He did grace me with it quite often along with a twinkle in his beautiful green eyes. He is rather flirty if you want to know the truth. I was finding it almost irresistible. There were times when he gave me some of the most intriguing looks. Filled with lust and desire! I always had immediate responses, feeling the wetness spread between my legs.

Anyway, back to my story. On this one night at the gym there weren’t too many clients. The place was really quiet. I waited for the last person to leave and I locked up the doors. After that I went about my normal routine straightening up, turning off the equipment. I headed for the locker rooms to fold all the towels and shut down the lights. I heard water running in the men’s locker room and figured someone had left it on. I was pretty annoyed by that. I went running in to go turn it off and was met by the most incredible sight I had ever seen. It was him! The man I had been fantasizing about for months! It was really him! I thought he had left, but apparently not!

Wow!! I was frozen in place. I am sure that my eyes were bulging out of my head. He didn’t see me there so I stayed and watched. Probably not the nicest thing to do, but I was transfixed. He was perfect! At least in my eyes anyway. I was taking in my fill. Watching him soap himself and the water running down his body was turning me on so much. I felt as though I had taken a blow beylikdüzü anal yapan escort to the solar plexus and had the wind knocked out of me. I was feeling rush after rush of desire from head to toe. Is it possible to have an instantaneous orgasm? I felt pretty darn close that is for sure. I placed my hand on my soft mound just to relieve the pressure. Ohhh..big mistake. Once I touched myself there was no turning back. I had to have him! I continued to touch myself a little longer while I worked up the courage to make my move.

I was so turned on and wet at this point nothing could have held me back. Nothing! I decided to join him in the shower. I removed my clothing, never taking my eyes off of him. I quietly came up behind him and pressed my naked body full length along the back of his. I took the t-shirt I still had in my hand and covered his eyes with it like a blindfold. He jumped, quite startled. I said, “Shhh..It’s okay, it’s me Maggie.” Danger Girl, I said to myself. I put my arms around him and he laid his arms over mine to hold me there. I began to place kisses on his back, my hardened nipples pressing against him. I licked him with my tongue. I continued to lightly kiss and tease him while his heart rate quickened. Once he seemed a little more comfortable, I moved around to the front of his body. I ran my hands and my eyes all over him, familiarizing myself with the shape of him. It was so fabulous to finally have my hands where I had only dreamed of them being before. I devoured the sight and feel of him. I felt intoxicated by the nearness of him. He was still breathing quite heavily, first from shock. Then desire!

I took his hands into mine and placed them on my body. He couldn’t see me, he could only feel me. I led him with my hands so he could feel the contours and shape of me. I was sooo loving his touch. His hands were firm but gentle. Arousing and soothing at the same time. I led them to my ripe, rosy tipped breasts. They were full and fit perfectly into his hands. He took charge and began to run his thumbs back and forth over my nipples. They grew hard and tingling. I slid my wet hands down the front of his chest, taking his growing penis into my hand. I stroked my hand up and down bringing him fully erect. His breaths were coming in short bursts now and I could see just how turned on he was. He felt incredible in my hand. I loved the feeling of holding his pleasure that way.

I led him away from the shower, carefully guiding him because he couldn’t see. ” Come with me,” I said breathlessly as I grabbed a few towels for us and took him to another area. My heart was beating frantically in my chest. I still couldn’t believe what I was doing! I guided him into the whirlpool tub so that we could sit down. All of our senses were alive. The water swirling around us from the jets only heightened the sensations. He was even more tactually aware because of the blindfold. Once we were seated we immediately turned to each other. Our hands were dancing all over our bodies. I slid my hand down to envelop his beylikdüzü balıketli escort hardened member again. Mmmmm, yessss so good. He was caressing my breasts and nipples again. I leaned forward to place my lips on his mouth.

Part 2

Ohhh, he tasted so sweet! I licked my tongue across his lips just so I could have a taste. He opened his mouth and the tip of his tongue peeked out. I quickly grasped onto it with my lips. The passion was building intensely. Our kiss became more and more heated. Our tongues were tangling and our lips were caressing. We were gasping for breath while we kissed and touched. I continued to stroke his penis. He slid his hand down in between my legs. I’m getting faint just thinking about it. I was so swelled and engorged. All he had to do was slide his finger up and down against my lips and I was ready to explode. Ahhhh…yes! He dipped his finger inside of me and began to stroke the letters A… aaaaaaahhhhh, B… boy o boy, C… cominggg, a steady rhythm, D… I’m dying, E… eeeeeeeee! The sensations were building inside of me! Just as I felt about ready to come he withdrew his finger. He reached out his tongue, and licked it. “Mmmmm..you’re delicious,” he said to me deviously.

Two can play this game! I stood up and as the water was streaming down my body I stepped out of the whirlpool. I reached to guide him out of the water as well. I took the two towels and quickly dried myself off as well as him. Keep in mind, he was still blindfolded. I guided him over to the corner of the gym that was fully mirrored. I got down on my knees in front of him and took him into my mouth. I could see myself in the reflection of the mirrors. He was so hard and smooth. He felt wicked in my mouth. I licked up and down the length of him. Then I took just the tip of him in my mouth. My lips wrapped around him so that there would be friction as I moved against him. I touched the tip of his erection with my tongue. I swirled it all around the sensitive head of his penis. All the while I kept up a steady rhythm of in and out, in and out.. His body was getting more and more taught. “Maggie,” he groaned, “What are you doing to me? You are driving me crazy…” He placed his hands on my shoulders to steady himself.

“I’m looking at us in the mirror,” I said seductively to him. “I’m watching myself lick and suck your penis, Mmmmm.” He groaned and swelled even more in response to my words. Saying those words out loud was having a direct effect on me too. His passionate responses were lighting me on fire. I decided to keep my own fire going as well as continuing to fuel his. So while I teased the tip of his penis with my tongue, I reached down between my own legs. I could feel how wet and swelled I was. My lips were engorged with desire. I was rocking my pelvis back and forth. I told him, “I’m touching myself right now, don’t you wish you could see?” I gave him a devilish giggle as he groaned helplessly and whispered, “Yessss.”

I knew I was taking him as well as myself right to the very edge. I didn’t beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş want to go over yet, so I stood up, sliding myself up the front of him. “Come over here with me,” I said as I took him by the hand. Nearby was a bench for one of the machines. I walked over to it and sat down on the edge. I laid down on my back and pulled him forward to lay on top of me. I brought my legs up to wrap around him. I eagerly guided him into my glistening folds. Ahhh..finally! I was filled with him! It felt so right! Like having a cold drink after a long thirst! He groaned and whispered in my ear, “Maggie, we fit just right together, don’t we? Somehow I always knew we would….” He began to pump in and out of me while I met every thrust. His hardness in me was so divine! There are just no other words to describe how right it felt. While he was thrusting he bent his head down to take my nipple into his mouth. I had my breasts in my hands, holding them, offering them to him for his pleasure! He was sliding his tongue across my breasts, first one, then the other. The pleasure was becoming extremely intense for me now. I was on the brink of an explosive orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped. “I want to see you now Maggie,” he said as he started to lean back. “I don’t want you to come without me seeing your face while you do.”

“You want to see me?” I questioned, as I sat up pushing him back a little. “You can see me as much as you would like.” I said teasingly as I pushed him back to a standing position. “Come with me.” Once again I reached for his hand and led him to the other side of the gym that was all mirrored. I then reached out to remove his blindfold. “Here,” I said, “We can see everything here…” He looked at me, then at the mirrors, and back at me with a big smile on his face.

“Mmmmm…yes,” he said as he wrapped his arms around me. “We can see everything from here.” He lowered his head and took me in a big kiss. Our tongues danced once again in a hot tango of lust. Our bodies were pressed tightly together from head to toe. The heat was coming off of us in waves. “Let’s do this my way now, OK Maggie?” He questioned teasingly with one eyebrow raised. I nodded my agreement. “Turn around then, and face the mirror.” I did as he requested. There we were! The two of us reflected in all of the mirrors. I braced my palms against the mirror for support, stood back and leaned slightly forward.

He came into me from behind. He thrust himself into me deep and fast and oh sooo smooth. Ohhhh! Yessss! Mmmmm, I like it that way! He reached around with one hand to rub my clitoris. His other hand on my breast. His strong legs pressed up against mine. The combination of his hard thrusts and the touch of his hands were sending me over the edge. I could feel my release building. Up through my thighs and shooting right to the center of me. “Yes! Yes! Deeper! Now!” I screamed out. He kept on pumping while my wet silken lips began to contract with orgasm. “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!” was all I could shout since I had completely lost my breath. He was right behind me with an incredible orgasm of his own. He shouted so loud that we both had a momentary giggle. He continued to buck and thrust against me with the waves of pleasure he was having. Ahhh…ahh…ahh..I heard him groan in the last throes of his orgasm. I don’t think I had ever felt anything like that in my whole life…

Since that night, I see him and talk to him several times a week. After all, he is my Secret Lover!

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