Cultural Awakening Ch. 02

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Note from Author; although the events in my writings are not true, they are however based upon life experiences. I was actually stationed in Germany for a total of 9 years and learned much about the rich culture and family traditions and values. I am a new writer and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

I awoke an hour later, my biological time clock still not adjusted to German time. It was midnight in Germany but my body told me it was only 2PM.

At first I wasn’t sure where I was but the warmth of the beautiful Andrea in my arms quickly brought back to me the memories of making this young inexperienced German girl into a woman a short time earlier.

We had become separated from each other as we slept. My now softened cock had slid out of her hot tight pussy, but she still lay in my arms. Cuddled up close to me as she slept peacefully, I couldn’t help but to admire her beauty.

Her silky blonde hair had fallen across her face hiding half of it from my view. Her hair could not hide the high cheekbones and the chiseled features of her German heritage. She was so beautiful; I could clearly make out her full luscious lips, her delicate long neck, and her firm breasts as she lay in my arms. Her breasts were a work of art. They were probably a 34C, about the size of a grapefruit, topped with a puffy protruding nipple that even now was hard and protruded almost ¾ of an inch away from the breast. Ummmmm how I had enjoyed feasting on them earlier.

I was tempted to awaken her and make love to her again but she was sleeping so comfortably I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her. So I slowly and quietly detangled myself from her arms and slipped out of bed. I put on a robe and went to the bathroom to relieve myself of all the refreshments I had enjoyed earlier with the family. Then I went to the living room and turned on the television to see what late night television offered in Germany. To my surprise there was nothing on except station screen savers and that dreaded screeching noise that all stations seem to have when the station is off the air.

So I started reading the local newspaper that had been lying alongside Manfred’s seat from earlier. It was titled Das Bild (The window). It wasn’t a large paper with many sections as we are accustomed to in the US but only about 10 pages in it entirety. As I scanned the articles and advertisements I was shocked to see a picture of a young lady almost completely naked with a caption about her alongside. It would have been considered pornographic back home but here it was just another part of the culture.

As I was reading the paper I felt a hand touch my shoulder and Ingrid whispered to me, do you like her as much as you enjoyed Andrea earlier?

I almost jumped out of my skin when she touched me, startled because I thought everyone was asleep. Then her words struck me and I blushed.

Ingrid giggled and said, Oh I’m sorry I frightened you I saw the light and heard you so I thought I would see if everything was ok.

You didn’t frighten me, I said. I was just a little startled.

Ingrid was wearing the same short silky robe she had worn earlier and I could tell she was still braless underneath because her hardened nipples were trying to poke through the thin fabric. Again I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Her medium length blonde hair and her blue eyes would cause any man to drool.

She said, you didn’t answer my question as she smiled at me seductively. I asked, oh bakırköy escort you mean about the beauty of this model and Andrea you mean?

Yes, that’s what I mean she replied, still smiling and looking so angelic.

No, I said I think Andrea is far lovelier after all she takes after her stepmother.

She made no reply but sat down beside me sliding up next to me and kissed me quickly on the lips and said, thank you for the compliment. She said, what are you doing up so late?

I explained to her my body and mind was still on American time and that even though it was late here, to me it seemed as though it was early afternoon.

She then asked if she could get me anything to drink? Or is there something else you prefer having in the early afternoon she said, with a seductive throaty voice.

My cock jumped when she said that and leaned against me pressing her firm breasts against my arm. I must have moaned for in the next instant she kissed me again but this time more passionately.

I pulled back and said, we can’t do this I am a guest here and besides you are a married woman. She giggled and said, you have allot to learn about German families my friend. She went on to explain that even though most German families are very formal almost aristocratic that her family was very open and Manfred knew he could not take care of all her needs. That is one of the reasons they had discussed and agreed to have an American stay with them for the Christmas holidays.

I was shocked but at the same time extremely pleased as I pulled her back to me and kissed her with renewed vigor.

We kissed and fondled each other for several minutes. When her hand reached my now hardened cock she gasped and pulled back and said, she had to see it. Without any further help from me she untied the belt of my robe and opened it looking at my hard, throbbing, circumcised cock. She grasped my cock in her dainty hand and started stoking it, saying, I have never had such a big penis before it is beautiful.

I said, it’s not that big, but I am glad you enjoy it. Would you like to kiss it?

Without answering me she quickly leaned forward and slid the head into her mouth and tonguing it as she slid half of it into her hot wet mouth. Ingrid then started sliding my engorged cock in and out of her mouth until she had taken all of it. The head of my cock was in her throat as she pulled me fully into her mouth.

Oh God that feels so good I said, as I leaned back and moaned, enjoying the sensations I was feeling from her talented mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her up and down on my cock.

I then pulled her up off my cock and told her I wanted to please her as well. She kissed me and asked me what I wanted?

I told her I want to taste her as she tasted me. All she could do was say ummmmmmmmmm, I want that too.

We changed positions and assumed the classic 69 position her on top of me, lowering her succulent pussy to my mouth as she again took my hard cock into her warm mouth. I slid my tongue between her lips and ran it inside her as far as I could, tasting her sweetness for the first time. I drew my tongue in and out several times and then moved it searching for her clit. As I found and started teasing her clit she moaned and pressed her mound closer to my face. I continued lapping and sucking her sweet pussy, teasing her clit and she was squirming more and more as she rapidly approached her climax.

All bakırköy eve gelen escort the time she kept sliding her mouth up and down my cock and sucking me like a Popsicle and driving me crazy with her experienced mouth. I also continued driving my tongue in and out of her and rubbing her clitoris harder and harder causing her to clamp her legs against the side of my head and experiencing her first orgasm from my tongue. She trembled and quivered for several minutes as she filled my mouth with her sweet juices and covered my face with her nectar. I kept eating her and she had several more orgasms before I finally couldn’t take it any longer and filled her mouth with my cum, exploding in her mouth five or six times before my orgasm finally subsided.

We continued licking and sucking each other until our orgasms completed themselves and then she turned around and kissed me tenderly but passionately. She said she had never climaxed so much before from oral. She said, you are the best my new friend, I can’t wait to fill your penis deep inside me. She then pushed herself off me and said she would be right back.

As I lay there contemplating what had occurred and what this weekend would bring I couldn’t help but to smile. I hope my commander never finds out that I was not the diplomat that he would have desired, but right now I just didn’t give a damn.

I heard Ingrid in the kitchen so I got up and walked in finding her heating some milk on the stove in a saucepan. I moved behind her wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck and caressed her breasts as she worked.

Ummmmmm, you do that so good and make me feel so alive she said.

I turned her around and pulled her into my arms, pressing my genitalia to hers as I held her. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and told her that she was absolutely the best woman I have ever had. I said, I had indeed enjoyed Andrea earlier but she was the greatest. She smiled and kissed me deeply pressing her breasts to my chest. Then she pushed me away and said go back and sit down she would bring me something to drink in a moment.

I returned to the living room and sat on the sofa facing the kitchen. A moment later Ingrid returned carrying two steaming cups in her hands. She sat them down on the coffee table and as she leaned down her breasts floated before my face. I couldn’t help myself I moved my face forward and suckled her right breast as I fondled the left one. She giggled and pulled away and sat down beside me.

She told me we have plenty of time for that later, but I should drink what she brought before it got cold. I picked up one cup and saw that it was milk but had a strange aroma and asked her what it was. She told me it should help me sleep better, it was milk and cognac. We sipped the mixture and I did indeed start to feel the relaxing effects of the mixture.

As we drank the brew we talked and she told me she hopes I enjoy my weekend with them and that we could become friends and see each other often. I ask her you and I or do you me the whole family. She giggled and said, both. After we finished Ingrid reached down between my legs and started caressing my cock again. She said the milk will help you sleep and adjust to the time differences but I want you to fuck me before you return to my daughter. My cock was responding to her touch as you would expect and I said it would be my pleasure.

I pulled her into my arms bakırköy grup yapan escort and kissed her and caressed her as she continued stroking my now hardening cock. I caressed her breasts and enjoyed her little moans in my mouth as her nipples grew harder and longer under my fingers. Then I moved my hand down to her pussy caressing her mound and sliding a finger into her very wet pussy. I laid her back on the sofa and climbed between her legs. I asked her if she was on birth control and she said no but it was ok she could not have children.

I slid the head of my now engorged cock into her wet pussy and sound that she was just as tight as her virgin daughter. She pressed against my chest with her hands and said be gentle I have never had such a large penis in me before. I kissed her and said I would. I slid back and forth gently, driving a little more inside her each time, slowly allowing her to stretch and become accustomed to me. Finally I was fully inside her and I started stroking in and out of her faster filling her vagina become wetter and wetter as I continued fucking her.

Harder she said, please harder it feels so goooooooood.

I started pounding into that tight wet pussy harder and harder, faster and faster feeling the sensations of her tight pussy gripping me like a glove. I then reached down and pulled her legs up over my shoulders driving into her even deeper than before.

OHHHH Yessssssss it is so good she screamed.

As I continued pounding her, watching her breasts sway with each thrust and the look of ecstasy on her face I felt my self drawing closer and closer to Cumming. I could tell she was also very close.

Yess My lover you make me feel so good she moaned. I am going to…..Ohh yesss yesssssssssss Ummmmmmm yessssss arughhhhhhhh.

As I felt her pussy squeezing me I erupted inside her filling her with my sperm as I continued pumping in and out spurting time and again filling her womb with my sperm. We climaxed together and held each other close as we traveled the road to bliss together.

I slumped forward my body resting on hers as we both gasped for breath and kissed each other passionately.

That was wonderful I told her, I hope it was good for you too.

She said she had never cum like that before and never felt so full before, as a tear rolled down her cheek and she rained kiss after kiss on my face and lips, squeezing and holding me to her.

My cock shrunk and slipped out of her and our juices ran down her leg as we finally sat up and kissed again and again.

She then broke from me and said we both need to sleep for tomorrow we have top go and pick up her other daughter Elisa from the airport.

We got up, put our robes back on and Ingrid walked me to my bedroom holding my hand. As we stopped outside the door She kissed me and again we kissed. She said, you are wonderful my love. Please be our friend and let’s keep this friendship alive as long as you are here in Germany if not longer. I said I would always be a friend and anything else she wanted from me. We kissed once more and then separated her back to her husband and me once again into the bed with her stepdaughter.

As I slipped once again naked and exhausted into the bed with Andrea, she rolled over to me and came into my arms, she kissed me in her sleep and cuddled up to me her head resting against my neck and me smelling her shampoo in her hair. Before I slipped off to sleep I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to experience German culture and I wondered just what Elisa would be like and what she would think of her family’s new American friend.

To be Continued

Please take the time and vote on my stories. I want to encourage you to write and comment. Any suggestions you may have for this novice writer would be greatly appreciated.

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