Confession Time

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So, confession time. I went on to your Facebook profile earlier and found a picture of you so I could finish cumming…

I had spent the better part of an hour browsing Reddit and other gifs, picturing you while I played with my cock. I kept thinking about all the gif that we used to send each other, when we were teasing and playing and turning each other on. I kept looking for gifs that look like they would be ones that you were sending me for foreplay. Close-ups of lips and tongues washing over hard cocks, girls in fishnets leaning back spreading their legs and opening their pussies like good girls. Shoulder shots give a perfect view of them laying in bed with their ass in the air ready to be spread and fucked.

I would casually scroll through them playing with my cock thinking about what you would be doing as I sent you images of hard cocks teasing pussies rubbing their heads along their lips, teeth biting down on nipples, ass is being spanked, nipple clamps being pulled and lips being licked seductively. Slowly moving my hand up and down my stiff cock, taking the small amount of pre-cum rubbing it around the head of my dick imagining it was your tongue, teasing me. When I start to get excited I grab my my dick at the base and slap it down like I’m slapping it on your pussy tapping your clit with my swelling cock head. Watching it grow as my restraint on it tightens, picturing the moan coming from antalya escort you with every strike.

Whenever I got too excited, I would stop playing with myself and go back to work, wishing that I was there instead playing with you and concentrating on your body, playing with your nipples. holding your breasts in my hand firmly. as I lick around your nipples as they harden. I tease them with my teeth playfully taking them into my mouth kissing and sucking on them before biting down gently and pressing more firmly to hear you moan and squeal. Telling you to scoot to the edge of the couch and lean back spreading your legs so I can bite the inside of your thighs is my mouth makes its way to your wet and juicy pussy. Teasing and playing with your labia is like nipping at them, taking time to lick and flick at your clit with my tongue. Sucking on a gently. Biting at it gently in between kisses and bites around you, every so often the straying back to your thighs, to lick my way back right before biting you on the outside of your pussy.

Those thoughts keep my dick firm and at attention for you, as I continue to get some work done. After I’ve made a few file adjustments, save some things, and sent an email or two, I’m back on the prowl for things to make me think of you. At this point there’s a little more pre-cum than I rub around the head of my dick picturing you swirling antalya escort bayan your tongue around it as you take it to the back of your throat. I’m on allowed and call you a girl picturing your tongue gently licking my balls as I feel your teeth dig into the pace of my dick before hearing you slurp around it as you pull back right before you look me in the eyes and spit up my dick and take all of it back in your mouth again. I scream out of fuck cuz I picture your lips hitting the base of my cock well you’re fucking me with your face.

I open my eyes and begin searching for more hardcore images to picture you in. Looking for gifs of women and fishnets are ones with pantyhose and collars some that were tied up all getting pounded by hard dicks as I imagined overpowering you on the sofa, pinning your legs back, as I dragged my hard cock up and down along your pussy, before leaving it at the entrance of your tight little hole, waiting for you to start gyrating your hips, and asking for my cock like a good girl, before I started thrusting my heart cock in and out of you. My dick was throbbing in my hand as I imagine the heat between our bodies, as I continued to press into you, thrusting into you, using your legs to steady My body as I begin to grunt and moan out loud.

As I feel the pressure in my dick begin to grow and I start to feel pre-cum trickle down escort antalya my cock I open my eyes at the screen filled full of women who aren’t you, longing to see your face, hear your moan, smell your scent, feel the heat from your body transfer to mine. At that moment I had the terrible idea to go to your Facebook page, and start looking through photos of you. You still have a folder full of all the images where you’re dressed seductively, showing your “bad girl side,” I open a few of them in Windows so I can look at them all at once, as I begin to vigorously struck my throbbing cock for you, looking at your pictures staring you in the eye imagining you on top of me riding my hard cock the hard cock that you made moaning feeling your body pound on top of me feeling our skinhead each other I start panting and moaning as I start picturing your pussy tightening around my cock my hands on your hips pulling you into me out gazes concentrated on each other, our mouths open and moaning, our mutual pleasure visible and audible for each other.

I feel your legs begin to shake as your eyes begin to flutter I can feel your pussy tight on me as my hands start losing the grip on your thighs we both start calling out and moaning for each other as I reach up grabbing your shoulders pulling you into me thrusting as hard as I can. Our lips meet as we moan into each other, I feel your legs begin to tremor as I start grunting at you fucking you as hard as I can while my cock begins to fill you with cum. Our moans and screams begin to crescendo as we start to pull into each other panting and gasping for breath.

I open my eyes and look down as my hand is covered in cum as is my floor and you’re nowhere to be found…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32