Daddy’s Pixie Princess Performs

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All characters are fictional and 18 years old or older.

Thank you to my editor, *roftlheory*, for the suggestions, comments, corrections and patience that were so invaluable in the creation of this story and for the support and assistance that helped me take it from rough draft to submission.


An ice cube popped and rattled as Jack poured the amber liquid into his glass. He started to put the bottle down and then changed his mind and made it a double. He loosened his tie and took a sip, hissing through his teeth as it burned down his throat. It had been a tough week and he felt burnt-out and exhausted. The challenges of starting a business were more rewarding in theory sometimes, than in practise. Especially with his daughter living with him.

He wondered if Beth, his daughter, had any classes this evening. He should probably start thinking about starting something for dinner. Which reminded him, shouldn’t she be home by now?

As if he had conjured her up, he heard rattling at the front door, then the clunk of her backpack before his daughter shuffled around the corner.

“Hi, Daddy.” Her plump bottom lip quivered and her eyes shimmered with unshed tears.

“Beth, Sweetie, what’s wrong?” he stepped towards her, his brow furrowed in concern. He held her in front of him and tried to peer under her lashes.

She threw herself into his arms and started to sob. “Oh Daddy, some boys on campus were teasing me about my haircut. They said now my hair was as short as I was now and I looked like a boy.”

He was startled, not only by her emotion, but also by the embrace. They’d never been a particularly affectionate family even when her mother was around, but he gradually relaxed into her hug. He chuckled and held her closely. “He must just be trying to get your attention, Princess. Maybe he has a crush on you.”

She glanced up at him skeptically.

“Hey, you might be petite but I think you’re perfect. And with your new hairstyle,… ” he held her at arm’s length to look at her fluffy dark brown crown and big, woeful eyes, “what’s it called again?”

“A pixie cut.” she warbled.

“Right. A pixie cut.” He wrapped his arms around her again and she burrowed into the crook of his neck. “Well, I know I don’t tell you this very often but you’re as cute as a button, Princess. Come on, dry those big brown eyes for Daddy. Yes, you’re small but with your petite little body and pretty little ears peeking through your hair, you look just like my very own Pixie Princess.”

The drink was starting to relax him and his eyes travelled down to the delicate curve of her ear and the graceful arc of her neck as he breathed her in.

“I…don’t…want…to look like a…pixie!” she forced out between hiccupping sobs. “I want to look like a woman, Daddy, not a little girl!” She nestled back into his neck, sliding her leg in-between his to get closer.

Shame niggled through him as he realized his body was starting to respond to her warm breath on his neck and her womanly assets as she snuggled up into him. He clasped her arms and stepped back from her before the indiscretion became obvious and decided he’d really been single too long.

“Hey, you have a lot to offer any guy!” he said and cleared his throat.

Her hiccupping was slowly fading away.


“Yes, Princess.”

“You know how you asked what I wanted for my birthday?”

“Uh-huh.” He stroked his hands up and down her arms soothingly.

“Well, I haven’t really gotten any new clothes since Mum left and turning 18 is kinda a big deal. I want to change my look to one a little bit more grown up. I was wondering if you’d maybe take me shopping.”

Shopping was not his strong suit.

“Umm…I’m sorry Princess, but I really don’t have time for that. How about I just give you some money and you can look around and get what you feel comfortable in?”

Her face fell. “It’s just that we never really do anything together anymore and I think I’d like a guy’s opinion of what looks good on me now that I’m older, Daddy.”

He grimaced. “I tell you what. Why don’t you model the things you buy for me here? We can have a special dinner and then you can put on a fashion show for me.”

She thought about it, chewing on her lip and then, looking somewhat cheered, said, “Okay, Daddy. I’ll go shopping this weekend and put on a show for you.” She smiled up at him. “It’ll be fun!”

“Good girl.” He smiled back, relieved.

“Talking about food is making me hungry. I’ll do the cooking for a change so you can relax. I know you’re tired Daddy.” She patted his chest and turned towards the fridge.

He watched her walk away and felt another twinge of guilt as he realized he was wondering about the soft curves he’d felt under her oversized button-down. With a jolt, he looked closer. “Is that one of my old shirts you’re wearing?”

She blushed and cast her eyes down. “Yes Daddy.”

“Why?” Had he really not noticed this before?

“Well, you’re always tunceli escort pretty busy Daddy so we don’t spend much time together and it just makes me feel closer to you.”

“Ah…” he said, his lack of attention to her finally sinking in. It was obviously beyond time that his daughter got some new clothes. And more of his attention. A lot more.


The fashion show was postponed because he was working but was planned for the following weekend.

Wednesday, Jack got a call requesting technical support and had decided to go himself. He planned to just pop in on his daughter and let her know he’d be gone for an hour or two when he saw her door was ajar and heard her singing. He glanced in and saw her in front of her mirror holding her hairbrush like a microphone, dancing and singing away like his little rockstar. He smiled to himself because it was good to see her acting so carefree. In the four years since her mother had left, she seemed to have gone from 14 to 40 and he’d really lost touch.

He was about to knock when the tempo of the music changed, and her movements turned slow and sultry as she ran her hands provocatively up and down her body. When she raised her arms above her head to arch and wiggle in the mirror, he could see her nipples straining through her thin white t-shirt and he was mesmerized by the swing of her hips and the lamplight casting shadows between her thighs. Suddenly he had a vision of her little girl pussy, all naked and pink and he was instantly as hard as he’d ever been. He backed away from the door, took the stairs two at a time and ran out the door. He’d send her a text.


Waking up with his morning cockstand nestled up against a nice, plump rear end felt delicious and was something he could definitely get used to again. His blankets were warm and heavy and he luxuriated between his semi-dream state and the awakening of his body.

“Spread your legs a little for me, Baby, so I can slip between them.” he crooned into the sweet smelling curve of her neck.

He slipped his cock between hot, welcoming thighs and slid slowly through wet, swollen lips. Hmmm. So good.

“Oh yeah, you’re wet for me, aren’t you?” He wrapped his arm around her to fondle her breast. “You want my cock, don’t you?” he whispered hoarsely. God, she felt good.

He continued to tease her with ever quickening thrusts over her slick pussy until he was throbbing to find his way into tighter passage. Frustration began to fray at him as his angle of entrance kept going off-course and he failed to breach her. He was done with foreplay now and needed to fuck.

He raised his body to spin her onto her back and mount her but, to his surprise, she slid down under his body instead, dragging her tongue down his chest and stomach as she went.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby, suck me.” His cock jumped and twitched and his balls tightened at the thought of her mouth servicing him. “God, it’s been so long!”

The lips of her mouth were as warm and wet as the lips of her pussy and his breath escaped in a gratified puff. He positioned his knees to either side of her and gave her room to maneuver, groaning as she swirled the broad flat of her silky tongue firmly over the head of his raging erection. She curled the tip under and around the rim and teased up the sensitive frenulum to lewdly poke into his opening. He groaned again in bliss when she engulfed the pulsing head and sucked. His hips pumped rhythmically with increasing speed, encouraging her to take him deeper into her mouth. Into her throat. She slowed him to lap at his balls, pushing him up and wriggling herself lower so she could slide her tongue through the crevices of his thighs and cover his tightened sac with her liquid silk. One delicate hand continued to caress and massage his balls while the other grasped his cock to put it back in her mouth.

“That’s it, take it all, baby! Suck me down that hungry little throat of yours. You’re gonna make me come so fuckin’ hard!” He wanted to watch her swallow the volcano that was gathering inside him but her face was in shadows and he was too caught up in his own storm to go anywhere.

A merciless inferno shot through his body and with frenzied strokes and animalistic grunts, he ground stream after stream of cum down her voracious throat, burying himself to the hilt repeatedly as he gasped and strained with the force of his eruption.

As the last shudders of completion rocketed through his body, his head was too heavy to hold up. He was braced on hands and knees and his legs slowly folded under him and his body dropped. He was so tired. Bone tired. Sleep was dragging at him but something kept niggling at him just outside of his consciousness. He was just too tired to think about it now, though. He had to stretch out and go back to sleep. He went to change position but, as he fought off slumber, reality shifted and blurred and awareness struggled through.

Wait. Where was she? Shouldn’t she be underneath tunceli escort bayan him? How did he collapse on the bed without landing on her? He looked underneath his stomach where he should have found a female and instead found – wtf?? – a whole shitload of spunk! Where was the girl? Come to think of it, WHO was the girl and how had she got there?

“Jesus Christ!” There hadn’t even been a girl, had there? He’d just had the mother of all wet dreams, that was what. And come to think of it, he didn’t have a clue who the mystery woman was. His dream-girl had shimmied under him so fast when he’d flipped her over that all he’d really seen was the curve of her ear peeking out from her hair.

In dawning horror, he rewound the thought and played it to its conclusion. “No!”

A delicately curved ear peeking out beneath a short pixie cut, to be exact. Christ, he’d dreamed of his own daughter! He was a scumbag! A pervert! A veritable monster!

He looked down at the mess he’d almost laid on. Christ, could he forgive himself? On the other hand, it was just an innocent dream after all. And, Jesus, that had been hot. He couldn’t honestly bring himself to regret it. He shook his head and smirked at himself.

“Sick bastard.”

He moved to the other side of the bed and fell into a deep, untroubled sleep.


Friday evening, Jack was into his third drink and the second half of his sales spiel with a potential client when he called Beth to let her know he’d be home late.

“Hi, Daddy! Perfect timing! I just put the potatoes in the oven and I’ve got my new clothes all laid out for the show tonight.”

“Uhh…about that…”

“Should be ready in half an hour, forty-five minutes or so. You’ll be home by then, won’t you?”

“Uh, actually Princess, I’m with a client right now.”

“Oh.” He heard the smile fall off her face. “Oh!” She continued undaunted, “Bring him along! Or, wait, is it a woman?” she questioned less confidently.

“No, it’s a guy but….”

“Well, the more, the merrier! I’d love to meet someone you work with! Bring him along.” Then she giggled. “I doubt he’s going to want to stay for a fashion show but, hey, everybody likes to eat!”

Jack looked over at his client, Rob, relaxed and cheerful across from him. He was a young guy and looked like he had a good appetite. What the hell, he could only say no.

“My daughter just made dinner. How about a home-cooked meal?”

“My usual home-cooked meal is a peanut butter sandwich. If you can top that, I’m in.”

That decided, Jack promised Beth they’d be there soon and would pick up wine on the way.


Beth and Jack were excellent hosts. Food, drink and conversation flowed freely and it hadn’t taken much wine for Beth to catch up to the buzz her father and his client enjoyed.

Jack had been caught off-guard by how different his daughter looked tonight. She seemed even more petite than usual; smaller but curvier because she wasn’t swaddled in the oversized clothing she usually wore, he supposed. She had only put on mascara and lipgloss, but her eyes were big, her lashes were long, and her short fitted red v-neck made her mouth glisten like a fresh-picked berry touched with morning dew. With her sleek dark hair in its face-framing pixie cut, she looked like a virginal version of Liza Minelli on her best day. The jeans she wore with the belt buckle coming just below her exposed belly button looked especially appealing when not overwhelmed by one of his old shirts (touched though he was by the sentiments behind her wearing them).

“You look very pretty tonight Princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she said, looking happy. “I’m so glad you decided to invite Rob tonight Daddy. I feel like we’re having more fun than we’ve had together in years. Let’s postpone the fashion show for another night. I’d hate for our guest to leave just so I could show you the stuff I got.”

Beth and Rob had been flirting back and forth all evening. It was all innocent and they were having fun but Jack noticed Rob being more interested in his daughter than expected and it made him uncomfortable. It was supposed to have been a family dinner, after all. He was sure Rob had somewhere to be.

“What’s this about a fashion show?”

“Oh, I was just going to model some clothes I bought this week for my Dad. I want a man’s opinion, you know!” she joked. “I’m giving myself a ‘style makeover’ now that I’ve turned eighteen.” She waved her hand down her torso. “This stuff is new, too.”

“Well, I’ve got to say I think you’re definitely on the right track.” Rob swept his eyes over her approvingly. “I’m a guy and I’d be happy to give you another man’s opinion, if you’d like one. Besides,” he grinned wide, “I really like models!”

She hesitated, glancing at her Dad.

“I’m sure Rob has somewhere to be Beth. It was nice having him over but we can’t monopolize his time. You can say goodnight while I get his jacket.”

Somewhat dejectedly, escort tunceli she walked Rob to the door. “Well, it was nice meeting you. You’re welcome any time. I guess my dad is just a little tired tonight.”

“Yeah. Well, thanks for a great meal! My compliments to the chef for sure.” He smiled at her. “Thanks for everything, guys. Call me, okay, Jack.” he said over his shoulder as he left.

Jack followed his daughter into the dining room, noticing the droop in her shoulders as he helped her clear the table, feeling a bit guilty, but still not disappointed, to be alone with his little girl.

“Great meal, Princess.”

She looked up and smiled half-heartedly. The party atmosphere had definitely dissipated with Rob’s departure.

Unidentified emotions swarmed him, making him wonder if it was just protective instincts he was feeling. “So…you have some new clothes to model?”

She smiled a bit more broadly. “Yeah.” She continued clearing. “You still want to see them?” she ventured hopefully.


The doorbell rang.

“He’s back!” Beth dropped everything and skipped to the door.

“Sorry, Jack.” Rob looked sheepish. “Dead battery.”

“Oh. Okay. No problem. I’ll give you a jump.”

“Ah, no, it’s not that kind of battery. I’ve got to plug it in. I’ve got my portable charger and if you just have an outlet, I could leave it overnight to recharge and call a taxi.”

“You could stay in our guest room Rob.” Beth piped up.

Jack hesitated to echo the invitation but, looking at the delight in his little girl’s face, he just shook his head and stood aside. “Come on in.” He held up a hand to stop Rob’s automatic polite refusal. “No. I insist. You’re just in time to be treated to a show…!” he stepped behind Beth and, smiling benevolently, he put his arms around her and kissed the crown of her head, “right Princess?”

“Yes!” Beth snapped her fingers and pumped both arms up in a silent cheer. “Ok. Why don’t you guys look after the car and make us more drinks, and I’ll go get ready.” She spun around and raced off.


All awkwardness forgotten, the men got comfortable. Beth eventually returned, put on some upbeat music and dimmed the lights. She was a little tipsy but what she lacked in grace, she made up for in enthusiasm. She cast her inhibitions aside and boldly strutted her stuff down the imaginary stage, throwing her hips from side to side, copying what she’d seen the runway models on TV do, flaunting a series of each-more-flattering outfits in time with the pounding beat of the music.

The men joined in by clapping and complimenting, boosting her confidence, and all three of them were laughing and having fun, caught up in the mood.

“Jack, you sure know how to show you clients a good time! And that little girl of yours – wow! She sure can work that catwalk!”

Jack was proud of the impression she was making and it didn’t hurt to know that an important client – potential client – was enjoying himself. This newly discovered side of his little girl was a knockout and the clothes she’d chosen certainly played up her… assets. He’d never seen her like this. It was as if he was meeting a brand new person and he promised himself he would get to know her better.

Rob whistled and cheered “When does the lingerie start?” he hooted, not looking at her father.

Beth cocked an eyebrow at him, considering. “I did get a new nightgown.” she admitted, chewing on her lip. She looked at her father and blushed. “I used to just wear old t-shirts but I decided to even change my bedtime look.” She looked back at Rob. “Do you want to see it?”

“You bet! Bring it on! We want to see everything you’ve got.” He got up. “How about I pour us all another round while you change. That okay with you Jack?”


They continued to cheer their encouragement as she modeled her black nightgown complete with stiletto heeled slip-ons. When the strap of her nightgown fell off one shoulder, the strap of a bra was unveiled beneath it and even Daddy started whistling, so she deliberately dropped the strap off the other shoulder as well.

“I bought a new bra and panties, too. It’s pretty much the same as a bikini really, if you want to see them.”

“Listen, Woman, if it’s underwear, I want to see them!” Rob said, leering happily.

Jack had a flash of uneasiness at Rob’s enthusiasm but it was immediately over-ridden by his own curiosity over what he’d been missing.

Beth slipped out of her nightgown, channeling her inner stripper, and modeled her now abundantly clear and attractively displayed assets.

“Lap dance!” Rob sang out.

Jack snorted out a laugh and shook his head in amusement at the guy’s antics. Crazy kid pushed boundaries in everything he did. He’d probably bring out his wallet next.

Beth stopped in mid twirl and looked at Rob in question. “Lap dance? What D’you mean?”

“You know. Like a stripper.” he encouraged.

“Hmm. Well, I want to be a writer and I do want my stories to be realistic. Doing a lap dance or a pole dance or whatever can be my research. After all, how can I write about something if I haven’t experienced it, right Daddy?”

“Oh!” She stopped. “Hmm, I think I’ve got an idea…” She sashayed out of the room with a cheeky wink over her shoulder.

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