Dancer’s Dream Lover

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Dedicated to BOB

The night was lonely dancing at the club … Hugging the pole was the closest I had come to having anything hard between my legs in months.

The only thing keeping me together in my horny state was that Bob was coming to the club tonight. Meeting him for the first time is making my nipples hard and my cunt drip. One more set for the night and his not here yet. I got into my final act … not really getting into it … and I see him come in the door …. Damn I want him as he moves into the room, his eyes on me all the way to the table next to the stage. I can’t take my eyes off him as my hips begin to grind to the music. I move close to his table and speak to him over the music … “Babe this dance is for you.”

I do my best routine and he sees all of me. Well … almost all, I have to save something for later …. The crowd cheers and as I turn from Bob to leave the stage, wiggling my ass as I run off the stage … right to the dressing room … grab my coat … run right back out … putting it on as I go. There Bob stands … waiting for me. When he sees me coming his arms open and I walk right into them … getting the best hug I’ve ever received. He leans down to my ear and whispers, “Your ass is heart shaped”, as his hands move down my back to grip my butt tight … pulling me closer. We look at each other and know we better leave. As we head for the parking lot we turn the corner of the building and Bob pulls me close, pressing me up against the wall. He kisses me hard, our mouths attacking each other as his hand slides inside my coat … over my stomach … to my bikini undies … to my wet cunt … cupping my pussy with his hand.

“I knew you were wet on stage”, he whispers.

“That’s because I was dancing for you”, I answer as he kisses me again … his hand rubbed the growing wet spot between my thighs. Just then we heard other customers leaving the club. I straighten my coat and head for his Harley. Bob got on and I climbed behind him pressing body tightly against his as we headed out to anywhere. I didn’t care as we were finally together and our destination didn’t matter … As we rode my hands slide to his crotch. ” OOOOhhh … my your hard”, I said into his ear. One hand went to his balls cupping them and squeezing, the other rubbed his hard cock through his jeans … I unzipped his fly and slide my hand inside, his cock almost jumping into my hand. As my hand incased is cock his body shook for just a second so I knew he was enjoying my excitement. I stroked his stiff prick slowly, running my fingernail over the bulging head in small circles. Suddenly Bob turned the bike off the main road onto a dead end street.

Turning off the bike and getting off he helped me down and moved me to a grassy area. Bob undid my coat and slide it from my shoulders, bayan arkadaş laying it on the grass. Then gently laying me down as well …. he covered my body with his, his lips traveled to my neck, his hand was on my tit squeezing it firmly … then sliding to the nipple … pinching, rolling the tender nipple between his fingers. My hips began to lift, pressing into his. His mouth captures my right nipple, chewing, biting nibbling. His hand still on my other tit causing my body to jerk uncontrollably as the first orgasm travels my whole body.

Bob’s mouth never leaves my tit, holding the nipple between his teeth as my body shakes. His other hand moves to my bikini, gripping the side as he tears them from my body … tossing them away so he can rub his fingers all over my wet slit, teasing me, then smoothly pushes his index finger into my hot cunt, pulling, stretching the opening as I moan with pleasure. I let out a long groan, more like a purrr … as Bob finger fucked me slowly, withdrawing momentarily, rubbing my lips and clit as he plunges fingers deep into my cunt. My ass was coming up as he removes his fingers to take off his jeans …. In the dim light I can’t see his cock … just feel it … as you rub the stiff prick up and down my slit … tapping it gently on my large clit. I feel the pressure as you begin to enter me. “OOOHHH … BOB … FUCK ME”, I scream into the night as you plunge your large cock as deep as it could go. I wrap my legs tightly around your back … pulling you close … feeling your cock inside me as you don’t move … just hold … till I get accustom to the size … then … slowly you begin pumping into me … harder … harder … with each stroke. I’m panting … gasping for breath as your mouth crushes down onto mine. Your body tenses as mine screams in pleasure …. I scream into your mouth we both orgasm at the same time.

Ours hips are grinding so hard that they feel as one. My legs feel like Jell-O as I release them from your waist … you roll onto your back as our breathing begins to return to normal. Our bodies are covered in sweatm our cum drips from my cunt, I put my head on your shoulder … your arm circles my body … pulling me tighter. We lay looking at the stars for a long time before dressing. My coat is drenched with our juices. We get back onto the bike and head out to what life brings us.

Bob and I head back to his place, the vibration from the bike between my legs was making me excited I whispered into his ear, “baby, Can we stop again? I want you to fuck me.” Bob leaned back and kissed my cheek as he pulled over to the shoulder of the road. We got off the bike and Bob lead me down into a deep grassy ditch. It was dark and mysterious, so exciting. Bob laid me back onto the grass, opened my coat and bayan partner began caressing my body with his strong hands. His fingers separated my cunt lips as his mouth attached it’s self to my nipple, his tongue flicking the growing tip …. sucking, making me bounce off the ground against his hand.

Bob rubbed his cock against my slit, teasing me, making me want him even more, if that is possible. Then suddenly he plunged his stiff cock deep inside me. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH BOBBBBB YESSSSSSSS FUUUUCCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE”, I scream into the night air. His prick was so big and hard that it felt like it was going to rip me in two. But I wanted his cock so I began bucking my hips as Bob slowed his pace. He slide his stiff member all the way out of me then slammed back in … he did this over and over as I surrendered in ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes I saw a man. I was shocked to see a light in my eyes and a silhouette outlined against the sky. “OHHHHHHHHHH BOB, STOP”, I yelled as Bob looked over his shoulder. The man started to move toward us and I noticed he as a state trooper. “What are you two doing”, he asked pointing his light first at me and then at Bob. Looking at me and giggling, Bob answered, giggling, “Well … right now we’re fucking.” We giggled some more as Bob stuck his cock still deeper inside me.

“WELL STOP AND SHOW ME SOME ID”, the cop said. Bob moved off, leaving my pussy spread open to the cop’s stare as he stuffed his hard cock back into his pants. The cop shined his flash light over my body … getting a good look as I stood, leaving my coat open and began moving next to Bob. He gave the cop his ID, and slides his arm around my waist, pulling my coat open. The cop didn’t seem to concentrate as he stuttered, ” you …. only live ten miles from here. Don’t you have a bed you can fuck in.”

“Yeah”, Bob answered, ” I do! But we were horny now and the ditch looked comfortable”. I loved his answer as he held me safely to him.

“Not in my jurisdiction”, the cop said as he opened the backdoor of his car and told us to get in. Bob pulled me close. As I started to close my coat he stopped me, running his hand up my thigh, until his fingers were softly touching my pussy hair. The cop was in the front seat running the plates as Bob’s fingers spread my lips and slide deep inside me.

“OHHHHHH”, I moaned into his neck as his finger pushed in deeper.

My hips were lifting from the seat to meet his fingers when the door opened and the cop said”, Okay … get out!”

I turned and saw that the cop had a huge hard-on pushing against his pants. “You should have someone look at that officer”, I said, tracing the outline of his cock with my finger. The cop almost jumped out of his pants as I got a firm grip on his prick. I looked over bdsm escort my shoulder at Bob who smiled as he lifted me to my knee’s, flipping my coat up over my back. when I looked back at the trooper he had his pants down around his knees and was holding his stiff prick in his hand. I reached out, taking the cock in my fingers and stroking before I took his balls in my other hand, massaging them roughly.

I lower my head, licking each of his balls, sucking them into my mouth as my hand softly caresses the head of his cock. Bob’s fingers are shoved deep into my cunt, pumping slowly, deeply as he begins licking my asshole as I kneel on the seat. I lick my way up the entire length of the trooper’s hard shaft, teasingly licking the head before enveloping the hot tip it with my lips as Bob’s tongue slips into my ass. Bob reaches between my legs … pulling my cunt wide … inserting his thumbs into my wet pussy as he pushes his tongue inside my ass. The troopers cock is deep in my throat as I suck his strong cock. I wanted to scream … FUCK ME … but my mouth was full of cock. Bob sensed my pleasure with his thumbs and tongue so he licked the small of my back as he pushed his stiff prick against the opening of my ass hole. The trooper pushed forward driving his cock deeper into my mouth. With my one hand kneading his balls, I wrap the other firmly around his cock and slowly begin to move it up and down. As I suck harder and harder as Bob pushes deeper and faster into my willing ass.

Then Bob slams his cock deep as the trooper’s cock hits the back of my throat. The cop’s hands grab my neck, pump my head back and forth as his stomach pounds my face … his balls bouncing of my chin… his cock deep in my throat … Bob’s cock deep in my ass … fucking hard. The trooper is face fucking me at the same time and speed to Bob is pumping my ass. Bob reached around and began pinching my clit … The trooper arched his back and began cumming into my slurping mouth. There is so much cum that the rich juice runs out the side of my mouth and down my chin. The trooper pulls his dripping cock from my mouth and I can finally scream, “BOBBBBB … OHHHHH

MYYY GGODDD … BOB … YESSSSSSSSS … OH YESSSSSSSSSS … FUCK MY ASS.” Bob’s cock sinks deep as I feel his hot cum gush into my rectum as his fingers pinch my clit. I feel his body tense the same time as mine and we both explode. Bob’s hips still jabbing his cock deep into my now dripping ass. I collapse onto the seat and Bob lays against on my back. I leak, my cum drips all over the seat, as Bob and I begin to laugh. The trooper steps back and tucks his soft cock back into his pant before telling us to get out of his car. Bob gets up and I slide out the door as he follows, zipping his pants as he stands next to me. Looking right at the trooper I slowly wipe the remaining cum of his off my chin and smile. He says, ” … get the hell out of here. Next time fuck her at home.”

Bob and I get on his Harley and start laughing again. As we climb on I press up tightly to him and whisper: “Two miles … or shall we wait ’til home???”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32