Crushed Pt. 02

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Since we’d gotten to bed so late, we slept as long as we could before the sunlight creeping around the curtains became too much. When we were both starting to stir, our naked bodies were close together in the middle of the king-size bed. I couldn’t resist caressing her big titties but feeling her hard nipples made me want to lick and suck them so I moved down to do that and my hand slipped down over her abdomen to her smooth pussy. She moaned as I licked and sucked her nipples while first caressing the smooth skin of her pussy then running a finger between her lips. She was already quite wet so of course I considered climbing on top of her and fucking her again but I still hadn’t fucked her big titties. I figured she wasn’t going to be leaving any time soon which meant I’d have more opportunity for slipping my cock into her hot pussy. I decided to indulge my desire to fuck her tits but I was going to make her cum first.

As I alternately slipped my finger in and out of her dripping pussy and lightly stroked her clit, I was still working her nipples over with my lips and tongue. She started moaning softly but the volume and duration increased the longer I was stimulating her. My cock was rigid and I was looking forward to laying it between her tits but I was not going to rush her to an orgasm because I doubted she’d get much out of having me fucking her tits. I got the impression, though, that it wasn’t going to take very long for her to cum. Aside from the evidence earlier that morning that it didn’t take an extreme effort for her to achieve an orgasm, I could tell that her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged the longer I was manually stimulating her. I briefly considered moving down and eating her the rest of the way to an orgasm but knew that I wouldn’t be likely to be able to stop at just one. Plus, I was enjoying licking and sucking her hard nipples.

She started tensing up as she was on the verge of cumming then, when her orgasm hit, she went limp and started shaking. I continued what I was doing as she rode out her orgasm but raised my head once she’d gone still, bringing my finger up to my mouth and tasting her nectar. As she was recovering, I got up and straddled her, laying my cock between her tits. She was watching, still catching her breath, as I squeezed her tits against my cock and started sliding it between them. The soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding so I couldn’t help but moan; it had definitely been worth the wait. I brushed my thumbs over her hard, dark nipples noting that her areolas were small despite the size of her enhanced tits. I assumed that this was because her tits had originally been fairly small but it was just a guess. My attention was obviously on her tits so I was not only enjoying the feel of them against my cock and the feel of them in my hands but the visual stimulation of those big beauties, as well.

I could have eventually switched from fucking her tits to fucking her hot pussy but, since I’d fucked her every which way earlier that morning, I wasn’t feeling any particular urge to change. I’d already made her cum so I didn’t feel bad that she esenyurt anal yapan escort was not currently being stimulated. Also, given the number of orgasms she’d had before we’d gone to sleep, I figured she’d forgive me this indulgence. Besides all of that, fucking her tits felt so damn good that I didn’t want to stop and wasn’t sure that I could have if I’d had to. I just continued savoring the pleasurable feeling of my cock sliding against the soft, smooth flesh as I felt my orgasm building. I had to focus on maintaining a slow pace as my orgasm drew closer, not only to prolong the pleasure but also so I wasn’t slamming my cock between her tits. She was still watching as my pink cockhead peeked from within her light brown cleavage so, when I finally started spewing onto her chest with a grunt, her eyes went wide and she stuck out her tongue.

I not only managed to hit her tongue but her upper lip and chin as well; there was a lot of velocity behind that orgasm. Once I was spent, there was a pool of jizz on her sternum along with the spurts that had hit her face. I released her tits and moved off of her, kneeling beside her as I watched her spreading my cum around and licking it off of her finger.

“I think the only way to make sure all of that gets cleaned off,” I said, “is for the two of us to shower together.”

“You’re probably right,” she replied, “It’s the only way to be sure.”

I remained there on my knees, looking over her body as she continued to spread and lick my cum, until she sat up. We climbed off the bed and headed for the bathroom where I had her get the water going so I could admire her ass and her swinging tits. She got the temperature adjusted, turned on the shower and stepped in with me right behind her. We took turns under the spray then shared the shower gel and started to lather each other up. Obviously I went right for her tits and she generously soaped up my cock, even though it wasn’t quite recovering yet. I reached around to soap up her sweet ass and, recalling her reaction to my tongue on her asshole, ran a soapy finger between her cheeks. She moaned as I massaged her asshole which gave me an idea.

I hunkered down in front of her, admired her smooth pussy for a moment, then started licking her. She moaned even louder, the sound echoing through the small, tiled room. As I was slurping at her pussy, I started to massage her asshole with my soapy finger again. She was rocking her hips toward my face and holding my head as her moaning got louder and longer. I thought she couldn’t get much louder once I started to lick and suck her clit but, when I slipped that soapy finger into her ass, she let out a wail that was unmistakably of an ecstatic nature. She started shaking hard and I was happy that she was able to remain upright because I just continued licking and sucking her clit while slowly easing my finger in and out of her ass. She’d had some intense orgasms since we’d arrived in my room but I was certain that this was the definitive one.

When she finally finished cumming, she was breathing very esenyurt escort hard but had not released my head. I glanced upward to see her tits squeezed between her arms as her chest continued heaving. I could feel the blood continuing to surge to my recovering cock. I slipped my finger out of her ass which brought her out of her reverie so she looked down at me, let go of my head and smiled. I stood and we slipped into each other’s arms, my semi-rigid cock pressing against her abdomen. We made out for a moment then she reached down to stroke it.

“What do you think we should do with this?” she asked.

“I’d be more than happy to slip it into your ass, as well,” I replied.

“Given how your finger just made me cum,” she said, “if you hadn’t offered, I would have asked.”

We shared some more of the shower gel and, as she got my cock fully rigid and fully lathered, I made sure her ass was thoroughly soaped up. Once we were both ready, she turned around and braced herself against the wall as I lined up my cock and slipped it into her ass. I eased it in slowly as we both moaned then started to slide it in and out while holding her hips. Her snug ass combined with the slippery soap felt absolutely amazing and I didn’t have to wonder whether she was experiencing a similarly high level of pleasure because she started cumming only moments after I first penetrated her. I was pleased but not all that surprised and expected a few more for her before I reached that point myself. Once I had a good, steady rhythm going, I slipped my hands up to cup her tits.

As when I’d been fucking her from behind earlier that morning, I ended up relinquishing control of the pace once she started pushing backward. I’d been taking it fairly slowly, not sure how hard I could fuck her ass and have it still feel, not just comfortable, but pleasurable for her. She set a faster pace and shortly after was cumming again. Of course the faster pace had my own orgasm building up more quickly, too, but it wasn’t imminent yet so I knew I’d still be able to enjoy her tight ass for a bit longer. I continued to fondle her tits, savoring the feel of those as well as her tight ass, but didn’t plan any changes so I could fuck them again or have her blow me. As long as she kept pushing back against me, and continued cumming, I was perfectly content to fuck her ass right up until I blew my load deep into it.

Her pace ended up being something like push back faster and faster until you cum, pause, start over. I had no problem with this and would have gone right along enjoying it and helping her achieve orgasms had my own orgasm not soon been imminent. Fucking her ass just felt too incredible and I had no desire to try to hold back. Plus, the way she was cumming, I wondered if she’d be able to remain upright for much longer. So, when my cock swelled even more as I was right on the verge of blowing my load, I was holding her by the hips again. I had to resist the urge to fuck her harder as I got closer to cumming so, by letting her continue to set the pace, the pleasure was actually drawn out a bit esenyurt eve gelen escort longer. Finally, though, I started to spew into her ass with a moan.

She continued pushing back against me as I was cumming and had another orgasm herself just before I was fully spent. Once we’d both finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her and helped her straighten up then turned her to face me. She was a little dazed looking so I just held onto her for a moment then we finished washing each other and rinsed off. We didn’t say much until we had turned off the shower and were drying ourselves and each other.

“Back when I was crushing hard on you,” she started saying, “it never once crossed my innocent little mind that one day you might make me cum so much and so hard by sticking your cock in my ass but I can’t even tell you how glad I am that you did. There’s always that fear that reality won’t live up to the fantasy but, in this case, it not only lived up to it but surpassed it as well.”

“I don’t know what to say,” I replied, “I never had any idea that you were into me but I’m glad that you took a chance and that you feel like it paid off. As far as I’m concerned, this has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.”

“Really?” she asked, looking incredibly pleased, “Me, too. Can you give me just a minute here, though?”

I left her alone in the bathroom, assuming she had a load of cum trying to escape from her ass. I looked around at our strewn clothing and, recalling the photos she’d allowed me to take, located my phone and took a look at them. She looked amazing in her bra and panties but I hadn’t been able to get any of her naked yet so, when she came out of the bathroom, I had my phone on video mode and recorded her walking toward me.

“So what happens now?” she asked, sitting beside me.

“If you pose for me to take some photos,” I replied, “I’ll tell you what I think should happen now.”

I stood and started taking photos of her sitting on the end of the bed, then laying back, spreading her legs, on all-fours, as I shared my thoughts.

“I’ve got some things I need to take care of today,” I said, “and you are more than welcome to join me or, if you’re not available, I’d love to have you come back here and meet me later. Either way, I’d like to spend as much time as possible with you before I have to leave and I’d like to take a lot of photos home with me along with even more good memories. After that, I realize it will probably be infrequently but I’d still like to see you. At the very least, I’d like to remain in close touch.”

She was quiet for a few minutes while continuing to pose for me.

“Everything that’s happened since we left the bar last night has been a dream come true for me,” she finally said, “but I was prepared in case you said something like ‘It’s been fun but you have to go.’ If you really want to still spend time with me, I would love to join you.”

We ended up getting dressed, she in her clothes from the previous night, then we went to her place so she could switch to fresh clothes and ended up naked there for a bit. I asked her at one point during the day if she’d taken selfies once she had her new boobs so she could see them from all angles and, when she confirmed she had, I requested that she send them to me. She promised she’d send them and new ones, not just of her boobs but of anything else I requested. By the time I got home, I had a list for her.

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