Customer Service

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I groaned as my cell phone rang. It was the phone’s generic ring, which meant it wasn’t anybody I know–which meant it was probably a customer with an “emergency.” I work for a small video production company, and a major portion of our business these days is making DVD “slide shows” for weddings–you know, those boring collections of baby pictures of the bride and groom set to sappy music. Hey, they pay the bills. Just in the last couple months, the boss broke down and bought a video projector that we can rent to people to show the slide shows, and somehow my cell phone was always the one that got given to the customers to call when they had a problem setting the damn thing up.

“This is Don,” I announced as I flipped the phone open. I was mentally reviewing who had the projector this weekend.

“Hi, Don, this is Alissa Wright.”

Wright… Now why did that sound familiar? The customer who had the projector was named Denton, but her sister had actually picked it up–what was her name again? Tracy Wright, wasn’t it?

The mystery caller continued, “My mom picked up that projector yesterday.”

Holy shit, a voice in my head screamed, the hot chick! Mrs. Wright had picked up the projector yesterday on behalf of her sister, whose daughter was the one getting married. She’d brought her kids along with her, and I’d spent most of the time trying not to stare too obviously at her daughter, who had the biggest pair of tits that I’d ever seen on a girl her age (which I was assuming was somewhere in the late teens; I was certainly hoping she was over eighteen so that I didn’t have to think of myself as a pervert for checking her out). She’d been wearing a tight T-shirt that made the size of her chest completely obvious, and a short skirt that couldn’t have been covering her panties by much. Assuming she wore any…

Just remembering her was having the same effect as seeing her the day before had, which was to start my cock start twitching in my pants.

I realized that she was waiting for me to respond. “Um, hi, Alissa. Is there a problem with the projector?” How could there be? For Christ’s sakes, we bought the model that has the DVD player built in! All you do is turn it on, put the disc in, and press play!

“No, I just felt the need to sneak out of the room before seeing Mom’s fifteen-minute production for the tenth time.”

“I see,” was all I could think of to say.

“Look, you said you lived just a couple of minutes from the hotel if there was any trouble, right?”

“Right,” I replied, drawing the word out a little as I tried to figure out where this was going.

“Can I come over? I gotta get out of this damn boring reception.”

The rational part of my brain was yelling Tell her no! while the part that only listened to my cock was calmly telling me, Remember those tits! God, I’d love to fuck those babies until I shot all over ’em.

You can guess which side won. I gave her directions to my house, then cracked a beer and sat down on the front porch. I can literally see the hotel she was at from there over the trees, so it wasn’t long before she came into sight, making her way down the long driveway. I’d bought halkalı bdsm escort the house because it was convenient to a main highway while being set well back away from it; the long walk down the driveway gave me time to notice more about her than I had the previous day. She was a good foot shorter than me, roughly 5’2″, with long black hair, and while she was by no means overweight, she certainly wasn’t Kate Moss thin–thank God.

As she stepped up onto the porch, I was still staring. Her outfit was basically the same as yesterday, tight T-shirt and short skirt, but I could tell that today’s ensemble had cost quite a bit more than the previous day’s. “Can I have one of those?” she asked, pointing to my beer.

“Are you old enough?” I asked.

“Nope. Old enough to vote, old enough to join the Army and get shipped off to some desert, old enough to fuck–” and here she looked at me with a sly grin–“but not old enough to have a damn beer. Fortunately, most male bartenders don’t card girls like me.”

I’ll bet they don’t.

She leaned over, and the V-neck of her T-shirt fell away from that amazing rack. I could smell the beer on her breath as she whispered, “I managed to sneak in a couple beers while my mom wasn’t looking, but I could really use another one.”

“They’re in the fridge,” I told her. I watched her ass sway beneath the skirt as she walked in, and felt compelled to follow it. She opened the refrigerator door and bent over to look for the beer, and as she did, the skirt rode up to reveal that today, at least, she wasn’t wearing panties. Her pussy peeked out from between her legs, and I could tell that it was shaved and wet.

I froze as she turned to look at me–busted!–but she just smiled as she stood back up, opened the beer, and proceeded to slam about half of it down. The smile was still there as she lowered the can. “Look,” she said, “I don’t have a lot of time here, so let me be blunt. I’m horny as hell, and since nobody at the wedding looks like a good fuck, I gave you a call. I saw you checking out my tits yesterday, and you’ve got that ‘older-guy-who-knows-what-he’s-doing’ vibe that turns me on. I’m horny, and I know you just saw that I’m wet, and I’m ready to fuck.” She slammed back the rest of the beer, tossed the empty can onto the counter next to some others I’d left there, and went back into the fridge for another one. This, of course, displayed her pussy again, and all I could think was Oh, what the fuck…

I dropped to my knees behind her, grabbed her hips, and stuck my tongue right into her pussy. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” she moaned. “Lick my sweet little pussy.” I did just that, lapping up her sweet juices and reveling in her moans of pleasure. It didn’t seem like very long before she gasped, “Oh, fuck, I’m so close” and bent over farther, grabbing her ankles and revealing her clit to me. I zeroed in on it, licking circles around it, then licking up and down over it until I thought she was close, which was when I started sucking on it.

“Fuck!” she yelled as she came. I was still holding her hips, and I felt her legs buckling, so I guided her gently to the floor. She halkalı elit escort lay there for a few moments, then looked up at me in awe. “That was the best orgasm a guy has ever given me.”

“Well, you know what they say,” I told her as I stood up and unzipped my pants.

“One good turn deserves another?” she asked with a wicked grin. “Oh, my God!” she gasped as my pants hit the floor and I stepped out them. “A good pussy-eater with a cock like that!” She got up onto her knees and grabbed my cock with both hands, licking gently around the head before slowly sliding her lips over it.

It was now my turn to moan “Oh, fuck, yeah,” as she slowly sucked my cock. Alissa was easily one of the Top Three cocksuckers I’d ever known (okay, so she was only my fourth, but she was definitely better than the first), and with a little practice, I knew she could easily move up the list.

She wasn’t taking much practice today, though, as she quickly stood up and leaned over the counter. “I know I still owe you a blowjob,” she said over her shoulder, “but I need that big cock in my tight little pussy right now.”

“Condom?” I asked, frantically trying to remember if I had any in the house.

“Pill,” she responded. I watched as she reached between her legs and spread her pussy open for me. “C’mon,” she urged, “gimme that big cock. Slam it into my tight little pussy.”

It wasn’t quite that easy, but it didn’t take too much maneuvering before I started sliding into her, and she was right–she did have a tight little pussy. “Fuck,” she moaned, “that feels so good. Your big cock feels so good in my little pussy.” I slowly sank all the way into her, enjoying the unbelievable sensation of her tight 18-year-old cunt gripping my cock. It wasn’t enough for her, though. “C’mon, fuck me. Fuck me!”

I grabbed her hips again and gave her what she wanted, pulling my cock as far out as I could without actually leaving her pussy, then slamming it back in. I fucked her as hard as I’d ever fucked a woman before, and she took it all and begged for more.

Maybe I should be ashamed to say that I didn’t last very long, but I doubt there’s a man alive who would have in this situation. Looking back later, I would regret that I didn’t make her finish me off with her mouth first, but I didn’t want to take the chance of not getting a shot at her pussy if she really was in such a hurry–not to mention that the orgasm I was building up to was going to be the kind that leaves you satisfied for days. I’m not sure I would have been able to get it up again.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. “Fuck me,” she was begging. “Fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck my brains out with your big cock!”

“I’m gonna come,” I gasped. “Gonna come in your tight little pussy!”

“Yeah, come in me! Come in me! I wanna feel you shoot it into me. Into my tight… little… pussy!”

I think she came again then. It was hard for me to tell, as I was having the best orgasm of my life. It felt like I came for minutes and pumped gallons of cum into Alissa. I staggered to a chair and collapsed into it.

Alissa stood up and grabbed her purse, halkalı escort reaching inside it and pulling out a pair of panties. I watched as she slid them on, noticing that there was already a wet spot in the front. “Why wear those now?” I asked.

“Because I want to have a little surprise for my cousin Bree,” she said with a wicked grin. “She’s my uncle’s second wife’s daughter from her first marriage, so it’s not like we’re really related. The day we first met, she introduced me to the idea of the buddy suck, and we’ve been going down on each other every chance we get ever since. She’s not gonna believe this, though. Where’s your bathroom?”

I pointed down the hall and she disappeared in that direction, coming back a few minutes later with her hair fixed. I hadn’t moved a muscle the whole time. She leaned over, giving me a good look at her tits before moving closer and kissing me. “You know,” she whispered, “I’m going to be starting college here in about a month. Your cell number going to be the same?”

“I’ll make sure it is.”

“Good, cause I still owe you that blowjob, and I know you want to slide that big cock between my big tits and cum all over them.”

“You’d better believe it,” I told her with an evil grin of my own.

“I’ll call you once we’re settled in.” She kissed me again, stood up, and headed for the door.

“We?” I called after her.

“Yeah–Bree’s gonna be my roommate.” The door slammed behind her. I wanted to go to the window and watch her ass as she walked away, but by the time I could summon the energy to move, she was already out of sight. I went to take a nap…

The next Monday at work, my boss called me in after lunch. “Just got a call from one of your customers–said you took good care of her this weekend. I think her name was Alissa?”

I explained that she was the niece of the client, and made up some bull about how she was the one who’d been in charge of playing the DVD.

“Listen,” he said, “I know I screwed you over by making you the problem guy, but you’re the only guy I’ve got who’s good with the customers. These other guys, they’re great with the camera, or they’re great with the editing software, but they got no people skills. You do, and that’s why I started giving out your phone number. It was kind of a test, and you passed.”

“A test?” I asked. “What kind of test?”

“The kind to see if you were ready for a promotion.”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

“Look, business is picking up, and I can’t do all the customer interaction by myself. I want to make you a Project Manager, so I can turn half the customers over to you and have you deal with them from start-to-finish on their project, whatever it is. You’ll still need to go on-site for some shoots, but you’ll be able to spend more time here in the office, and trust me–the pay raise should make the occasional support call on the weekends a lot less of a pain in the ass.”

He was right about that. The last month at work has been a lot more fun, and to top it all off, when my cell rang last Saturday night, it wasn’t a generic ring–it was one I’d specially programmed after waking up from that nap.

“Hey, Don.” The voice threw me, because it wasn’t Alissa. “This is Alissa’s cousin, Bree–she said she’d told you about me. She’s in the shower now, and I’m just about to go and join her, but she wanted to know if we could come over afterwards.”

Damn, I’m glad I used that raise to buy a king-size bed…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32