Computer Stories Ch. 09

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Chapter 09

Senior Class field trip bares all

Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven’t read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is a component inside Jerry’s computer that causes what he writes to happen in real life.

For those of you who read this from the standpoint that normal human beings wouldn’t act this way. Get over it, it’s just a fantasy. I just wrote it off the top of my head, without any written notes and didn’t use an editor to make sure all the grammar was perfect (other than WORD). Have fun and enjoy the scenery.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

At Jerry’s small high school, the highlight of the school year is a field trip by members of the senior class. It had become sort of a tradition for it to be segregated by sex. The boys would do something rugged and the girls would go on some wild shopping trip or some other event that didn’t require high levels of testosterone.

For Jerry’s senior class, the vote was to take a wild rapids shooting ride down a remote western United States river. To make sure everything was properly sanctioned, at least three of the school’s faculty members were required to go along as chaperons. Since this would this would be a pretty grueling trip, most of the aging members declined to go on the field trip for the boys and instead opted as chaperons for the girls.

With a class size of about 100, and slightly more girls than boys, that made for a maximum possible boys group size of about 40. The number of teachers fit enough for the trip, boiled down to about four; one man (about 30) and three women (between 25 and 30). Because of costs and schedules, the actual number of students ended up being about nineteen. This included Jerry, who’d been saving up for the trip since the beginning of school year.

On the day of the trip, the early morning sun shown brightly on the dew dropped blades of grass at the train station as the three women teachers and eighteen students boarded the Amtrak train that would take them to their destination. The last minute dropout of the male teacher was due to a recent broken arm from a fall off his bicycle. The one lone, missing student was Jerry.

Jerry’s dad had to be away in Europe on a week long, unplanned business trip. His mother was confined to bed due to an emergency surgery. It wasn’t bad enough to be hospitalized but bad enough she couldn’t take care of herself. Since no one else was available to be there for his mother, Jerry was obligated to stay and take care of her. Needless to say, having to tend to his recovering mother caused him to have to cancel his plans for the senior trip.

Seeing as how he would need to be available 24/7 to help his mother out, it would be difficult for him to leave the house but for short periods of time. For Jerry, the frustration was almost unbearable. He knew it wasn’t his mother’s fault for having to have the operation but he felt the trip he’d waited for all three years of high school had just gone down the tubes.

Jerry tried watching TV to take his mind off the situation but nothing he tuned into made a difference. The only thing that seemed to help when life dumped on him or frustrations just plain welled up in him, was to write a version of he thought things might be.

Such was the case, as Jerry powered up his computer to write about how he thought the trip would go.

* * * *

“As the three young teachers made sure all their students got on the train, there was a bit of disappointment that John Adams, the male chaperone, couldn’t make it. The trip could have been canceled the day the school found out John broke his arm and couldn’t go. The other three teachers knew how much this trip meant to the boys and were not going to let them be disappointed.

So it was that the group boarded the train, with their backpacks loaded with only the most essential items and clothes. Since the weather would be really mild, the wardrobe for everyone would be light jackets, shorts, and thin tops. For the guys, the tops would be mostly muscle shirts or hacked-up pullovers. For the women teachers, it was either tube-tops or button-downs of really thin material. For the women to have packed a bra would have taken up too much room in their backpacks. Besides, the only time their breasts might show would be if their shirts got wet, and if it was rough enough to get soaked on top, a life jacket would provide covering. ataköy masöz escort

The train took almost 10 hours to get them to the closest station. From there, it was a two-hour ride in three vans, each pulling a large canoe trailer. Upon reaching the drop-off point, the vans disgorged their contents of people and gear. The canoes were lined up along the river and filled with each person’s gear. With last minute coordination with the van drivers to meet them at the pick-up point five days later, the vans left them to sort out the rest of the trip.

There would be three to a canoe. Each of the teachers would ride in the center and leave all the paddling up to the students at each end of the canoe. With a last minute check of maps and watches, the group launched out onto the calm river. Because of the late start, the first day’s travels would not be very far before they camped. The gently sloped valley floor made for a wide, shallow river. That first day’s travel was a lazy one and they made it to the first campsite without incident.

Canoes tied up, tents pitched, dinner cooked and eaten, the group settled in to sitting by a large campfire and swapping small talk. All three of the teachers sat together, nursing a warm cup of coffee, and talked about husbands, boy friends, and prospect of being surrounded by this much testosterone loaded male flesh for three whole days.

Of the three, Jenny was the only one not married. She didn’t even have a boyfriend. Julie had been married for four years and no kids. Sara had been married for 1 year. As they sat by the fire, Julie and Sara began teasing Jenny about which one of the boys she liked most. With Jenny showing she could dish out as much as came her way, started pointing out which of the boys in their group had the ‘hots’ for Julie and Sara. Soon it became somewhat of a ‘challenge’ to see which one of them had the most sex appeal to the boys.

The ‘challenge’ was that they would flirt with as many of the boys as possible over the next two days, without being obvious. They would let things heat up to the point where the next step would be physical contact but not let it get that far. The winner would have the losers grade her class papers for a week. With a three-handed shake, the deal was sealed. Unknown to the women, their ‘challenge’ was overheard by one of the boys who was getting something out of his backpack. Apparently he had quietly wandered by and was about to enter his own tent when their conversation caught his attention.

All three women shared a tent together, and not being loaded with as much energy as the boys, turned in early. The boys would turn in themselves about an hour later, but not before waiting until the women were fast asleep to hold an impromptu meeting.

As the boys sat around talking about what to do, they finally came up with a plan of their own. They would do almost anything they could to get the female teachers to display as much flesh as possible, whether that meant getting the women wet enough to be able to see under their clothing or have them wearing as little as possible, or no covering at all.

The next morning, everyone was up early. Breakfast was prepared and cleanup was done quickly. Everyone wanted to get and early start on the river. The day started comfortable and the temperatures would be warm enough that no one would need a jacket even in the early morning.

According to the plan the women hatched the night before, all three were wearing their tightest, shortest shorts and thin blouses. Each of the three women climbed into separate canoes, in the center position. Most of today’s route would be on relatively calm water. The last few miles before they camped there would be some rough rapids however.

The night before, the boys had worked out a plan, along with silent signals to execute those plans. With the women in the center position of the canoes, they could lay back on a pack, legs and arms draped over the side, and soak up the sun. In this position, each of the women’s legs were spread pretty far apart, giving some of the closest boys a real good view. Also, with their arms hanging over the sides, it would pull the thin material that covered their chest. Their nipple protrusions would be noticeable but it was not like they didn’t have anything on at all, showing their breasts and nipples. This is what the women were counting on, just enough to tease the boys but not enough to really expose themselves. They were going to see which one of them could attract the most attention.

The boys had their own plans to ramp things up. When they first started down the river, they purposefully were spread apart to lull the women into a relaxed state. With their teachers laying back in the canoe, with their eyes closed, the boys quietly maneuvered all the canoes close together so that the three canoes that held the women would be in the center and the other canoes would be circled around them.

With a silent signal, the boys initiated ataköy otele gelen escort their plan. Paddles started furiously slapping the water, sending river water coursing over the center canoes. In seconds all the occupants of the center canoes were thoroughly soaked. The thin material of the women’s tops, opaque when dry, turned totally transparent and clingy when soaking wet, giving the boys a perfect view of the firm flesh underneath. What was supposed to be some harmless flirting, had been ramped up by the boys to being a titillating come-on for more than just a tease.

To make sure that had a good view, the boys made sure their teachers tops stayed wet for a long time. When they stopped for lunch, the teacher’s shirts were still soaking wet and displaying every curve and pore of their breasts. Since the splashing contest put on by the boys had soaked the rest of their clothes, there was nothing dry to put on that would obscure each of those beautiful breasts. All through lunch, the boys stuck close to the women to get the most out of their half naked teachers.

While at first, the women were a little pissed, all three realized it was mostly their own fault. They had started it, and the boys had just upped the ante. After lunch and before they shoved off again, the three women had a quick huddle. Julie gave the other women a wink and said, “if the boys want to tease, let’s up the ante”. With all three in agreement, the three stripped off their tops completely and sat down in the center of the canoes. The only thing they had on was short shorts and shoes. Neither of them was wearing any panties, as these had been thoroughly soaked as well.

The boys matched the women piece for piece; no shirts, thin shorts, and tennis shoes. The constant sight of naked boobs made for noticeable bulges in all the boys’ shorts. Over the course of the next few hours, it got ramped even further. One by one, each of the boys removed his shorts, making the only thing left wearing was just a pair of tennis shoes.

After the last boy was down to just his tennis shoes, they all hooted and shouted for the teachers to follow suit. Julie, Jenny, and Sara looked at each other for some kind of agreement. They knew they were the ones that had initially started this whole thing. It wouldn’t be very easy to back out now. With a nod from Jenny, all three removed their shorts. Now just their shoes were the only things still left on any of the members of the group.

The hoots and whistles of acknowledgement from the boys quickly became adrenalin rush yells as the calm water suddenly turned to rushing rapids. In a flash, life jackets were grabbed and strapped on, as the group navigated the rushing water for the next mile.

At the end of the rapids, the group pulled their canoes up on to the bank to set up camp for the overnight stay. All were still on an adrenalin high from their exhibitionism and the thrill of shooting the rapids.”

* * * * *

All this writing about naked bodies had Jerry a little warm himself. Getting up from his chair, he stripped off his socks, shoes, and shirt. The only thing left were a thin pair of loose boxer shorts. The extra looseness of his boxer shorts, allowed for his semi-hard erection a place to get comfortable. A towel from the bathroom helped take care of the perspiration off his forehead.

* * * *

“The turbulent waters of the rapids had managed to soak all the clothes so there was nothing dry to wear. It was pointless for the women to put anything on since the thin, wet material would show everything anyway. The first order of business was to string some rope between two trees to hang the wet clothes on. Hopefully, the shirts and shorts would dry out within a few hours and they’d have some dry covering to put on.

The boys didn’t mind the view of their naked teachers. In fact, the boys themselves had no dry clothes to put on and, in keeping with turning the tables on the teachers, they went about setting up the campsite naked so as to keep up the sexual pressure on each of them. They knew it would be erotically distracting to the teachers, which was part of the plan. Using one excuse after another to be around the women, the boys made sure each of the women got a close-up look. Sometimes, it was necessary for the boys to help the women out with one thing or another, and that made for bodies to be in frequent contact with each other.

The clothes took much longer than expected so no one had any clothes on still by the end of dinner. The evening campfire that night warmed the naked flesh as everyone had gotten pretty much used to seeing each other without any clothes on by now.

Sitting between two of the boys, Julie seemed to be the most relaxed. It didn’t seem to bother her at all that two testosterone-loaded males with semi-hard erections were seated within arm’s reach. She must have done it without thinking because she soon realized she had her fingers wrapped around each cock and was ataköy rus escort slowly stroking it. The boys didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact they seemed to be in another world altogether.

A couple of other boys nearby were also mesmerized with the attention Julie was giving their classmates. What really brought out the smiles was when the cocks being worked on by Julie started firing geysers of hot, white liquid. Following Julie’s lead, both Jenny and Sara had joined in with the hand-jobs for the boys close by to them.

Emboldened by Julie’s willingness to stroke his fellow classmates, another boy stepped up to Julie so that his cock was just an inch away from her face. Julie’s first boyfriend had taught her how to give a good blowjob and she really took a liking to it, becoming very good at it. Her husband though, was the type who wasn’t into oral sex, so it had been a few years since the last time her lips were wrapped a hard, warm cock. Wanting again to taste a succulent member, her lips didn’t waste any time latching on to the shaft of flesh that was waiving in front of her face.

Since the original two boys were spent, she released their softening members from her grip and began using her fingers to massage the third boy’s balls. Two more boys motioned for the first two to make way for them. Julie now had one boy’s cock in her mouth and two more wanting the same treatment.

Sara and Jenny had never had the chance to experience a blowjob and were watching Julie intently, learning the best way to give one. After 10 minutes of watching, two of the boys nearby them figured they’d had enough instruction time and placed their own cocks up to Sara and Jenny’s lips with orders to “suck it”. All three women were now busily slurping away on hard manhood.

Since Julie was experienced, she knew all the signs and so she was ready when the boy’s load filled her mouth. It had been a number of years but once again, she was drinking up the gooey man-seed she had gotten use to years ago.

Sara and Jenny weren’t so prepared. When each boy fired into their mouths, they coughed and sputtered, having a hard time keeping up with the flow. When their coughing subsided, they agreed it didn’t taste so bad after all.

The next boy for Julie was lying on his back in front of her. This meant she had to lean forward, with her head down and her ass in the air, in order go gobble up his manhood. It didn’t take long for another one of the boys to see the potential offering of her ass like that. Kneeling down, he lined up his stiff member with her pussy lips and began pushing. With all this man-meat to satisfy Julie had already become quite moist so it didn’t take much for his cock to slide right in. She was going to protest this sudden invasion of her cavity but her protest never got out of her mouth. The boy whose cock she was sucking, kept a firm grip on her hair, keeping his cock firmly implanted in her mouth, leaving no room to get anything out but muffled sounds. Figuring Sara and Jenny would go along with getting fucked as well, the boys took it as a sign to stuff their hard cocks into these two teachers as well.

Had it not been for the roar of the rapids less than a hundred yards away, the sexual rutting sounds of 18 boys and 3 women would have been heard for miles away. That night, instead of all three women sleeping in the same tent, they shared the tents of various boys.

In the succeeding days leading up to the last day of the trip, what the boys and the women wore in the canoes and at the campsite was pretty much up to how each person felt at the time. Each night however, the whole group usually ended up sitting by the fire naked. When it was time to turn in for the night, all the boys and the three teachers where exhausted, not only from paddling but the evening orgy as well.

The last day was a short ride on the river to the pickup point, where they met their transportation back to the train station and eventually home. Back home, this year’s outing would be one to remember. The pictures that were displayed were of the train ride, the vans that dropped them off, the ragging rapids, and the pristine campsite area. The pictures of each day’s sex orgy were hidden away and only brought out to reminisce by those who went on the trip. Although it was rumored that the trip was wild in more ways than just the river rapids, all the participants swore an oath not to tell what really happened.”

* * * * *

Jerry was about to write more words to his fantasy but his mother started calling to him for something she needed. It would require him to run to the store for a prescription.

Jerry shut down his computer; the odd looking cube inside the case changed from a bright red to a warm glow before finally ceasing to light up. Shortly after their return from the canoe trip, both Jenny and Sara showed positive on a pregnancy test. Sara could attribute it to the ‘welcome home’ romp in bed she had with her husband on her return.

On the train ride back, Jenny met this really nice guy. For the whole trip back, the two of them were inseparable. They exchanged phone numbers and, in less than a month of correspondence and hookups, the two had eloped to Vegas for a ‘quickie’ wedding. She never mentioned the possibility that someone else might be the father of the baby boy they had less than nine months later.

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